Sunday, August 16, 2009

31 Days, 31 Links - Day #16



In the past couple years there have been a wealth of would be horror filmmakers who have an idea in their head but have no money to execute that idea and so they take to the internet and sell walk on rules or producer credits in an effort to raise the money needed to get the movie made - essentially creating fan funded movies. I'll be honest - i'm kinda getting a little sick of this trend and ya know what? I've yet to see one of these movies actually get completed. I'm sure some 'filmmakers' out there see this is as some sort of get rich quick scheme with no intentions of actually making the movie they claim to be making, but the Indywood Project is a little bit different. Maybe it's the fact that it has the support of big names like Tom Savini, David Hess, and Lloyd Kaufman and maybe it's the fact that you're actually getting your moneys worth when you donate but whatever it is, The Indywood Project feels like the real deal. And i'm pretty certain it is. The movie that money is being raised for is a zombie flick called Invasion of the Not Quite Dead and there are several different packages available for several different prices, allowing you to not only buy producer credits but also buy yourself right into the movie, as a zombie extra. The cheapest package even nabs you a DVD or Blu-ray oopy of the film, once it's finished. So if you want to support outside of the studios indy horror and you want to get involved with a sure to be future hit zombie film, head over to The Indywood Project and spare whatever cash you can. The guys behind the movie are well aware that they're asking a lot by asking you to donate your hard earned dollars to a movie that hasn't even started filming yet but they're doing everything they can to make your money well spent.

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wayfarer said...

Thanks for posting this article! the more exposure this project gets, the better! I will soon be blogging my day as an extra on the teaser trailer shoot for this picture.
Those that have read the script, can't praise it enough. Leslie Simpson described it as "Very British"; "Brutal"; "Full of snappy dialogue".
There's a different slant to the zombies in this picture which is why there is still a veil of secrecy. Even on set, I was asked to walk away during discussions. These guys are taking the process very seriously which should reassure those wondering if they should part with thie hard earned cash. If you're a horror film fan, esecially a zombie film fan, then don't delay: Take out a Producer package! :O)