Monday, August 17, 2009

31 Days, 31 Links - Day #17

Tonight's link is brought to you by Carl Manes over at I Like Horror Movies, one of the nicest horror bloggers out there. Check out his blog if ya haven't yet. Take it away, Carl!



"Silver Shampain Novelties is one of the premiere prop replica websites I have ever visited and offers some of the highest quality masks and accessories on the web at excellent prices. Sean Clark has worked with many of the original designers (including John Carl Beuchler), and has even used some of the original molds in his reproductions. I can personally attest to the attention to exact detail he has shown in the Friday the 13th VII replica I own. No Friday the 13th fan can be without the mask from their favorite incarnation of Jason, so stop by and check out all of the different variations Sean has available through the site!"

Great pick, Carl. In addition to top of the line Jason masks, Silver Shampain Novelties, which is obviously a take on Silver Shamrock Novelties from the very underrated Halloween 3, sells a few masks the likes of which you really can't get anywhere else - 'The Conductor' from Terror Train, Dr. Decker from Nightbreed, and even the clown, witch, and skull masks from the afformentioned Halloween 3, complete with Silver Shamrock tag attached. They even have a replica of the Tiki Idol from The Brady Bunch Hawaiian special! The day I fall into a wealth of money, Silver Shampain will probably be one of my first stops!

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Carl (ILHM) said...

DUDE I never even found the Signature Series masks, I thought that was a desription for the F13th masks lol.. I really want to get my hands on the Pumpkin mask and I cant WAIT to see the Tom Morga mask!