Wednesday, August 19, 2009

31 Days, 31 Links - Day #19

Gonna go in a bit of a different direction here tonight. Tonight's link is not a website nor is it a blog. So what is it? A YouTube Channel!



In the last couple years i've become endlessly fascinated with YouTube and the millions of people out there who take to video and talk about their lives, their hobbies, and whatever the hell else they can fill time with. But I don't really just go around watching random videos from random people - I instead am loyal to a select few users who i've stumbled upon over the years. I subscribe to their channels, watch all their videos, and for whatever reason, am just incredibly fascinated by a few of these guys out there and can't get enough. I really don't even know why but there's just some people I can listen to talk about anything, whether i'm interested in that thing or not. One of those people is Jarashut and although i've only recently added him to my clique of YouTube users that I follow, he's become one of my favorites. And it helps that he pretty much sticks to horror. Jarashut is a 22 year old Aussie bloke who absolutely loves the horror genre and is always coming out with new videos - showing his horror DVD collection, talking about his favorite horror movies, unboxing new horror DVD packages - horror and horror DVD's are pretty much his main focus, if you didn't gather that yet. He's a really cool guy and one of the coolest things about his videos is getting to see all the horror DVD's and editions that they get over there in Australia. If ya got a YouTube account and are also fascinated by random people out there babbling on to their webcam, become a subscriber and check out some of his stuff!


The Frog Queen said... can anyone resists its awesome power!! :D

Thanks for the great link....I know have less time to sleep.... :)

Seriously, great time as always!!!


Carl (ILHM) said...

Ah crap, damn you Johnny!! You know this is just going to end in me spending less time with the family lol.. GREAT find today!!