Thursday, August 27, 2009

31 Days, 31 Links - Day #27

Tonight's link is brought to you by Cins, one half (along with her best friend Stac) of Creepy Kitch!



"I stumbled on Snowblood Apple when Stac and i were looking for information on the movie Ju On. It can be pretty addicting too. Snowblood Apple is an archive site of reviews of Extreme Asian Cinema. You'll find reviews of the usual such as Ringu, Old Boy, and Ju On but it also had a TON of other movies that I never knew were out there and reviews of some American remakes. (I was surprised at their review of the American remake of Dark Water. Worth a read!). There are several reviewers who work on Snowblood Apple and each one seems to have a firm knowledge of Asian Cinema and love it as well. They write in-depth and interesting articles of the films and usually at the bottom of each review they include a desktop picture and links on where you can find more information on the movie. Most reviews do a good job at giving spoiler warnings so keep an eye out for them. Also, LOTS of screenshots too. So if you're squeamish (which I'm sure you're not considering this is a horror blog) beware! Photos of blood and puss await!"

Being that i'm a big fan of Asian extreme-ly fucked up cinema and am always on the hunt for the next extremely fucked up gem, this one's right up my alley! Thanks, Cins.


Cins said...

You're welcome! I thought you'd enjoy it!:)

Monkeymanbob said...

I see what you mean about the Dark Water review, I've avoided it due to previous reviews, but the Snowblood review introduces an element untouched by previous reviewers, I think I'll add it to my queue, and the site to my fav's.

On an unrelated note, have just watched Cold Prey - Resurrection and a film called Mulberry Street was on the ads, is it any good?

Johnny said...

Can't say I remember much about Mulberry Street but i've seen it and I remember not liking it at all. It's one of the 8 Films To Die For, so that should give ya an idea of the quality of it....