Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Discussion of the Week : Re-Meet The Creeper

Creepshow is being remade and you, the avid horror buff that you are, have been given full control over which filmmakers get brought onto the project to direct the five brand new original segments. It has the potential to be the greatest horror movie ever made ; five short films from today's best masters of horror, all rolled into one bloody good time, but it's entirely dependent on the talent involved. The fate of Creepshow is in your hands and you do not want to dissapoint The Creeper. So, without any pressure.....

What five filmmakers do you choose to contribute segments to this bold new reimagining of Creepshow?

In no particular order, I not only nominate the following five people but I also request Tom Savini be brought back as The Creeper and, if at all possible, be put in charge of all the make-up effects....


1. George A. Romero

Creepshow just aint Creepshow without George Romero. George, your career has been fizzling out lately, to say the least, but this is your chance to reclaim your former glory and show the world that you've still got it. I want so badly for you to erase Diary of the Dead from our collective minds and deliver a film the likes of which we know you are still capable of delivering. Just please, keep the zombies out of this one....


2. Eli Roth

The first Creepshow is one of Eli's favorite films and with his style of humor blended with horror, he'd be a perfect fit for the project. As much as I loved the Hostel flicks, i'd love even more to see another fun and humorous movie from him like Cabin Fever and that's probably what we'd get if he did a Creepshow segment.


3. Adam Green

I know I rave about this dude all the time but I can't not include him on this list so bear with me. It's not even just simply that I love Hatchet and all of his shorts. I just plain dig Adam Green and everything he stands for. He's a true horror fan deep down in his bone marrow and he's an inspiration for all fans out there who want to make their own contributions to the genre. And again, his fun comedic style would be a perfect fit for a Creepshow tale. Matter of fact, let's throw his buddy Joe Lynch in there too for a long awaited collaborative film effort.


4. James Gunn

This is another guy that will always have my full support, no matter what he does. The Dawn remake (which he wrote) kicked ass, Slither kicked ass, everything he does is just plain fun and Gunn's entertainment factor is just what The Creeper ordered, so to speak.


5. Sam Raimi

He proved with Drag Me To Hell that he can still do the horror comedy thing as well as ever and more Raimi horror comedy is what we need god damnit. Nuff said.

So there's my dream cast. Now tell me yours!


Zacery Nova said...

1. Eli Roth - It'll be gory and pretty, yes siree.

2. Lucky McGee - but only if Angela Bettis'll be in it.

3. Jaume Collet-Serra, he proved himself with House of Wax and Orphan.

4. Rob Zombie - but only if Sheri Moon Zombie's in it.

5. M Night Shymalyon - he needs something to direct.

Johnny said...

McKee, Serra, and Zombie are three names I toyed with putting on my list. Good choices, sir.

I'm over Shyamalan though.

Zach said...

Shyamalan has Avatar to promote (and then get ridiculed for). Blech.

Now, you know I am not a huge Roth fan, but I think he could do some good with this anthology. So my directors would be:

Eli Roth
Robert Rodriguez (Planet Terror and From Dusk Til Dawn? He can make some fun movies!)
James Gunn
Edgar Wright (after Don't! and Shaun of the Dead, we know he can do some homages)
John Gulager (I really like Feast and the 2 sequels were kind of fun. He can do goofy and serious)

Bjornabo said...

Well, I`d let some more "new" directors have their go at this.

My choice:

1. Neil Marshall

2. Zack Snyder

3. James Wan

4. Alexandre Aja

5. Marcus Nispel

Monkeymanbob said...

Raimi's a given, but I'd like to see some directors from other genre's (or not necessarily associated with horror) have a stab. Tarantino, Rodriguez, Cameron, Jackson etc.
But if I was going to stick specifically horror then my other 4 would be:
2.Dave Steiman - really enjoyed Santa's Slay and if he can inject the energy of the first five minutes into his segment, then good times ahead.

3. Neil Marshell - directed two of the best horror movies in recent times with Dog Soldiers and The Descent.

4. Alexandre Aja - Switchblade Romance & The Hills Have Eyes - Good, Mirrors apparently not so. Perhaps we can catch him on a good day?

5. Ryƻhei Kitamura - If he can repeat the awesomeness of Midnight Meat Train, I'd be a happy chappy

Stac said...

1. Guillermo del Toro: I love this man and will see anything and everything he does. I have never not liked a movie of his, and he has shown several times that he can do horror, VERY effectively. Plus he has that wonderful, faery tale touch to his work that I adore.

2. Sam Raimi, for sure. Guy made horror and humor an art form, and I'm happiest with his work when it's closest to his Evil Dead stuff.

3. Tony Wash: This is the genius that did the AWESOME It's My Party and I'll Die if I Want To, one of the BEST indie horror movies I've ever seen. He's done a lot of shorts as well, and I'd love to see him set free with a higher budget.

4. Takashi Miike: Guy who did Audition, which I haven't seen, and Happiness of the Katakuris, which I have seen. Dude is WEIRD, and I would love to see what he would do in a short setting like this.

5. Takashi Shimizu: This is the guy who did The Grudge, both original and remake. I liked both, and on my unrated director's cut DVD there are several short films he did when a student. All were great, and I'd love to see a return to that.

6. I know, I know, I should have stopped at five, but I'm on a roll here! Lastly (for now) is Jaume Balaguero and Paco Plaza, the guys who did [REC]. That movie scared the HELL out of me, and I want more dangit!

There ya go. Long winded, yet informative!

Quanthor said...

1. Stuart Gordan - his shorts for Fear Itself and Masters of Horror were great(perhaps the best?) and not to mention he did 'Re-Animator' therefore he's a must.

2. Eli Roth - This man oozes fun and would be no doubt a perfect fit to direct a segment in 'Creepshow'.

3. Don Coscarelli - Is another guy who I think would be great for Creepshow for his fun factor.

4. George Romero - I want to believe he's got one left in him and I think the Creepshow format is the perfect way to prove he does.

5. This may be a cop out, but I want some fresh blood, a director with some potential like James Gunn, Jon Knautz, Edgar Wright, ect..

Johnny said...

Monkeyman - Kudos for the Santa's Slay mention! Love that movie!!

Quanthor - Coscarelli is another one I was on the verge of choosing for my list. Bubba Ho-Tep, Phantasm, that guy is seriously underrated.

Zach said...

I think the best directors for this are those that can do a little cheese with their movies. I was hesitant to put Kitamura or Del Toro or any of the more serious directors on there because of that. Not that they couldn't do it, but I feel Creepshow needs a light heart. I am surprised no one has brought up Greg Mclean (Wolf Creek, Rogue). He's an underrated horror director and I toyed with him on my list (again, a bit too serious).

Coscarelli would be good and Gordon too. And I think Marshall would be good too.

Johnny said...

Totally agree, Zach. As much as I love guys like Del Toro or Miike, and as much as I know they could pull it off, I just don't think they'd be great fits for such a project.

Monkeymanbob said...

I hope this gets completed and is a success, the horror anthology is one of my favourite genres, the Amicus ones are some of my favorite horror films. It would have to be a toss up between The House That Dripped Blood and Asylum. Anybody got an opinion?

Carl (ILHM) said...

Another excellent topic Johnny! Why are you always so hard on us, ugh..

1. Darren Lynn Bousman
2. Adam Geirasch and Jace Anderson
3. Eli Roth
4. Tim Sullivan
4. Lucky McGee

Stole a few but added some new ones not mentioned before, I would want to see some of our fresher but experienced filmmakers that each have a perfect blend of dark humor and horror for the ultimate tongue in cheek anthology

Max the drunken severed head said...

THE best choice for director, in my opinion, is Joe Dante. After that, Gavin Millar (Dreamchild) or Tim Burton.

Of course, besides the younger actors, Christopher Lee, Ian Holm, Brinke Stevens, Bruce Campbell and Robert Englund should all be cast in roles. God, I'd love to see Lee opposite Campbell or Englund.

jervaise brooke hamster said...

"The House That Dripped Blood" (1970) and "Asylum" (1972) are both british made films so how can they be any good.

Chris said...

Or Romero himself can direct it. No one else required.