Wednesday, August 19, 2009

DVD Review - The Last House on the Left '09 Unrated


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Before I get into my thoughts on the disc I just want to let anyone who might be looking to rent this flick from Redbox or DVDXpress know that Universal has delayed the release of the movie to those rental machines until next week or this weekend at the earliest. So if you're looking to rent the movie you'll have to get it from Netflix or your local video rental store or wait till this weekend/next week when it becomes available at those dollar machines. Just a heads up because I was very confused about this until I called both companies and got the skinny.

I've already reviewed The Last House remake theatrical cut, which you can read HERE, but this DVD boasts the unrated cut as well, which is a full four minutes longer. What's been added? Other than a couple little minor dialogue additions here and there, most of the death scenes are longer and gorier and Mari's rape scene is extended (as if we needed to see more of that), all of which make this cut of the film even more brutal and dare I say better. Hey, more gore is always for the better. I personally still find this movie to be a highly effective and incredibly disturbing remake, one of the best redux's we've ever seen.

Unfortunately this disc is severely lacking in the special features department - there's barely even a full 10 minutes of goodies to browse through - and the Blu-ray is no different. Here's all ya get on both versions :

Deleted Scenes (8:59) - Nothing really to speak of in here. Always cool to see cut footage but as is usually the case, it's all been cut for a reason. Most of this stuff is fairly boring and useless.

'A Look Inside' (2:41) - This less than 3 minute 'making of' piece basically just shows footage from the film with Wes Craven explaining the plot of the movie throughout it. Is this really the best they could do? I do however love in this how Wes openly states that Dennis Iliadis has made a classic just as good as his original, if not better. Take that, Davis Hess, and stop bashing this movie for the sole reasons that you weren't invited to be a part of it and that a new young actor has filled Krug's shoes. If you could seperate yourself and your ego from the movie, which will of course never happen, i'm sure you'd dig it. There's really no reason for anyone not to.

And that's about it. Obviously if you saw the movie in the theatre and liked it you're gonna pick it up on DVD, just don't expect much in the special features department. I would've loved to have seen more making of stuff but the movie alone is worth the purchase. And hey, at least we get four added minutes of unrated goodness, right? Although i'd say the best thing about owning this movie on DVD is not those four minutes but rather the fact that you can hit the eject button on your remote before that horrible microwave head pop scene comes on the screen! Still hate that scene and while I can kinda (maybe?) see why it was thrown in there, it's totally unnecessary and doesn't fit the tone of the previous hour and a half whatsoever. Did enough people really think that scene was a good enough idea to make the final cut?


Jeff Allard said...

This was definitely a solid movie - and in many ways an improvement over the original. It's not really my type of horror movie (I'm not a fan of the rape and revenge sub-genre) but I can't argue with the skill with which it was made.

Zacery Nova said...

The microwave bit was one of only two moments in this movie that I liked!

Johnny said...

You would Zac, you would. In an over the top gore-fest type movie that scene would've been awesome but Last House is all about realism and that scene came so out of left field and came off as utterly ridiculous. Brings the whole movie down a couple notches.

Dorian Gray said...

Yeah, I agree that the ending is pretty goofy and goes against the tone of the rest of the movie. Actually the ending of the remake seemed better suited to the "anything goes" mentality of the original. It's almost as if Craven and co. thought that they needed to make Krug's death worse than Frank and Sadie's because he was the main villian and had done so many horrible things. Other than that, the rest of the movie was great, and I've already added the DVD to my collection.