Thursday, August 20, 2009

Monster Mania 13 Begins Tommorow!

And i'm gonna be there for the whole bloody weekend! Monster Mania is by far and away the best horror convention i've ever attended and it's always the highlight of my year. As always, I will post a full picture loaded recap of my weekend when I return and get around to it so keep an eye out for that! In the meantime, I will be 'tweeting' my experiences from time to time this weekend on my Twitter account so if you're not already a follower, become one! If you don't care to sign up for Twitter, you can still read all my tweets by just checking up on my account but it's a lot easier to just take a few seconds to join and become a follower. DO IT NOW!

So who's gonna be appearing at this convention? We've got an American Werewolf reunion with John Landis and David Naughton, a Friday the 13th reunion with Derek Mears and members of the Part 5 and remake casts, a Sleepaway Camp reunion with members of the original cast, and even an Addams Family reunion with Cousin Itt, Gomez, and Wednesday from the original TV show. Adam West (with Batmobile), Michael Berryman, Sid Haig, Dee Wallace, and Barbara Steele are also gonna be in attendance, to name just a few. Head over to the official website to get all the details and see everyone who is attending.

Will be an awesome time as always and I can't wait to tell all you guys how it went! Anyone reading this who will be making the trip out to Jersey this weekend?

By the way, wanna give a special thanks to B-Sol from The Vault of Horror, Jack from Scab's Horror Blog, and Jeff from The Jaded Viewer, who were all cool enough to help me promote the convention by handing out postcards. Also thanks to Paul/Nomad from Dread Central who will be putting the rest of my Grace swag up for grabs at the always giving Dread Central table. Thanks guys!


kaiyn said...

Man, that con sounds awesome! Hope you have a blast!

The Captain said...

Wish I was in NJ to go.

the jaded viewer said...

Thanks for the shoutout dude. I dropped all those postcards in as many comic books stores, movie theaters and video stores that I could find.

Hopefully there is a big turnout. I love picture blogs of these conventions. You never know what costumes people will be in.

Johnny said...

Really appreciate it Jeff. Thanks again!

Carl (ILHM) said...

damn you, east coast! why cant you be more like the west coast, or better yet why cant we be more like the east coast and finally get some decent cons.. You better have enough fun for the rest of us Johnny!! sport that Freddy in Space tshirt with pride!

OMGSeriously said...

*is jealous* wouldn't have the time.... fall semester just began for me -_-