Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Pick Up GRACE on Blu-ray TODAY!!


Just wanted to remind you guys that Grace went on sale exclusively at Best Buy today (Tuesday), in the Blu-ray format only ($19.99). It won't be until September 15th that other stores begin selling the Blu or the DVD, so don't miss out on the opportunity to see the movie a bit early. Jen picked up a copy for us on her way to work this morning and she said it was the only one on the shelf so hurry out to Best Buy ASAP before they sell out!

Only one person took me up on the pre-ordering Grace from Amazon deal and i've got another baby bottle and poster to part with so i'm gonna extend the same offer for the Best Buy Blu-ray as I did for the Amazon pre-order. The first person to purchase Grace from Best Buy and prove it to me (either by taking a picture with it or taking a picture of the receipt) will be sent a Grace promotional baby bottle and theatrical poster. Send the pictoral proof to me at mortis45@aol.com and i'll get your swag out to ya!

By the way, here are the special features on the disc, courtesy of Icons of Fright :

* Audio commentary with writer/director Paul Solet, producer Adam Green and director of photography Zoran Popovic
* Audio commentary with writer/director Paul Solet and actor Jordan Ladd (Blu-ray™ exclusive)
* Grace: Conception – charting the film’s origins
* Grace: Family – an in-depth look at the cast of characters
* Her Mother’s Eyes: The Look of Grace – designing the unique visuals
* Grace: Delivered – overcoming challenges during principal photography
* Lullaby: Scoring Grace – creating the score and sound effects
* Grace at Sundance – becoming a festival sensation
* Theatrical Trailer

I must mention that the documentary featurettes, directed by my buddy Adam Barnick from Icons of Fright, are in the wrong order on this Blu-ray release. The order they should be watched in is the order they appear in above, not the order they play in on the disc!!


Sehnzeleid said...

I'll probably opt for the DVD, the Blu-ray's transfer looks sketchy...

minimejer05 said...

Will be getting the Blu release for sure. Will also make sure to send you the pics!

the jaded viewer said...

Johnny - When are you gonna put your review of this?

Johnny said...

Whenever the girlfriend comes over and we get to watch it! I actually don't even have it in my hands yet. Waiting on her!