Monday, August 17, 2009

Some Awards & My Thoughts on District 9

The horror blogging community has been absolutely abuzz lately with all these chain-mail esque awards being doled out and I just wanted to take a minute to thank all the folks who were kind enough to give me some of them in the past couple weeks....

- Basement of Ghoulish Decadence awarded me one of the 1st annual 'Ginger Bush' awards, naturally named after Elvira's true colors, and threw some incredibly nice words on top of it :

The best of the "biggies" in my estimation. John/Mortis/Freddy(?) runs a fantastic genre blog that one can feel evolving with each passing day. There's a little something for everyone within his entries and it acts as a fantastic source for keeping up with the pulse of the more earnest layman-brand of Horror fandom. Eternally nice fellow as well, but I must admit I'm a touch sore over FiS being in the first page of Google Images' results for "horror vhs". Ya lucky bastard!

- Chuck Norris Ate My Baby gave me the honorary 'Chuck Norris Black Belt of Blogging'.

- Day of the Woman gave this blog and my other blog, Win Free Horror Shit!, both the Honest Scrap Award and the Necronomicon Award and went on to say this :

Probably one of the coolest guys out there, Johnny Squires gives a very entertaining look at all aspects of horror.

- I Like Horror Movies also gave me an Honest Scrap Award.

- The Lightning Bug's Lair awarded me yet another Honest Scrap and had these kind words to say :

Johnny Boots comes up with some great discussions that really get people thinking, and he does everyone a service with his other blog, Win Free Horror Shit. With the new Nightmare movie looming in the distance, I’m sure we can all depend on Mr. Boots to keep his finger on the pulse of the new production while still writing great posts about all facets of horror.

- Musings Across a Continuum gave me another Necromicon Award and also had some very kind words to say :

A fellow True Blood fan, Johnny Boots encourages discussion and interaction on his blog. From pick the Zombie to his latest Stephen King obsession Johnny knows his horror and writes abut it with scathing hilarity.

- The Vault of Horror gave me my third Honest Scrap Award and I still don't know what it means!

Thank you all for the kind words. My apologies if I missed anyone but leave me a comment and let me know if I did miss ya cause if I did, it's only cause I didn't know you gave me an award!

I hate to break the cycle here and not pass these awards on to other blogs like i'm supposed to, but i'm already doing this '31 Days, 31 Links' thing this month and quite frankly, I don't want to use up any of the links that i'm gonna be featuring in there! As for the 10 random facts about me thing that i'm also supposed to be doing, i'll try and get around to that at a later date. Sorry to be a party pooper!


So I saw District 9 today and in case you're wondering why I haven't given my thoughts their own post, it's cause I really don't have all that much to say about it. It's kinda impossible for a movie like this to live up to all the hype it's been getting for the past several months not to mention all the incredible praise it's gotten in the past couple weeks, but it's really not even that failure to live up to the hype that made me not dig D9 all that much. It was obviously a good movie and I would never tell anyone to not go see it, it just wasn't what I expected and quite simply wasn't the kind of movie that i'm into. That's really all there is to it. Anyone who loves action/sci-fi flicks will certaintly be hardcore into it, as they all seem to be, it's just not my cup of tea. Can't fault me for that! There were aspects of it that I really liked and scenes that were highly memorable and awesome (gory as all hell!) and it should definetly be seen by everyone, but it just plain didn't do much for me.

I realize this is a VERY unpopular opinion that will probably bring some shit my way but I can't help how I feel. Like I said, regardless of how I felt about it, go see it - especially if you're a fan of movies like it. I can definetly see why a large majority of the movie-going public has fallen head over heels in love with it and as much as i'd love to be one of those people, I sadly am not.


Monkeymanbob said...

Congrats on the awards.

Word still be interested tp get a full review of District 9 fro you though, don't always agree with your movie choices, but your opinion is always welcome, hell that's why we come around here!

Johnny said...

What fun would it be if we all agreed, right!

Jason said...

I consider myself as much a sci fan as I am a horror fan so I thought this film was a blast. Esepcially with its lack of major publiciity, famous director and popular star I consider this a victory for original cinema. I should have a full post on my site soon.

Sehnzeleid said...

Thanks for yet another mention! FiS is certainly deserving of all of those nods!

I'm fearing I'll have the same response towards District 9...

Carl (ILHM) said...

Freddy in Space is the weight by which all other horror blogs are judged!

Im glad to see a dissenting opinion on District 9, I have only been seeing positive reviews but I always like to see what people think when they are in the minority! Still debating whether to use our free movie tickets on this one or Halloween 2...

Johnny said...

So many movies I wanna see coming out in these next several weeks! I hope I can afford them all!

Max the drunken severed head said...

"There's a little something for everyone within his entries and it acts as a fantastic source for keeping up with the pulse of the more earnest layman-brand of Horror fandom."

An exact and excellent description!
Congrats on all the pats!

Jeff Allard said...

Don't feel bad about not liking District 9 - I wasn't feeling it either. Some of my lack of enthusiasm might be from my lukewarm attitude towards hardcore sci-fi. The rest of why I didn't care for it is from the fact that as a political allegory, this is very familiar stuff. How many times over the years have sci-fi filmmakers used aliens as a metaphor for an oppressed minority? However many it's been, District 9 was one time too many for me. It's like "ok, I get it. In fact, I'd have to be retarded not to get this incredibly obvious, heavy-handed point that you're making." So yeah, District 9 is kind of a non-event for me. If other people like it, though, more power to them.

OMGSeriously said...


And yeah District 9 was meh aside from some 'sploding aliens & people. Overall a waste of time watching tho.