Monday, August 3, 2009

True Blood Episode 2.7 - 'Release Me' - Discussion


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Shit is goin down! This was probably the best episode of season 2 thus far and with questions being answered and things heating up to the boiling point, it's only gonna get better from here. But....

Is one of the best characters on the show, Jason, dead?! Being that True Blood has a tendency to spoil their cliffhanger endings in the previews for later episodes, I can with 100% confidence tell you that no, Jason is not dead. At least not for now. If you take a look back at that season 2 trailer that premiered at Comic Con, you will see that he was merely shot with a paintball gun....


By the way, how awesome was that scene of him kicking Gabe's ass? And i'm so glad he and Sookie have finally acknowledged each others existences this season!

You will also notice another possible spoiler in that same trailer. In the preview for next week's episode (seen at the end of this post) we are lead to believe that Eric is going to sacrifice himself in order to keep Godric alive and we even see him chained down with silver. But in that Comic Con trailer, Eric is shown choking Steve and the marks on his neck confirm that this is after he was chained down....


And speaking of Godric, how did he suddenly break free from the apparent chains he was in the moment Sookie was about to get raped? It seems to me that he came to The Fellowship on his own terms and perhaps even let them take him into custody as some sort of plan. As Eric said, there's just no way mere mortals could've captured him and locked him up. Being that we've already seen that Godric is free, i'm thinking Eric's whole 'i'll sacrifice myself' thing is also part of some kind of plan.

Even though it doesn't look like Jason, Eric, or even Andy (who I predicted would bite it this week) are gonna be dying in the next couple episodes, i'm still pretty sure a major character (more major than Daphne) will be going soon. Anyone have any predictions as to who will be killed off before this season comes to a close? I think we're gonna be seeing a whole lot of death with this whole war that seems to be brewing but as far as main characters go, I think Maryann (FINALLY revealed as a Satan of sorts!) is on the chopping block. It's inevitable and quite frankly has to happen. I also get the feeling that Eric's days are numbered.

Hoyt and Jessica once again provide some of the best moments in this episode, as does Andy with his hilarious "devil zombie" bar tirade. That dude wants to be John Wayne so bad and I hope we get to see some of that badass hero business this season. He deserves it!

Sam, in a moment of desperation, learned how to transform into a flying animal, something he was never able to master before. Congratulations, Sam, the possibilities are now endless!

Although Lafayette once again did not get much screen time, it was nice to see him back to his old ways. I guess dealing V again has done wonders for him. Let's bring this guy back into the fold in a big way though.

Last thing I want to mention is another thing from that Comic Con trailer that I just noticed. A vampire woman is shown at the very end of the trailer, looking like she's just been feasting on someone....


That's Evan Rachel Wood! I had heard that she had signed for this season but this is the first i've actually seen of her on the show. She's playing the role of the vampire Queen of Louisiana and is allegedly, according to IMDB, making her debut on the show in episode 11. Anyone care to wager any guesses on who she's feeding upon?

Click here for a video preview of episode 8, 'Timebomb', airing next Sunday


Geof said...

I was going to guess a tranq gun on Jason but I figured he was not dead either way. I agree with your assessment that this is the best episode yet.

Pax Romano said...

Well, I've read the books, so I sort of know what's going to happen - that said, the show has already altered the plot lines from book two (for instance, Lafayette is found dead in the car, not the fake healing woman), also Mary Ann (if memory serves) is a composite of two different characters).

Johnny said...

I've owned the first two Sookie Stackhouse books for a while now and as much as i've been tempted to read the second one and get some season 2 spoilers, i've managed to refrain. Gonna wait until after the season is over to read it, although I haven't even read the first book yet.

Spencer said...

I knew he didn't die either, thanks to that Comic-Con trailer as well. I've been reading the second book that sort of matches this season and know why Godric just shows up.

I doubt they'll kill off Eric, especially since he's a MAJOR part in book 3, and his relationship with Sookie is something many are waiting for.

Hoyt and Jessica were once again adorable. Blood scented candles! Hahaha!

Love your takes on all the episodes, keep it up! Thanks so much for all you do on here!

Johnny said...

Regarding Eric/Sookie, there appears to be a scene in that Comic Con trailer where they're in bed together, although that could of course just be a dream sequence or something of that sort. Should be verrrry interesting!

Glad you like to read my thoughts and I hope you continue commenting!

OMGSeriously said...

I just got into this show and caught 2.6 ....i'll be back later when i watch 2.7