Tuesday, August 18, 2009

True Blood Episode 2.9 - 'I Will Rise Up' - Discussion


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I'd say that was the best ending of a True Blood episode of all time, wouldn't you? While most episodes are left on a cliffhanger where you're wanting more, ending on Godric's death felt totally satisfying in a way and was the perfect end cap to the episode. Very emotional moment that left Jen in tears and even choked me up a bit. Beautiful, haunting, awesome.

Am I the only one that's not really buying all the main characters surviving that explosion with not so much as a bruise? I mean obviously they can't kill any of those characters but it just felt a little too miraculous to be true. That being said, Eric making Sookie suck silver out of his nipple was gold. I've been saying for a while now that Sookie and Bill's relationship needs to be spiced up a bit and this whole Eric being a part of her thing is just what the doctor ordered. Is Sookie gonna end up hooking up with Eric? Perhaps we'll see a battle to the death between Bill and Eric?

Another great scene of this episode was Jason and Sookie's hotel room chat. Finally those two are reunited and it was another incredibly emotional scene. While Paquin's acting was pretty awful in the beginning of this episode, i'd say she redeemeed herself with this one!

Sam turned into a Merlotte Fly! He's getting real good at this! You'd think he'd be totally free of danger now that he can transform into seemingly anything but next week's episode preview (seen below) seems to suggest that that's not the case.

We got a bunch of Lafayette ass kicking this week, which was a welcome return. Loved how even though Eggs was "possessed" and under Maryann's spell, Lafayette still kicked his ass with no problem whatsoever. I feel like we're getting more and more of the old Lafayette back with each passiong episode. But whatever happened to that dealing V storyline? Did I miss something or did they just forget all about that?

Hoyt has offically become a man! Awesome to see him finally stand up to his mom like that. As Jen pointed out, things are way too good between Hoyt/Jessica and something's probably gonna be going down soon to change that. Will Hoyt's mom kill Jessica or vice versa? Who knows, maybe they'll go on to live happily ever after.

Next week it's back to Bon Temps and it looks like the town has become a total warzone. Knew that was eventually gonna happen and I can't wait to see how it plays out. Looking like we're gonna have a lot of blood and guts on our hands these next few weeks. I'm particularly excited about the idea of an angry Jason being armed with a chainsaw and Bill battling Maryann. How will she be stopped?!

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Spencer said...

This episode was by far my favorite this season! I also cried like a little baby there at the end. And Jason and Sookie's talk on the bed also got me teared up. I guess I'm too into this show if it makes me get that emotional!

I loved Hoyt standing up to his momma, but I don't see him and Jessica happily ever after just yet. That'd be too boring, and this is True Blood, after all.

This Bon Temps craziness actually has me pumped for next week, I've missed Sookie and the main players really being there during the Maryann Madness.

It really sucks that there are only 3 episodes left this season! At least I'll still have the books to read!

Thanks for the recap/discussion post, as always.


Johnny said...

Ya, I too am really excited about Sookie and Bill and all them finally coming face to face with Maryann. Gonna be awesome!

EyeloveMetal said...

Definitely bummed to see Godric go.. awesome way to go out, seeing the diffence in how a vampires body handles the sun as they age.. Bill having much more strength against the sun, and Godric older, just lighting right up in bright blue flames.. Why is Sookie not a vampire yet??? She clearly knows how to handle herself around them.. Can't Eric make her already! I mean, are we going to have to wait till season 3 for that!?

Nobody getting killed in the explosion = lame, they should have at least killed off ONE major character, I mean cmon, it was an episode cliffhanger!

Lafayette, back to his old ways, love it..

Jason making another promise to his sister to get his shit together.. typical, but its why we like Jason..

Looking forward to the war with Maryanne..

Johnny said...

Hm, I wonder if Sookie will ever be turned. During season 1 I thought it was gonna happen but i'm not so sure anymore. It might fuck the whole show up if she were to become a vamper. Then again, it might have no effect at all....

Ms Harker said...

Eric yet again rocked this episode from his grief regarding Godric, to his manipulation of Sookie and that scene in the bed in Sookie's dream... My my fetch me my smelling salts! Their collective return to Bon Temps is going to be very interesting indeed! Looking forward to some hardcore vamp action, dueling and demons ahoy!