Thursday, August 13, 2009

Yet Another Grace Post That's Not a Review of Grace

Just got a bunch of Grace promotional stuff in the mail today to dole out ; posters, postcards, and even limited edition baby bottles! Huge thanks to Adam Barnick from Icons of Fright who so believes in and so supports this movie that he spent money out of his own pocket to get this stuff to me. Adam, you are the perfect example of why horror fans are the coolest and most supportive people on earth. You rock!

Check out this awesome piece of swag!

(I know, I need to clip my nails)

Unfortunately it looks like my plans to support Grace outside of this blog have once again slipped through the cracks. First my day of pushing around a baby carriage in the city was rained out and now my plans to go see the movie tommorow are probably gonna have to be put on hold. My dog, Nacho, has recently fallen pretty ill and things are not looking good and i'd prefer to keep an eye on her and comfort her than head a few hours away for the day. Gonna try to go see the flick before the theatrical run is up, it's just not looking like i'll be seeing it tommorow. B-Sol from The Vault of Horror is heading over there with Mrs. B-Sol so be sure to keep an eye out on his blog for a recap of the night as well as a review. It looks like our rendezvous will have to wait, B-Sol, but let's arrange something for the future!

For those in the NY/LA area, Grace opens TOMMOROW. Click here for all the details and to buy your tickets. If you're not located in one of those two areas, have no fear! Grace hits DVD September the 15th! Pre-order your copy today!


Spencer said...

I'm really sorry to hear about your dog. I hope she gets to feeling better soon. But that's so kind of you to stay behind and comfort her. Real sweet. :)

Matt-suzaka said...

Bummer about your dog and bummer about not being able to go and check out Grace. But that bottle is so awesome though!

Paul Solet (along with Adam Green) will be on an upcoming episode of Outside the Cinema, a podcast that I listen to and love. They actually just had an interview with Jordan Ladd too on a live show they did. Check it out if it's your thing.

I know you know that you need to clip your nails, but I'll still tell you that you need to clip your nails!

Hope Nacho gets better.

kaiyn said...

I hope Nacho gets better!
That is a pretty cool piece of swag. Hope you enjoy the movie when you get around to it.

OMGSeriously said...

Awww I luv the animals....hope your dog gets better :)

Carl (ILHM) said...

No good man hope she's ok! Horror Baby got one of those bottles signed by the entire Grace panel and shes been drinking out of it ever since lol.. its her first horror collectible and she loves it! A great promotional item for the film

Jennie Boots said...

Post the pic I took of nache with her paws next to her face!