Friday, September 18, 2009

Another Heads Up & Two Updates

- In addition to Clive Barker's Book of Blood premiering this Sunday night on SyFy (9pm ET), i've got another cool piece of programming that just came to my attention. Way back in March of this year, MTV was filming something at the Monster Mania convention in New Jersey and it turns out what they were filming was an episode of True Life. That episode, titled True Life : I'm a Fanboy, premieres tommorow (Saturday) on MTV at 4pm ET and one of the guys profiled is a hardcore horror geek! Although the whole episode isn't centered around just him, it should be awesome to watch, especially with footage of the Monster Mania convention surely to be shown. Keep an eye out for Jen and I (hope hope!) and also keep an eye out for a gal by the name of Kristy, who works for Fright Rags and who will definetly appear, as she is actually the ex-girlfriend and current best friend of the horror geek in question! Apparently MTV kinda makes him look bad, as they always do with people on these shows, but this is pretty cool nonetheless. Thanks for the heads up, Kristy.

Got a couple updates on older posts that instead of making new posts for, I figured i'd just throw in here....

- I mentioned earlier this week about Lionsgate's upcoming release of the Silent Night, Deadly Night box set (click here for full details) and today I was just sent the cover art by my buddy Jayson over at Basement of Ghoulish Decadence. You can either click that above link to see my original post with the new picture or simply click here to see the hi-res cover art in all its glory. Can't wait for this one to hit the streets December 1st. Thanks again Jayson.

- Lastly, here's a very interesting update I was sent by an anonymous tipser in regards to the current whereabouts of the child actor who played Danny Torrance in the original Shining, Danny Lloyd. A long way back I did a Where Are They Now? feature on The Shining and I didn't have much to provide in terms of what's currently going on in Lloyd's life, so this is a nice little addition to that post. Again, you can click the above link to see the full post with the new info or you can just read it below. Thanks, anonymous sir!

"I had some additional information on Danny Lloyd, if you're interested. I recently did a convention with Danny, "Fright Night Film Fest" in Louisville, Kentucky. He really did not want to do it but was talked into appearing by the promoter. The entire time he seemed really unsure of himself and just had an all-around aura of discomfort. After talking to him for a few minutes I discovered that he is a teacher at a Christian school and really did not like the horror genre. He did the appearance solely to raise money for the Make-A-Wish Foundation and did not enjoy the experience. He said he had no plans on ever doing another show.

One thing I found particularly odd is that when my wife took a picture of the two of us together, the convention representative asked me not to post the picture on my website/Facebook/MySpace and not to use it in any promotional material. Danny just really wasn't into the whole picture thing ... he was afraid he was going to show up on the internet."

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Sehnzeleid said...

No problem about the SNDN art! Actually you updated your earlier entry about the set so fast with the art I thought you already had it and I made a mistake. Thanks for the mention!