Monday, September 28, 2009

Elm Street Remake Trailer Thoughts

I am incredibly concerned about this movie. This trailer (which will be up on the big screen this Friday, attached to prints of Zombieland) looked pretty damn awesome and I was all kinds of excited - until the new burnt faced Krueger was shown in pretty much all his glory. While I was a bit worried about the new make-up job after those first pictures hit the net around the time of Comic Con, I was holding out hope given the fact that you really couldn't see his face clearly. But what...the this?


He looks like a turtle or some shit! I know they were going for a more realistic burnt face look and they certaintly achieved that look but that doesn't look cool or scary in the least to me. I know people with serious burns all over their face generally don't look 'cool', but Freddy has gotta look cool! I'm all for them changing the make-up from the original and as i've stated in the past, i'm all for a new dude taking over the role (it is a remake, after all), so it's not just that i'm nitpicking because this is different from what I know and love - i'm nitpicking because my beloved Freddy looks like crap! He's supposed to look like a badass evil motherfucker - not a dude who survived a fire who Maury Povich is exploiting on his show! I just can't help but feel that they've really really dropped the ball on this one. I so badly want this movie to be good and it does look like it's got a lot of potential based on this trailer, but I just am not digging the look of Freddy at all and that's gonna pose a major problem when it comes to my enjoyment of the flick.

As for the new voice, I don't really have a problem with it. It's not even close to as cool as Englund's voice, but it'll do.

Another worry I have is the script that surfaced on the net several months back - it was total shit. I had heard that that script had been altered an incredible amount and perhaps the shooting script was even a totally different one from the one I had read - something I took great comfort in - but this trailer sure looks like it's made up of scenes I read in that horrible script. Not good.

Again, don't think i'm just hating on this because it's a remake and because I love Elm Street so much. There's nobody that wants this movie to kick ass more than me. I'm just incredibly worried at this very moment.....

I will however say though that I LOVE the idea that maybe Fred Krueger wasn't even a child molester/killer. Maybe he actually did nothing wrong and he's coming back for revenge because he has been wronged. That's something that I hope they leave a bit ambiguous, at least for a large portion of the film. It's little tweaks like that that make a remake effective, at least for me. I think it'd even be awesome if it was proven that he truly never did any wrong in the first place - making it a revenge story where Freddy isn't even so much the bad guy. Anyone with me on that? Lets face it, we all love Freddy and are kinda rooting for him anyway, so i'd love to see them toy with that idea this time around.

What do you guys think of this trailer? Leave a comment and lets talk about it!


Sith Hunter said...

I agree with you almost completely from start to finish.

From the look of the poster, I was really hopeful but after seeing the trailer I don't know what to think. I'll go out on a limb here and pray that maybe he changed his look in that scene to be less threatening to the kid he was with before he struck.... God only knows.

The voice however is going to take some getting used to but I think I'll survive.

The one thing I don't agree with you though is on him not being a killer / molester. I prefer a Freddy who was evil all along and now just has more options available to him through which to maim, torture and kill.

I guess we'll just have to wait and see. In some ways it diminished my enthusiasm, but the fact that a lot of the images definately conveyed that Elm Street feel (and no I'm not talking about seeing the sign :P) I'm hyped for other reasons now.

Mike Snoonian said...

The only worries I have at the moment are the generic CW cast and that every scene in the daytime world looks like its been copied from Rob Zombie's set. Suburban horror is only scary when it looks like the 'burbs.

I loved the voice-not as good as NOES1 &2 but way better than everything that followed and I actually like the make up.

Rev. Phantom said...

I'm down with Freddy coming back to avenge his death by killing the children of the people that killed him. You're right--we route for Freddy anyways, so why not route for him as an innocent anti-hero?

As far as his face, you have to look at the actor under the make-up. Jackie Earle Haley looks nothing like Robert Englund, so I was prepared for a completely different look. The picture that you provided is the most clear picture of his face that I've seen and I have to's not THAT bad.

Of all the remakes so far, I was looking forward to this one the least, but the trailer does look promising. Although every time I see Michael Bay's name on anything I get a little nauseous.

Ryne said...

I agree with you on all points. I do, however, have a problem with the voice - Haley sounded more menacing as Rorschach in Watchmen than he does as Freddy.

I am also concerned that the film hits too close to the original. I don't want to watch a shot-for-shot update.

BJ-C said...

I have no problem with the voice. If he tried to do Englund the acting would be very forced and "imatative" and wouldn't be the least bit believable. He's being a character, not an impersonation of someone else's interpretation of a character.

I also really enjoy that maybe he didn't do anything wrong. I think it'll give him a really cool and twisted edge. Maybe he really IS a killer and he's just trying to get out of it? Either way, I'm pretty excited.

As for the turtle burn, that's because Jackie Earl Hayley doesn't have much of a lip to begin with. If you burn its definition, he's GOING to look like a turtle, so yeah...I'm still okay with it :)

Johnny said...

Ryne - it is a little concerning that the coolest scenes from the trailer are all scenes from the original Elm Street!

Quanthor said...

I TRY not to over analyze trailers or really get too excited by them.

I've seen films have amazing trailers and the film itself abosolutely sucked and vice vera.

That being said I do have some issues from what I've seen.

1. How they are marketing the picture. Like all of Bay's remakes they are selling the icon first and the film second and for me not being a fan of his horror renditions that spells bad news for me. There's just too much emphasis on Freddy.

2. Duplicated death sequences = yawn. see Van Sant's 'Psycho'.

There were some other horribly cheesy moments like Freddy tearing up his jacket to reveal his stripes that I thought looked lame but other than those things, well's only a trailer.

B-Movie Becky said...

Haha, it's funny that you mention maybe Freddy wasn't a child murderer because I got the impression from the trailer, that it may be a new twist. That would be interesting. Perhaps the yuppy in the sweater is the real killer. :P

Anyway, I thought the trailer looked decent. Slick and stylish like we've come to expect from Platinum Dunes, but who knows how good the actual content will be?

As for the look of Freddy, it is really hard to see even now, but it is goofy. We'll just have to wait and see.

Wings said...

I was actually excited when I saw it. Looks fun, and I liked the scenes that reminded me of the classic film.

Freddy is different, but I wouldn't WANT him to be trying to copy Englund's Kreuger. Haley's Kreuger SHOULD be different, let him be his own character.

Johnny said...

Wings - As i've stated in the past, I fully support Freddy looking, sounding, and acting different in this one. He should, by all means. I don't have a problem with things being different, I just have a problem with him looking like crap!

Wings said...

Johnny - Yeah, I agree with you. Maybe this is just a one-off scene and we aren't getting the full effect?

Let's run with that. :)

Johnny said...

I think you may be being a little too optimistic, but ya never know!

ThePersonYouBenefitFromKnowing said... irritation is that the trailer makees it seem as though he is innocent (maybe he's just saying that in the trailer, but come on). Freddy is not innocent, Freddy is a child murderer! I like that he looks like an actual burn victim, and Rich made the point of the way his voice sounding may be because his throat is "charred" from smoke inhalation...I could buy that. Besides, I'm sure Jackie Earle Haley doesn't want to be Rorschach again lol

Monkeymanbob said...

I don't see the need for the set-up of seeing Kruger being burnt, there was an impact with the original with the kids and the audience discovering what Freddy was, if the scene from the trailer is at the beginning of the movie, I kinda feel they're dumbing down. They did it with the Friday re-make and there was no need, keep a bit of mystery, and yes I know that we all know who and what Freddy was, but surely there is a new generation who aren't aware?

Zacery Nova said...

Having never seen any of the originals, I like the voice. I like the outfit, I like the claws.

The cast is cute too, Katie was good in Black X-Mas and that kid from Veronica Mars/Jennifer's Body is perpetually adorable.

All in all, it looks good.

Alex said...

I agree with you about the realistic burnt face thing. If the film looked as though it would have a thread of realism, maybe we could forgive it - say if a real director made the film. But the Michael Bay-ness of the trailer really doesn't give me a sense that this will be a slow and scary film.

FUCK! Why did Michael Bay have to ruin all these films. Why didn't Scorsese remake them.

The only good thing about the trailer was the delivery of Jackie Earle Hayley's line when he was about to be torched. I highly doubt his acting will save the movie though.

I miss Englund and Craven :(

Fuck you Michael Bay and your league of terrible MTV music video directors. This Bayer guy better know what he's doing... because the studio doesn't, nor the writers.

Dorian Gray said...

As an Elm Street fan I am cautiously optomistic about the remake. The trailer looked good for the most part but I'm trying not to get my hopes up too high since I've been let down before (like the travesty that was the "Black X-Mas" remake-ugh). I love the original so it was cool to see some homages in this one. The idea of Freddy possibly being innocent is interesting,and it might make him sympathetic if that's the case. But do I really want a sympathetic Freddy? Not really. Eh, regardless I'll be seeing this in the theater next April.

Jordy Verrill + Eva Krupp said...

The only thing I can see in the new face is the Scare Crow from Wizard of Oz....Is it just me?

Louie Beans said...

I'm not sure. I like the look of Freddy but I think this will be a disappointment. My mom called me a disappointment once, once!

kaiyn said...

The trailer did look decent, but I have to admit that seeing Michael Bays' name attached to it kinda made my stomach sink. I did like the Friday remake, so I still have some hope left.
I really like the idea that Freddy was innocent. Gives him a hell of a good reason for coming back for revenge. Still, I don't want to see a shot by shot remake of NoES 1. And that's what the trailer make it look like.

I really did miss the iconic Freddy voice. :(

The Film Reel said...

I was into the trailer until I saw Haley in the makeup. I liked how there's shots that are pulled right from the original films, gives the film more of an homage feel.

Hated the makeup and hope it's just some bad shot or something. Hated the voice. Sure he's not Englund but does it have to sound so bad. I could picture Rorschach's voice in there and it would sound good, too bad he already did that voice! HAHA!

MrMe said...

I grew up on Freddy Films. I really hope this is not going to be shit like the Jason remake.

with that said Im glad they got Jackie Earle Haley to play Freddy. he was excellent in "little children"

only problem I have is them making him look innocent. dont you all remember the one where he is a kid killing a hamster with a hammer in school in front of his class??? just saying that would tarnish the whole Nightmare on Elm Street SAGA!!!

Anonymous said...

I'm a huge Krueger fan, as well. Jason wore a it didn't really matter who was behind it. Robert Englund always was Freddy Krueger. The look and the laugh can't be imitated.

I would prefer a new movie in the series over a remake.