Monday, September 21, 2009

Got My Fright Rags Night of the Living Dead Limited Edition Tee!

I know I already talked about this shirt a couple days back but I just got it in the mail and I wanted to show you guys pictures of the shirt itself. I actually ordered the shirt in a girl's size medium as a gift for Jen but ended up getting sent a men's size medium - and the girl's size medium is now all sold out. Kind of a bummer as I think she would've looked pretty snazzy in it but hey, I just so happen to be a men's size medium so it kinda works out. Speaking of Jen, I would've had her model the shirt so you have something to look at other than a shirt you've probably already seen but she's not home from work yet so you're just gonna have to look at the shirt as it appears on my brand new blood red sheets instead!



Click here for a larger close up shot of the front design.



Pretty nice, eh? Fright Rags really does a nice job with their limited edition line of tees, even going so far as to create special printed in tags (Fright Tags, if you will), and this is no exception. Whether I end up wearing this or Jen ends up keeping it as an oversized bed shirt, this is one shirt i'm proud to have in our closet and just knowing that there are only 199 other shirts with this design on it out there makes it all the sweeter!

If you want your very own Night of the Living Dead Limited Edition Artist Series shirt, head over to Fright Rags. Your size options are pretty limited at this point (men's S, M, XL & women's S, XL) and you better act fast if they still have your size in stock because even those are sure to be gone soon.

As always, thank you Ben for giving us the horror shirts we deserve. And thanks for the free prizes too!


Tommy HandyDandy said...

I admit that shirt is sexy, sexy like a kangaroo in heat. Jen better watch out,you are gonna have plenty of ladies hitting on you, while you wear that masterpiece.
It's as if a piece of heaven opened up and that piece was made into a t shirt.Your t shirt to be exact. Shine on you crazy diamond, shine on!

Ben said...

Hi Johnny -

Thanks for the great review and I'm glad you like the shirt! However, you received the wrong one and I want to make it right. Please email me with your order number (ben[at]] so we can take care of it. Thanks.

Jennie Boots said...

I gave the shirt a test run by sleeping in it last night. Because it's kinda big on me it will have to be a bed shirt. However the shirt was intended for me and therefor "the shirt is MINE" [Bill compton voice.] As far as lassies hitting on my man IF I allow him to borrow my shirt =) 1. He doesn't need a night of the living dead shirt to make him sexy, and 2. Johnny is MINE [Bill Compton voice.] =) Oh! This is kind of funny and we tried to get video of it but we'll have to try again tonight. My cat Buddha is absolutely afraid of this shirt! I think the yellow eyes frighten him. It's hilarious to watch him approach the shirt because he gets startled every step he takes closer to it. We will get it on video!

Louie Beans said...

This shirt is in fact the embodiment of awesomeness. If I could afford to buy thirty of these shirts I would. I would then, hand them out to people who have way too much hair on their bodies and decide to mow their lawn shirtless.

ThePersonYouBenefitFromKnowing said...

I'm glad that someone enjoys the gift packs I spend countless hours making. I am hoping when you get the girls shirt in the mail you get one of the awesome packs I just made...some very nerdy "inside" winks and nudges in some of those packs...but I guess we'll just wait until you get one...then let me know haha

Johnny said...

Can't wait! Again, you guys are awesome for correcting this little mishap. Very much appreciated. =)