Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Grace - Lives Up To The Hype


After months upon months of anticipation and even months of promoting this flick sight unseen, I have finally seen it and I am happy to say that all that promotion I did was totally worth it and I do not regret in the least bit putting my utmost faith in this movie before ever seeing it. While movies seldom actually live up to massive amounts of hype, Grace is one of the exceptions. Paul Solet is a fucking genius and if this is the kind of movie he debuted with, I can't even fathom where he's gonna go from here.

If you've been totally living under a rock and have no idea what Grace is or what it's about, it's about a pregnant woman (Jordan Ladd) who gets in a car wreck and whose baby dies inside of her. She decides to still carry the baby to term and when Grace is born, she seemingly wills her back to life. Only problem is, Grace won't drink formula or eat apple sauce or any of the normal things babies consume - she only feeds on human blood and she needs a lot of it. Ladd, portraying the ultimate mother, realizes she's gonna have to do some shit she doesn't want to do in order to keep her baby alive, testing the very fabric of the mother-child relationship - a relationship you don't want to get in the way of.

To call this movie a horror movie is almost an understatement because it is so much more than a horror movie. This isn't an It's Alive style killer baby on the loose flick like you might expect - this is a multi layered character study with incredible depth and meaning. It's the kind of movie that sticks with you days after watching it and gets better and better the more you think and talk about it and the more you peel back the layers - of which there are many. It's also the kind of movie that requires a few viewings before you can truly appreciate and understand it. How often does that happen with a horror movie? I've seen more than my fair share and I can say that it doesn't happen very often and it's so refreshing to see a unique and totally original movie that pushes the boundaries of what is generally expected from a horror movie. The last movie that had this impact on me was Martyrs and while the two movies are totally different in style and substance, they're both incredible pieces of work and whether you like 'em or not, they'll get ya talking and get ya thinking. That's the ultimate compliment for a horror movie, if ya ask me.

I challenge you to watch this movie and not keep your eyes glued to the screen the entire time. Yes, it's disturbing and at times hard to watch, but I can promise you that your eyes will be fixated on that screen from start to finish. As I said, whether ya like it or not, I can at least promise you with 100% certainty that Grace will not be a waste of your time and it will leave some kind of impact on you. This is not the kind of movie that leaves your mind the minute you hit the eject button.


It's currently available exclusively on Blu-ray at Best Buy and will hit all other shelves September 15th on both DVD and Blu. Click here to pre-order it today. Be sure to watch the special features as they're incredibly well done and cover the film from its very beginnings to its debut at the Sundance Film Festival and also be sure to watch them in the order they're in on the back cover, not in the order they appear in on the disc menu itself. And one last thing - if you want to see the original Grace short film that Paul Solet made which became this, pick up the DVD from Best Buy. For some reason, that added featue is only being made available with the disc purchased from there.


Wings said...

Don't want to read too much, as I like going into these movies totally unaware of what is in store for me. Will add this to my queue, though, right now!

Sean said...

I really didn't like it for the most part. I thought it was a miserable failure on the aspects of the plot and the supposed "subtext". To me, it came off as silly and self indulgent, taking itself seriously so far that the main storyline (mother protecting daughter at any cost) is ridiculous. I also found the cinematography very boring, it slowed the entire film down, and then there's that horrible pace. A 90 minute horror flick shouldn't feel like a 2 + hour epic.

The only semi-redeeming quality for me was the strong third act, where the movie grew some balls, threw out the rules of the first two acts, and went on a killing spree. But that's my ultimate problem with this film. If it were just overstated seriousness the whole time, fine, if it's just ridiculous horror smashing and villain/anti-hero stuff, fine, but follow that story from the first act.

The gore (what very minimal is here) was well done, and ultimately, the story does well in the end, but a good third act tacked on to two bad acts is nothing to be proud of. I dunno, I think it's waaaaay overhyped. It's a mediocre horror thriller with a twist or two. Now Cold Prey, there's some hype I can get behind.

Zacery Nova said...

See, at first, I didn't like this film. But even now, a few weeks after I've seen it, I'm still remembering some of the more "messed-up" moments of the film or even the bits that just made me cringe (the Mother's conversation on "wheatgrass" for instance).

So it's good...eventually!

Johnny said...

Zac, that's a similar reaction i've heard from many people in regards to Martyrs. They watch it, say it sucked, and then don't stop talking or thinking about it for weeks. Ya really can't hate on a movie that sticks with ya like that!

Carl (ILHM) said...

Im with you hear Johnny, just saw it for the first time yesterday and I loved it! I thought it was as close as any film has come to a modern day REPULSION, will have my review up on Sunday so I dont want to say too much but youre on the money

Sean said...

Every time I think back to it I like it less and less, and that third act seems even more out of context. I still really need to watch Martyrs, I've had it forever and just been too lazy to watch it. Maybe tonight.

Johnny said...

To each his own. Always nice to see someone out there who doesn't share the opinion of the masses! Definetly let me know what you think about Martyrs.