Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Halloween 2008 Flashbacks!


When it comes to blogging, older posts tend to get buried and lost in the mix and being that a lot of you readers out there weren't prowling around Freddy In Space this time last year, I wanted to dig up some of those posts from last Halloween season and show them to you guys. For a few of you this will be some stuff you've already seen but I think most of you will be seeing this content for the first time. So before we get real deep into the Halloween 2009 posts, let's take a look back at some of the posts I made last year around the greatest time of the year! Enjoy!


"Get In The Spirit, Motherfucker!" - Figured this was the perfect place to start. With just 45 days left until Halloween '08, I tried to get everybody into the spirit by first ranting and then watching the Tom Savini directed Tales From The Darkside Episode, 'Halloween Candy'. You can still watch the episode in full at this link!

"The Fine Art of Preserving Your Pumpkin" - Carving pumpkins is one thing. Keeping them from rotting and becoming maggot infested is another. In this post I show you how to keep your pumpkins looking as good as new.

"The Most Badass Pumpkins You Will Ever Lay Eyes On" - Speaking of pumpkins, there's an artist out there by the name of Ray Villafane who has mastered the fine art of pumpkin sculpting. Yes, sculpting. Check out his amazing work.

"Roseanne Halloween Specials" - I've always loved Roseanne's Halloween specials and this post is an ode to those episodes. You can also watch my favorite, titled 'Boo!', in this very post!

"Elvira's Top 10 Weirdest Strangest Most Bizarre Music Videos" - In 1986, MTV gave Elvira 4 hours on Halloween night to present her 10 favorite bizarre music videos to the world. I bought this special on DVD at a horror convention and spent a good 6 hours pulling and uploading each and every one of those 10 videos for you guys to see, along with Elvira's intros. You better watch 'em!

"Real Life Halloween Horror Stories" - A collection of six totally bizarre but totally true Halloween related horror stories. You can't make this stuff up!

"Recommendation of the Week - Halloween 3" - I love Halloween 3 and you should get over the lack of Myers and love it too. Here's why.

"Super Cool Halloween Costumes" - Pretty self explanatory. A collection of awesome Halloween costumes I found in my travels on the interweb.

"Cheap Halloween Costume Ideas" - My very own costume ideas. Become a victim of The Ruins, Stuntman Mike, or a dude who just watched Rob Zombie's Halloween - all for pocket change!!

"The Halloween Decorations Are Up!" - A look inside my house and the Halloween decorating Jen and I did last year.

"Ever Wanna Drill Out Your Girlfriend's Eyeballs?" - Speaking of Jen, we drilled out her eyeballs last Halloween. Check it out and then try it on your own mate!

"The Many Masks of Michael Myers" - A look at all of the different masks Michael Myers has donned. I'm really proud of this post because it was featured on the IMDb hit list all Halloween weekend last year and brought in a ton of hits to this blog. Was quite the Halloween gift for me.

"Behold! The Halloween Screaming Doormat!" - My review of a less than stellar Halloween product. Ya get what ya pay for....

I Was (Almost) a Movie Zombie" - A couple weeks before Halloween, Jen, a friend, and myself drove an hour up the island to be zombies in a (very) low budget zombie flick. It didn't turn out well....

"Cross One Off The Halloween Bucket List" - And then we went to Six Flags Fright Fest. Thankfully, that trip went pretty well and I hope to go back this year.

"Horror History Seminar & Halloween Crafts" - We also checked out a cool seminar at the local library and then made some crafts for each other. I don't have much art skills but I think I did a damn fine job! After the crafts, we turned Jen into the chick from The Strangers.

"FrightFest Promo Episode 4 & More" - It's the 'more' part that I want you guys to check out. After we carved pumpkins, I used the pumpkin guts to make some bloody viscera and then used them to make a cheap severed leg effect. Fun, fun!

"My Haunted Weekend" - Jen, the friends, and I attempted to go ghost hunting and then dressed up as zombies and prowled around town. We couldn't attend the zombie walk in Jersey so we just had our own!

"A Few Halloween Shorts To Brighten Up Your Day" - Every year, Adam Green makes a new Halloween inspired short film. Check them all out here!

"Goodbye Halloween, You Will Be Missed" - This sounds like a sad post but it's actually my account of what Jen and I did on Halloween day and night last year. And you also get to see Jen in full Elvira garb. Nothing sad about that!

"Halloween on Clearance" - Halloween isn't really over once Halloween is over and in this post I show all the stuff I bought on clearance at the Halloween shops in my area which were on their way out for the year. That's always one of the most fun parts of the season. Sad that it's over, but awesome to finally be able to afford all the stuff you've been looking at on store shelves for the past couple months.


That should keep ya busy for a couple hours. Looking forward to making many new Halloween memories with all you guys this year! If anyone's got any suggestions for stuff you'd like to see me do or talk about this Halloween, feel free to leave me a comment and let me know!


Wings said...

Wow - Now that is a post! Gonna keep this page up all day and keep checking the old posts. Fun stuff!

Carl (ILHM) said...

Damnit Johnny, you know I dont have time for all that in one sitting ;)

Will space all of these out to psyche myself up in Sept and Oct! Thanks for the repost