Monday, September 28, 2009

Halloween Countdown Calendar Contest Winner!

Big thanks to all who entered the contest and shared their plans for this Halloween season. I would love to give a countdown calendar to each and every one of you, but unfortunately I can only select one reader to take the prize home. That lucky winner has just been chosen at random and that lucky soul who will be counting down the days till Halloween in style issssss......


Congratulations, Matt. Your calendar is on its way!

If your name is not Matt-Suzaka, you can pick up the Inky Dinky 2009 Halloween Countdown Calendar right here for a mere $11. What are you waiting for?!

Don't forget to enter the Z.O.M.B.I.E. contest, running through this coming Wednesday! With four different prize packs up for grabs, the odds of YOU winning have never been so good!

After this contest has come to a close, I have something very exciting planned for the month of October that I think you guys are really gonna like. Without giving too much away, several great prizes are set to be handed out next month, in anticipation for Halloween. Stay tuned for all the details!!


Wings said...

Congrats to MATT-SUZAKA!

atomicfox said...

Damn I really wanted that calender! Congrats to Matt though

Matt-suzaka said...

Thanks for the congrats Fox and Wings, and thanks especially to Mr. Johnny for the great prize! I cannot wait to find a perfect spot to display the awesome Halloween treat that I have won!