Tuesday, September 15, 2009

True Blood Season 2 Finale Discussion!


Click here for a full recap of everything that happened on the final episode of season 2, titled "Beyond Here Lies Nothin", courtesy of IMDb

It's not a season finale until Sam ends up walkin around balls naked!

Well folks, it is over and it's gonna be a good long while before we get some more True Blood back in our lives. As sad as it was to see it end, the finale was pretty kickass, although i'm not sure it topped the awesomeness of the season 1 finale. After the major storyline of the season was ended in the first 30 minutes, I was expecting something MAJOR to go down and I never really got it. That being said, as a whole, I think I prefer this season over the first. Anyone with me on that?

My only real gripe with this episode is that it wasn't shocking enough, but maybe I just always have to find something to complain about (it's my job, as a faux critic!). I like my finales to really pack a shocking punch - perhaps even by killing off a major character (Tara?) - and all we got was the deaths of Eggs and Maryann. Eggs is a minor character as far as i'm concerned and I certaintly wasn't sad or surprised to see him go. His death was pretty cool though, if only cause Jason finally got to kill someone! Will be interesting to see him deal with the guilt of that and to see how Tara feels about her childhood crush killing her boyfriend. As for Maryann, though she was a major character this season, I think we all knew she wasn't gonna make it to season 3. Granted, her death scene was pretty spectacular and it was cool that they wrapped that whole thing up within the first half of the show. But how in the hell did Sam turn into a giant white bull? Doesn't he need to physically see an animal in order to shift into it or can he just look up a picture online? He did make that joke about the wonders of the internet later in the episode....

By the way, Sam is awesome and i'm glad he got to be the hero. There were times where I didn't really care for his character but he's one of my favorites now. So happy he didn't get killed off, like I had feared he was going to be.

Andy has been reinstated on the police force! How awesome would it be to see him bring on Jason as his partner? Those two are gold together and a buddy cop storyline in season 3 would be epic. I love the fact that these two dolts think they're the ones who saved Bon Temps and I hope everyone lets them continue to think that!

Jessica, how dare you not only stand up Hoyt but also go ahead and kill a man. You should be ashamed of yourself. I guess we all knew that lovey dovey relationship was gonna eventually take a serious turn for the worse, eh?

I'm pretty sure the whole wedding storyline was conceived so that Lafayette could finally fulfill his dream of being a bridesmaid - and i'm not complaining! I just hope Bill and Sookie allow him this same honor at their wedding!

Speaking of Bill and Sookie's nuptials, did anyone else think Sookie was gonna walk out of that bathroom and say something like, "I do...now make me a vampire!"? (Can she even be turned?) Was totally expecting that and I think that would've been a much more shocking ending than the one we got. I'm thinking it was either Eric or Lorena that kidnapped Bill but either way I don't think we're gonna see Bill get killed off in the early parts of season 3 so it's not too much of a cliffhanger anyway.

So what can we expect from season 3? According to creator Alan Ball (from this interview), we're gonna be seeing our first glimpses of the King of Mississippi, Sam's parents, the 'super bad' vampire Franklin Mott, and even the shows first werewolf, Alcide. He also teased that we may be seeing more of Godric, through flashbacks. Unfortunately, we're gonna have to wait until early summer 2010 before True Blood comes back on the air for its third season, which promises to be an exciting one. For now, we must wait!

Leave a comment and let me know what you thought of the season finale, the season as a whole, and what you'd like to see next season!

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allthingshorror said...

I dug this season a lot. I really liked the expanded mythology and creatures in the show and am looking forward to the addition of werewolves next year.

The only thing that didn't work for me was the Queen Vamp-Evan Rachel wood-she was too over the top and annoying and all her scenes distraced from the urgency of what was going on back in Bon Temps.

Any word if they'll be more on the Sons of Light Church, or is that done?

Johnny said...

According to Ball, yes, we will be seeing more of the Fellowship of the Sun.

As for Evan Rachel Wood, I thought she was awesome and provided a nice little escape from what was going on over there in Bon Temps. Again, according to Ball, he's well aware that people have some questions about her character and she's gonna be a lot more fleshed out next season.

EyeloveMetal said...

The queen was awesome..

"god is something that only exists in humans minds... like money, and morality."

Pretty decent ending to the series, they at least resolved many things before raising one new situation, much the way they did last season.. I anxiously await season 3..