Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Fright Rags Unveils Four New Designs For October!

Before we check them all out, i'd just like to do a little follow up on the post I made about the Fright Rags Night of the Living Dead Limited Edition tee that I ordered for Jen a month or so back. I mentioned that they accidently sent me a men's medium instead of a women's but I just wanted to let everyone know that the situation was more than remedied and they not only sent me over a women's medium but they also let me keep the men's as an apology for their little flub. Don't want you guys to think their service is anything less than spectacular, so I just wanted to mention that!

And now, on to the four brand spankin new designs! These first two are available to order right now on the site, in both men's shirts and women's babydoll tees, and the last two will be made available sometime next week. In order to post the pictures of the shirts within this post, I would have to downsize them and that really wouldn't do them much justice (as you can tell by the image above), not to mention it would mess up some of the text on the shirts, so i'd rather you click the links below and check out high res photos!


Wicker Man

Sleepaway Camp 2

Puppet Master

As always, head on over to Fright Rags if you want to pick any of these up. As an added bonus, all orders placed in the month of October will come packaged with a free gift, as part of their Trick or Treat Spooktacular!

Oh and by the way, a special edition tee available only to members of the Fright Rags website was also released today, so sign up to become a member if you haven't yet so you can see and buy this exclusive new shirt!!

What do you think of the new designs? Leave a comment and let me know! As much as I love the OG Fright Rags Pennywise shirt, which I own, I can't help but feel that comparing the two side by side really showcases how far the company has come in these past couple years. They've always made top of the line awesome horror shirts, but they've really been busting out the big guns lately - wouldn't ya say?


Bjornabo said...

The Wicker Man shirt looks awesome. Might have to pick up one as a early-Christmas-present for myself.

Anonymous said...

Busting out the big guns! I couldn't agree more...