Friday, October 23, 2009

Happy Sixth Birthday, Saw : Part 2!

It's the Saw franchises sixth birthday today and that means you guys get presents! Earlier today I gave away a Saw 6 mini-poster to the person quickest with their fingers and i've just dug up some more prizes to hand out! This time around, we've got up for grabs a Saw 6 syringe pen and lollipop!

Just like with the poster, the first person to drop me an e-mail with the subject 'Saw 6' and their address will be promptly sent the free swag when I hit the post office tommorow! Good luck and I hope you enjoy the movie! For that matter, I hope I enjoy the movie, which i'm headed off to see now! Come on back later for my thoughts!

*UPDATE* Congratulations to Michele DeBacker, who was quick enough to win these prizes!


Steve said...

what is the imprint on the syringe pen? it is hard to read form the photo

Johnny said...

"Halloween Blood Drive". They were given out at the annual Saw blood drive.