Tuesday, October 27, 2009

The Pumpkins Have Been Carved!

At a closeout sale of a mere 25 cents per pound, Jen and I couldn't resist stocking up on pumpkins this past weekend and taking the knives to them. I'll admit that I have absolutely no skill when it comes to carving pumpkins, as you will soon see, but it's a tradition i'd like to never go a year without - Halloween season just aint Halloween season until you carve some pumpkins! Without further adieu, check out the four ghastly creations we whipped up!

I would love to tell you that my retarded cousin carved this here pumpkin but alas, I do not have a retarded cousin to place the blame on. Besides, if I did, his pumpkin would probably look a lot better than this. Believe it or not, this actually started as an attempt to make a Freddy Krueger pumpkin. I taped a fairly simple Krueger shadow image to the pumpkin and traced it out by making little score marks, but I gave up when I realized I didn't go deep enough with the cuts and could barely see what I had spent a half hour tracing. So this is essentially what resulted from extreme anger, frustration, and a sharp blade. Give me a break, will ya!

Up next we have Jen's Sam-O-Lantern, and as you can tell she's got a hell of a lot more skill with a knife than I do. He may look more like a cross between Sam and a gingerbread man (sorry!) , but I think she did a kickass job.

For my second pumpkin, realizing that I have no talent for this, I decided I would just go to town on the thing how I know best - with a hammer and a bunch of fake blood. This doesn't require much skill but damn if it doesn't look badass! Shortly after this picture was taken, I hammered several nails through the poor litttle guy, making him look like a sort of battle damaged Pinhead pumpkin. I figure the hoodlums in this town can't smash a pumpkin that they can't pick up!

And finally we have Jen's second carving - another Trick 'r Treat inspired design. This is one of the pumpkins that appears towards the end of the film, on fire in Kreeg's house. This is probably my favorite of all the ones we did and looks the most like the traditional Jack-O-Lantern, which is still my favorite kind of carved pumpkin. I've got nothing against the incredibly detailed art pieces that people are carving up these days, but nothing will ever top a classic Jack-O-Lantern. Who's with me?!

And there you have it! Trick 'r Treat carving patterns courtesy of Zombie Pumpkins - a must use site if you're into carving pumpkins. If you're wondering why Sam is lit up with a different color in each of the two pictures, that's thanks to one of those cheap little color changing Pumpkin light things. They're pretty cool, but flickering candlelight will always be king.

If any of you guys carved pumpkins this year, i'd love to see pictures, so upload 'em and leave a comment with the link!


the jaded viewer said...

Awesome head shot pumpkin.

Bjornabo said...

Great job on the pumpkins..

Here in Norway a pumpkin costs about $20 each, so it`s incredibly expensive. So that`s why there will be no pumpkin for me this year..

Zach. said...

The bleeding pumpkin is sweet. I'm loving that one.

B-Movie Becky said...

Cool. The last one is my favorite too. I carved pumpkins over the weekend, but I still have one more to carve and I couldn't come up with anything. I'll go to the Zombie Pumpkins site for inspiration.

Carl (ILHM) said...

Loving the TRICK R TREAT pumpkin, but hammer head is definitely the fav. We still havent carved ours yet, planning for tomorrow! Will be sure to throw up pics too

Zeek said...

WoW those are Creepy and Cool

I love pumpkin carving, the site I use for patterns is http://www.stoneykins.com they have 1000's of patterns to choose from.