Monday, November 2, 2009

Attack of the Horror Web Series'!

Three new horror web series' premiered in the days leading up to Halloween and since these things tend to go pretty under the radar, I wanted to bring them to the attention of those who might not have heard about them. If you've got a few minutes to spare, you might want to give these a look! Click the links to check out the shows.

Creepshow : Raw

Creepshow is back and it's thankfully a marked improvement from the dreadful Creepshow 3. The famous film franchise has been adapted for the web and turned into 8-10 minute webisodes, with each one weaving a different Creepshow-esque tale. Only one episode is up at the moment, but it's got some nice creature effects and i'm digging it so far. The first episode is directed by Wilmer Valderrama and stars Michael Madsen as the stepfather to a boy who just can't seem to get to sleep at night. Find out why by clicking the above link and watching 'Insomnia'!

Fear Clinic

This one is put out by FEARnet, one of the better horror sites out there. The show, directed by Laid To Rest's Robert Hall, stars Freddy Krueger himself, Robert Englund, as a mad doctor intent on curing people of their worst fears. Each seven or so minute episode - five in total - deals with a different fear that Englund attempts to cure with a special device he has created - naturally, all hell breaks loose each and every time and the fears seem to be taking on lives of their own. The series also stars Kane Hodder and Danielle Harris. All five episodes are up and can be watched right this instant. If you have a fear of bugs, germs, the water, the dark, or tight spaces, watch at your own risk! Fear Clinic is a gross little show that's worth a watch, but it's nothing too special. If you're into vampires, also be sure to check out FEARnet's three vampire web series' running this month, with new episodes premiering daily.


This series was conceived and is produced by the legendary Roger Corman and is directed by Joe Dante. It's available for instant watching on Netflix, whether you have a Netflix account or not. The show stars Corey Feldman as a rock legend by the name of Johnny Splatter who has just committed suicide but is returning from the grave to seek revenge on all of the parasites who have leeched off of his success. The first of three 10 minute episodes can be watched right now, with the second and third coming November 6th and 13th, respectively. In a cool little twist, the viewers are able to vote after each episode to determine who will be killed off in the next one. It's a fun idea but a pretty lame show thus far, but it does open with Corey Feldman killing himself - something I think we've all secretly wanted to see for some time now! Also keep an eye out for Tony Todd aka Candyman.


the jaded viewer said...

I've only seen Splatter and any webisode where Cory Feldman goes all suicidal is a laugh riot for this Oscar worthy performance (see sarcasm)

I'll check out the other 2.

Zach S. said...

I haven't had a chance to check Creepshow. Saw the first Fear Clinic, feels like it should be longer to include some back story. I'll be sure to revisit and check now that they got the Johnny approval.

Wings said...

Haven't watched them yet, but will keep them in mind! Thanks for the post.

DeadFi said...

Too bad Creepshow didn't make more episodes. I thought that was great.
Two that I'll suggest...both anthology and micro-budget...


(This one is mine)