Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Name That Movie - The Final Frame Edition!

Below you will find the final frames of ten different horror flicks. How many can you name? Leave a comment with your guesses!












Cat said...

3. Pet Sematary

is 6. Exorcist 2? I thought he was in the 3rd one?

J. Astro said...

Hmmm.. I see THE BLOB (remake) at the top, and PET SEMATARY and APRIL FOOL'S DAY in there, also one of the EXORCIST movies (first one?)... bah! Brain = tired, Good stuff, tho.

Frostbeard said...

#3 is Pet Sematary. Most of the others look familiar, but they're just not coming to me.

Cat said...

I had a thought (yes, sometimes I have those!) is 2 Something Wicked This Way Comes? You know, remember remember the 5th of November or something?

Johnny W. said...

#5 cujo #7 Near Dark #9 Phantasm....The others I know have already been said.

Nik Holmes said...

1 - The Blob
2 - Day of the Dead
3 - Pet Semetary
4 - My Bloody Valentine
5 - Cujo
6 - The Exorcist
7 - Near Dark
8 - April Fools Day

And numbers 9 and 10 shall continue to bug me. I think every time you do one of these there are always 2 I don't get, always.

Nik Holmes said...

Silly me, of course 4 is The Fog. Those red eyes! It just hit me while I was puzzling 9 and 10.
Still stuck on 9 and 10 though...

Wings said...

I suck... Only one I can recognize is #4, The Fog.

Nik Holmes said...

More silliness on my part! Number 6 is of course Exorcist 3! As a fan of the original, hell as a fan of horror, I should remember how Exorcist ends, with a shot of the steps. And that date, 1975, is obviously not right for a film made in 1973. A film made in 1990 set 15 years after the original however...

Cins said...

*L* I think I got the two Everyone else got.

6-Exorsist 3

Cins said...

I would also like to point out that Nik Holmes is a freakin' Encyclopedia and I envy his brain.

B-Movie Becky said...

Everyone has already said the ones I knew...9 and 10 = too hard!!!!

Johnny said...

All have been answered correctly except #10! Here are all the correct answers so far....

1. The Blob
2. Day of the Dead
3. Pet Sematary
4. The Fog
5. Cujo
6. Exorcist 3
7. Near Dark
8. April Fools Day
9. Phantasm (major props for that, Johnny W.)
10. ?

Anonymous said...

What is 10 from??

Johnny said...

Ha, forgot that I never provided the answer to that one. 10 is from Intruder.