Monday, November 2, 2009

This Is Why I Love HorrorHound...

I've said it before and i'll continue to say it for as long as it remains the truth - HorrorHound is the best horror magazine out there, bar none. It's always jam packed with more than enough interesting shit to keep you reading for the two months until the next issue hits, and that's an impressive feat. While i'm usually bored with an issue of Fangoria a couple days after I get it (all due respect to Fango), I still find myself going back and reading HorrorHound's from last year! To prove my point that it doesn't get much better than HorrorHound, i'm gonna share with you guys their list of the Top 20 Greatest Horror Films of the Past 10 Years, as seen in the latest issue (#20). While most tend to shit on the recent and current state of horror, HorrorHound reminds us that we've seen some pretty awesome movies in the last decade. The list, chosen by the members of the HH staff, is pretty damn spot on, despite a few minor issues I have with it. Lets take a look and then i'll give my thoughts and then you can give your thoughts. This awesome list is accompanied by an equally impressive pull out poster drawing of some of the characters from all the best horror flicks of the past 10 years, which you'll have to pick up the issue to see!

20. Slither
19. JU-ON
18. 28 Days Later
17. Saw
16. Cabin Fever
15. The Mist
14. Inside
13. House of 1000 Corpses
12. May
11. Jeepers Creepers
10. Let The Right One In
9. High Tension
8. REC
7. The Devil's Rejects
6. Trick 'r Treat
5. Dawn of the Dead
4. Grindhouse
3. American Psycho
2. The Descent
1. Shaun of the Dead

Pretty solid, eh? My only gripes come with Shaun of the Dead, Jeepers Creepers, and perhaps Inside. Now don't get me wrong, I love Shaun of the Dead and it definetly should be on the list, but it probably shouldn't be in the number one spot. Something about a horror comedy being number one that just seems kinda wrong. Maybe they accidently flubbed up and switched Let The Right One In with Shaun? That'd be more appropriate, if ya ask me. Jeepers Creepers I feel should be nowhere near this list - maybe the first half of the film, but certaintly not the second. As for Inside, it's a good horror flick, but i'm not sure it deserves to make the cut. Throw Hatchet, Eden Lake, the Texas Chainsaw redux, the Hills Have Eyes redux, Bubba Ho-Tep, or Wolf Creek in its place and i'll be happy. Despite the fact that they're somehow not on the list, I am happy to report that Hatchet, TCM, Hills, and Bubba Ho-Tep are all depicted in the drawing I mentioned above, proving that the mag is quite aware of their awesomeness, despite the fact that they didn't make the final cut. Bummer, but at least they're represented.

All in all, it's an incredibly solid list and it's rare that I have so few gripes with a list of this kind. You've got great taste, HorrorHound staffers, and it's for this reason that i'm gonna keep on reading and keep on subscribing.

Now I turn the tables over to you guys. What would you take off, swap spots, or tack on to HorrorHound's list of The 20 Greatest Horror Films of the Past 10 Years? Leave a comment and let me know!


Gord said...

I agree with your comments on the list, and want to add that while I love American Psycho (more so the book), I don't think it really needs or deserves to be on this list as I don't see it as a horror film. I think labeling it as such really undercuts, and perhaps even erases entirely, the films themes and overall meaning.

Andre said...

Yikes! I would 100% put Martyrs on there, and possibly put it at #1. Also I wasn't too crazy about High Tension...but maybe it's just me.

I would take off Saw because I loathe it, House of 1000 Corpses because Rob Zombie doesn't need 2 movies on there. And I would definitely move Trick r Treat to somewhere in the top 5. And as much as I hate Saw and Hostel if Saw is going to be on there I feel like Hostel should too.

I loved Inside, also what about Frontiers, or Them? I think this list is definitely lacking a few standouts.

Knarf Black XIV said...

I would add Pontypool, Bubba Ho-Tep the original Pulse, and Session 9 to the list and remove the following: Saw, Cabin Fever, The Mist, Jeepers Creepers, and High Tension (which was decent, but nowhere near top 20 material). Also, Rob Zombie's two films on the list need to be shoved to the back of the bus post haste.

The remake of Dawn gets a pass for its first 15 minutes alone, but otherwise... man... it's been a rough decade for the genre. (At least from my perspective as someone who positively loathed several movies on the list.)

Chuck Conry said...

I'd for sure have SAW and Cabin Fever a lot higher while putting Dawn of the Dead a lot lower..still on the list, just lower.

I also think Feast should have been on there somewhere.

Mike Snoonian said...

If it's the past 10 years, Blair Witch Project should have narrowly made the cutoff point. That would have been very high on my list.

Definitely would have Inside on in place of the TCM remake, and would have added three more french flicks: Sheitan, Them, Frontiers.

I've got a soft spot for Ti West's The Roost.

Overall, one of the better lists, you can definitely make a case for just about all of them.

Planet of Terror said...

I'm curious as to why you don't think that Inside should make the final cut. In my humble opinion, it is the best horror film released in the last 10 years and it would be my number 1. It does what a good horror film should do: its both shocking and disturbing. Not too mention, the scene where the camera pans to reveal the attacker in the house and her figure disappears into the room behind the pregnant gal thats sitting on the couch, is brilliant. That scene really got to me and creeped me the hell out. Easily one of the most beautifully shot scenes in a horror film in recent memory.

Also, I'd be remissed if I didn't include Martyrs. Completely gut punching as well but in a different way.

Overall, a great list.

Jason said...

I actually like Shaun of the Dead that high on the list. It pretty much made zombies cool again and now there are zombie survivalist camps you can attend.

I agree on Jeepers Creepers. Dont know about Grindhouse and thought they would put Saw higher (again it did re-awaken a genre and is the highest gross horror movie franchise). The Descent and American Psycho 2 and 3 are spot on. I need to check these guys out!

Johnny said...

Gord - Whether or not American Psycho is a horror film is something that has always remained a question in my mind, but I will say that it is and has always been in the horror section of my DVD collection. Gonna make a whole post discussing that movie either tonight or tommorow.

Andre - Great calls on Martyrs and Them, they totally slipped my mind and I would definetly at least put Martyrs in the top 20.

Planet of Terror - I really dug Inside, don't get me wrong, but I wouldn't really consider it one of the best horror movies in the last decade. It's gross and disturbing, but it doesn't hold a candle to some of the stuff that's come out in the past 10 years in terms of quality. Plus I hate that scene with the zombie looking dude, which puts it down a few notches in my book.

the jaded viewer said...

Whats the article about Fulci's Zombie? That looks awesome.

Johnny said...

Jaded Viewer - Every issue, HorrorHound does a multi page retrospective on a horror classic and Zombie is the classic in question in this issue. It talks all about the history of the movie, shows all of the posters, all the merch, talks about all the sequels, and covers all kinds of interesting shit about it. I'm tellin ya - this mag is awesome!

Noelle Nightmare said...

Nice list. Apparently I need to start reading this magazine. Thanks for sharing!

Steve said...

I don't think I could even write such a list. It would pretty much be:

1. Dawn of the Dead
4. Planet Terror, or something.
5. (distracted by something more fullfilling)

But I haven't seen 8.5 of those (I could be wrong but I don't think Grindhouse was 1 movie) so I guess that puts me at a serious disadvantage.

Carl (ILHM) said...

There is simply no way that JEEPERS CREEPERS could possibly make the list with THE DESCENT nowhere in sight. GINGER SNAPS is also a surprising omission. All in all, a very solid effort, but JEEPERS CREEPERS?? Really?

B-Movie Becky said...

Cool post. I disagree with a few of them for personal reasons, but I can also look at the list in terms of a broader horror social consensus and see that it's pretty damn good. I agree with you about Shaun of the Dead, but it definitely should be on the list.

Personal Gripes:
-House of 1000 Corpses: An obviously amateur film from a first-time director that plays better as a music video.

-Let the Right One In: I know everyone loves it, so it should probably be on the list, but I found it to be uninteresting, inconsequential, and pompous.

-Grindhouse: I would put Planet Terror on the list for sure, but not Death Proof.

-Cabin Fever: Meh....good, but there are definitely better.

-Jeepers Creepers: I like it more than most, but definitely not a top 20.

What I miss:
-Session 9
-The Hills Have Eyes remake
-The Devil's Backbone

Johnny said...

Carl - The Descent is on there, at number 2 no less!

Becky - You'll be happy to know that The Devil's Backbone is at least depicted in the drawing!

Steve said...

Oh yeah, Ginger Snaps. All three of the Ginger Snaps movies, really, even though the third one was basically ruined by all of the crappy accents. I feel like there are some movies that should be on the list that I can't think of. Occasionally, I see an obscure movie on SyFy that is good enough, yet nothing is really sticking out in my mind right now.

Patrick said...

I'd add The Blair Witch Project and Freddy vs. Jason, two of my absolutely top favorites of the last ten years.

Johnny said...

Huge props for the Freddy vs Jason love, Patrick!

Quanthor said...

Man, how could they possibly leave out 'The Ring'? That actually might top my list.

I'm so sick of the fanboy love that 'American Psycho' gets. Yes it's a great movie, BUT IT'S NOT 'CITIZEN KANE'! Christ, you would think that movie had won a slough of awards or something.

Overall, eh... most of the best horror movies are in the list, however the placement is out of whack.

I would add, 28 Weeks Later, The Abandoned, Audition, Poultrygeist, Drag Me To Hell and The Ring. And get rid of House of 1000, The Mist, American Psycho, Jeepers Creepers, JU-ON and Inside.

Zach said...

My gripes with the list:

Cabin Fever: My dislike for Roth is pretty well documented. I don't hate this movie necessarily, but it's overrated in my mind.

The Devil's Rejects: I am one of the few that likes House of 1000 Corpses better. Not a bad movie, but not my top 20.

Grindhouse: Yeah, Planet Terror but not Death Proof.

Jeepers Creepers: Awful. Just awful.

The rest I can appreciate on some level, but a lack of Splinter, The Hills Have Eyes, Wolf Creek, and The Devil's Backbone is almost criminal.

Jeff Allard said...

I love Shaun of the Dead but as number 1? I'd have it a little lower. And I'd bounce House of 1,000 Corpses, High Tension (just because of its horrible 'twist' ending), Jeepers Creepers, Cabin Fever (not a bad movie, just not Top 20 material), and Grindhouse (because it's only half of a good movie) off the list altogether. Still, some interesting picks - I'm sure we'll be seeing a lot more of these as the decade winds down.

ghostLAB.DS said...

I have to admit that HorrorHound has been producing an excellent mag in a really short time period and their little "extras" are always appreciated.

But for me the BEST horror rag has to be Rue Morgue. From its branding design (including print and web) to depth of articles to and on-air radio personalities there is simply no other magazine that can compare.

Johnny said...

Rue Morgue also rocks!