Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Crawling My Way Back From The Dead...

Anybody still out there? To say i've been slacking as of late would be a huge understatement but we're coming up on a brand new year and I think you all know what my main resolution for this year is. Freddy In Space, and for that matter Win Free Horror Shit! as well, get fully re-animated in 2010 but while we've still got a couple days left in 2009, i've got a few things on my mind....

- Santa was very good to me this year and i'll be making a post real soon showing off my horror related loot, as I did last year. Can you say Ladies of the Evil Dead Extreme Edition t-shirt (with EVIL DIRT!), Portable Grindhouse, and my very own construction worker zombie?!

- Speaking of Christmas, wanna give a shoutout to an Etsy shop by the name of Tenderfoot Creations, which specializes in handmade plush animals and lucky Sasquatch feet - the latter of which I got for Jen as a stocking stuffer this year.

This thing amuses me to no end and if it were up to me, the lady behind hand crafting these things would be bathing in buckets of money right now for coming up with and executing such a genius idea. I suppose a lucky Bigfoot foot is a pretty obvious spin to put on the lucky rabbit's feet that have been out there for years, but this is the first i've ever seen of such a thing and for that, this gal gets all the praise in the world from me. And she's got all bases covered - if the Yeti is more your guy, she's also got a lucky Yeti foot! I smell a future giveaway....

- To whoever anonymously signed me up for Suicide Girls, thank you! And Jen hates you.

- Have you seen the trailer for Adam Green's next flick, Frozen? It's been said that what Jaws did for swimming Frozen is going to do for snowboarding and that kinda frightens me being that I just got a snowboard for Christmas and am going to be doing a lot of it this winter. As if I wasn't terrified enough already of hopping on a ski lift. Thanks, Green!

- Every horror blogger and their mother has already drawn up a Best of '09 list of some sort and being that my list is pretty much the same as everyone elses, i'm not gonna bother with posting one of those. But I do wanna know - what is your personal favorite horror flick from '09? For that matter, what's your favorite of the entire decade?

- RIP Dan O'Bannon. Everything I would want to say was pretty well summed up by my friend Kristy in her latest blog post, so go read that.

- RIP Brittany Murphy. If you haven't yet seen The Dead Girl, please go seek it out. It's an incredible film and it's definetly Murphy's best, as far as i'm concerned.

- Gary Busey announced for Monster Mania next March! I finally will fulfill my bucket list dream of shaking hands with the Gingerdead Man himself! On top of that (no pun intended), we've also got the dude of questionable sexuality from Elm Street 2 and Night of the Creeps/My Bloody Valentine (OG) reunions. Can't wait! Anyone going?

- Congratulations to Kris aka K-Fleet from Hutchinson, Kansas, who won the Silent Night, Deadly Night 3-5 DVD set from my Christmas contest. Your DVD is on its way, sir!

- Oh, I never answered my own questions from a few lines above, did I? After much internal debate, i'm gonna have to go with Zombieland (it's got it all - fun, drama, BM) and Devil's Rejects.

- While i've got ya here, what would you like to see from Freddy In Space in 2010 (other than actual updates)? Let me know!

- On that note, to anyone who is still coming to this blog despite my lack of updates lately, thank you so so much. I promise we will get back to business as usual in 2010. Happy New Year!


Mike Snoonian said...

It is good to see you back from the dead!

As far as best movies go, House of the Devil was my favorite horror flick f the year and no movie scared me more than the Descent this decade.

Johnny said...

Still haven't seen House of the Devil, and i'm not happy about that. Same goes for Antichrist.

The Descent is definetly one of my favorites of the decade and I will never forget originally seeing it in the theatre many years back.

the jaded viewer said...

Johnny - Are you making a top 10 list for 2009? I wanna include it in my compilation of sites directory.

I could just use this as its pretty definitive.

Johnny said...

I'm probably not gonna because like I said, everyone else has already done it and it's not like my choices would be very different from everyone elses. I might eventually be too tempted to pass it up but as of now, I don't plan on it.

B-Sol said...

Welcome back, sir!

Cins said...

*L* I still read! Its hard to stop!

As for my 09 favorite, I'd have to say its a toss up between Drag me to Hell, Zombieland, and Paranormal Activity.

Glad to have you back!

Evil Dead Junkie said...

I saw Frozen at BNAT. And I am more then willing to confirm that it will Fuck your shit up.

Bjornabo said...

Happy New Years to you to Johnny. (A bit early but who cares).

Best of 09: Dead Snow

3 Best Of 2000-09: Saw - Saw II - Devils Reject's

The things I whould like to see on FIS in 2010 is:

1. Discussions of the Week

2. Movies I Watched (Got a whole lot of tips from this last year so thanks for that)

3. Polls on different subjects

4. Top 10 lists (Best horrors of all time, worst horrors, best actors/actresses, best location, best director etc.)

5. Where are they now

Looking forward to FreddyInSpace2010 :-)

Wings said...

Sounds like a fun time over there! Here's to a happy 2010 for you & Jen!

Monkeymanbob said...

Ah-ha you're alive! Thought your Mogwai had done for you!

I for one would still like to see you do a best of 2009 as I generally don't read any other horror blogs.

I've been catching up on films this year so a few of my favourite films were not made in 2009.

So the actual favourites I saw in 2009, in no particular order would be:
1) Drag Me To Hell
2) Midnight Meat Train
3) Feast
4) Rec
I also enjoyed Let The Right One In and Zombieland,it's perhaps churlish of me but I don't consider either horror movies.
One is a love story where one of the characters is a vampire and the other an action movie with some undead. Both utterly amazing movies, but a horror flick, for me, has got to at least give me a few jumps.

Carl (ILHM) said...

Since I live in the past and dont buy flicks until they are almost a year old, I barely caught any of the 2009 releases, but GRACE and EVIL THINGS were two favorites so far on top of PARANORMAL ACTIVITY. Glad to see you are truckin through man, you got a whole new year ahead of you to do some serious Horror damage!!

kaiyn said...

Welcome back, Johnny!

Tlieso said...

Glad to see you posting again.

I missed out on so many horror films this year due to lack of funds that I can realistically pick one. Slither is one of my favorites of all time though.

Mike Scott II said...

Well, its about time Romero gave you that reach-around that got you to rise from the dead.

...and favorite '09 movie. Horror or otherwise was ANTICHRIST. Easy.

THE BOX was pretty amazing, too. No surprise it failed. Here in America,we don't need to think about heady stuff like theology or philosophy...we want John Cusack and 'splosions.

Brian said...

I've been reading your blog and I'm glad you're alive. Looking forward for horror posts too :)
Brian@Rhinehoth a New Horror Novel by Brian E. Niskala

Zach S. said...

Glad to see you're not lost in the sauce.

Keep up the hustle. --->

Johnny said...

Zach, thanks so much for the award and kind words! =)

K-Fleet said...

Most enjoyable flicks from '09 would be Run Bitch Run and although I can't really explain why, The Hanger.

Most over-hyped and disappointing film was Black Devil Doll.

3 of the best films over the last decade are The Descent, Antibodies, and Right At Your Door, which had an ending that made my jaw drop in disbelief.