Thursday, December 10, 2009

Freddy In Space Holiday Gift Guide - Calendars

If there's one thing you're gonna need shortly after Christmas passes, it's a calendar - which makes a new calendar one of the most useful gifts you can get. But are there any cool calendars for us horror fans out there? Why yes, yes there are! Here's a few that will look right at home hanging on the wall of any horror fan's room.

My Zombie Pinup 2010 Calendar - $14.99

12 sexy and scantily clad zombie chicks recreating famous photos of pin-up models - it's a pretty damn ingenious concept. Sadly, not all the photos are all that sexy and not all of the chicks are zombified enough, but the concept alone is worth the price of admission if ya ask me.

Pssst, over here. Want this calendar for free? Then head on over to Zombies and Toys and enter their My Zombie Pinup contest, running through December 18th!

Nerdcore 2010 Calendar - $25.00

25 bucks may seem a little steep for a measely little calendar, but this is by far the coolest and most impressive calendar I have ever laid eyes on and thus, i'm gonna go ahead and say 25 bucks is a bargain. Much like the My Zombie Pin-up calendar, Nerdcore's 2010 calendar features 12 sexy ladies - but this time around they're not only fully nude but they're also recreating famous scenes and shots from horror flicks the likes of Army of Darkness, Poltergeist, and Carrie. Quite simply, it's a horror fan's wettest of dreams come true. This is without a doubt the best calendar ever made. Doubting that statement? Then you must not be aware that the calendar features a month emblazoned with the famed image of the creepy twins in the hallway from The Shining - except these creepy twins are of age and totally buck naked. That's what I thought....

The 2010 Hot Honeys & Hunks of Horror Calendar - $20.00

Are we beginning to notice a pattern here? Sexy women of horror seem to be the focus of this year's calendars, but this one also caters to the ladies out there. Each month features an image of a horror 'honey' and a horror 'hunk' posing together and features the likes of Bill Moseley, Tom Savini, Tiffany Shepis, and Debbie Rochon. The inside pages look pretty lame, if I do say so myself, but 100% of the proceeds go directly to the Lynn Sage Breast Cancer Foundation, so i'm all for supporting it. Even if you don't dig the calendar itself, it couldn't hurt to donate a few bucks to the cause.

Horror Film Classics 2010 Calendar - $15.99

What sets this calendar apart from the pack (other than the fact that there's no naked chicks in it) is that it comes with 12 horror movies on four DVD's. While those DVD's are filled with the typical movies that come with those 50 horror movie packs that sell for 10 bucks, the films on these discs coincide with the 12 films depicted in each calendar month, making for a nice little tie in. While most hardcore horror fans probably own all of these titles several times over, this is the perfect gift for the horror fan who perhaps needs a little refresher course on horror history 101.


J. Astro said...

...that last one is pretty damn nifty.

Wings said...

I suppose I could get the last one. But with kids, it is tough, you know? Hard to post anything "hardcore". I had received an F13 calendar one Christmas, but wasn't able to hang it. Just have to be choosy, for now.

Carl (ILHM) said...

x3 on that last calendar, what a clever idea