Wednesday, February 25, 2009

A Bunch Of Text With No Photos

Couple things I wanted to talk about that don't so much deserve their own posts so I figured i'd toss them all together in one big random post ....

- I'm working on switching over Freddy In Space to Jen bought the domain name for me for Valentine's and i've been tinkering with it ever since to figure out how to make the switch over (i'm a bit of a newbie), but I think i've finally worked it all out. Don't hold me to that though. If I can get it all settled, I will still be running the blog through blogger's service so it will be exactly the same, it will just be a shorter easier web address. If you type or hit the link that's already in your favorites, you will be redirected right to the .com, so there will be no problems whatsoever with not being able to find or get to the site. But like I said, nothings set in stone yet. I will make a post letting you know if I do in fact figure it all out. But hopefully the site will be a dot com real soon!

- My buddy Brad whipped up a cool little banner for Win Free Horror Shit!, so head over there and check that out and enter some contests! And also check out Brad's brand spankin new movie blog titled Reel Maniacs, which is in its infant stages but is shaping up to be quite nice. I know he spent a hell of a lot of time working on the html to get the layout to look all spiffy like that, so go appreciate it! Bookmark him too because i'm sure he's got a lot of fun and interesting stuff up his sleeve for the very near future.

- Speaking of fellow horror bloggers ... Would like to give a shoutout to Zach Buehl, an incredibly nice guy with great taste in horror movies who i've chatted back and forth with in e-mail a little bit over the past couple weeks. He just started his own horror blog Terror Firmer, which should prove to be a fun place to go given his exceptional taste. I say exceptional taste because it seems to be very similar to my own! So bookmark that one too! It's the last thing you have to bookmark, I swear.

- Mickey Rourke got robbed but i'm pretty sure he'll be nominated again next year for this acceptance speech at the Independent Spirit Awards. And congratulations Danny Boyle! A dude who directed a zombie flick going on to win an Oscar, can't beat that! I know, I know. 28 Days isn't "technically" a zombie movie, but it's close enough. Let's also not forget that Peter Jackson, who won the best director and best picture Oscar in 2004, also directed a zombie movie....Dead Alive!

- If you head on over to the awesome horror website FEARnet, for a limited time, you can watch the unrated cut of High Tension right there on the site. If you somehow haven't gotten around to seeing it yet, don't miss out on this opportunity. Sure the ending is kinda lame but everything before it is so badass that i've been able to look past that. We don't always need twist endings! They've also got a bunch of other movies to watch including some of the 8 Films To Die For, the classic Peeping Tom, and even that Paris Hilton flick Nine Lives! They're always adding new movies on there and even had Madman available to watch last week (which is awesome because it's rare and expensive on DVD and VHS), so definetly bookmark that site and check up on them every so often. FEARnet is the site that is responsible for a lot of the buzz and promotion behind Midnight Meat Train, since Lionsgate fucked that up so bad, so they have my eternal respect and devotion.

- One last thing. For the past month or so you may have noticed i've switched up the format of my horror movie "reviews" and in fact really haven't even been doing too many reviews lately. I put reviews in quotations because it's not really a word I like the sound of. Reviews to me, as far as most blogs go, come across as very long winded and boring and I just don't like to read them and i'm sure nobody else does either. What i've been doing moreso is just giving brief thoughts on movies i've seen, suggesting you either watch or stay away from them, and that's what i'm gonna stick with doing because it's worked out pretty well. I'm not a big fan of blogs that have set formats and guidelines and structures for doing reviews. I'd rather just present my thoughts in the way I would if you and I were hanging out and I had just watched a certain movie I really liked and was telling you about it. Maybe it's just my lack of professionalism, but I think it's more fun this way and it certaintly suits me better. If I only have 20 words to say about a movie, i'll only say 20 words. If i've got 1,000 to say, i'll say 1,000. Knowwhatimean, Vern? The other thing is if you've seen a movie or have any kind of input on a movie that i've posted my thoughts on, i'd love it if you could leave comments and we could discuss the movie further in the comments section, where we don't have to worry about spoilers and can just shoot the shit. Afterall, the whole reason I created this blog was to give us horror fans a fun place to hang out, talk, and share good flicks with one another.

Bottom line is, i'm not Roger Ebert, so i'm not gonna pretend to professionally review movies. And i'm not a teacher, so i'm not gonna grade movies. I'd rather just discuss them with you guys. I'll give my thoughts, recommend or de-recommend (?) the movie, and open the floor up to you folks for discussion. Sound good? I've noticed a lot more comments on my "reviews" lately, so I think it's working out well so far. In any event, take comfort in the fact that I will never subject you to a 5,000 word review on a movie we've all already seen and discussed a million times before, like Halloween or Nightmare On Elm Street!

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Buy The Ticket, Take The Ride


Clive Barker, you sick motherfucker! I know i'm a bit behind the curve on this one, but I finally just took a ride on The Midnight Meat Train and what a fucking awesome ride it was. This is the horror movie i've been looking for. This is the one I wade through hundreds of shitty films to find. This is the real deal and it has made me incredibly excited about the future of horror. Thank you Clive Barker and thank you Ryuhei Kitamura for making a kickass original horror film and shame on you Lions Gate for dumping one of the best horror movies on 2008 into dollar theatres like a piece of garbage.

The Midnight Meat Train, based on the Clive Barker short story of the same name, centers around a photographer who realizes that he needs to up his game in order to really capture the grit and grime of New York City that he so desires to depict. In this quest he becomes fascinated by a mysterious butcher, named Mahogany, who he soon learns is the brawn behind a long running sinister operation deep below the city's streets. And Mahogany soon learns that he's being followed .....

Just when you think it can't possibly get any more bloody and brutal ..... IT DOES! Meat Train really shines in the gore and brutality department and provides a plethora of incredible, and dare I say beautiful, kill scenes the likes of which we have never seen before. Absolutely NO punches are pulled. The gore in this movie is the real standout for me, but don't take that to mean it's a mindless splatter flick, because it is not. It's got a hell of a lot of depth and story behind it, but my god. So fucking brutal. And the amazing thing is, most of the gore is CGI and quite noticeably so. Now if you know anything about me and my relation to horror movies, you know that I absolutely detest CGI, especially as a replacement for practical gore and blood effects. But ya know what! I loved the CGI gore in this movie! It's so stylized and like I said, looks absolutely nothing like anything I have ever seen before in my years of horror movie watching. It's comic book style gore and that is clearly the directors stylistic intention. It's all incredibly breathtaking and really must be seen to be believed. If CGI gore was ever justified, it's in this flick. Kitamura proves that if done right, it can be just as effective and awesome as the practical effects of horror movies past. He also solidifies the fact that nobody does horror and stylish original kickass movies better than the Japanese. But we made that realization long ago, right?

Vinnie Jones steals the show as Mahogany and he's one of the best horror villains i've seen in many years. Kitamura states in one of the special features that the aim he and Barker had right off the bat was to create a new horror icon out of Mahogany, and I really think they, as well as Jones, have done just that. He speaks but one line in the entire film, towards the very end, but manages to carry a depth and tragedy to him throughout that makes him one of the most memorable and complex of recent years. There's little explanation to many aspects of the character, which in my opinion was a brilliant idea. You know there's a lot going on behind the man, and your mind kind of fills in the blanks in that department. Is he the latest and greatest horror icon? He just might be.

Midnight Meat Train was totally not what I expected and I say that in the best way possible. It's an absolute must see and even must own for all horror fans. Like Clive Barker himself stated, despite the fact that it got dumped in dollar theatres and onto DVD, Meat Train will find its audience and will no doubt become a lasting favorite for horror fans for many years to come.

Take a ride on the Midnight Meat Train ASAP. You will not regret it! You might need a shower afterwards though ....

Monday, February 23, 2009

Descent Crawler Bust On Clearance & More Awesome Deals!


I'd never even seen this figure until a couple days ago but I was just notified by a fellow by the name of "John Ryder 1981" over at Benevolent Street that this bad boy is currently on clearance at Big Bad Toy Store and I just had to let everyone know about it!

The bust, which stands 6 1/2" tall, is made by Gentle Giant and was originally priced at $49.99. Now, while it's still in stock, you can snatch it up for a mere $22.49! They each come with a hand numbered certificate of authenticity. Get your hands on one while ya still can!

And speaking of discounted horror figures and all around good deals .....

Be sure to head over to, where their entire inventory is currenly 20% off. Just type in the code GET20 to recieve the discount. They've got some awesome t-shirts (which are currently buy 3 get 2 free) as well as a plethora of horror action figures that you probably won't find cheaper anywhere else. Jen just picked up two 19" NECA remake Jason's and I believe nine of the 3 3/4" Toy Fair exclusive Part 4 Jason's. One of each for our collection and the rest to sell. The 3 3/4" figures are incredibly limited edition, with only 1,000 in the world, and have sold for upwards of $100 on Ebay and will probably become even more valuable in the future, so you'll definetly want to snag a couple of those before they sell out. Which they will real soon!

Take advantage of these great deals while they're still available to ya! And don't forget to head over to my new blog Win Free Horror Shit to score some more horror merchandise free of charge! I just posted a contest on there where you can win a walk on extra role in the remake to George Romero's The Crazies, thanks to Bloody Disgusting. Toss your hat in the race today!

Another Horror Movie Pet Peeve ....

I made a post a long while back about all of the little things inherent in many horror movies out there that bug the hell out of me and after just watching Toolbox Murders (2003) again and being reminded of one of my least favorite things a horror filmmaker can do, i'd like to add it to the list. Most of the things on that above list are admittedly things that make horror movies what they are and thus should be looked past when watching one, but this one, along with bad CGI, really makes me cringe in my seat. And I actually am a fan of Toolbox Murders so don't take this as me bashing the overall film!

What is this pet peeve I am talking about?

When someone gets their head cut off and then their eyes or mouth continue to move around a bit after the decapitation. That fucking annoys me to no end. It's not creepy, it's not cool, it just looks fucking lame. (It is however acceptable if the head in question belongs to a zombie or if the movie is called The Brain That Wouldn't Die!)

And yes, I am well aware that there are documented (or at least alleged) cases of such things happening in real life. It is said that the eyes and mouths of decapitated heads have shown signs of movement several seconds after a beheading. Allegedly, the human brain has enough oxygen stored for metabolism to persist for about 7 seconds after the head is cut off. So yes, it is in fact theoretically possible. But that doesn't change the fact that it just looks totally stupid when it happens in a horror movie. I may be the only one that feels this way and I realize that by stating that it's not such an unbelievable thing i'm kinda defeating my own argument, but this is just the way I feel. I'm sure there's lot of things that could conceivably happen but nevertheless would look lame on film.

I cite scenes from the afformentioned Toolbox Murders (hard to see because of the lighting), Dario Argento's Trauma (which is just totally ridiculous no matter which way you cut it), and the House of Wax remake (which also suffers from poor CGI) to back up my argument .....


Thursday, February 19, 2009

Move Over, Fangoria!

I've been meaning to make this post for a couple weeks now, back when I picked up my first issue of what I quickly realized is far and away the best horror magazine on the market today. It's only been running for a couple years now, with only 16 issues in print (6 per year), but i'd say it already trumps the somewhat lackluster Fangoria. What am I speaking of?


HorrorHound Magazine

(pictured is issue #15, my debut issue)

Why is it better than Fangoria? For one, Fango is a ridiculous $8.99 while HorrorHound is only $6.99 ($34 for a full year). But where the magazine really shines is in its content. Fangoria has mostly several page boring articles on around five different movies each month (most of which end up being pure trash), whereas HorrorHound is more of a fun free wheeling almost blog like production. The best way I can sum it up is that Fangoria is more of a serious reporting on current movies magazine where HorrorHound is just more fun, all encompassing, and entertaining. With Fango, you know what to expect every month. Not so with the Hound. It doesn't just cover the new movies coming up, it covers action figures, it covers the history of horror VHS' (in a wonderful recurring article titled 'Video Invasion'), it has articles such as 'The 20 Most Significant Masks In Horror' (how many can you name!), and it's just plain fun! In issue #15, for example, there's a full six page article on Killer Klowns From Outer Space and all of the marketing memorabilia that has come out for the film past and present. Fangoria would never do that! They'd rather spend their six pages hyping up a shitty indie horror flick. Every issue of HorrorHound is literally jam packed with interesting stuff like this. In fact, almost each and every page has a little "Did You Know?" horror fact printed on the bottom! This issue I have in hand is a full 20 pages less than Fangoria's issue for the same month and yet i've been reading the same HorrorHound for the past several weeks. I was done with Fangoria after a couple days! Now I still love and faithfully read you Fangoria, but i'm sorry to say you're no longer my favorite horror mag. (Granted, i'd still do unspeakable things to be offered the chance to write for you). You're old and tired and you need an upgrade. And it seems like you're well aware of that fact. Fango totally revamped the look of their cover and logo this month and tweaked the format a tiny bit. Getting better, but not quite yet!

If you enjoy reading this blog, you will certaintly love reading HorrorHound. It almost is this blog in magazine form, except much better! Issue #16 is available right now, so head out there and pick it up and find out for yourself. I'm not telling you to stop giving Fangoria your money, but if you're at the store and only have enough money to buy one, make it HorrorHound!

You can also buy back issues of the mag for only $8 a piece, which reminds of one last thing I love about this magazine! It's not dated like Fangoria is. Once the month of the issue passes, Fangoria essentially becomes useless to read. Because of Hound's content, no matter how old the issue is, it's still fresh and new. To purchase any back issues, get yourself subscribed, or learn more about the mag, head over to!

So ya .... how many of the 20 most significant masks in horror can you name?!

Totally off topic, but I just did a painstakingly full on review of The Descent on Blu-ray over at Benevolent Street. Check that out if you're interested. It looks fucking amazing in high def and from what i'm told, it's available at Wal-mart right now for only $10! You'd be a fool not to pick it up!

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Win Free Horror Shit!

I've just opened a second blog wherein, quite simply, my goal is to help fellow horror fans (and myself) win free horror shit. The blog is called ..... WIN FREE HORROR SHIT!

Here's the official mission statement :

I've long desired for someone to create a blog that would compile every horror related contest/giveaway on the internet into one user friendly site. Things like free dvd's, free t-shirts, free action figures. I see these kinds of contests all the time but I know there's hundreds and hundreds more that i'm missing out on because let's face it, I don't peruse every horror site out there on a daily basis. Who does?

Well, i'm gonna start trying! I've decided to take matters into my own hands and help out my fellow horror fans the way I wish someone would help me out. I've decided to create this blog, as an off shoot to my Freddy In Space blog, to help you guys WIN FREE HORROR SHIT! Whenever I find out about a contest, be it in a magazine or on the web, I will make a post alerting you guys about it and make it as easy as possible for you to enter and be on your way to winning cool free horror shit! Consider this your one stop shop for all the horror contests in the world! I'll do the searching so you don't have to!

Start winning free horror shit TODAY!

So that's that! Follow the blog, favorite it, and enter to win some free shit! I've already got three contests up there where you can win yourself a $5,000 vacation to Crystal Lake, Eden Lake on DVD, and/or Friday The 13th on Blu-ray. Head over there to check them out and throw your hat in the race and check back often for constantly updating contest alerts!

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Before There Was The Evil Dead .....


There was Within The Woods. Back in 1978, Sam Raimi & Co. knew that they didn't have the funds needed to pull off Evil Dead the way they wanted to just yet. But they did muster up $1,600 and with that $1,600 they made a 30 minute short film based off the feature length script they had in hand. The idea being that if they could show potential investors what they were capable of, they could earn themselves the funding needed to make the full film they wanted to make. So they headed out to the Michigan family farm of Evil Dead producer Rob Tapert with their Super 8 camera and their $1,600 and in six days filmed Within The Woods, the abridged version of what was to become The Evil Dead. The short immediately recieved much praise, including one Detroit reviewer stating that "in just 32 minutes, it provides more chills, thrills, and squeamish giggles than such recent professional duds as Prophecy and The Amityville Horror combined." Needless to say, The Evil Dead soon after became a reality.

The short, which starred Bruce Campbell and Ellen Sandweiss, who would both go on to appear in Evil Dead, was never released for several reasons. For one, the music rights were never cleared and for two, according to Campbell, Sam Raimi never felt it was good enough to be included on any Evil Dead DVD releases. For many years, horror fans had to hit Ebay or the convention circuits to snag themselves a bootleg copy. I, like many others, had been dying to see the movie and I thought I was gonna have to shell out some cash to get my paws on a copy. But then I stumbled upon a blog called Plan 9 From, and I soon discovered that Within The Woods is now available to watch instantly and for free online! The quality isn't so good, but it's the best you're probably ever gonna get! Take 30 minutes out of your day to check it out, if only to say you've seen this piece of horror history!

Witness The Resurrection Of Jason Voorhees!

Check out this brilliant and hilarious Friday the 13th/The Wrestler spoof from over at IGN. Make sure to hit the widescreen button on the right side .....

Monday, February 16, 2009

Chalk Another One Up For Foreign Horror....


Fritt Vilt (Cold Prey) was actually released in Norway in late 2006 but didn't come to the states on DVD until January 20th of this year. As has become the norm with foreign (especially European) horror, it kicks all kinds of ass that American horror can never seem to kick. Here's a little synopsis along with the trailer ....

Five teenage snowboarders are forced to spend the night in a mysteriously abandoned ski lodge. Except somebody – or something – already lives there. It is huge, savage and unstoppable…and now it’s pissed off.

It's pretty much got everything that I like to see but so rarely see in a horror movie ; good acting, likeable characters, quality (but not overdone) gore, a simple but effective backstory for a killer (who's pretty badass and relatable), and even snow! It ranks right up there with Eden Lake, which may now get bumped down to being my second favorite horror flick i've seen this year. As far as slashers go, they don't get much better than Cold Prey.

I won't bore you with anymore reviewing than that, all i'll say is ....


I was delighted to just discover that not only is there going to be a Cold Prey 2, but it's in fact already been released in Norway! It will pick up right where the first one left off and should be coming to the states on DVD pretty soon. If anyone has any information on when it will be released, please leave a comment and let me know. Also leave a comment if you've seen Cold Prey and let me know what ya thought about it!

Saturday, February 14, 2009

For Anyone Who's Ever Wanted To Sleep With Jason!

I'm not sure why i'm even awake at this early hour or why i'm even posting on a Saturday (Happy Valentines!), but I had to post this as it's a pretty sweet deal ....

I've talked a little bit in the past about Horror Decor, a cool little company that makes horror themed home decor items like shower curtains, lamp shades, candles, clocks, and pillows. Well going on right now, and probably only for the next couple days if that, they're selling their Jason pillows for only $6.50 a piece or both for, fittingly, 13 bucks. That's about half what they normally cost, so now's the time to pick 'em up if you're interested!

You can either get the remake mask pillow, the original mask pillow, or both!


PLUS! With every purchase from them, you will recieve a free Friday The 13th poster and Jason keychain!!


All this for only $13! Take advantage!

And with that, I think i've had enough of talking about Friday the 13th/Jason for at least a couple weeks!

The Friday The 13th Remake Is .....

Pretty kickass! As far as a Friday the 13th flick goes, it's a hell of a solid entry and it's definetly far and away the best Voorhees outing since Part 6. And I hate to say it, but move over Kane Hodder! There's a new Jason in town and his name is Derek Mears! Jason has never been so menacing and he's never been so, dare I say, likeable a guy.

Now there's no justification for killing hundreds and hundreds of people, but there's a method to Jason's madness and they really kinda make that clear in the remake whereas it's only really hinted at in the earlier installments to the franchise. Jason's just a full grown child/mutant who not only drowned by the hands of shitty camp counselors, but he witnessed his mom get beheaded by one of those counselors! I'd be killing motherfuckers that trespassed on my property too! But all that mushy stuff aside, Mears has made Jason absolutely terrifying once again. He runs. He hunts. He's smart. He's John fucking Rambo, as far as i'm concerned. By the way, I never really realized this until now but looking back, although Kane Hodder is largely considered the be all end all Jason Voorhees, he played the role in arguably the four worst movies in the series. Nothing against the man as i'm a big Hodder fan and he was a terrific Jason, but I really think Mears has trumped him and I also think we're gonna continue to see Mears in the role perhaps even more times than we saw Hodder don the mask. At least I hope so.

While it's certaintly a GOOD movie, there are a couple things that keep it from being a GREAT movie. For one, there's not nearly enough gore. The few gore scenes we see are simple kills that we've seen a million times before. Let's face it, the best thing about these movies are the kills and I felt like they kinda dropped the ball in that department. Take the nudity and cursing out, and you've hardly even got an R rated picture on your hands. Is the film totally lacking in the gore department? Absolutely not and I may just be bitching about the lack thereof because i'm a sick fuck who demands nonstop blood and guts in my horror flicks. But apparently i'm not the only one who's had this complaint. There are some cool throwback kills that will make ya think this is the same Jason we've seen before. I just wanted more of it! Along this same line of thought, his first kill in the movie is not even seen on camera which was a shitty decision in my opinion. I think they really should've taken that time to establish right off the bat that this is the most badass and vicious incarnation of the dude we've seen yet, which it turns out to be. That being said, the first 20 or so minutes are awesome and essentially come off as a really good Friday short film. They pull a Death Proof of sorts, killing off one whole group and then bringing a whole nother group to the camp and I for one loved that. Anyone else like the first set of characters more though?!

Back to Jason being likeable and relatable for one second. One thing i've always disliked about the franchise is Jason killing adults. Doesn't that kinda go against his whole revenge killing thing? I realize that at times they were trespassing on his property and probably deserved the axe, but come on. Keeping it teen makes the whole Jason thing a hell of a lot more powerful. It really looked like they were gonna stick to him killing only when he really needed to for this one, even going so far as to show that old folks living near him we're never harmed by him and explaining that he just wants to be left alone, but then he goes and kills an older dude. Granted, the man had trespassed on his property and stole some of Jason's fine weed, and granted they needed a way to crowbar in Jason finding his hockey mask, but I think they should've left that scene out. Yes, by the way, Jason's a total pothead in this one and it can be argued that all of his killings are simply done as a way of protecting his weed rather than avenging mommy!

As many people have pointed out, this remake is sort of the first several Friday flicks rolled into one and in many ways it felt like they wanted to get all of the establishing stuff out of the way so that they can go on to make better sequels in the future. It kinda felt like it was introing newcomers to the franchise as well as getting us diehards up to speed so they can create a whole new Jason universe. And honestly, I think the sequels are gonna kick even more ass than this one. I think the filmmakers will learn from this one and do bigger and better things in the future. I personally would love to see an entirely new second Friday The 13th franchise built in the years to come. How cool would that be?

So while it's not a great film that blew me out of the water, and while I think they could've done a lot more, I thoroughly enjoyed it. Let's face it, just seeing Jason back on the big screen is enough, isn't it? I had a lot of fun with it and really, what more can ya ask for? Good job once again, Mr. Nispel. Please come back for the sequel! Granted, you did a little bit better of a job with the Chainsaw redux ....

You may have heard that a lot of stuff was cut out of the movie that will be restored for the DVD, essentially creating a whole new movie. I think that version will be a lot better given the one that showed up on the screen definetly felt a bit rushed. A longer running time with more plot driven stuff will only help make it a better more complete movie. I can't wait to get my paws on that one!

Leave comments with thoughts!

Friday, February 13, 2009

It's Friday The 13th! Aaaahhhh!!


The day is finally here! Jason Voorhees returns to the silver screen! By the way, did you know that next month at this exact same time, it will be Friday the 13th all over again?!

Couple things I wanted to mention being that I feel obligated as a horror blogger to make some kind of post on this special day ....

If you head over to everyone's favorite horror site Bloody Disgusting, you can check out the brand spankin new trailer for The Descent 2, the continuing blood soaked cave dwelling adventures of Sarah. This one picks up right where the first left off (if we're talking about the Americanized ending), with Sarah being forced to return to the caves with the authorities in an attempt to locate the bodies of her missing friends. Cause ya know, nobody tends to believe you when you say all your friends got slaughtered by cave beasts and you were the only one that survived. And you're covered in their blood.


The trailer was removed from BD once already, so watch it fast before it disappears again!

Thoughts? I think it looks like a bloody good time, myself. Will it be as good as the first one? I highly doubt it but I really don't expect it to be. The Descent is one of my favorite horror movies of the last several years and it'd be really hard to top it or even come close to it. But as long as there's buckets of blood, dark caves, Shauna Macdonald, and cave creatures, i'm there! And judging by the trailer, it looks like a big check on all of those!

REMINDER! SPLINTER AIRS ON THE SCI FI NETWORK TOMMOROW NIGHT (VALENTINE'S DAY) AT 9/8c! It will then re-air once more the following night at 7pm. I stress this fact because it's a pretty kickass little indy movie and I want you to check it out. If you're gonna be out doing queerish Valentine's day activities (which I likely will be), set those DVR's now!

Well, i'm off to see Friday The 13th! I know some people are against seeing horror movies in the daytime but I really can't wait till nightfall for this one. Not to mention tickets are super cheap for the early showings and once ya get into that theatre, it doesn't really matter whether it's day or night, does it? I'll be back either tonight or tommorow with my thoughts on the film!

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Awesome Scene, Bad Movie - See No Evil


I finally got around to watching See No Evil last night (as both a horror movie and wrestling fanatic, I felt an obligation) and it sucked every bit as much as I had assumed for many years that it would. BUT! The final scene, while it didn't redeem the hour and 20 minutes of garbage that I saw before it, kinda made spending my night watching the movie just a little bit worth it.


So in the final scene, Kane's character of Jacob Goodnight is killed off. The way a shitty horror villain should be killed off. He doesn't come back from the dead right before the end credits roll and, given that i'm sure we'll never see a sequel to this movie, this is truly good night for Goodnight.

My apologies for the shitty quality of the below video. The DVD wouldn't let me pull video from it, so I had to track one down on YouTube ....

Thanks to Bearded Weirdo Reviews for alerting me that the ending is even better than I thought! After the end credits, a dog walks up to Kane and fills his empty eye socket up with piss! That's a clip I wish I could upload right now ....

Want more Awesome Scene, Bad Movie?! Turistas can help ya out with that!

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Friday The 13th Mania


If you haven't picked up the new 2 disc documentary set His Name Was Jason yet, you might wanna head over to your local Walmart, where it's currently selling for a mere $10. On top of that, you also will get a FREE ticket to see the remake when you purchase the DVD, which is pretty much the greatest deal in the history of deals. Depending on how you look at it, either your ticket or the DVD is totally free of charge. If you head to Best Buy, not only is the DVD more expensive, but you only get a $5 off coupon for the remake ticket. I think it's clear who the winner is on this one. Also, the Friday The 13th Blu-ray is going for only $20 at the Wal.

I checked my local Walmart last week and they were totally out of the disc as was Best Buy. In fact, Best Buy didn't have a single copy of any of the new Part 1-3 DVD's either. The dude working there said they sold out, but this was like two days after they had hit shelves. They must've gotten literally one copy of each. I did manage to snag a copy of His Name Was Jason from Netflix however and it's definetly worth shelling out the zero dollars for it! I only watched the documentary part as Netflix doesn't appear to have disc 2 and while it's more suited for those who are just being introduced to the franchise, it's a nice brush up course on the movies before ya head out and see the remake Friday.

So head to Walmart, pick it up before this deal goes away, and watch it in the next couple days! It's the next best thing to having a whole Voorhees marathon, if ya just don't have the time.

Also, i've never seen a single episode of the USA show Psych, but this Friday they're having a Friday the 13th themed episode. It's called "Tuesday the 17th" and here's the plot :

A childhood friend hires Shawn and Gus to find a missing camp counselor ; the detectives must uncover if an abandoned camp's dark past has come back to life.

Here's the promo commercial :

Like I said, never seen the show, but I love when shows do tie in episodes like this and they've certaintly grabbed my attention. The episode airs at 10pm/9c on USA.

Friday the 13th redux for free. Respectable television shows paying their respects to the franchise. Life is good!

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

The Evolution Of The Sack Head

With Jason Voorhees once again donning the infamous Friday Part 2 "sack head mask" for the upcoming remake (hitting theatres this Friday!), I thought it the perfect time to take a look at the many movies over the years that have utilized a killer with, for lack of a better word, a sack (hood, pillow case) over his head. Those that inspired Jason's early look and those that were inspired by it ....

The Town That Dreaded Sundown - 1976 - The Phantom Killer


The Elephant Man - 1980 - John Merrick


Friday The 13th Part 2 - 1981 - Jason Voorhees


Dark Night Of The Scarecrow - 1981 - Bubba aka The Scarecrow


Nightbreed - 1990 - Dr. Decker aka Button-Face


Batman Begins - 2005 - Dr. Jonathan Crane aka Scarecrow


The Orphanage - 2007 - Tomas/Simon


The Strangers - 2008 - The Man In The Mask


Trick 'r Treat - 2008 - Sam


Friday The 13th - 2009 - Jason Voorhees


What's your favorite?

Monday, February 9, 2009

Premio What-o?

A fellow blogger and pal of mine, Ross Horsley from Anchorwoman In Peril, was kind enough to award me a prestigious Premio Dardo award for excellence in blogging earlier today. After some research, I found out that the Premio Dardo's are basically a chain letter style blogging award that one blogger gives to another and then the blogger who recieved the award gives Dardo's to five other blogs that he/she enjoys reading. In smarter and more complex terms, "The Dardo Award is given for recognition of cultural, ethical, literary, and personal values transmitted in the form of creative and original writing. These stamps were created with the intention of promoting fraternization between bloggers, a way of showing affection and gratitude for work that adds value to the Web." But essentially, they're a fun way for us to get on each others good sides and help each other out by spreading links around.

Here's what he had to say about yours truly ....

"Seriously, just how prolific is Johnny Boots?! I think the guy writes in his sleep. Not that I’m complaining because he really knows his horror and always has plenty of interesting stuff to say."

Thank you for the kind words, Ross! I'd give you a Dardo if I was allowed to! I don't think i'm allowed to give one to the person who gave me one, am I?

So without further adieu, here are the five blogs I am giving PD to. That's PD. I've already linked to most of these blogs more than a few times in the past, but once more couldn't hurt. If any of you would like to post this on your blog (linking to me of course) and then hand over awards to another five bloggers, be my guest. Also, be sure to e-mail the bloggers you choose and tell them you chose them because not everyone reads your blog 20 times a day and will be able to find out through reading it on there.

In no particular order ....

Creepy Kitch - Two females takes on horror. Makes for some very interesting stuff. It doesn't hurt that their blog was created because they liked my blog so much! More updates though, ladies!

Transmissions & Confessions from a Mad World - This is the blog of Joe Lynch, the director of Wrong Turn 2 (and star of His Name Was Jason!). He talks about new movies he has seen as well as gives general updates on his life. This year he has been fulfilling his promise of taking and posting a single photo from his day every day that essentially best sums up his day. It's highly entertaining, not to mention Lynch and Wrong Turn 2 rock!

Scab's Friday The 13th Blog - Linked to this guy just a few days ago but I can't leave him off of here given it's one of the few blogs I actually visit on a daily basis. It's my one stop blog for all my Friday The 13th needs. Cool little DVD/VHS update videos too. Anyone who still buys VHS deserves an award from me!

Mad Ravings of an Entertainment Junkie - Jason (or Bonebreaker, as I know him) mostly specializes in movie reviews. He's turned me on to more than a couple movies and he's a hell of a nice guy to boot. One of those bloggers whose opinions on films I trust.

Live For Films - And you thought I was prolific. This dude, Phil Edwards, literally does live for films. I visit daily and it's pretty much the only blog I go to for the latest movie news. There's rarely a new trailer, photo, or story that he misses.

F For Fake - Matthew Flute's own takes on Criterion DVD cover art. Most of his stuff is ten times better than the real covers out there. Hire this man, Hollywood!

Oh, woops, was that six? My bad. Don't take my Premio Dardo away from me for breaking the rules!

Also want to link and apologize to "Smirking Revenge" from the blog Getting My Geek On. She tagged me a couple weeks ago in a "meme" where I was supposed to make a post about 20 men I admire and I kinda promised i'd do it but I never got around to it. My apologies and I promise (really this time!) that I will take part in the next one if I am in fact invited to take part in the next one!

Saturday, February 7, 2009

Ten + Horror Flicks You Can Instantly Watch On Netflix That You Should Instantly Watch On Netflix!

For those who are uninformed, one of the great things about Netflix is that, no matter your level of subscription (even the $4.99 one!), you can watch an unlimited number of movies instantly right on your computer from a limited but fairly impressive selection. No waiting for the DVD's in the mail and no getting off your lazy ass to slide a disc into a player! Free movies right in the comfort of your own computer chair.

Like I said, the selection isn't nearly as massive as the selection that the Flix offers up in disc format, but it's got some great titles in it and the available titles are ever growing and ever changing.

Here's 10 horror movies (in no particular order) that they have available for instant watching that are worth your time in checking out! Whether it's the classics, the gore fests, the foreign, or the dramatic horror you're into, this list should provide something for everyone! Click each title link to be taken directly to the page where you can watch the movie (if you in fact are a Netflix subscriber)! If you're not a member, sign up now and get the first two weeks free! One last note before we get to the movies! If you are a member, send me a friend request on there so you can check out what movies are in my queue as well as my ratings on over 650 movies! The e-mail's

The first two are from the first season of the Masters of Horrors series which, while all around not being so great, had some worthwhile installments ....


Takashi Miike's Imprint

An American journalist is searching for a prostitute in 19th-century Japan ; what he finds instead is a deformed courtesan with a tale of unspeakable cruelty.

I'm still not certain whether i'm a fan of Miike's movies or not (ok, I love him), but I certaintly cannot deny that i'm endlessly fascinated and shocked by his work. Some of his stuff i've loved, some of it i've been incredibly bored by. But one thing is certain ; when you watch a Miike film, you're in store for something you have NEVER seen before. On that level, Imprint certaintly does not dissapoint. The acting and dialogue at times are atrocious, but I think every horror fan needs to check this little fucked up movie out. This installment never aired on Showtime as part of the series because of its shocking content, so it's really cool that it's now readily available to be instantly watched in this format. I remember the days when I had to seek out a bootleg copy at horror conventions!


Lucky McKee's Sick Girl

A bizarre bug tries to horn in on the fleshly action of a torrid lesbian tryst in this sensual and shocking thriller from writer-director Lucky McKee. A cryptic package from Brazil containing an unusual insect arrives on the doorstep of introvert entomologist Ida Teeter (Angela Bettis). When the creepy crawly bites Ida's new lover (Misty Mundae), the sapphic couple finds their erotic affair transformed into a gruesome ménage à trois.

This is hands down my favorite of the series. Being a huge fan of McKee, Bettis, and of course their first flick May, Sick Girl is a real treat. It's fun, it's campy, it's unique, and Mundae gets topless (duh)! Speaking of McKee, the awesome Brian Cox starring Red can also be watched instantly, which McKee (partially) directed.

Every episode from MOH season 1 is available for insta view as a matter of fact. Worth checking out also are Dario Argento's Jenifer and John Landis' Deer Woman



When Ben, his friend Marcus, and assorted strangers embark on a creepy nighttime boat trip into the bayou, their journey takes them into the lair of Victor Crowley (Kane Hodder), a freak of nature whose deformity has turned him into a bloodthirsty killer. Only Marybeth, one of the travelers, holds the secret that may keep them alive. Horror legend Robert Englund co-stars in this comic gore fest.

What can I say about Hatchet that I haven't already said? Pure and simply, it's one of the most fun horror movies to come along in the last several years. From the over the top gore to the Robert Englund and the Kane Hodder to the hideously deformed Victor Crowley, Hatchet is an incredibly entertaining throwback to balls to the wall gory horror. Try watching this movie without having a hell of a good time. I dare ya!


The Orphanage

With fond memories of the seaside orphanage where she was raised, Laura persuades her husband to help her revamp it as a facility for disabled children. But once they move in, their son Simón begins to exhibit dark and disturbing behavior. As Laura tries to understand Simón's increasingly malevolent actions, she becomes drawn into the house's terrifying secrets in this gothic chiller.

Tied with Let The Right One In for my favorite horror flick of last year. In fact, The Orphanage is one of my favorite movies PERIOD of last year. How often does a horror film come along that deeply emotionally impacts you enough to make ya squirt out a few tears? Or more than a few, in my case. Watch it, pay close attention, and then read my in depth fanalysis of it HERE.


The Host

Seoul's River Han is the watery birthplace of a giant mutant creature bent on the city's total destruction. Hie-bong is a humble snack bar owner whose precious granddaughter Hyun-se is scooped up by the scaly lizard, presumably as an appetizer before the beast devours all of Seoul. Can the mild-mannered concession peddler, his dim son and slacker grandson band together and save both child and city?

While most giant monster flicks hide the monster from sight throughout much of the film, The Host wastes absolutely no time in showing you every little detail of the beautifully CGI'ed sea best in FULL DAYLIGHT! The first time I saw this one, my jaw literally hit the floor when I laid eyes on this thing. I'm a total sucker for sea creature movies and this one has quickly become one of my favorites. It's at times very bizarre and uncertain of whether it wants to be a comedy or a serious movie, but I personally would take Hostie over Clovie any day! This coming from a Cloverfield fan.



Late one night, Lucas and Clémentine encounter strange events in their remote country home. It starts with prank calls and strange noises, but when the power is cut off and their car disappears, the terrified couple is trapped by the unseen force. Is it simply kids from the school where Clémentine teaches, or could it have something to do with a mother and daughter who mysteriously vanished the day before?

Creepy and fucking utterly disturbing (and based somewhat in reality), the best way I can describe Them is that it's a better foreign version of The Strangers. If you liked The Strangers, you will probably love this one. And if you didn't, this might be more your cup of tea. I can't recommend you check this one out enough. Everyone that's seen it based on my recommendation has loved it.


Spider Baby

The last of the Merrye clan afflicted with a degenerative brain disease that's turned them into bloodthirsty savages live in a tumbledown mansion, spinning a homicidal web and carving up those unlucky enough to cross their paths. Meanwhile, loyal family chauffeur Bruno (Lon Chaney Jr.) covers their tracks. Trouble arrives in the form of two conniving cousins and their unctuous lawyer, who decide to spend the night … and come to regret it.

HURRY! This one will only be available to instantly watch until March 1st!

The main reason I was interested in watching this movie is because it was one of Sid Haig's first. He plays a pinhead Schlitzie (if you've seen Freaks, you'll know whom I speak of) type character and it's a real sight to behold. This movie is totally twisted and fucked up and its influences can be seen on many classic horror movies that have come in its wake. The Merrye clan may be one of my favorite fucked up horror families of all time!


The Eye

When a young girl, Mun, undergoes a corneal transplant to correct her blindness, she not only receives the gift of eyesight, but second sight as well: She can now see ghosts. To exorcise the demons tormenting her, Mun looks into the life of the person who donated the corneas and unearths a deep mystery that she becomes desperate to solve.

I won't lie. This movie scares the shit out of me and I don't think i'll ever be able to watch it alone in a dark room again. It's not the best movie, but it's pretty fuckin creepy and there's one or two moments in there that are the scariest i've seen in a horror flick. And I don't scare easy! Stay away from the Jessica Alba remake and watch this one. Alone. In a dark room.



Often considered one of the icons of 1970s independent horror cinema, director Don Coscarelli's classic nail-biter follows two boys who, in pursuit of an odd-looking grave robber, may wind up as the newest members of a freshly dead slave race. Jody and Mike discover that the creature stealing cadavers walks the earth but lives in the afterworld -- and that it needs more corpses.

I'm sure the good majority of you reading this have already seen this one but I had to include it in case some of you have not. Phantasm is one of my favorite old school 70's horror movies and The Tall Man one of my favorite villains. When Coscarelli (Bubba Ho-Tep) is good, he's reallll good.


Last but not least, if somehow it has managed to slip past you all these years or if you just want to revel in its gory glory once more, you can watch The Evil Dead on your computer right this instant!

Thursday, February 5, 2009

This Is Why I Write ....

Writing on this blog over the past 7 months or so has brought me many cool things. I've gotten some free shit. I've had the opportunity to speak to many people who i'm a fan of. I've even gotten e-mails from people I admire telling me they read and love the site. But today, the greatest thing that has ever come from my writing came to me ....

I mentioned a couple times now (sorry!) about that Friday The 13th - In Memoriam post that I did over at Benevolent Street honoring the fallen men and women of the franchise and I also mentioned how B. Street owner Tony reposted it over at It's gotten many positive comments over there but two really stood out for me and really made me feel like i'm doing something positive with my writing and made the whole 5 plus hour process of putting the article together well worth it. Just figured i'd share those with you guys on here. By the way, if you haven't yet read the article, please click that above link and check it out!

The first comment was from a man by the name of Gary who had this to say about Tom McBride, who played Mark in Friday Part 2 and who died of AIDS related complications in 1995.


"I have always thought it would be a good idea, and a warm way of remembering “Friday The 13th” actors and actresses who have passed away.
Being Tom McBride’s nursing assistant, he and I became friends.
He would talk about being in commercials, modeling, and movies.
I was a fan of the “Friday The 13th” series, and Tom would spend lots of time talking about the interview to land the role, the setting/scenes, and working with the other actors.
When I went to take Tom’s vital signs one morning, there was a machete laying on the chair beside his bed with his signiture.
Tom was funny, energetic, and always made a friend.
I remember him telling me that his wish before dying is for people to remember him not from AIDS, but as someone who made someone smile, laugh, and made a friend.
He told me that it would be neat to be remembered as “Machete-Face”.
He laughed and said he should have been the one to come back and be a horror icon like “Jason” and “Leatherface”.
So when I think of my friend, I can’t help but to think of ol’ “Machete-Face”."

And the second was from Jenny, who told this heart warming story about Laurie Bartram, who played Brenda in the first Friday and who died of pancreatic cancer in 2007.


"Laurie Bartram was a dear friend of mine. While I still think about her at random times whenever a Friday the 13th roles around she is the first person I think of. Laurie and I became friends while we were at Liberty University our freshman year. It’s funny, at the time, I had no idea that she had been an actress in a movie or that she had a role in the soap opera, “Another World“. When someone asked me if she ever talked about her acting career, I was oblivious to it. Later when I asked her, “Why didn’t you tell me?“ Laurie said very simply, “I loved the fact that you didn’t know and that you just loved me for who I am.” And I did. Later she actually gave me the shirt she wore in the movie Friday the 13th but she didn’t want me to watch it! For Laurie those years were a past she had left behind. Years later I finally got her to agree to let me rent it. Watching her on screen made me smile because it was “so Laurie“. Her expressions and mannerisms came through in her character. Laurie was a beautiful person. I think that would have shown through in any role that she played. RIP I miss you Leej."

It's really amazing to me how a little article I wrote on a little horror site has reached so many people and has given people like these two a place to tell these awesome stories about their friends. So thank you Gary and Jenny not only for sharing these stories which I will never forget but also for making me feel like the time and effort I put into all of this is worthwhile. (God knows i'm not gettin paid in the monetary sense for it!)

I already submitted the article to the IMDb hit list (which is essentially a daily updated portion of the site containing a few user submitted movie related articles) and i'd really love to see it on there. I've had articles on there a few times before and they certaintly garner a lot of attention, which is something i'd love this article to get. Especially being that we're fast approaching a new chapter in the Friday legacy. So if anyone would like to help out, i'd really appreciate if you too could submit the article to the hit list to help increase its chances of getting on there. All you have to do is click THIS link, hit 'start new topic' at top, register if you haven't yet, put "Friday The 13th - In Memoriam" in the subject header, and post the link ( into the body. That's all! Thanks so much for those who help out! I'm not looking to get shameless hits, i'd really just like as many people to see the article and take some time out of their day to remember these folks as possible!

I can go to bed feeling accomplished for once tonight!

That Guy Looks Familiar!

Just something pretty cool I noticed while perusing through all my Friday The 13th DVD's last night when I was researching for that F13 In Memoriam post I did over at Benevolent Street. But before I get into that ....

That article has been getting a lot of attention which makes me very happy given how much it means to me and how much time I spent working on it. Tony, who created Benevolent Street, also writes for the be all end all Friday website and he loved the article so much that he even reposted it over there! Given that site gets about 10,000 hits a day, it's really cool to have that kind of exposure on something meaningful like this. Thanks Tony!

And then there's Scab's Friday The 13th Blog which I read every day. He covers pretty much anything and everything you'd ever want to be covered regarding the franchise and today he also posted the article on his blog! So thanks to you, Scab!

Now back to the interesting thing I discovered ....

Ok. So remember that creepy odd looking dude who mallets the would be robbers at Spaulding's shop at the beginning of House of 1000 Corpses? This guy ....


Well that dude goes by the name of Irwin Keyes and he has appeared in almost 100 movies over the course of his 30 plus year career. One of his first movies? FRIDAY THE 13TH!! He can be found at the little coffee shop Annie stops at in the beginning of the film when she's looking for a ride to Crystal Lake ....


Pretty cool, eh?

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Friday The 13th - In Memoriam

I hate to constantly plug shit that I write over at Benevolent Street on here, but i've just spent the last 5 hours researching and writing a nice little dedication post to all of the Friday the 13th franchise cast members who have passed away and i'm happy with how it turned out and i'm gonna take this time to plug away! I've earned it!

SO HEAD OVER THERE AND CHECK IT OUT and pay your respects to all of those who are no longer with us before you go and see the remake next Friday!

And leave some comments!

Splinter Is Coming To SCI FI This Month!


You may have heard that the DVD/Blu-ray release date for the much anticipated indy horror flick Splinter, which has been on my radar for quite some time now, was just recently moved to April 14th and you may have been pretty upset with this fact. After a very short and very limited theatrical run, it seemed like most of us were now going to have to wait several more months to check it out. But that's fortunately not the case at all! There are actually several good reasons for its delay and we're not gonna have to wait till April to feast our eyes on it!

Splinter will be airing on the SCI FI network Saturday, February 14th at 9pm with an encore the following night at 7pm! Mark your calendars and set your DVR's!

The reason i'm posting this now is not only because I just learned of this information but it's also because I finally just saw the flick (thanks Zach!) and I want you guys to see it too! It's a pretty awesome low budget indy flick and although it's flawed, it's one I think most of you will enjoy. Great acting, likeable intelligent characters, copious amounts of gore, its got a lot going for it. Its also got some stuff working against it, but we'll get to that in a minute.

Here's a little plot description along with the trailer for those who are just hearing about this one for the first time ....

Trapped in an isolated gas station by a voracious Splinter parasite that transforms its still living victims into deadly hosts, a young couple and an escaped convict must find a way to work together to survive this primal terror.

Now what does this 'splinter parasite' do? I'm not exactly sure given the overbearing shakey camera effects anytime the parasite is seen, but it seems to sprout spikes from the hosts bodies and mutate, break, and twist the shit out of them and ultimately turn them into bloodthirsty Thing-looking killers. Pretty rough way to go! And that brings me to my main gripe with the film ....


Can we please stop with this? I understand why it was done in this film, it's a low budget film afterall and the creature effects are better hidden with quick flash cuts, but it is unbearably fucking annoying. Anytime anything really happens, you don't see anything really happen. I had this same problem with a similar movie, Feast, and although it wasn't quite as annoying in this one, it's still pretty fuckin distracting. If everytime something exciting happens, you cannot make out what is happening, then it's just not exciting, now is it?! You don't really ever see what the parasite host creature thing looks like and you really don't ever clearly see the moments where it unleashes its fury. I hate this style of filmmaking and from reading the IMDb boards, i'm not alone on this one. This movie would've been 100 times better had it not been for the overuse of the shakey cam but like I said, that's obviously a budgetary issue. That being said ....

Splinter is still a kickass little movie with a bunch of highly memorable moments and I certaintly enjoyed it enough to recommend you check it out. Shakey cam aside, it's really nice to see original American horror for a change! And am I the only one who loves movies that primarily take place in one small location and involve only three or four characters?

Being served up the film for free on the tele isn't the only positive thing about the release date push back however. According to director Toby Wilkins' official blog, this added time is going to allow him the opportunity to create a "ton of extra content for the disks". So it's not such a bad thing afterall!

Be sure to check out Splinter on SCI FI Saturday, February 14th and Sunday the 15th!

And don't worry, it's far from a SCI FI original picture!

Important Update Regarding The Vampire Diaries!!!

Just a couple posts down I wrote a bit about the new indy horror film Thicker Than Water : Vampire Diaries Part 1 that has been generating a lot of buzz and praise lately and how you can try and help the movie get a distribution deal from Lion's Gate. If you missed that post, either scroll down or simply click this link for all the info!

Well I just got an exciting new update/announcement regarding the movie thanks once again to The Mad Ravings of an Entertainment Junkie! The film will be shown in its entirety, FOR A LIMITED TIME, absolutely FREE OF CHARGE this coming Friday (beginning at 2pm GMT) as part of the Moonworks Virtual Film Festival at this link!!

Here's the full plot from the festival site ....

Lara, a precocious Goth teenager, hates her cheerleader twin sister. One day she performs an intricate voodoo ritual involving a cow’s heart and a Barbie doll. The next morning Helen awakens with a severe nosebleed. Then she dies in her sister’s horrified arms. The family is desperately grief stricken but none moreso than Lara, who feels responsible for her sister’s death. Then Helen returns, still wearing her body bag and covered in blood.

Helen has become a vampire. The family band together and prey on human sacrifices for her. Their world crumbles into atrocity as they find that keeping a vampire in your basement can have horrific consequences. Get ready for a spin on classic vampire mythology.

And once again, the trailer ....

It's only going to be available to be seen for a very limited time so don't miss out! This is your chance to see the much talked about indy horror flick totally free! It doesn't get much better than that!

Friday The 13th In High Def & My Remake Weekend Box Office Prediction!


Just got and popped in the Blu-ray disc from Netflix today (which came out this past Tuesday) and it looks completely amazing! I didn't intend on watching the whole thing being that I just watched the movie a couple weeks ago, but seeing how crisp and clean it looks, I think I actually might have to watch it again! It's obviously still got a bit of the grain that you'd expect a flick from the early 80's to have, but it's quite a noticeable difference from any version of the film that i've seen on DVD in the past. It's almost 30 years old and it looks damn good for its age! There's been some outrage expressed over the cropping of this version, but I honestly don't even notice a problem and some have even stated that this is in fact the way Cunningham intended the film to be seen and that all previous versions showed too much image. Either way, the movie looks better than ever and all Friday fans should pick it up! I'd normally post a full on run down of the disc over at Benevolent Street in my Black & Blu Lagoon column, but Tony from over there already wrote up an exhaustive review of it for Friday the 13th Films and it'd feel a little repetitive over there so i'll talk a bit about it on here as I make my way through the disc instead. I'm sure you've already read countless reviews of this release already, so i'll keep it short!

Picture quality aside, most of us have been highly anticipating this release because it is in fact UNCUT! The film has never been presented this way on DVD, here in the United States at least, and a couple of the deaths are noticeably longer and more graphic than we've seen before. Kevin Bacon's throat job and Pam Voorhees' beheading each have a couple seconds more footage added to them. In total, the uncut version only runs about 26 seconds longer than the previous releases. Nothing too special, but it's nice to finally see the film in its uncut form!

As for the special features ...

There's a commentary with director Sean Cunningham and some of the cast and crew, which should be highly informative as it's hosted by Crystal Lake Memories scribe Peter M. Bracke. I'll most likely watch the film with the commentary if I do in fact end up re-watching it today.

There are four new featurettes ; Fresh Cuts : New Tales From Friday The 13th, The Man Behind The Legacy : Sean S. Cunningham, Friday The 13th Reunion (which was filmed at Kentucky's Scare Fest convention, which Benevolent Street is a sponsor for and proud home of the forum for!), and Lost Tales From Camp Blood Part 1 (a 7 minute short Friday fan film, Part 2 is on the Part 2 DVD), and then there's two that are carried over from the Crystal Lake To Manhattan set ; Secrets Galore Behind The Gore and The Friday The 13th Chronicles. The original theatrical trailer, in HD as most of the featurettes are, is also on there. All of the special features are highly entertaining and informative (although at times repetitive) and really make this disc an absolute must have for all fans of King Voorhees. Although I will say it should mostly be picked up for the fact that it's uncut and in high definition. The special features are nothing to get too excited about and the His Name Was Jason 2 disc set offers a lot more in that department. If you want a more in depth look at those features, check out Tony's review (with pictures!) that I linked above!

As for my opening weekend box office prediction for the remake, i'm kinda basing my number on the fact that Freddy vs Jason had an opening weekend gross of $36,428,066. But how much did Freddy have a part in that number and will a solo Jason flick rake in more or less than the crossover did? I think the masses will find much more appeal in a new Friday the 13th as opposed to the crossover movie and I also feel that Jason is more appealing and box office drawing to the general public than Freddy is. Not to mention it's opening on Friday the 13th! Who, horror fan or not, is not gonna go see a new Friday the 13th on Friday the 13th?! My opening weekend box office prediction is ....


These may be trying economic times, but the numbers of late have shown that people are paying to see movies more than ever! Perhaps it's a kind of (costly) escape from the current economic conditions ....

Leave comments with your own predictions and we shall see who is close and who is way off the mark in about a week and a half!

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Speaking of Indy Horror ...

I just won a copy of one on DVD! And I never win anything!

The website Horror 101 had a little caption contest going on recently where they were giving away 5 free copies of the new indy horror flick Death's Door on DVD and it just ended the other day and I was one of the winners!

Here was the screen grab from the film to be captioned along with my winning caption!

"Oww! I thought this kinda stuff was CGI’ed in nowadays!!"

It's not saying too much that I won being that I was up against captions such as "Damn, these herpes flare ups are killing me", "hey look, my arms on fire", and "I would like some french FRIES" but still! I finally won something! Of course, once I receive and watch the film, I will post my thoughts.

For those interested in what it's about, here's a brief plot summary ...

When a television psychic begins to get real results, the cast and crew of the show find themselves trapped by vengeful spirits.

Fun, fun!

Support Independent Horror!

So there's this new independent horror flick out there that I just heard about through a blogger friend of mine (who I will link to in just a second!) and haven't really been able to stop thinking about and just today another blogger friend of mine (who i'll also link to in a second!) posted the trailer for the film as well as an important message from the filmmaker that concerns all of us fans of independent horror.


The movie's called Thicker Than Water : The Vampire Diaries Part 1 and its a low budget indie flick written and directed and pretty much everything elsed by a dude by the name of Phil Messerer. It's been a real labor of love for him for the past several years and now he needs our help. He's calling his mission 'The Lion's Gate Experiment' and basically what he wants is for the popular genre distribution company Lion's Gate to distribute the film. How's he gonna go about such a task? That's where we all come in. He has uploaded the trailer for the film on YouTube and his goal is for the video to get 100,000 hits (2,854 so far), thus forcing Lion's Gate to take note. Films like Hatchet have proven before that us horror fans can rally together to bring independent horror to the forefront and I think we all need to show our support once more!

So here's the link to the trailer, which Messerer wants you to spread around to any and all horror fans you know :

And here's the trailer itself (yes, if you play it on here, it will count towards the hits!) :

Now have I seen the film? Sadly, I have not. But i've heard enough praise for it to know that Messerer has something special on his hands. The blog which I first heard about the movie from the other day is Mad Ravings Of An Entertainment Junkie which is run by a dude i've gotten to know a little bit lately (mostly through commenting on each others blogs) and I totally trust his opinions when it comes to horror and he had nothing but praise for the film, even going so far as to call it "the best independent film that I have ever had the pleasure of watching!". Check out his full review here and thanks to Fatally Yours for bringing Messerer's mission to my attention!

Check out the trailer, send the link to as many people as you can, and if you want to see the movie for yourself, you can grab yourself a copy for only 10 bucks right here! ALSO! For those with a horror blog, repost this on there!

For more information on Vampire Diaries, head over to the official website.

SUPPORT ORIGINAL INDY HORROR! Unless of course you're content with nothing but non stop remakes of brilliant Japanese flicks littering the cinemas and countless sequels to films like Boogeyman stinking up video shelves ....

Monday, February 2, 2009

Another One To Take Off Your Queue ....


I know, I know. The plot sounds kinda interesting and at least somewhat fun (or does it?) ; a killer from a horror movie comes through the screen and pulls people watching it into the movie. At the very least, this must've been made by people who have a serious love for the horror genre and know what us fans want, right? Hardly! This movie pretty much represents everything that is bad about horror movies and completely lacks anything and everything that is good about them. A lame killer with a lame mask and a lame weapon. Repetitive and boring kills. Horrible acting and dialogue. Loud shitty metal music. Cliche unlikable characters. It's got it all. There's even a Punk'd reference! And on top of all that, there isn't even much gore and where there is gore, it's not even good gore! Well then it's at least got female nudity, right?! Nope! Save for a real quick flash of some droopy boobs, there's none of it!

This movie sucks shit! It's quite literally two bad horror movies in one! Stay far away! If you want good mayhem in a movie theatre horror, check out Bava's Demons instead.

Sunday, February 1, 2009

The Movies I Watched In January ...

So I figured since I kinda watch a lot of movies and don't really get to even talk about half of them on here, i'd start posting a list of every movie I watched each month, at the end of each month, and give little one or two sentence thoughts on each of them. Yes, I keep track in a little booklet! For the titles with asterixes next to them, head over to the reviews section on the sidebar to your right to read my full reviews on those movies!

So here's every movie, horror and non-horror, that I saw in January!

About Schmidt - One of my favorite movies Nicholson has done in the past 20 years.

Amusement* - Clown segment good. Rest of movie bad.

Appaloosa - Awesome movie, could've done without the Zellweger.

Burn After Reading (twice) - The Coens can do no wrong.

Chapter 27 - Actors, if you're gonna lose or gain serious amounts of weight for a film, make sure it's a good one.

Deja Vu - Suprisingly somewhat enjoyable.

Eden Lake* - Best horror movie i've seen in '09 thus far.

Event Horizon - Creepy, scary, gory, i've always liked this movie.

Fantastic Flesh : The Art Of Make-up EFX* - Awesome documentary, if you're into this sort of thing.

Friday the 13th - One of the best and most important slashers out there, but not my favorite of the franchise to re-watch.

Friday the 13th Part 2 - Second favorite in the franchise.

Friday the 13th Part 3 - Can't wait to see it in 3D finally (this Tuesday on DVD!).

Friday the 13th Part 4 - Favorite in the franchise.

Friday the 13th Part 5 - Some of the best kills in the franchise, despite the lack of Voorhees.

The Fountain - Pretentious, but it's got its brilliant moments.

Garden State - May well be my favorite dramedy of all time.

Gran Torino - Bizarre and at times tiresome but ultimately rewarding film.

My Best Fiend : Klaus Kinski - If you know the names Klaus Kinski and Werner Herzog, you will probably find this documentary highly interesting, maddening, and touching.

My Bloody Valentine 3D* - Three dimensions of dissapointment.

My Name Is Bruce - If you've ever waited several hours on a line to meet Bruce Campbell and you have a couple friends who have done the same, gather round, drink a bunch of beer, and watch this movie as that's really the only way it can be appreciated.

Pineapple Express - Move over, Half Baked!

A Real Friend - Incredible premise, poor execution. Seeing Leatherface sitting at a desk in a classroom full of students may make the whole experience worth it, however.

Repo : The Genetic Opera - I can appreciate and respect the uniqueness and effort of the filmmakers, but I just do not like musicals one bit and I never will.

Step Brothers - Will Ferell's still got it!

Texas Chainsaw Massacre ('74) - One of the best horror movies ever made, hands down.

Texas Chainsaw Massacre : The Beginning - Brings nothing new to the table but still manages to be fun.

Transsiberian - Highly recommend you check this one out.

The Visitor - If you don't give Rourke the Oscar, give it to Richard Jenkins.

Walk Hard : The Dewey Cox Story - Utterly ridiculous and utterly hilarious.

The Wrestler (twice)* - A diehard insider wrestling fans dream. Give Rourke the Oscar.

So what's my favorite movie that I saw this past month? That honor would probably have to go to ...


If you've seen any of these movies, leave a comment with your thoughts!