Sunday, May 31, 2009

The Movies I Watched In May

Another month down the drain and another month where I didn't get around to watching as many movies as I would've liked to. If I don't watch at least as many movies as there are days in the month, i'm usually a bit dissapointed in myself! But I did get around to some great stuff, new and old alike....


The Big Lebowski - This is one of those movies that I didn't really 'get' the first time I watched it years ago. Nowadays, I can't get enough of it.

Death Weekend - Nice little lost exploitation flick that no one seems to have seen.

The Devil's Backbone - I like it, but I don't love it.

Drag Me To Hell - Raimi delivers the goods once again. Had such a fun time with this.

Evil Things - If you get the chance to see this indy horror flick, don't pass it up. I'm happy to say i'm one of the ones who got to see it before it gets a big distribution deal and becomes all the rage. At least those are my expectations...

The Grudge 3 - The Grudge movies really aren't for me but Toby Wilkins (director of Splinter) made this one about as enjoyable as a Grudge movie could be for me.

The Ice Cream Man - Clint Howard as a killer ice cream man just never stops being anything less than amazing.

The Last Winter - Loads of potential and some great stuff, but ultimately went haywire.

Martyrs - I've talked about it a bunch on here but this is must see cinema that will stay with you for a looooong time, no matter your opinion of it. What the hell are you waiting for!

Masters of Horror : We All Scream For Ice Cream - You'd think a killer clown ice cream man movie would be awesome, and it could've been, but this one was far from such praise.

My Bloody Valentine (original) - One of my favorite 80's slashers.

My Bloody Valentine (remake) - I've really come to love this movie. Watched it twice this month, two days in a row! It's just plain gory fun.

Pan's Labyrinth - I don't think i'm as in love with this one as most people seem to be, but I definetly like it a lot.

Reservoir Dogs - Does anyone not like this movie?

A Simple Plan - Been one of my favorites for years. Definetly Raimi's best non horror work.

Seven Pounds - Uplifting and incredibly depressing. So glad I finally got to see this.

Sky High - Maybe I just have a hard on for Kurt Russel, but I dug this flick!

Truth or Consequences, N.M. - Another one that's been a favorite for years. I never hear anyone talk about this movie and I think that all boils down to the fact that it's not a well known movie and few have probably had the chance to see it. Add it to your Netflix!

Zack & Miri Make a Porno - Gets better and funnier with each viewing.


My favorite movie of the month? That honor would probably have to go to Drag Me To Hell but since I already sucked that movie off just the other day, i'm gonna go with....


After getting way into 24 several years back, I went on an all Kiefer diet which resulted in me seeing most of his filmography. And thank god for that because I probably wouldn't have ever discovered Truth or Consequences, N.M. otherwise. This little known flick from '97 not only stars Sutherland (and my boy Vinnie Gallo) but is also one of the few movies he has directed and he does a hell of a job on both fronts if you're asking me. It's not a perfect movie but there's just something about it that I can't get enough of and it's become one of the movies that I show to and recommend to just about everyone in my life. Like I said, add it on Netflix or just pick up a used copy on Amazon, which will only run you a couple bucks. Pop it in and enjoy the ride! If you usually agree with my taste in movies, you will not be dissapointed.

Friday, May 29, 2009

I Just Got Dragged To Hell....

AND I LOVED IT! RAIMI IS BACK and i'm so glad I can say that with 100% conviction. 'But it's PG-13! It's gotta suck!!' Throw that notion right out the goddamn window right this instant cause this aint your typical PG-13 fare! Do you normally see people walk out of PG-13 movies in disgust?! Didn't think so! Evil Dead fans, this one's for you! We may not be getting ED4 anytime soon if at all, but this may be the next best thing.

Gonna have to keep this pretty brief as i'm in a bit of a rush to take my second shower of the week and head out for a night of drinking (classy, eh?) but I just had to pop on here and tell ya to go see this flick asap....

Sam Raimi has not only returned to his horror roots, but he has returned to precisely the kind of horror flick that made him a household name among genre fans. Drag Me To Hell is very much in the vain of the Evil Dead films in that it's a completely off the wall blend of horror and comedy that does not bore or let up for even a split second. You may think that after directing the Spider-Man movies, Raimi would tone down his whacky sense of humor and go for a more straight up mass appeal horror movie, which is what the trailers would lead you to believe, but i'm happy to say that this is the Sam Raimi on display that we all know and love. It's certaintly the most fun i've had at the theatre all year and I don't think any Evil Dead fan will disagree with me. With enough references to those movies (laughing and moving inanimate objects, an eyeball flying into a mouth, levitating demons, and even a drill being taken off a storage shed shelf revealing an outline of the drill underneath, much like Ash's chainsaw) and enough humor and gross out moments not to mention genuine scares, Drag Me To Hell is the best big screen horror flick of the year so far and even one of the best in the past several years. All I ask is that you go into it expecting nothing more than a good time. As a reviewer on Rotten Tomatoes said, "check your brain at the door and suspend your disbelief. It's the ultimate midnight-movie experience...." I second that and I raise him an "I dare you to not have fun watching this movie!"

The only thing that would've made it any better would've been an appearance from Bruce Campbell, who sadly couldn't partake due to scheduling conflicts. But i've gotta say, Alison Lohman's Christine Brown is a one liner spouting heroine that even Ash would fight alongside!

GO SEE DRAG ME TO HELL NOW!!! Don't wait for the DVD, this is the kinda movie you want to see with an audience!

When you do see it or if you already have seen it, leave a comment with your thoughts!

Name That (Old School) Zombie!

This one's gonna require a vast knowledge of zombie history, so you're really gonna have to use your braaaaaaiiiiinnnns!


On a side note, i'm off to see Drag Me To Hell! (Hopefully positive) review coming later tonight!

Thursday, May 28, 2009

We Have a Winner!


From a whopping 70 entries, the lucky winner of the Army of Darkness S-Mart shirt from our friends over at NERDOH is.....

Eli Mcfly!

Congratulations, Eli! Your shirt will be arriving in the mail shortly!

If you didn't win this time around, don't be upset! We've got another great contest that will be up by weeks end (and will please all you Exorcist fans!), so stay tuned and maybe lady luck will be heading your way real soon!

Horror MythBusters : Does Every Town Really Have An Elm Street?


It was in Freddy's Dead : The Final Nightmare, the sixth installment in the franchise, that Freddy Krueger uttered the now infamous line "Every town has an Elm Street!" It's an iconic quote, but is it true? All these years i've wondered, is Freddy lying to me? How can every single town out there have an Elm Street?! He's gotta be pulling my leg! But ya know, i've lived in only one town my whole life and guess what? It's got an Elm Street in it! So i've always kinda wondered in the back of my mind all these years if maybe he really was speaking the truth....

I want you guys to act as my MythBusters crew here. Does your town have an Elm Street or no? Leave a comment and let me know! Lets get to the bottom of this once and for all!

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Discussion Of The Week - Week 4

In past weeks we've discussed horror movies themselves ; favorites, guilty pleasures, and remakes, but this week we're gonna go a bit of a different route....

Who is your favorite horror villain? To spice things up i'm gonna do what I did with last weeks discussion and eliminate the more obvious answers so this doesn't become the typical boring old generic debate. So who is your favorite horror villain besides Freddy, Jason, Myers, or Leatherface, and why?

I've talked about my love for Hatchet more than enough on here, but i've gotta go with .....



Why? Just look at him! How can ya not love that! V.C is the perfect throwback to the oldschool 80's slashers villains and that's the main reason I was so drawn to him and Hatchet as a whole. Here's a deformed dude who had an evil done to him and who came back years later for revenge on anyone who crossed his path. If that aint the classic makings of a slasher villain, I don't know what is. Crowley harks back to the days of the likes of Jason Voorhees, Madman Marz, and, perhaps most notably, The Burning's Cropsy ; a classic campfire tale in the flesh. We just don't get villains the likes of ole Victor Crowley these days and to see him born in the year 2007 was and continues to be a real treat. I could watch endless amounts of sequels to Hatchet, as long as Crowley is running around like a madman and fucking people up, and that's why I consider him one of my favorite horror villains. The dude's super-human strength and the way he dispatches his victims certaintly doesn't hurt his case either. A gas powered belt sander?! Ripping a head in half?! It don't get much better than that!

So .... who is your favorite and, if you're feeling up to it, why?

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Two Horror Blogs You Should Check Out

***Click banner images to be taken to the blogs!***

The title of this one is not just merely a reference to the alternate title of rape-revenge classic I Spit On Your Grave, it's also written by an actual woman! Yes, some women like horror movies too! How cool! The woman in question goes by the mysterious name of BJ-C and she's essentially the protege of the just as mysteriously named B-Sol, who you may know from The Vault of Horror (congrats on the FEARnet affiliation!). BJ's a pretty cool chick and her blog has a serious case of ADHD (which is a very good thing), so check it out! And if you like women's takes on horror, check out Final Girl and Creepy Kitch too! I guess I should've renamed the title of this post to five horror blogs you should check out, eh?

So we've established that women like horror and write horror blogs too, but did you know that children do as well? Well, at least one child. Well, I guess he's not really a child per se, but the kid whos writes The Beyond, known as Soap Magic, is 13 years old! Yes, 13! At this ripe young age, he's a diehard horror buff who has probably seen as many if not more horror movies than i've seen and he writes better than most full grown bloggers out there! Soap Magic, if my child is anything like you when he's 13, i'm gonna be one proud papa. This blog is my newest obsession, thanks to the afformentioned BJ-C introducing me to it, and we're currently in a bidding war for who gets to adopt. Lest you doubt this kids ability to handle extreme horror, you might want to check out his reviews of Inside and Martyrs!

My Bloody Valentine 3D....In 2D

***Click HERE to read my review of MBV 3D when I saw it in the theatre and in 3D***


When I originally saw/reviewed MBV 3D, my main gripes with it were with the 3D gimmick itself. For whatever reason, 3D just does not work well with me. It never has and i'm starting to realize it never will. My eyes get blurry, I get double vision, I get a headache, and can't focus on what's going on on the screen. So what should've been a fun experience for me turned out to be not so much fun and I just wanted to take the glasses off and watch the movie in regular 2D. I still wasn't sure if I just wasn't feeling the movie period or if the 3D ruined it for me all around but I was pretty sure that the movie would be a lot more fun and enjoyable in 2D and thank god for DVD because I just watched it in two dimensions and I gotta say, it's a pretty kickass movie. There's very few scenes in the whole runtime that don't contain some kind of violent and gory act and really, who can complain about that? From a midget getting stuck to the ceiling via pickaxe to the legendary Tom Atkins getting his jaw ripped off to a fully naked chick running around....fully naked, it's all a pretty fun rollercoaster ride. Granted it is faulted. I still don't like Kerr Smith and the twist ending still sucks (although i'm warming up to it with each viewing) and they still should've used the original MBV theme song, but I just wanted to post this to say that I now consider myself a fan of this movie and that my previous review is a little unfair due to the fact that I was seeing double vision when I watched it that first time. I wish like hell I could have as much fun with the 3D version as most can, but I prefer the 2D myself.


By the way, the alternate ending is essentially the same as the regular ending. The only difference is that when Tom kills the rescue worker, he envisions that the guy is "The Miner". As for the deleted/extended scenes, there's really nothing exciting to note.

And that's all I wanted to say about that!

More Fun With Google Maps!

First thing I did when I woke up today (I would say 'first thing this morning' but it was far from morning) was pop right back on Google Maps where I spent most of my night and explore some more horror movie filming locations (and of course Zacery Nova's house). I told ya, i'm completely addicted! Here's a couple more cool locations i've found .....

First up we have the Amityville house. I'm talking the REAL Amityville house here, not the one any flick was filmed at (the original was gonna be filmed at the actual house, but the authorities didn't allow it). Everyone knows the story of this house so i'm not gonna bother going into it. Although no post Lutz owners have experienced any strange activity, and although Ronnie DeFeo himself in recent interviews has stated that he made up the whole possessed by demons thing to try and get out of what he did, I still can't help but feel like there is something eerie going on with this house. How the six loud shotgun blasts coming from inside that house did not wake up any of the DeFeo family members in time to do something about it or get away, we may never know. But anyway....

Here is the Amityville house back in the day when the murders took place :


And here it is today (or recently) via Google Maps. The original house number was 112 Ocean Avenue in Amityville, New York, but it has since been changed by the new owners to 108 Ocean Avenue :



I'm actually an hour or so away from Amityville but for some reason have never made the trek out to see the house. I'm sure I eventually will and when I do, you know i'll document the trip and post it on here!

Next up we have a couple locations from the original Halloween....

Establishing shot of Haddonfield :


Oxley St & Montrose Avenue, South Pasadena, California as it is today :



And Laurie Strode's house :


1115 Oxley Street, South Pasadena, California, looking very much the same :



That's all for today folks! Hope ya enjoyed the trip! Much more Google Maps fun to come!

Monday, May 25, 2009

A Virtual Visit To 1428 Elm Street!

***Must mention that the idea for me doing this came from a brilliant post on Total Film that showed 25 movie locations as they appear today, via the use of Google Maps. Go check it out, it's godly and I wish I thought of it first. Now I will steal it.***

Google Maps is fucking amazing and I never before thought to use it to check out movie filming locations but now I don't think i'm ever gonna be able to stop. I've been fascinated by filming locales from my favorite movies for years and the idea of being able to pay them a visit in the comfort of my own home is way too cool. All you gotta do is check IMDb's filming locations section for the movie you're interested in and, if they list an address (which they often do), type it right into Google Maps and voila. You can zoom all the way into the house or street or whatever you desire and you can even virtually tour around the area. Let me show ya what I mean.

Here's Nancy's house (1428 Elm St.) from A Nightmare on Elm Street :


And here it is today, located on 1428 N. Genesee Ave. in Los Angeles :


How cool is that! And it gets even cooler! If you want to virtually tour around that street, click HERE. Highly recommend you check that out to see just how interactive this shit is. You can literally walk around Elm Street while sitting in your undies on your computer chair! You're supposed to be able to embed that interactive map on here (like Total Film did) but unfortunately it's just not working for me at the moment....

I'm too tired to search for or post any more but there will be more to come in the future! Goodnight!

The Horror VHS Cover Game!

Ya, that's right, VHS. I'm spicing things up around here, deal with it!


The Handmade Horrors of Etsy! - Zombie Head

A couple nights ago I stumbled upon a horror podcast site called Drunken Zombie, which led me to stumble upon an Etsy shop that was being promoted on there called Zombie Head, which has in turn led me to becoming more or less hooked on Etsy. I've known about Etsy for a while now but I never really realized just how much cool shit is for sale on there until I spent some serious time browsing. The stuff you'll find on there is stuff the likes of which you could never find in a store. For those not in the know, Etsy is a site that allows users to create their own online shops wherein they can sell their own handmade items. Jewelry, clothing, dolls, paintings, you name it someone is making and selling it on there. So after seeing so many cool items on there that could probably use a little promotion and spreading of word, as that is what an individuals Etsy shop pretty much thrives on, i've decided to start doing a recurring feature on here where I will post about all the cool horror related Etsy shops/items I stumble upon in my searches. Sound good? Good!

What better way to start this feature than to talk about the afformentioned Zombie Head, which started my Etsy fascination!


The Orlando, Florida based Zombie Head, founded and run by artist and hairdresser Krystal Osborne (along with her boyfriend Jim, who takes care of the web and marketing side of things), specializes in "grotesquely detailed undead adornments" which are mostly for the female horror fans out there (although they can be worn by anyone). They're all incredibly unique and one of a kind handmade items fashioned out of super sculpey which are then baked for strength and hand painted with intricate and gory detail. From beads to pendants and from bracelets to earrings, Zombie Head has got it all and to say these aren't your average feminine accesories would probably just about be the understatement of the year! When they say "you wont find another shop or site with such horrifically sculpted hand made items", you better believe it! So how did the hideous creations come about? In the words of Krystal, who was nice enough to answer a few of my questions, "I just started making them one day cause I was broke and needed to make Christmas presents. And also I never found gross jewelry that I wanted to wear so I said screw it, i'll make my own. Jim liked them and thought about selling them online so he started all that and it just grew from there." In the little over three years they've been in business, Zombie Head has already been featured in the pages of genre magazines such as Girls and Corpses, Fracture, Synergy, and ShriekFreak Quarterly and Krystal, who is creating on a nightly basis after her hairdressing job, has no plans of slowing down. "I just want to make monsters. And i'd like to make money and have fun and not be ripped off". She went on to say that she wants everyone to know that her and her boyfriend "work hard to please our customers and make all your gross jewelry fantasy's come true." Gotta respect and appreciate that!

Let's get to the good stuff and take a look at a couple of the items they have for sale that caught my eye, shall we!

'Freddy Krueger Skin Bangle Bracelet'


'Circus Freak Cannibal Carnival Clown Earring'


'Cannibal Pig Head Pendant'


And of course, a couple of the items they specialize in, the zombie heads themselves! I present to you two of my favorites...

'Handsome Devil Blister Baby Pendant'


'Lost Teeth Big Eye Zombie Head Pendant'


These are just a mere few of the 175 items up for sale in the shop. If you want to browse the whole selection or pick any of these bad boys up, head over to! Even if you don't see something that suits you to a tee, Krystal takes requests, so the possibilites are endless! You can also keep up to date with and learn more about Zombie Head on both MySpace and Twitter! If you're in the Orlando area, be sure to check them out at the Audubon Park Community Market from 5pm to 10pm the first Wednesday of every month and you can also catch them this coming October at both Screamfest and Spooky Empire's Ultimate Horror Weekend!

Stay tuned for more Etsy handmade horrors to come!

Happy Memorial Day, From Fright Rags!

***Speaking of movie shirts, don't forget to enter my latest contest, where you can win an Army of Darkness S-Mart tee from NERDOH! Make sure you get your entry in by this Friday!***

What better way to honor our fallen war dead on this very special day than to get some super cheap tees from the leading horror shirt company in America! Is he really blogging about Fright Rags again?! Yes, he is! They've always got cool shit going on, I can't help it! Besides, when I support something, I tend to really support that something. I've quite literally become a walking Rags billboard in my daily life. But anyway!

What if I told you you could get this .....


or this....


or even this.....


for a mere $11.95? No way, that's 29% off the original price! It's too good to be true! Yes, it is, but yes, it's true! But for today only!! And those are not the only shirts you can choose from. You can also decorate your closet and adorn your body with The Omen, Fulci's Zombie, Slumber Party Massacre, Fright Night, and even everyone's favorite burnt up madman who made an appearance on Full House, Cropsy!

Click here to browse the whole discounted selection! And if you purchase anything, tell 'em Freddy In Space sent ya! But remember, this deal ends when today ends and it will be gone forever!

No more excuses Zacery Nova!

Sunday, May 24, 2009

Next Time You Use The 'I Have No Money' Excuse To Not Make Your Movie....


This has pretty much been posted all over the net by now but I can't not talk about it, lest any of you guys missed it. Colin is a zombie flick made by a British dude named Marc Price that is generating a hell of a lot of buzz at the Cannes Film Festival. Price is in talks with several Japanese disbributors as well as a few major Hollywood studios who want to pick up the rights to his movie and i'd say he stands to make quite a bit of profit from any such deal, no matter how much he is offered. Believe it or not, word is that Colin was made on a budget of only $70.

Yes, SEVENTY DOLLARS. And yes, it's a feature length film.

Colin is an original take on the zombie sub-genre, told from the point of a view of a newly bitten zombie. Check out the trailer to see what a $70 zombie movie looks like!

So how'd he do it? Price recruited zombie extras from social networking sites like Facebook and taught himself how to do special effects so that he wouldn't have to pay anyone to do it for him. In fact, Price paid nobody for their services and even had them bring their own equipment. The $70 is said to be the result of the purchases of some tapes, a crowbar, and tea for the cast and crew. So like I said, next time you make that excuse, just think about Colin and get your ass in gear and make your own damn movie (in the words of Lloyd Kaufman)! A success story like this proves that all you need is a good idea and a lot of heart to make a good movie. Those two things are things money cannot buy, no matter how much you've got of the stuff. As Robert Rodriguez has always said, a lack of money forces you to be creative and not rely on the green stuff to fix all your problems, which can result in far better and more creative films than those shot with a never ending money hose. Where there's a will, there's a way.

Congratulations Marc and thanks for being such an inspiration! I myself cannot wait to check this flick out.

For more information on Colin and to watch an exclusive clip, head over to the official website.

Name That Zombie....The Game That Requires Braaaaaiiiiinnns!

If you can name what flick the undead gentleman below is from, you win! What do you win, you ask? The peace of mind that comes with knowing that you've probably watched one too many zombie movies and should probably get out more! Unless of course you're the type of person who doesn't leave his/her house for fear of being attacked by a zombie (Kinemortophobia), which as it turns out is also a result of watching too many zombie movies. Regardless, it's something to be proud of where I come from. Now if only you can find a way to parlay your vast knowledge of zombie moviedom into getting laid....

But anyway! On to the game!





For Those Without Netflix...

I mentioned a couple weeks back that I got four Netflix free one month trial codes in the mail but only one person has e-mailed me and taken me up on the offer, so I figured i'd mention it again before these things expire without finding a home. Think of it as a Memorial Day present from me to you! I've already convinced all my friends to sign up for the Flix, so I really have no one else to give these to but you guys.


If you want a free one month trial of Netflix, e-mail me at and i'll give a coupon code to you. You will get all the movies you can watch and return plus all the movies you can watch instantly on your computer for an entire month. I only have three left, so act quick! The coupons expire June 15th which means you must activate your account by then. It does not however mean that that's when the free trial will end. As long as you activate by then, you will get one free month starting from the date you activate.

And while we're at it, this is the perfect time to plug a past post I did called "Ten + Horror Flicks You Can Instantly Watch On Netflix That You Should Instantly Watch On Netflix", which I think is pretty self explanatory. Get the code, activate the account, and start watching some of these movies right this instant!

Friday, May 22, 2009

Great Moments In CGI!

Warning : If you watch the below clip, you will soon after find yourself entering your credit card information into Amazon and purchasing a copy of this movie. You will have no control of this. Proceed at your own risk.

When not utilizing Animal Planet stock footage to depict its shark attacks, this flick turns to the shockingly shocking CGI you are about to behold. I bring to you this week a very special clip from one of the best worst movies ever made.....


Thursday, May 21, 2009

Who Wants a Free Army Of Darkness T-Shirt?!


Rarely a week seems to go by where I don't mention the horror t-shirt company Fright Rags but i've recently discovered a new UK based movie shirt company that gives the boys at The Rags a run for their money (which I actually found out about through Fright Rags, the gracious bastards) and i'm proud to say I have one of those shirts in my hand right now that i'm just itching to give away to one lucky reader! Nerdoh has partnered with Freddy In Space and supplied the Army of Darkness S-Mart shirt you see pictured above (well, I guess you only see the design, but you get the idea), in a size medium, but before we get to how you can snag yourself the tee, let's learn a little bit about Nerdoh, shall we! Yes we shall!

Whether it's horror, sci-fi, comedy, or action, Nerdoh specializes in designing shirts based around fictional locations and references from cult movies. The Twitty Twister bar from From Dusk Till Dawn, Amity Island from Jaws, Big Kahuna Burger and Monster Joe's from Pulp Fiction, Camp Crystal Lake, to name just a few. "Nerdoh creeps into the fictional realms of movie corporations, places, and subtle references only the avid fan will know." As Empire Magazine said, these shirts are "essential for any film fan's wardrobe" and I think i'd have to agree! Head over to Nerdoh and embrace your inner film geek today with one of their premium movie inspired t-shirts! With free UK shipping and low cost international shipping, you can't go wrong! Shop smart, shop .... NERDOH!

Speaking of the website, I want you to head over there right now and choose your favorite shirt from their collection. Leave a comment below with your choice and your e-mail address, and you will be entered into the contest to win the S-Mart tee! It's that simple! Just make sure to get your entry in by next Friday, the 29th. On that date, I will randomly select a winner from all entries and that winner just might be you!

Good luck to all!

And The Winner Of DUSK Is.....


A week and almost 60 entries later, the winner of David Doub's vampire graphic novel has been chosen! Is it you? Let's find out!

The winner is....

Laura Deluca! Congratulations Laura! Your copy of Dusk will be shipped out shortly! I hope you enjoy sinking your teeth into it!

If you didn't win this contest, don't fret! Did I really just say fret? A new contest (for a pretty awesome prize, if I do say so myself) will be posted either later tonight or first thing tommorow!

Tales From The Crypt - My Favorite Episode

I've been a huge fan of Tales From The Crypt ever since I was a youngin and while there are a few episodes that have stuck with me throughout the years, there's one in particular that i'd have to give the illustrious honor of calling my favorite. I just found the full episode on YouTube (thanks to user 321HereWeGo - he's got a bunch of Tales episodes uploaded) and I wanted to share it with you guys. It's from Season 5 (disc 1 of the DVD) and originally aired on October 13th, 1993. With a star studded cast including Bill Paxton and Brad "Chucky" Dourif, I bring to you ....

People Who Live In Brass Hearses


A small-time crook (Bill Paxton), with the help of his dim-witted brother (Brad Dourif), sets out to get revenge on an ice cream truck driver (Michael Lerner) who put him in prison years ago, but get a nasty surprise when they attempt to rob the driver's ice cream warehouse.

Enjoy this particularly gory episode!

Part 1 :

Part 2 :

Part 3 :

It's no secret that i'm both a serious Paxton nut and I have a serious ice cream man fixation (not to mention ice cream man + horror = gold), so it was pretty much written in stone that this episode was gonna be my fave. And for some reason that opening scene of The Paxtonator chowing down on a stick of butter has stayed with me for at least a decade. I can never pick up a stick without being reminded of it! Damn you, Bill Paxton!

Any other fans of this one? For that matter, what is your favorite Tales From The Crypt episode?

Brand New Combat Shock Tromasterpiece DVD Preview!

I've talked a bit about Combat Shock in the past and even reviewed it a few weeks back, albeit not the uncut version, and a couple of you guys seem to dig the movie so I figured i'd let you know about this. As i've mentioned before, Troma is releasing a 2 Disc Uncut 25th Anniversary Edition of the flick on July 28th of this year, as part of their Tromasterpiece Collection, which is essentially a collection of the cream of the crop from the Troma library. As in this shit isn't just mindless entertainment like some of their stuff, this shit is the real deal. Well anyway, just today the guys at Troma put up a pretty kickass seven minute preview trailer for the DVD release and that is what I am here to show ya. So check it out and leave a comment with what you think of it!

If that looks good to you and you wanna pre-order yourself a copy, you can do so on Amazon for only $17.99. And if you've never seen Combat Shock, believe me, you don't wanna miss it! And believe me, i'm not just saying that because I do some work for Troma. It really is a must see movie that .... must be seen! I haven't been able to stop recommending it since I saw it and I haven't even seen the uncut version yet!

And to all you social networkers out there! Be sure to add The Tromasterpiece Collection as a friend on MySpace (I created and run the page!) and become a fan of The Tromasterpiece Collection on Facebook (i'm an admin!)! And hey, while you're at it, follow the collection on Twitter too!!

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

DVD Cover Game!


Who Said Hand Held Horror Was Dead?!

***This is a follow up to the post directly under this one. Make sure you read that before you read this!***

Brilliant marketing and a pretty kickass movie to boot. Before I get into what I thought of Evil Things, lets learn a little backstory about it and check out the plot and trailer....

Evil Things is the brain child of Dominic Perez, a former Wall Street investment banker who was recently laid off from his job and decided to turn a negative into a positive and use the opportunity to fulfill his lifelong dream of being a filmmaker. So he started writing and three months later finished the script. After a mere seven days of shooting and one month of editing, Evil Things was fully realized. Although the film came to be in a matter of months, Perez states that it took him 41 years to finally believe that he could do it all. If that's not an inspiration to all the young filmmakers out there, then I don't know what is. Grab your camera and go make your dreams come true. That's exactly what Perez did.

Here's the plot for Evil Things along with the trailer .....

On January 9th 2009, 5 college students left New York City for a weekend in the country. 48 hours later they vanished without a trace. There were no leads and no evidence...until now.

It’s Miriam’s 21st Birthday. As a birthday gift, Miriam’s aunt Gail has decided to lend Miriam her beautiful country house for an entire weekend. Aunt Gail’s country house is amazing. It’s a four bedroom house surrounded by breathtaking mountains and miles and miles of woods. Miriam invites her young college friends Cassy, Mark, Tanya and Leo to join her at the country house for what looks to be the most amazing weekend ever. Of course they all jump at the chance to spend a free weekend in the country, in the middle of nowhere. Miriam’s friends are totally in the mood for a big time party weekend. They’re also anxious to escape the dark and gloomy concrete jungle known as Manhattan. Miriam, Cassy and Tanya bring the food. Mark brings the beer and Leo, the aspiring filmmaker, brings his new video camera. Leo hopes to produce a short movie by documenting every amazing moment of this weekend getaway. Unfortunately, what Leo ends up capturing on camera is not a weekend of peace and tranquility, but a nightmarish descent into pure terror.

I know, I know. Another found footage hand held camera horror flick. We're all getting kind of sick of them, aren't we? Well i'm happy to say that Evil Things is a hell of an effective use of this style of filmmaking and I absolutely loved it. I was hooked from minute one and although nothing much happens for a good portion of the movie, I couldn't take my eyes off the screen. It's one of those slow burn genuinely creepy kind of movies where you just know bad things are set to go down at any given moment. It's totally engrossing and it feels a lot "realer" than a lot of the hand held horror movies i've seen of late. The dialogue is so realistic that i'd be completely surprised if any of it was even scripted. You really get the feeling that you're watching real footage of real people. As far as low budget indie horror flicks go, this is by far one of the better ones. And to think there's not even a drop of blood in the whole run time! Further proof that horror need not blood and gore to be effective. Halloween, anyone?

The only complaint whatsoever that I have about the movie is the use of 'scary' musical cues whenever danger is looming. In a movie that a lot of work was put into making it seem like real found footage, it just seemed counter productive. But it's a small complaint and like I said, it's the only one I have.

Perez is currently sending Evil Things out on the festival circuit and seeking distribution for it, which I have no doubt is a matter of time from happening. It just sickens me that out of all the shitty horror movies that get distributed by major companies every day, a movie like this one has no such luck. Unfortunatetly this means that there really aren't many places to see this movie, at least for the time being, but again I can pretty much guarantee that we'll see it popping up at least on DVD within the year. If you ever get the chance to see it, do not pass it up. Dominic Perez is a director to watch out for and I cannot wait to see what he unleashes next.

For more information on Evil Things, head over to the official website, which has all kinds of interesting stuff including videos made by the family members of the missing pleading for their safe returns. Perez really went all out to make this thing seem real and i've gotta give a big kudos to him for that. As I said in the below post, I only wish every filmmaker was this passionate about their work.

A Mysterious Envelope...

arrived in my mailbox today. It was postmarked to me from an Agent Perez in New York City. What had I done wrong this time? Inside the envelope was a confidential evidence packet with a DVD inside and a letter from the FBI. I was shitting bricks.


I began to read the letter, addressed directly to me. "Dear Mr. Squires, The purpose of this letter is to request your assistance in the Missing Persons case reference above. As you may have been informed from various media sources, five young adults (listed below) were reported as missing persons on Jaunary 13th, 2009. They were last seen at 23 Muskeegee Road in the town of Woodstock, New York (Catskills Mountains) in upstate New York."

Do they think I have something to do with this?! I read on....

"Approximately 2 months later on March 13, 2009, a VHS videotape ("The Artifact") was delivered anonymously to box #422 at the main office of the Federal Bureau of Investigation in Washington, DC. A complete copy of this VHS tape has been transferred to DVD and enclosed for your review."

The letter went on but I soon realized that this was not a real letter from the FBI. Thank the good lord! This was a brilliant marketing campaign for a new low budget indie horror flick titled Evil Things and i've gotta say, this is the perfect proof that the way you market and promote a film has a huuuuuge effect on generating interest. If I had been sent merely a normal looking DVD screener copy of this movie, like i've been sent before from other folks, chances are I would be in no rush to pop the disc in my player and watch it. But as is, there is no way that I can refrain from watching this movie right this second. Filmmakers take note! Whether the film itself is any good or not, I just want to congratulate the director, Dominic Perez, on this genius marketing and thank him for sending me a copy. This is by far the coolest thing that has arrived in my mailbox in quite some time. If everyone were as passionate about their films as Mr. Perez, the world would be a much better place. And this level of passion and detail leads me to believe that what i'm about to watch is gonna be pretty kickass. If the dude put this much work and love into the marketing, he must've put a hell of a lot of both of those into the film itself, right?


Without further adieu, I must drop everything i'm doing (which admittedly is not all that much) and toss this ominous looking disc into my PS3. I will be back soon with my thoughts!

Dead Meat - An Exclusive Excerpt!

If you don't know what Dead Meat is, then you probably missed my post from a couple days ago where I discussed it. Blogger has been having some problems this week, most namely with the 'following' feature, where blog updates were not showing up in reading lists, which hurt the viewership of some of my posts from this week so that might account for it. Or maybe you just don't read every little post I make, which is cool too! Click here to read all about it if you missed it. And if you don't wanna click there and read all about it, then let me sum it up for you right here. In short, Dead Meat is an awesome piece of horror blog fiction ; a zombie tale told through an ongoing weekly updated blog, each new blog post serving as a new chapter to the saga. Sound interesting? Check it out and like I said, if you want all the info, read my previous post about it.

Now that we're all caught up .....

The brothers who created and write Dead Meat, Chris and Patrick Williams, so liked what I had to say about their blog that they decided to repay the favor by offering me an exclusive excerpt from the next chapter of the tale, which will hit the net sometime this coming weekend. So if you're a fan of Dead Meat, you're not gonna have to wait till this weekend to get a little taste of what's to come! Here is an exclusive piece from Chapter 9, titled "Insecticide", to whet your appetite! In this scene, main character Gavin is fending off a group of zombies, or "bees", in the Dead Meat world.


Inhale. Swing. Move.

“. . . Mother of God. . .”

Exhale. Swing. Move.

“. . .pray for us sinners . . .”

Remove blade from bone. Blood. Bile.

“. . .now and at the hour. . .”

They keep coming. A swarm of bees encircles me. I’m fighting them for you, Benny. You who can’t hear, or don’t acknowledge, my yelling, my killing, and my eventual demise.

“. . .of our death. . .”

I’m proving it to you, Benny—and you barely even gave me a chance.


A bee staggers to my right. My body reacts without thought: I spin around, bat in left hand and hatchet in right. The bat connects first; aluminum pounds the bee’s ear and temple. The hatchet swings in next, hitting the falling bee across its left shoulder, cleaving through muscle and grinding against bone, almost completely severing the arm. I use the bat to fend off another bee as I swing with the hatchet again, hitting the fallen bee’s face, shattering cheek and optical bones, splitting the face open, exposing sinus cavities, jaw, and a rotting gum line. Another swing and the face caves in. The sound of ice cracking echoes in my head. The bee releases a grunt that extends into a sigh as I step over it to meet the next attacker.

My vision is crowded now—the swarm advances.


What comes next? Be sure to check out DEAD MEAT to find out and also be sure to become a follower of the site so you can be updated whenever a new chapter is unleashed. I'm pretty sure you will not be dissapointed!

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

I Don't Scare Easily...

I don't. Well let me rephrase that. I don't scare easily when it comes to the movies. In my daily life, I sleep with the lights on just a tad when my girlfriend isn't in the bed with me. It's sad, but it is nevertheless true. Now when it comes to movies, I never really was scared by them. Even as a kid, I remember being more fascinated by horror flicks than I was scared. (For proof of such claims, step into the time machine and read my heartwarming childhood encounter with Jason Goes To Hell). It probably had to do with the fact that I knew that what I was watching on screen could not truly pose a threat to me in my real life, and thus there was no real reason to be scared. Freddy Krueger existed to entertain me and make me laugh, not to leap off the sceen and kill me! Now i'm not trying to be a tough guy here by saying movies don't scare me because believe me, I wish they did. Everyone loves to be scared and that's what makes horror movies so much fun. If I was a little bitch when it came to them, chances are i'd probably have a lot more fun watching them. But I digress.....

Throughout my life, a few movie scenes have managed to chill me to the core and i'm not talking in a quick jump scare kind of way, i'm talking in a lasting couldn't sleep that night (even with the light on) sort of way, and I consider that quite an accomplishment that should be honored. There's only five of them that I can recall that have genuinely scared me and I thought i'd present them to you guys on this dark and stormy night (but not really), being that I haven't done any kind of "top __" list in some time. There are some movies and scenes in particular that I can think of that'd probably make it on such a list had I watched them alone in a dark room, but i'm only going to include the ones that accomplished the task under the conditions that I watched them in. Which makes me wonder. If I watched every horror movie alone and in a fully darkened room, would I more often be scared by them? And do I make an unconcious effort to watch them with a little bit of light on in the background so that I won't be too scared? Do I even really know who I am?

Anyway! Here we go. My personal picks (in no particular order) for the top 5 scariest movie scenes of all time!

The Exorcist - Crab Walk

You really can't have a scariest anything list without including the infamous "crab walk" (or spider walk) scene. In a movie full of scary shit (flashing Pazuzu faces, Linda Blair's acting) this scene totally takes the cake. The utterly inhuman bodily movements are absolutely chilling and I was most definetly frightened to the bone the first time I laid eyes on this acrobatic feat. And for that matter, everytime since....

The Eye - Ghost Attack

This is a perfect example of a scene that was so terrifying when I watched it alone in the dark, but lost nearly all of its power when I watched it with my girlfriend. When someone else is in the room, i'm just not gonna be scared, it's as simple as that. And I don't really think she was scared by it either. But let me tell you, when I did watch this alone for the first time, in the dark, I paused the movie after this scene, turned the lights on, asssessed the situation, and then took a few minutes to cool down before pushing the play button again.

Pet Sematary - Zelda

This is another one that pops up on most scariest scenes lists, and rightfully so. If Zelda is not the most frightening movie character of all time, then I just don't know who is. Suffice to say, if I were to make a "Top 10 People I Don't Want In My Bedroom" list, she'd be a mere one spot behind Whoopi Goldberg. And just when you think you've seen the last of her, she comes back again for another scene! AHHHH!! ONCE WAS ENOUGH!!!

Signs - Vamonos!

While not all that scary on subsequent viewings, the first time I saw Signs this scene jolted me out of my seat and has not left my mind since. Totally unexpected and without a doubt one of the finest uses of the 'handheld camera' style of filmmaking that is running so rampant these days. It just feels and looks so real.

REC - Final Moments

What do you get when you combine internet sensations Rubber Johnny and The Goddess Bunny? Well, they're two of the scariest internet clips of all time so naturally you get one of the most terrifying fuckin creations ever seen by man! I can't confirm that the inspiration for this one was from the above two clips but it sure seems that way and if that's the case, it was a brilliant move. Regardless, it's a brilliant scene. It's the way that this one was shot that makes it so creepy. You can't really tell exactly what you're even seeing, and that only adds to the terror. I loved Quarantine but it did not put the fear into me that the same scene in REC put into me. I'm sure it has something to do with the fact that I knew it was coming whereas it was totally unexpected the first go around.

And there you have it! Five movie scenes that managed to creep me right the f out! Let's hope I can sleep tonight after re-watching all those clips in rapid fire succession. One at a time is bad enough!

Discussion Of The Week - Week 3

***If you want to throw your two cents in on any of my past discussions, go here and here. New responses are always welcome and will be seen.***

It's a question and topic that's been discussed to death in pretty much every place horror can or has been discussed (and it's one i've even discussed at length in the past), but it's a question that cannot be left out of any respectable horror discussion so lets get it out of the way....

What is your favorite horror movie remake? Actually, to spice it up a little, and so nobody can take the easy route of The Thing or The Fly, let's cut that question down a bit. What's your favorite horror movie remake from the past ten years?

My choice is not an easy one being that i've absolutely loved several of the remakes that have come out in the past few years. Texas Chainsaw, House of Wax (fuck off!), Dawn of the Dead, and Quarantine all come to mind. But the one I was most impressed by and the one that trumps the original the most is .....


I've never been a huge fan of Craven's original, I can't lie. I own it, and I liked it enough to watch it a couple times, but i've never considered it a must see genre classic and quite frankly, I tend to get pretty bored by it. It's a movie that was just dying to be upgraded for our generation and High Tension's Alex Aja, who was a huge fan of the flick, took advantage of the groundwork Craven laid decades prior. And if you're asking me, he knocked it out of the fucking ballpark. I still can't for the life of me figure out how any horror fan could not like what Aja did with this movie. It's a balls to the wall no holds barred movie that exemplifies everything the horror genre is about. This is a true horror movie in every sense of the word and I love every second of it, no matter how many times I watch it. From the characterization to the brutal gore to the badass western revenge style cheer in your seat turn at the end, The Hills Have Eyes '06 is not only my favorite remake in the past decade, it's one of my favorite genre movies period of the past decade. If you're askin me, it really does not get much better than this.

With that, I turn the floor over to you!

Try This One On For Size!


Monday, May 18, 2009

The DVD Cover Game!

How well do you know your DVD covers? Can you name the horror DVD that this image was taken from?


Vote On The New Fright Rags Design - Part 2!


Today it was announced that the above They Live sketch won out in the recent Fright Rags 'vote on a new design' poll that I talked about last week and Ben also posted part two of the poll, which now deals with the composition and general look of the chosen They Live t-shirt.

Click HERE to check out the four compositions in question and be sure to vote in the poll and increase the chances of your personal favorite design going into production! Just be sure to get your vote in by this coming Friday (the 22nd).

This is a tough one as all of the designs are pretty kickass, but I went with #4 myself. It just seems the most Fright Rags'y to me. Which design did you choose?

Dead Meat - A Horror Blog Like No Other

The typical "horror blog" is something that there is certaintly no shortage of out there on the web. In many cases they're boring and repetitive, with the same movies being reviewed and talked about and the same news being regurgitated over and over by seemingly every individual blog out there. There are certaintly some bloggers that stray from this typical formula and are consistently entertaining and enjoyable to read (I can only hope i'm one of those!) and a new horror blog that's just come to my attention just about takes the cake on that one.

There's a blogging format called 'blog fiction' wherein the purpose of the blog is to tell an ongoing fictional story, with each new post serving as a new chapter of sorts. I've seen a few horror blogs out there that have attempted (and failed at) this and i've even pondered from time to time about taking a stab at 'blooking' (blog/book hybrid) myself but have never gotten around to it. Well just today I discovered a horror blog that takes horror blogging to a whole new level. I present to you a zombie fiction blog by brothers Chris & Patrick Williams titled


The story centers around the fictional town of River's Edge and the zombie apocalypse that is going on over there. More specifically, it follows the lives of two young men, Gavin and Benny, who are seemingly the only humans left and who are engaged in a daily battle for the most important thing in the world, survival.

Dead Meat is an incredibly well written story/blog that almost fools you into thinking that the world you are reading about is in fact real. I've seen a good number of zombie movies in my day and the story going on in this blog is 100 times better and more well thought out than the lot of them. While most zombie tales follow the same conventions and rules that we've all seen and tend to revel in the exciting and fun gore that a zombie outbreak provides, Dead Meat keeps the violence realistic and dare I say even tragic. There should really be nothing exciting about killing another human being with a baseball bat, whether that human being is now a zombie or not, and Dead Meat stays very true to that harsh reality of what a zombie outbreak would probably really feel like for its survivors. It's a totally engrossing read that will probably make you beg for the next update, which takes place on a weekly basis, at the end of every week.

If you'd like to get in on the fun and get all caught up before the story continues this coming week, click here for the first chapter of the tale and follow along on the sidebar from there. If you're a quick reader, you can be all caught up in less than an hour.

In another brilliant move from the Williams brothers that makes Dead Meat feel even more epic in its scope, they've also created a secondary sister blog, River's Edge Dispatch, which serves as a behind the scenes account of Dead Meat, full of information like the particular 'rules' of the zombies (or 'bees' as they're called, named after the fact that they travel in swarms) in the Dead Meat world and things of that sort that make the whole thing a lot more exciting and special. These guys have really created a whole world here and I feel like what we've already seen is only the beginning.

I leave you with one of my favorite little excerpts from Dead Meat, to whet your appetite :

"She looks up with curious eyes and sees us. Pausing for a moment but focusing her eyes on ours, she slowly raises both blood soaked arms, stretching out her hands as if trying to touch us. She just stands there. Silent. Looking at us. Her sweater starts to move on its own, as if something invisible’s tugging on it. From under her sweater, her bowels slide onto the ground, a large amount of blood lubricating the way. Still reaching for us, she looks down, almost curiously. She bends down to her knees, trying to gather her intestines up and slowly tucks them back into herself. As her arms try to hold her intestines in, she looks up to us again, reaching with only one arm this time, the other arm trying to cover the wound in her abdomen. More intestines fall, and she tries to scoop them up again and again. No moaning. No screaming. Nothing."

Check the site out and let me know what ya think! If you like it, be sure to become a follower of it so you will know when new chapters are posted!

Saturday, May 16, 2009

Great Moments In CGI

"Personally I wished that they could have spent a little more money on the second one, because that needed better effects and stuff. Like those hyenas – they’re terrible." - Stellan Skarsgard, star of Exorcist : The Beginning.

Friday, May 15, 2009

Epic, Epic, Epic

It's all over the net but I just watched it and had to share! The trailer for Cormac McCarthy's (No Country For Old Men) THE ROAD is here!!! Behold its greatness!

If you want it full screen and in HD to truly appreciate and admire the scope and epic Viggo beard, watch it HERE.

End post.

Thursday, May 14, 2009

A Little Clarification....

Just wanted to set the record straight on something. I'm really posting this for one person in particular and for my own peace of mind (I can't sleep at night when shit aint right), so feel free to not read this as it will probably be quite boring to most of you!

Last night I made a post (this one) wherein I re-posted an article I wrote over at a website I used to write for, Benevolent Street, and said some things about that site that kinda came off the wrong way to some people, namely the owner of the site, Tony, who's actually been a friend of mine for quite a while now (and who's a hell of a nice guy to boot). Apparently someone sent him an e-mail saying something to the effect of "your site sucks and it's dead" (mature, eh?) and linked to my afformentioned post I guess as some sort of citing of evidence supporting his claim, a claim which I in no way support or believe in. Naturally, this made it sound like this dude was some sort of crony of mine and made my own words come off a lot more harsh when read as a follow up to that comment and I got a message from Tony earlier tonight who was clearly upset and angry with me, and rightfully so. We patched things up and I explained myself and made clear the fact that I in no way support afformentioned ass clowns e-mail comments and all is now well but I just wanted to pop on here and thank you, Tony, for picking me to write for your site and thank you for the opportunity. I had a great time while it lasted and I have the utmost appreciation that you picked me to be on the staff. Bottom line is, when it comes to writing for websites, i'd rather just focus on my own for now and that's really all there is to it. I merely wanted to re-post that article on here because I thought it was cool and I wanted to be able to archive it on my blog. That is all. So Tony, I wish you all the best of luck and I hope there's no bad blood between us.

I happen to know that Tony is in the process of re-staffing and re-launching Benevolent Street, so bookmark it and check back regularly for updates! And who knows, maybe i'll hop on there every once in a while and do a little guest post, provided i'm still welcome.

With that said, we may now return to regularly scheduled un-professional conduct filled programming!

Watch Splinter! Now! For Free!


If you haven't yet seen the indie horror hit of the year Splinter, now is the perfect time! It's just been added to Netflix's 'Watch Instantly' section which means if you have Netflix, you can watch it instantly whenever you please on your computer!

Click here to do so!

But what if you don't have Netflix? You're shit outta luck, right? Not necessarily!

I've got in my hands four coupon codes that I was sent from the 'Flix that are each good for a one month free trial. That's an entire month of rentals and all the movies you can watch instantly absolutely free of charge! Anyone who wants one, send me an e-mail at and i'll give ya the code. First come first served. Just make sure to e-mail me by June 15th as that's when the code will no longer work.

So there's no excuses! Check out Splinter and if ya like it, check out director Toby Wilkins second feature film The Grudge 3, out now on DVD!

Who Wants Some More Free Shit?!

When one contest ends, another begins! I may have missed the boat on Free Comic Book Day by a couple weeks but that's not gonna stop me from giving away a free comic book today! Comic book writer/creator David Doub was nice enough to supply me with a copy of his new vampire graphic novel DUSK : Vol. 1 to give away to one lucky Freddy In Space reader and that's exactly what i'm gonna do! But before we get to the giveaway, let's learn a little bit about Dusk!


As a battered wife, Eve's only concern was to keep her marriage together. But when she is kidnapped into the sordid supernatural world of vampires and foul magic, Eve finds she doesn't want to leave. Her mysterious benefactor, the Vampire Lord Ash, wishes her to have a normal life but Eve chooses to stay in the service of Ash. Dusk is the stories about Eve and her challenges living in the darkness. Dusk is a supernatural action/drama story done in a dynamic blending of the sequential art styles of American Comics and Japanese Manga. Several artists help tell these stark noir tales of Vampires and Unrequited Love. 100 Pages.

To purchase a copy of Dusk or to learn more about it, head on over to Amazon. And if you want to find out a little bit about its creator, David Doub, you can check him out over on Comic Space, where you can also take a gander at the first chapter of the comic.

Want to snag a free copy of the graphic novel that Comics Bulletin says is "one of those comics where a reader can sense a creator playing with ideas that could really pay off into something special"? Here's all you have to do!

Leave a comment below telling me your favorite vampire movie of all time. Please include your e-mail address with the comment so I will be able to contact you in the event of you winning! Deadline for entries is next Thursday, the 21st. Next Friday I will throw all the entries into a hat and randomly select a winner!

Good luck to all!

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

The Winner Of The My Bloody Valentine 3D Poster Is....

I don't know yet, but i'm about to find out! But before we get to that....

There were a couple people who entered the contest who did not leave their e-mail address with their comment (despite the fact that I mentioned to do so THREE TIMES!), and thus they were not entered into the drawing even though they got the answer correct. If you don't leave an e-mail, then I have no way to contact you in the event of you winning! So from now on, when I have a contest where you need to leave a comment to win, INCLUDE YOUR E-MAIL ADDRESS!!!! Now that that's out of the way....

The correct answer to the Horror Gossip Game, meaning the story that was untrue, was #3, the one about the Day of the Dead zombie extra being held at gunpoint. Believe it or not all the others were true, despite how wild they all sounded!

Now lets find out who the lucky winner is!!!

Out of the 14 entries written down onto pieces of paper, crumbled up, and then drawn from a hat (actually, it's a dirty sock), the winner of the My Bloody Valentine 3D mini poster is......


Congratulations, Quell (if I can call ya that)! Your prize will be arriving in the mail shortly!

Thanks to all who entered. Expect another (even better!) contest real soon!

Scent of a Serial Killer!

***In the few short months that I wrote for Benevolent Street, a horror site which was regularly updated for only a few short months (but which still exists and gets an update from time to time..albeit not from me), I wrote a couple articles on some cool stuff that I was pretty proud of but I ended up actually regretting not just writing them for my own blog. Nothing against the site, which is run by a friend of mine, it's just that i'd rather pour my time and energy into my own thing, which is why i'll be sticking to my own thing from now on (unless of course I get an offer from someone like a Fangoria!). But anyway, that site kinda died and I can't help but feel like those articles I wrote were just lost and ultimately wasted. This is one of those articles, which I wanted to share with you guys because it's a pretty interesting topic that i've seen no coverage of elsewhere on the internet, which is quite frankly a damn shame!***


Guys, have you ever sat back and watched a horror movie and had a strong desire to smell like the maniacal killer on screen? Ladies, have you ever wanted to smell like the hopeless victim running from that killer? Either of you, have you ever wondered what the essence of pure fear itself would smell like? Well ponder and desire no longer! Last House on the Left baddie David Hess is here to quell your curiosities and make you smell like your favorite horror killer or scream queen!

Hess has teamed up with Love Potion Fragrances to create and distribute a limited edition line of very special colognes and perfumes, fittingly titled Hess’s House Of Scents! I think The Last Scents On The Left would have been more fitting but that’s just me and i’ll admit my penchant for naming products was never so great. But before we get into the different fragrances that he has concoted for us, let’s learn a little backstory on David Hess, shall we?

(Whattsa matter? Not the mug of a man you'd expect to make perfume?)

David Hess not only played uber-bad guy Krug in Wes Craven’s 1972 cult classic The Last House On The Left, but he’s also starred in several other cult horror flicks that you might know of. Ever heard of The House On The Edge Of The Park? That was him. But besides movies, Hess is also an accomplished songwriter and musician. Remember that song The Road Leads To Nowhere from Last House and Cabin Fever? That was him too. How about the Elvis hit All Shook Up? Well that couldn’t have been Hess too, right? Wrong! He wrote that song, which was then performed by and credited to The King! Well i’ll be damned!

So now that we know a little bit more about the man behind the fragrances, lets get back to the fragrances themselves. Hess has come up with three different scents, which are as follows....

MANIAC for men - Unleash your inner lunatic!


I wait for you. My senses, sharp as an axe, fill with the scents of the damp earth around me - sandalwoods, leaves of ivy, fern and tobacco. The sensuality of the aroma envelops you, captures you, makes you yearn for me as I burn for you. Come to me, I am your maniac.

VICTIM for women - For the shameless hussy who deserves it!


Tease, tease, tease. An innocent look that really may mean more follows a whisper of honeysuckle and sweet herbs. Closer, I catch a breath of lilac, rose, orchids & greenery while you take in my pleading gaze. The erotic heart of vetiver and amber finish me off. I am your victim…

The smell of FEAR - A primal scent for men or women


A whisp of citrus chills the back of your neck and lets you know that something is there. Then, an exotic Asian medly fills your senses - ginseng, bamboo, green tea - makes your head turn, you feel it creeping up on you. As your breath turns shallow, and your heart beats rapidly, you face it head on...the deep and animal aromas of ambergris, oak moss, and musk. Face your fear.

You can purchase the scents directly from David’s website or from Love Potion Fragrances. They’re gonna run you $19.95 a piece, for a 5ml roll on bottle, or you can purchase a sample set for only $12.95 which contains small sample bottles of all three scents. PLUS! When you purchase any of these, you will receive a FREE limited edition postcard signed by David Hess himself! You just can’t put a price on that!


Pretty strange, eh?! You must at least appreciate those brilliant smell descriptions the folks at Love Potion came up with!

In related David Hess news, I just found out that he's gonna be at Fangoria's Weekend of Horrors in the city next month (June 5th-7th), which i'm pretty excited about. I've spoken to him a few times on MySpace and i've wanted to meet him for quite a while, so that'll be cool. Hopefully he's got some fragrances for sale cause I sure wouldn't mind trying a bottle out! Or at the very least displaying one on my shelf...

Six Brand New Fright Rags Designs!!

***Don't forget to vote on which Fright Rags design you want to see next!***

One of the great things about Fright Rags, awesome shirt designs aside, is that they are incredibly prolific, churning out a seemingly endless supply of kickass horror shirts to adorn your body and make you the talk of the town. They've already released enough new designs this year to make any fan more than satisfied and just today they added a whopping SIX brand spankin new shirts to their website! Lets get right into checking 'em out!













Near Dark and The Raft are must owns for me. I've loved The Raft ever since I was a kid and Near Dark is one of my favorite horror flicks, as i'm sure you well know by now, so I can't wait to hide my pasty and flabby not at all ready for summer torso with them. Which one's your favorite?

To check out better quality high res photos or to pick up any of these new shirts ($16.95 a piece) head over to Fright Rags, where you will receive free shipping on orders over $60 and 10% off your first order when you sign up for their newsletter! They also have a huge sale going on over there with $20 hoodies, $10 girl tees, and $8 clearance tees, so be sure to check those out too!

I know I talk about Fright Rags an awful lot on this blog but i've recently discovered a couple other horror t-shirt companies that give The Rags a run for their money and i'll not only be talking about those soon but i've also partnered with two of those companies in particular to bring you giveaways of some of their awesome shirts, so be on the lookout for that in the coming weeks!