Friday, July 31, 2009

It's That Time Again! Four New Fright Rags Designs!!

As cool as my brand spankin new Freddy In Space shirt is, there's just nothing that can ever top a Fright Rags shirt. But you know that already because i've told you a million times before, eh? Rags owner Ben did a really cool thing with these four new design unveilings this past week. Newsletter subscribers were made privy to the information that a small cropped out image from each of the four new designs would be posted on either their Facebook, MySpace, or Twitter, one each day Monday through Thursday, and the first couple people who correctly guessed what movie the shirt was depicting based on that small excerpt would win that particular shirt. I was unfortunately never awake early enough to get in on any of this fun but it was a cool idea nonetheless and i'd like to congratulate all the lucky, and smart, winners!

Anyway! Check out the four awesome new designs from Fright Rags!



The Hills Have Eyes (OG)




Night of the Creeps


You can of course pick any of these or any of their whole plethora of shirts up from These new designs will run ya $16.95 a piece, but it's a small price to pay for the wearable works of art that the Rags has become known for producing. If you sign up for their newsletter you will not only get 10% off your first order but you will also be kept up to date on all the latest goings on within the company (they sometimes even make shirts that are exclusive to subscribers only), so I suggest you do so pronto!

What do you think of these new designs? Leave a comment and let me know!

New Giveaway! Win The Horror Webcomic Collection 'Split Lip : Volume 1'!


Split Lip is a horror webcomic that has been written by Sam Costello for the past three years. Every month, new horror anthology style comics are added to the site and Costello has just recently released 'Split Lip : Volume 1', a collection of 11 of those short comics that originally appeared on the website, packaged together in a nice little book. Not only was creator Sam Costello kind enough to offer one of you lucky Freddy In Space readers the opportunity to receive a copy of this 158 page anthology of tales of terror, beautifully drawn by artists from around the world, but he even signed it for you to sweeten the deal! I just got this baby in the mail today and this is one contest prize that I really don't want to part with! I've only read a few of the shorts thus far but i'm really digging it and can't wait to read them all. I'm pretty sure you guys will love this!

Here is the offical synopsis of the collection, from the back cover :

Mysterious old men who peer into the second-floor windows of sleeping children. Corn fields swollen with otherwordly crops. Subterranean colleges where unusual students learn a fearsome craft. A pair of bank robbers stowed away on haunted trains.

You'll find these stories, and other chilling tales, in Split Lip Volume 1.

Split Lip is intellectual horror with strong doses of shock, violence, and unsettling ideas. You won't find vampires or zombies here, just disturbing new takes on horror. Split Lip shreds traditional horror archetypes in favor of creating dark moods, original characters, and frightening experiences.

These stories will leave you disturbed long after you close the book. Discover for yourself why The Horror Blog called Split Lip "the predominant original horror comic work on the internet."

Sound interesting? Here's all you have to do to enter!

1) Head over to the official Split Lip website. While there you can check out Costello's work, totally free of charge.

2) Send me an e-mail at with your mailing address and the name of any one of the 11 short comics that appear in this volume (you can find those titles by clicking the banner on the right side of their page). For the subject of the e-mail, put "Split Lip".

Contest is open to EVERYONE.

That's all folks! You have through next Friday, August 7th, to enter. On the 8th, I will randomly choose one winner.

Good Luck and a big thank you to Sam Costello for providing this awesome prize!

My Thoughts on Saw 6 The Collector


Sometimes you watch a movie and love it. Sometimes you watch a movie and hate it. And then sometimes you watch a movie and you really aren't sure what to think of it. Indifference when it comes to movies is something I absolutely loathe. Quite honestly, i'd rather hate a movie than be indifferent about it. I want to be able to tell people, definitively, that I either hated or loved a movie. Well guys, I really can't tell you one of those two about The Collector because i'm pretty damn on the fence about it. I didn't hate it nor did I love it, which I guess puts it somewhere in the 'liked' category. I loved the premise of the flick and I even really dug the killer, two things i'll get to in a second, but the whole thing just fell kinda flat and, bah, I don't know. There was just something about it that didn't quite mesh with me.

The premise of The Collector is this ; a man who desperately needs to get money for his in debt to the wrong people ex-wife decides to break into the house of a wealthy family, the same family that has employed him for the last couple months as a maintenance man. When he gets there he realizes somebody, somebody much more evil than himself, has already beat him to it and the house is armed to the teeth with Saw like traps of the most brutal kind.

Now the awesome thing about this premise is the way in which the traps are designed. The titular 'Collector' has rigged traps specifically designed to not only keep you in the house, but to keep you from protecting yourself in any way. You go to arm yourself with a weapon, it's rigged to a device that will kill you. You go to jump out the window, it's rigged to a device that will kill you. It's a pretty cool and original spin that's a lot more effective than just merely a whole bunch of traps in random places throughout the house. I really dug the premise and again, I dug the killer too.

'The Collector' really reminded me of an old school almost Italian horror villain. Simple outfit, simple mask, nothing too fancy or flashy. Simple, brutal, and creepy. In fact, he was pretty much a dead ringer for the killer from Sergio Martino's Torso, which i'm sure had something to do with why he felt like a killer from a 70's Italian horror flick to me. Unlike Jigsaw, this dude doesn't only rely on traps and he is not above arming himself with knives and guns. He also has a badass killer dog by his side that gives the one that ate that chick in The Beyond a run for his money. I also dug how not much of the backstory of 'The Collector' was gone into, kinda like Jigsaw in the first Saw movie. They didn't tap into his motives in any way really and never gave any inkling as to why he's doing what he's doing. Me, not being a huge fan of backstory, really liked this and it made him far creepier to know as little about him as the characters on screen running away from him knew. There's surely gonna be plenty of sequels to get into all that stuff anyway. Basically, in summation, 'The Collector' is probably what Kevin McCallister would be like if he turned into a psychopathic killer. And if his parents left him home alone one more time, he probably would've become one! Parental neglect always leads to serial killer, right Michael Myers from Rob Zombie's Halloween?

Now this flick was written by the two dudes who wrote the last few Saw movies and yes, in case you're wondering, it shows. The movie is very Saw esque and in fact, the script was originally conceived as a prequel to Saw. Go figure. Again, it shows. The movie is basically Saw comes home. If Jigsaw invaded a home and set up shop there instead of some kind of filthy bathroom in the basement, that movie would be The Collector. I will say though that at least they didn't go for the shaky cam effects that run so rampant in the Saw movies. Kudos for that.

Now here's the main problem with this movie. It basically feels like one gore sequence after another that is intended to shock the audience. But ya know what? That shit just don't work on me anymore. I'm over it. I've seen it all before. I've seen fingers get cut off. I've seen dudes step on bear traps. I've seen dogs get blown in half with a shotgun. Well, actually no, that last one was pretty cool. The gory kills just didn't do anything for me. They were just....there. I've become so desensitized to that kind of stuff that it really doesn't even have an impact on me anymore. It's sad, but it's true. I think movie critic Clay Clane summed it up best ; "It's like seeing a pop songstress get naked for the billionth time - yeah, she's hot, but we have all seen it before." Maybe if this movie came out five years ago, I would've loved it. It just feels a little too late. I need something a little more than one trap kill after another these days.

It's not that I didn't like The Collector, it just did nothing for me. It left me feeling nothing at all and I hate that feeling. It's stylishly shot and it's a far better film than most of the horror movies that come to theatres and I love the fact that it's a balls to the wall R rated flick, but I was simply not impressed. If you've seen any of the Saw movies, you've really already seen The Collector. Go see Orphan instead!

If you've seen The Collector, leave a comment with your thoughts.

Thursday, July 30, 2009

Men's Journal - Into The Zombie Underworld

Zombies are real. They exist. And Mischa Berlinski is gonna prove it to you in the September 2009 issue of Men's Journal, on newsstands now. They may not consume human flesh or have strong desires for human brains or even be violent at all, but they are real. In Haiti, to this very day, dead and buried human beings are being exhumed and brought back to life. It is a proven fact.


Remember Wes Craven's 1988 flick The Serpent and the Rainbow? It rocked, didn't it? Well, that film was believe it or not based on the true accounts of a man by the name of Wade Davis, who traveled to Haiti in 1982 to explore the secrets of zombification and then documented his experiences in a book, The Serpent and the Rainbow. Davis then went on to write a second book on zombies, Passage Into Darkness, which covered the strange case of Clairvius Narcisse (seen above). I talked a bit about this in my Horror Film Fact or Fiction post a ways back, but i'll touch on it again for those who don't want to leave this post to go ahead and read that one. To make a long story short, Narcisse died in 1962 but was then seen again in his village in 1980. He claimed that he had spent the prior 18 years as a zombie slave. But was Narcisse ever really dead? Davis believes that he was not dead but rather that he was poisoned with a compound containing Tetrodoxin, which essentially has the effect of making a living human being appear, by all accounts, quite dead. The victim, naturally thought to dead, is then buried. ALIVE. Much like Pullman in the flick. Those who poisoned him come back later in the night, exhume the living corpse, reanimate it with another special compound, and use the essential brain-dead 'zombie' as a slave. The townspeople of course assume that the man or woman has died a natural death and is comfortably lying in his grave and are never the wiser to what's really going on. Pretty fucked, eh? This is what allegedly happened to Clairvius Narcisse and he's not the only one. But not all zombies are as lucky as Narcisse and not all of them escape their owners and return to somewhat normal existences. This brings us to the Men's Journal article that I read today that has inspired this post....

Mischa Berlinski is a writer that has lived in Haiti for the last several years and after rumors of a zombie roaming around town, he decided to investigate and put his findings down on paper for all to see. The article, Into The Zombie Underworld, is the true account of a young girl by the name of Nadathe Joassaint ; a living breathing zombie. This is not rumor and this is not speculation. This is real. If you want to read the full eight page article, you're gonna have to pick up the September 2009 issue of Men's Journal, which as I said is out now. But I will give you the basic gist of the story to whet your appetite. Sort of like the blurb you'd read on the back cover of the DVD. If this were a movie. I highly recommend you pick up the mag and read the whole article, which I can guarantee will shock and interest the hell out of you.

This is, in short, the story of Nadathe Joassaint.....

On the morning of November 7th, 2006, 26 year old Nadathe Joassaint became sick and was soon after found dead. Two men were accused of her murder and, before the judge, they admitted that they had killed Joassaint, via the use of a mysterious powder. "The body was buried at 5PM Friday", one of the men claimed, "By 9PM we were in possession of her zombie". Joassaint's mother was soon informed by her cousin that these claims were true ; her daughter was still alive and she was in fact a zombie. Despite various attempts to get her back, her mother never saw her again and although many sightings of the young girl were reported in the area, nothing was ever proven beyond speculation. Almost two years after the young girl was buried, her suspicious fiancee decided to break into her tomb and take a look inside, to once and for all find out the truth. When he opened the coffin, there was no sign of Nadathe Joassaint inside. Her whereabouts have never been discovered and Berlinski firmly believes that she is still out there, a zombie doing the bidding of her owner.

As far as i'm concerned, this article, like many reports that have come before it, are concrete proof that zombies do exist. Would Haiti really have rules pertaining to owning and transporting them if they didn't? They're not the way they are depicted in George Romero's zombie flicks, but they are zombies nonetheless. In fact, most pre-Romero zombie movies depicted them as they really are ; dead people brought back to life as slaves. It wasn't until Night of the Living Dead came along that they were depicted as flesh hungry monsters. So are Romero's zombies real? No, thankfully those ones are merely a figment of his imagination. But as I said in the intro up there, people in this world are being essentially killed, buried, and then brought back to life. If that's not a zombie, then I don't know what is.

Go pick up the mag or at least head over to your local bookstore and sit on the floor and read it!

What do you make of all this? Leave a comment and let me know your two cents!

Cinema of Fear Series 4 Now Available at Toys R Us!

I had heard a few weeks back that Toys R Us was gonna be stocking series 4 of Mezco's Cinema of Fear series, but I was nonetheless still shocked when I walked into the local Toys R Us in my area and actually saw them sitting there on the shelf! In the past i've always had to wait for conventions or hit up specialty stores or the internet to pick up action figures like these, but it looks like they're finally becoming more mainstream and I couldn't be happier. Needless to say, being able to waltze into Toys R Us and see an action figure of 'Roach Girl' from Dream Master perched on the shelf just about made my year. I picked up afformentioned Roach Girl but before we get into her, lets take a quick look at the other two figures in the Cinema of Fear series 4 line.

We've got Jason Voorhees from Friday Part 3, complete with axe, machete, severed arm, and an alternate head :


And 'Nurse Freddy' (he beat ya to it, Joker), also from Dream Master, with bonesaw, alternate head, and even the famous 'soul food' pizza from the flick!


My buddy Tony over at Benevolent Street did an awesome review of the Jason in this series, video included, so definetly check that out here if you want to get a closer more in depth look at it.

Kickass figures of both Freddy and Jason but we've seen a million plastic incarnations of those guys before. The real standout in the series for me is Debbie Stevens and it was simply impossible to resist. The scene that this figure is depicting is one of my favorite scenes from all of the Elm Street flicks and it's one that's always stood out for me since my days as a young Freddy obsessed little creep. If you would have told me then that i'd someday own a figure of Roach Girl and that i'd be picking it from Toys R Us no less, I sure as hell would not have believed you! Check this baby out, complete with severed arms, full roach arms, and a roach trap to boot!


As much as i'd love to take her out of the package and snap you some photos of her totally assembled and up close and personal (which you can see here), my days of opening figures are behind me. I think they look much cooler hanging on my wall in the packaging and besides, once they're opened, they just sit on the shelf collecting dust. And for that matter, they usually end up falling behind the shelf, never to be seen again. So i've found it best to just keep them sealed. It's also nice to bring them to conventions and get them signed. I was actually just at a convention not long ago that Brooke Theiss (Roach Girl) attended, and i'm hoping I can catch her again to get this Hancocked. At that point, my life will be just a little more complete.

Head over to Toys R Us today and pick these babys up! They go for $14.99 a piece and i'd say they're well worth the price tag. Job well done yet again, Mezco. It's so cool to see companies like Mezco making not only figures of horror icons in alternate scene specific attires but also going so far as to even make more minor characters from the films that normally would be getting no such treatment. All I can say is....


Wednesday, July 29, 2009

The Hilarious Wild Man of the Navidad Controversy


So my blogging pal Jeff Atencio from The Jaded Viewer also writes for the UGO Movie Blog and today he wrote up a review for an indy Bigfoot flick coming to DVD August 11th called The Wild Man of the Navidad. His review wasn't even necessarily a bad one but it did draw the attention of one of the directors of the film, who was moved enough to leave a couple comments defending the movie. Cool enough, right? Always nice to see a director who's passionate about his work and who reads and comments on reviews of his flicks, right? Well here's where this little story gets real funny and real lame....

The film is directed by two guys ; Justin Meeks and Duane Graves. Duane Graves is the one who commented on the review. But he didn't comment as Duane Graves, he commented under the name "bisforbest" and claimed to not be Duane Graves but merely a big fan of the film! HIS OWN FILM! Check out a few of the things this would be fan said :


"i think this movie is better than what you've painted. the main things that make it good are 1) the directors pulled off the look of those older movies skillfully, which can't be found in any "newer" horror flic and 2) they did it with next to nothing. but even so, why does everyone always focus on "budget" in reviews anyway? so what. budget does NOT equal greatness. the fact that these dudes pulled this quality with 7 grand or less is amazing. i'm a fellow filmmaker so i should know, and i commend graves and meeks for wild man. it may take a few years to be appreciated because these newer generation horror watchers just don't get it."

"we can't really determine what is or will be a cult classic when it first comes out. in twenty years this COULD be one, that's the thing. i saw this movie with an enthusiastic audience at a midnight screening at a horror festival, which was ideal i guess, but they loved it. i think what my friends and i appreciate the most is that there is FINALLY someone trying to bring back the old school way of cinematic storytelling - long master shots to soak in, linear stories, atmosphere, etc. it's refreshing in the genre, any way you slice it. and nobody with a budget has had the balls to try it so far. you weren't as harsh as you could've been i guess, but this movie is worth seeing if not just for inspiration to filmmakers- especially in the glut of crappy horror there is these days man come on."

So how did the dude get outed? After reading these rather suspicious viewpoints on the movie, Atencio's friend did a little Google reverse lookup on the e-mail address "bisforbest" registered with and the name that came up was none other than DUANE GRAVES! OWNED!

Graves, still under the pseudonym of "bisforbest" went on to continue denying his identity and claimed he was a man by the name of Albert, and it's all been hilarious to watch play out today. Click here for Jeff's full review as well as all the commenting drama! Jeff also just made a whole post about the ordeal on The Jaded Viewer, so check that out too.

Now I have not seen The Wild Man of the Navidad yet so I can't comment on the quality of the film (it's gotten pretty good reviews across the board, which makes this all the stranger), but I think this kind of bullshit needs to be addressed and clowns like Mr. Graves need to be outed. Lest you think this is merely one isolated incident, these guys have discovered a whole host of comments on various websites from this same e-mail address, all speaking highly of the works of Meeks and Graves. Come on guys, did ya really think you'd get away with it? There's nothing wrong with defending or speaking highly of your own film, but do it as yourself, don't pretend you're some fan of your own work.

The Last Resort - Your Passport To Viewing Hell


I wasn't gonna bother with even writing up a review of any kind for this flick but I feel I must. This will probably be the shortest review i've ever written, but it's my duty as a horror blogger to shelter you guys from some of the crap i'm forced to sit through and so, i'm gonna shelter you. It's not that i'd ever expect you to rent or buy this movie when it comes out on DVD August 11th but just in case the sexy bikini clad woman on the cover (who by the way looks like she just pinched a loaf in her diaper) tempts you in even the slightest way to do so, I must urge you to resist the temptation. There are no women in bikinis in this movie about women on a vacation at a tropical island (go figure), there is no nudity aside from a brief boob shot from perhaps the most unattractive girl of the group (go figure), and you don't even get the satisfaction of actually seeing any of these annoying chicks get killed (go fuckin figure!). And believe me when I tell you that they're the most annoying group of girls ever committed to celluloid. If ever I wanted to see a cast of characters get slaughtered brutally, it was in this movie. Not only did I not get that but I did not get to even see one person in the entire movie actually get killed on screen. Some horror movie, eh?

I should've known what I was in store for when I read this little blurb on the back cover :

"This vacation might have been the time of their lives, but The Last Resort will most likely be the time of their death."

Nuff said.

I hate you, Last Resort, but I do take some comfort in the fact that you only tortured me for 75 minutes of my life. So thank you for that.

District 9 - Teaser vs Trailer


The Peter Jackson produced District 9 is a flick i've been hotly anticipating for a few months now, ever since the awesome Solaris music using teaser trailer hit the net. But when I went to see Orphan last weekend, the theatrical trailer for D9 seemed far different than the teaser I had watched months earlier. It seemed like an entirely different film and while I initially thought it was just me, my brother echoed the same sentiments the next day. The original teaser came off like a drama film where you were meant to feel bad for the homeless and stranded aliens while the full theatrical trailer looked more like a Transformers style action spectacle, rife with giant robots and massive explosions. Now i'm not saying i'm any less excited about the film and my ass is sure as hell gonna be in that theatre come August 14th, but I just thought i'd point this out to see if anyone else felt the same way.

Here is the original teaser :

And here is the new theatrical trailer :

District 9 has been getting nothing but incredibly rave reviews and again, I cannot wait to see it and am no less excited about it than I was before. It's just perhaps going to be a different experience than what I initially expected it to be, and there's really nothing with that. I still fully expect District 9 to be EPIC.

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Discussion of the Week - How Do You Like Your Freddy?

At Comic Con this past weekend a few things were revealed about the upcoming Nightmare on Elm Street remake. The first image of Jackie Earle Haley as Freddy was shown, the poster art was unveiled, and it was announced by director Samuel Bayer that this vision of Freddy will be a much darker and less comical one than we've seen in most of the later installments in the franchise. Fine by me. But what's not fine by me is numerous people out there on the web bashing the more comedic side of Krueger that I know and love. A lot of people are thrilled that the remake is gonna bring a more serious Freddy back to the table because they apparently didn't dig the wise crackin jokester he went on to become, which is quite surprising for me to hear. So this week, i'd like to know your opinions on this very topic.

Do you prefer the more serious Freddy Krueger from the original Nightmare on Elm Street or the one liner spouting slice ya then make fun of ya Freddy Krueger from the later Elm Street installments?


I guess I already gave my thoughts on the matter with my little intro there. To me, there is nothing better than the Freddy who cracks jokes, appears in rap videos, and has yo yo's and talking dolls made in his likeness. Such things may make him less scary but they're the things that seperated him from all the other horror villains out there and they're the things that always drew me to him as a kid and still draw me to him to this day. Above all else, Freddy is just plain entertaining and that's a large part of his appeal for me. The Freddy that spouts one liners before or after dissecting his victims is the one I know and love and that's where Englund always shined the brightest in the role. As far as i'm concerned, it was always the direction the character was headed. It reminds me of the Evil Dead trilogy and how some folks bash the two sequels because they were more comedy based and thus, were no longer scary. Well to me, Evil Dead is at its best when it's funny and the same goes for Freddy and the Elm Street series. Now don't get me wrong, the original Elm Street is one of my favorite horror movies of all time and I am very much looking forward to seeing a darker vision of the dream demon in the remake, but nothing will ever top the wise cracking prankster Freddy for me. That version of Freddy is the only version of Freddy in my eyes.

Do you prefer funny or serious Freddy? Leave a comment and let me know!

Click here to get in on any past discussions!

The Haunting In Connecticut - Generic Haunted House Horror


Predictable jump scares. Mirror scares. Flashbacks to prior evils. Seances. A drunk unpresent father. A knowledgeable priest who saves the day. A fiery end. There is nothing about The Haunting In Connecticut that we have not already seen a hundred times over in any number of other haunted house horror flicks. It's a total paint by numbers affair that manages to cram just about every single ghost movie cliche into its hour and 45 minute run time and honestly, there's no reason to even bother with it. I will say that Kyle Gallner (glad he's in the Elm St. remake) and Elias Koteas (Casey fuckin' Jones!) were both really good in the movie, but that's about all it has going for it. Unless you've somehow never seen a movie before that involved a couple and their children moving into a new house that turns out to be haunted, HIC isn't even worth a rent. And yes, I watched the unrated cut, so don't be thinking it's any better if you've only seen the theatrical. Although the unrated is almost 10 minutes longer, many of the major differences seem to stem from the coloring of the film. Click here for a full in depth look at all the differences between the two cuts, if you're interested.

By the way, if you don't have a Blu-ray player and want to rent this flick unrated, you might have a little trouble finding it. Blockbuster and Netflix seem to only carry the rated DVD for some reason, while the Blu has both the rated and unrated on one disc. I'm thinking maybe the unrated DVD is only available to buy, thus giving non Blu-ray owners some incentive to make the switch? For the record, the movie doesn't impress in high def.

Now the funny thing about this release is that the special features, at least the ones that are on the 2 disc and Blu-ray, are much better and more entertaining to watch than the movie itself. There's a two part 40 minute documentary exploring the true story that inspired the movie, which gets pretty freaky when a crucifix falls off the wall at the exact point the mother is talking about how that used to happen in the house! Perhaps orchestrated, perhaps not. There's a nice little 10 minute look at the history of postmortem photography, called 'Memento Mori', that is highly interesting. It's pointed out in there how in the olden days people looked a lot healthier and more alive when they passed than they do today, thus making their after death portraits look highly creepy but at the same time more comforting to the family members. Due to the medical advancements of our time, which prolong sick peoples lives to the point where they deteriorate and look like a shell of their former selves by the time they die, as opposed to just dying shortly after they get sick, after death photos are no longer so comforting and that's a primary reason they are no longer used as part of the bereavement process. There's also a 12 minute featurette called 'Anatomy of a Haunting', which explores hauntings in general. Aside from that, it's the usual audio commentaries and making of's. Oh, and a Blu-ray trailer for Cabin Fever, which is coming soon!

What i'd suggest is that instead of buying or renting this flick, you should go ahead and rent or buy (only $4.50!!) A Haunting In Connecticut, which is the 2002 Discovery Channel docudrama that THE Haunting is essentially a remake of. I haven't watched it in a while but I used to watch it all the time on TV when I was younger and it scared the shit out of me. Just got it in yesterday from Netflix so i'll probably watch it again tonight but believe me, it's far better than the flick that just came out on DVD (and has insanely creepy narration). So if you're interested in the (allegedly) true story, watch 'A', not 'The'.

If you've seen either of these movies, leave a comment and let me know your thoughts!

Monday, July 27, 2009

Pre-Order Your Very Own Bottles of Tru Blood!


Jen and I were actually just talking last night about getting or making replica bottles of Tru Blood to perhaps fill with wine and consume during our weekly True Blood gatherings with the friends (never said I wasn't a geek) and in fact i've been asked in the past for any tips or advice on how to go about such things, so I was pleased to get a press release e-mail from HBO earlier today notifying me that we are finally gonna be able to get our hands on our very own replica bottles of the synthetic plasma that is a favorite to (some) vampires, Tru Blood! Here's all the details on this carbonated beverage along with some True Blood inspired drink recipes!

Meticulously crafted, the Tru Blood Drink is an exact replica of the bottle design as seen on True Blood. The 14oz glass Tru Blood bottle is stained in a rich red, with raised Tru Blood English lettering and matching Japanese Kanji.
This blood orange flavored soda is slightly tart, lightly sweet and subtly carbonated. Designed to taste great while matching the appearance of Bill’s favorite drink, the drink pours like a regular soda, but with the standing appearance in a glass is stormy and mysterious.

Drink Menu:
The Fangbanger - Tru Blood, Vodka
Death on the Beach - Tru Blood, Peach Schnapps, Pineapple Juice, Vodka
Plasmapolitan - Tru Blood, Citron, Cointreau, Fresh Lime Juice

You can purchase either a four pack, for $16, or a 24 pack for $96. The drinks will ship on September 8th, but you can pre-order them today to not only make sure that you get them before they sell out but also to make sure you get them before everyone else. If you pre-order one of the packs, you will also get 15% off any other True Blood item in the HBO store.


Pretty cool, eh? Unfortunately these will be shipped out a few days after the season 2 finale airs so they wont be able to be enjoyed while watching this season on the screen but hey, better late than never right?

True Blood Episode 2.6 - 'Hard-Hearted Hannah' - Discussion


***Click HERE for a video recap of this episode and HERE for IMDb's full rundown of everything that happened this week***

Some questions are finally being answered! Our suspicions about Daphne have been confirmed and it has been proven once and for all that Maryann was the horned beast who attacked Sookie, although those horns were merely part of a bull head mask. Of course along with these answers comes many more questions, but it's nice to see some things starting to take shape.

Once again the scene of the week goes to a flashback, this time being the bloody sex between Bill and his maker. Awesome to see Bill as a bloodthirsty and evil vamp, something we had not seen before. Cool to know that he wasn't always the brooding anti vamp who just wants to be human.

Other highlights of this episode were the Jessica/Hoyt reunion (so glad it wasn't a dream sequence!) and the shellshocked Terry comforting the just as shellshocked Lafayette. Although Terry doesn't get all that much screen time, he's one of my favorite characters and always manages to entertain and make ya laugh. Cool to see a more tender side of him but it's also pretty sad to see the shape Lafayette is in. Gone is the flamboyant and outspoken Lafayette we once knew. But hey, at least he's still alive, right? Do you think he'll ever be back to his old ways again?

Anyone have any speculation on what the deal is with Eggs? By the way, thanks to my friend Stefan who I watch True Blood with (among others), I now know that 'Eggs' is this dude's nickname because his real first name is Benedict! Pretty funny and for some reason I always thought he was called Eggs because his name was Xavier or something. Don't know how that one slipped past me....

I loved the conversation between Hugo and Sookie, particularly Hugo talking about how he wants Isabel, his vampire chick, to turn him. He brings up some good points and it seems inevitable that if Bill and Sookie want to continue their relationship, he will have to turn her and will have to do so soon before she starts getting older. How do you think the show would be impacted if Sookie became a vampire? Do you think it would hurt it at all?

And yes, I think Sookie is annoying too. We all seem to echo that sentiment. It's not that I dislike Anna Paquin, beside I don't, but her voice and dialogue is just getting very irritating. It's strange to not really like the main character on the show, the one we're probably supposed to like the most. That being said, I am dying to see Jason kick some ass and come to his sisters rescue.

Not that I really thought Sam was gonna be killed off, but the video preview for the next episode (seen below) confirms the fact that he won't be. It also suggests that Andy is going to stumble into the orgy while looking for the pig and end up being the one who is sacrified. It's pretty much set in stone. Take a look at this picture that briefly flashes on the screen in the preview video :


I'd say he's as good as dead. Andy's always been a funny and entertaining character but I guess he's kinda reached the end of his road and hey, it beats Sam getting killed.

Well, that's really all I had to say about this episode. Leave a comment and lets continue the discussion!

***Click HERE for a video preview of episode 7, 'Release Me', airing next Sunday and HERE for a video preview of the whole rest of Season 2, straight out of this past weekend's Comic Con***

Three Must Read Articles About The Horror Blogging Community

I was gonna just slap these up on the Hit List on the sidebar but I think they deserve the full post treatment and so, they're gonna get it. A couple great articles about horror blogs and the importance of them came out this past weekend and i'd like to share them with you guys, along with an older one that I did actually put on the Hit List a month or so back. It's articles like these that make me proud to be a part of the awesome horror blogging community.

Fangoria - The Importance of Horror Blogging

Being that most of the bigger horror sites out there focus mainly on news, horror blogs are the best place to go for everything else and that makes them a pretty important and integral part of the horror community. That is precisely the topic of conversation in this great article written by Brad McHargue of the blog I Love Horror. Thank you Brad for increasing the exposure of horror blogs on such a big outlet as Fangoria.

The Vault of Horror - Horror Blogs You Should Be Reading

After reading the above article on Fango, The Vault's B-Sol whipped up a nice list of his personal favorite horror blogs. If you're looking for some awesome blogs to add to your reading list, this is the place to go. Thanks again B-Sol for the mention and link.

Day of the Woman - Why The Horror Blogging Community Is The Coolest

And lastly we have this post from last month by BJ-C, B-Sol's partner in crime. The horror blogging community is in fact an awesome tight knit group and here are seven reasons why.

Feel free to leave a comment with a link to your own horror blog or links to your personal favorites. If you do post a link to your own, I can promise I will follow it and add it to my daily reading list!

The 3D Shark Bite Water Slide!


Encountered this bad boy at Target this past weekend and although Jen talked me out of shelling out the 30 bucks for it, I had to snap some pictures with the camera phone and let you guys know about this genius slice of summer fun. It's a water slide that leads into a GIANT 3D SHARK MOUTH! Now it must come with a cheesy cardboard pair of 3D glasses that would surely fall off your face the minute you slide down the wet slide, right? Wrong! The 3D Shark Bite Water Slide comes with 3D WATER GOGGLES!!!


I can't say for certain whether this is the first pair of 3D water goggles on the market, but it's certaintly the first pair i've come across. Gotta wonder how well they would work when it comes to watching a 3D flick indoors....

The back of the box is really what confirms this as the best product ever invented :


"As you rapidly approach the shark, its special 3D graphics will make you believe you're flying towards the waiting jaws of the hungry Great White". Is that not every kids dream!

Although it's probably for the best that I was talked out of buying this, I still can't help but wonder what it must be like to slide into the jaws of a giant 3D shark and thankfully Amazon has the slide on sale for only $19.99, so I just might be experiencing that thrill before this summer comes to a close! But whether I ever get around to it or not, it's just comforting to know that this product is out there and that a whole generation of youngsters are going to be able to finally fulfill their dream of being eaten alive by a giant sea predator. You lucky bastards, you. Where was the 3D Shark Bite Water Slide when I was a kid?!

Sunday, July 26, 2009

Name That Zombie!

This might be the most obscure zombie we've seen in this feature to date but if i've learned anything over the past couple months, it's to never underestimate you guys. Can you name what zombie flick this blushing and decaying bride is from? Leave a comment with your guess!


Click here for past installments of 'Name That Zombie'!

Friday, July 24, 2009

Orphan - GO SEE IT!


I've gotten a lot of flack over the years for loving Jaume Collet-Serra's first flick, the remake of The House of Wax, but something tells me a hell of a lot more people are gonna be on my side this time around. I just got back from seeing Orphan and I absolutely loved it as did nearly the entire theatre who were cheering, clapping, laughing, screaming, and oohing and aahing away. I really don't wanna say much about it because this is one of those flicks you should go into knowing as little about it as possible but if you trust my opinions when it comes to horror movies, I promise you are not gonna be let down in any way shape or form if you decide to drop your hard earned 10 bucks to find out Esther's secret. I actually had afformentioned secret spoiled for me a few days back (ok, so I asked for it) but it really didn't matter at all. I was kinda afraid that knowing how it was gonna turn out would ruin the experience but thankfully it did not in the least. That being said, I am not encouraging you to go IMDb the secret. Go find out for yourself!

Speaking of Esther, my god, Isabelle Fuhrman has brought to the screen a new horror icon that puts pretty much all other evil kids of past to shame. Damien who!? This is one evil pint sized bitch and I loved every second of her brilliant performance. The flick basically hinges on this 12, yes 12, year old's acting ability and she sure delivers. Even if the rest of the movie sucked, it'd be worth seeing for her performance alone. For the record, when I was 12, I was eating dirt in my backyard. I'd say Ms. Fuhram has got one hell of a career ahead of her. Also gotta give serious props to the couple other kid actors in this flick, who turned in far more impressive performances than one would expect or is used to seeing from kid actors. The acting was amazing all around the room and for once in a horror movie, I truly cared about pretty much each and every character on the screen. Go figure!

Now I know, I know. You're all sick of the evil kid trend in horror movies. Believe me, I am too. Have no worries because Orphan pretty much turns the idea on its head and is one of the best entries in that sub-genre to date. In fact, it would not be too out of line to call Orphan the Omen of this generation. I mean it.

Orphan is a perfect blend of dark humor, scares, drama, gore, intensity, and edge of your seat thrills ; pretty much all the ingredients I want to see in a horror flick. And when I say it's intense and edge of your seat, boy do I mean it. I was totally gripped from minute one and the last half hour or so is some of the most intense cinema i've experienced in a long while. Sure there are some annoyances like jump scares and characters doing stupid things, but this is a horror film afterall and such things are to be expected. I really have no complaints whatsoever about the film.

One last thing ; I am happy to report that the line that has been causing much controversy lately, "It must be hard to love an adopted child as much as your own", was not taken out of the film like it was taken out of the trailers. Hallelujah and fuck off, you uptight Americans.

What are you waiting for? Esther's got a secret she wants to tell you and I suggest you go find out what that is before she gets very verrrry angry! Don't wait for the DVD, go see this sucker in a packed theatre.

The Freddy In Space Shirt Has Arrived!

And Jen is here to model it for you! Beats looking at a picture of me, I figured....

Front :


Back :


The good sir over at Image Advertising put the letters on this thing totally by hand and i'm very happy with the way it turned out. As I said in my previous post about this, I will eventually get a bunch of these printed up and if I do that, they will be sent off to a screenprinting shop so i'll be free to modify the fonts or colors or anything I want. Although I think I might just keep it simple as I like the way it looks now. Once I do get a bunch printed up, i'll probably give a few away on here in contests or i'll send them out to those who want them, probably only at the cost of a few bucks to cover the shipping. I wouldn't dare try and charge you guys 20, 15, or even 10 bucks on a shirt promoting my little horror blog. So if anyone wants one, feel free to leave a comment here or drop me an e-mail and once I get them printed up, they're all yours! That is, as long as you promise to wear them and turn yourself into a walking Freddy In Space billboard wherever you go....

Wore the shirt out today and I already got two comments on it. One older woman asking me what a blog was and another dude saying "I don't get your shirt..." but hey, at least it's drawing some kind of attention, right?

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Combat Shock 25th Anniversary Tromasterpiece Collection Rundown & Review


Much like the Slime City Grindhouse Collection (which I reviewed HERE), the Combat Shock Tromasterpiece Collection DVD comes out next Tuesday the 28th and it too has been sitting on a pile in my room of DVD's to get around to checking out. And much like Slime City, I decided to dig into it tonight and let you guys know if it's worth picking up. Being that I already reviewed Combat Shock a ways back, i'm gonna be talking mostly about the special features contained on this two disc set. So grab a glass of curdled milk and sit back and enjoy my tour through the Combat Shock Tromasterpiece Collection DVD, hitting the streets July 28th! For those that are frequent readers of my blog and are sick of me talking about Combat Shock, which I documented many times over in my few months working for Troma, I promise this will be the last time I mention the flick! Well, probably....


Housed inside that awesome cover art are the two discs and Troma, striving to make this the most jam packed release ever, even emblazoned the opposite side of the cover art with notes on the film from Steven Puchalski, editor of Shock Cinema and frequent Fangoria contributer. Gotta appreciate the extra mile they went for this one.

There are actually two versions of the film on disc one of this set ; Combat Shock and American Nightmares. Combat Shock is the cut we've all seen before while American Nightmares is the never before seen until now totally unrated cut, which runs a full eight minutes longer. As if Combat Shock weren't disturbing enough already, eh?! I actually have not watched American Nightmares in full yet but from I understand, it's even more bleak than the version of the film i've seen. Not sure I can even handle that! Disc 1 also includes an audio commentary (for Combat Shock only) with director Buddy Giovinazzo and fellow filmmaker Jorg Buttgereit, from Nektromantik fame. Two of the most disturbing makers of film of all time on one audio commentary while watching one of the most disturbing movies ever made. Sounds fun, eh!

Then we move on to disc 2, which is absolutely chock full of special features. Here's the rundown :

- Post Traumatic : An American Nightmare - Brand new 30 minute documentary exploring the continued impact and influence of Combat Shock. Features interviews with John McNaughton (Henry : Portrait of a Serial Killer), Scott Spiegel (Evil Dead 2), William Lustig (Maniac), Roy Frumkes (Street Trash), and more.

- Director Buddy Giovinazzo Interview (4:04)

- Unscarred : Combat Shock star Rick Giovinazzo Interview (6:33)

- Der Combat : Buddy Giovinazzo and Lloyd Kaufman discuss Combat Shock at the 2006 Tromanale in Berlin (4:24)

- New interview with Buddy and Nekromantik director Jorg Buttgereit at the 2009 Berlin Festival (7:38)

- The Short Works of Buddy Giovinazzo - Five never before released short films ; Mr. Robbie, Jonathan of the Night, Subconcious Realities, The Lobotomy, and Christmas Album, as well as three music videos from the Rick/Buddy G. band Circus 2000 A.D.

Mr. Robbie - 1989 (7:56) - This one stars Maniac's Joe Spinell as a kiddie talk show host by day and a killer by night and is sometimes referred to as Maniac 2. It was Spinell's last film, which only adds to the creepiness of it. Definetly a must see for fans of the king of sleaze (I say that lovingly) and for fans of Maniac, although it's too short to live up to its potential.

Jonathan of the Night - 1987 (12:59) - An unwitting vampire lives an eternity of loneliness and bloodlust. Interesting short with the oddest use of gunshot sounds ever committed to celluloid. Giovinazzo definetly has a distinct style about his films, which I dig. At the end of this short it said a feature film was in pre-production, which I guess never came to fruition.

Subconcious Realities - 1983 (15:26) - A young man's escape from the boredom of reality, through a new mindfuck drug. Another disturbingly freaky piece of work from Buddy G. Go figure! I'd like to take a little mini vacation inside the man's head. Actually no, I probably wouldn't.

The Lobotomy - 1981 (7:13) - Crazed sex maniac goes through a lobotomy. They just keep getting weirder and weirder!

Christmas Album - 1981 (7:04) - A happy Christmas greeting to all young couples. I found this one to be the most amusing of the bunch. A dude puts some kind of demonic record on the player that forces him to kill his girlfriend then himself, but not before ruthlessly bashing her choice of gifts! Pretty humorous.

- Hellscapes - A look at the Combat Shock filming locations as they appear today (2:42)

- Combat Shock Tromasterpiece Trailer

- Original Theatrical Trailer

- Tromatic Extras - Five trailers from other Troma films ; Mad Dog Morgan, Last Horror Film, Story of a Junkie, Blood Boobs and Beast, and Troma's War.

So is it worth picking up? Absolutely. And unlike the Slime City Grindhouse Collection, i'd recommend this to everyone, not just fans of Combat Shock. If you're a fan of Combat Shock you will love the director's cut, the shorts, and all the special features and thus, this is a must own. And if you've never seen Combat Shock, YOU SHOULD. This is probably the best title in the entire Troma library and Troma knows it. With this release, they have given it the treatment it deserves and they have totally piqued my interest in checking out the other works of Buddy Giovinazzo. Job well done, Troma!

It's a steal at only $14.99 on Amazon, so I suggest you pre-order it today!

Infested Films Brings You 'The Morning After'!


My friend Brad Morelli alerted me to this 36 minute short film a while back when he was brought on to the project to design the poster art. Brad is the guy who's responsible for not only the current banner here on Freddy In Space, but for the last one as well. Well just last night he sent me over a copy of 'The Morning After' and I absolutely loved it and wanted to help spread the word on it. Unfortunately the whole short is not available to watch in its entirety on the internet at the moment but I can tell you a bit about it and show you the trailer and if you're so inclined, you can seek it out for yourself.

The basic premise is that there's a big house party going on and while most of the people in the house are drinking and having a great time, there's one dude who has locked himself in his room and is inspecting some kind of strange slimy pulsating egg pod of sorts that he has found. The morning after, thus the title of this movie, the hung over partiers discover that things have not gone so well for the pseudo scientist and then their day begins to not go so well when a couple of pseudo robbers toting guns break into the house and hold them hostage. From there, messy, slimy, and bloody Lovecraftian fun ensues.

I was incredibly impressed by how well done this short was. The acting's pretty good, the effects are top notch, and it's even incredibly well filmed, all things that are rare for most amateur efforts. Most of all, The Morning After is just plain fun. While most amateur horror filmmakers out there are trying way too hard to create some kind of important piece of work, and failing miserably, Infested Films are a bunch of guys who are clearly just having a hell of a lot of fun and want to entertain their audience, and that's exactly what they've done with this one. Big thumbs up, fellas.

Before I ramble on any longer, check out the awesomely narrated Grindhouse esque trailer for The Morning After!

Now all the website says in regards to getting your own copy is to shoot them an e-mail if you like the trailer and they'll send you over a copy once it's finished. So if you like this trailer, by all means send the Infested Films guys an e-mail at and ask for a copy! I'm not sure if you're gonna have to pay for it or if this movie will be made available to watch for free on the internet at some point, but I will keep you posted and again, if this sounds like something you'd be interested in, shoot them an e-mail and let them know and i'm sure they'll make sure you get to see it. If it becomes available to watch on the internet at any point, i'll of course let you guys know. And if you do get around to seeing it, stay through the credits!

Infested Films has just finished shooting their second short film, Theodore, which stars none other than Lloyd Kaufman. Keep an eye on their website as they will be posting the trailer as well as the full short on the website in the coming weeks! Can't wait!

I don't know about you guys, but it's low budget well made stuff like this that gives me a kick in the ass and shows me that if you want to make your own films, and make them look professional, YOU CAN. In fact i've come to realize that the hardest part of making a movie is not the actual process of making the movie, it's convincing yourself that you can actually get out there and do it. That being said, i've been working on a script for my own short top secret project that I fully intend on getting out there and executing. Details to come!

Watch The First Clip From Saw 6!

Keep an eye on FEARnet tonight as the Saw 6 trailer is set to stream live at 5:30pm PT, along with an exclusive interview with Tobin Bell, at THIS LINK RIGHT HERE!

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Slime City Grindhouse Collection Rundown & Review


Shock-O-Rama Cinema was kind enough to send me over a copy of the upcoming Slime City Grindhouse Collection DVD, out next Tuesday the 28th, and after sitting on it for a few days I decided to crack into it tonight. I had never actually seen Slime City so this was all very new to me but even not knowing much about the film, this two disc affair is pretty impressive. Before we get into the movies (there's 4 of them on this baby) or the plethora of special features, lets first take a look at the packaging for this release.

The above picture is the outer case, which slips off to reveal this cover art :


Inside are the two discs as well as a booklet, featuring the original DVD release cover art, and even a mock film festival mini poster, which shares the same art as the inside cover :


Always cool to get added treats like these to make you feel like you're getting your moneys worth.

As I said, this 2 disc set features a whopping FOUR films, all directed by Greg Lamberson. Of course there's Slime City, but there's also the feature length flicks Naked Fear and Undying Love (aka New York Vampire) and the new short Johnny Gruesome, which has never been released on DVD before. This set is Lamberson's entire filmmaking career spanned over two discs, as opposed to merely his cult hit Slime City, which makes this a must own for any fan of his work.

As for the special features, there's a bunch of those :

- Slime City Commentary
- Making Slime Mini Doc
- Slime Heads Interview
- Undying Love Commentary
- Making Love The Grindhouse Way Mini Doc
- Naked Fear Commentary
- Meeting His Maker : Johnny Gruesome Mini Doc
- Shock-O-Rama Trailer Vault

Phew! Now how bout the movies themselves? First up I watched Slime City, for the first time ever. For those as uninformed as I, here's the basic plot rundown from the back cover :

When Alex and his girlfriend Lori move into a New York City apartment, they fall victim to bloodthirsty supernatural forces that transform Alex into a murdering, melting monster....a hideous slime splattered demon that cannot be stopped!

Slime City is pretty much exactly what I expected it to be. Like Troma's movies, it's boring when there's no blood and guts on the screen and once the blood starts flowing and the guts start getting ripped out, it gets fun. Thankfully for Slime City, it doesn't take too long before it starts getting real slimy and I had a decent enough time with it. That being said, it does still have a lot of boring 'I want to fast forward this to the good parts' moments. This is the kinda movie that goes best with a few beers and some good friends by your side, much like flicks like Toxic Avenger or Street Trash. These kinds of movies (over the top poorly done gore over story) are not exactly my favorites, in fact i'm honestly not really even a big Troma fan, but I can still get enough enjoyment out of them that they're worth the watch. If only the whole movie were as messy and gory as the finale, perhaps I would've enjoyed this a lot more though. And like I said, if I had some beers and some friends with me, it probably would've been more enjoyable too. Bottom line is, Slime City didn't do much for me.

Up next I checked out Johnny Gruesome, which is only 8 1/2 minutes long and stars everyone's favorite softcore horror porn actress, Misty Mundae. It's essentially about a rocker who is murdered and then comes back as a zombie and, quite frankly, it's worthless. I think this is the first movie i've seen Mundae in where she doesn't drop her clothes. What a waste!

And that's about where my Slime City Film Festival came to an end. I haven't gotten around to watching the other two films in the set, but here are the plots of those for anyone who's interested :

Naked Fear - When traumatized agoraphobic Camden takes in a new roomate who happens to be both claustrophobic and an orphan, he overlooks indications that Randy may not be what he seems. But then neighborhood lowlifes begin turning up dead, and Camden's girlfriend becomes convinced there is something very, very off about Randy....

Undying Love - Scott Kelly tried to take his own life. Now he finds himself seduced by a beautiful woman named Camilla who has promised him his life will NEVER end! Hunted by a NYC detective, Scott must decide whether to battle his growing thirst for blood or embrace his new unholy existence!

So is this set worth picking up? Only if you're a huge Slime City fan and want to see more films from the same director. Being that the previous release didn't have half the stuff this one has on it, it's probably a must own for those folks. Those that have never seen the movie but are huge Troma fans might want to pick it up too but if you're not a fan of those types of movies, definetly stay away. It's a nice release for those diehard fans of this cult classic, which granted it was made for, but it didn't do much for me personally. In fact the most enjoyment I got out of the whole affair was browsing the magical scenery in a very brief scene in Slime City when the main character is working in an old school video shop!

Now Accepting Donations For The 50 Worst Movies Ever Made Challenge!

Last night I announced my upcoming descent into 'The 50 Worst Movies Ever Made' (read all about it here) and i'm beginning to think I might need some help with this quest. I only have a few of the 50 movies and there's a bunch of them that aren't even available on Netflix. So, per the idea of Carl from over at I Like Horror Movies, i'm gonna reach out to you guys for a little bit of help. Below you will find the complete list of 'The 50 Worst Movies Ever Made'. If you have any of these films, either on DVD or on VHS, and are willing to part with them in an effort to help me fulfill my sadomasochistic dreams of indulging in the worst movies of all time, I kindly ask you to either leave a comment here or drop me an e-mail at and I will send you the address where they can be sent. These movies all suck pretty badly, so it shouldn't be too hard to part with them! And hey, if you don't want to part with a DVD and just want to burn me a copy instead, that's fine too! So here they are, 'The 50 Worst Movies Ever Made'! The ones I already am in possession of have asterixes next to them....

#50 - Glen or Glenda *
49 - The Mesa of Lost Women
48 - Troll
47 - Teenage Zombies *
46 - The Fat Spy
45 - Voodoo Woman
44 - Ishtar
43 - Frankenstein Conquers The World
42 - The Creeping Terror
41 - Santa Claus Conquers The Martians
40 - Howard The Duck
39 - They Saved Hitler's Brain
38 - Black Belt Jones
37 - Greetings!
36 - The Great Alligator
35 - Hillbillys in a Haunted House
34 - TNT Jackson
33 - Robot Monster
32 - The Incredible Melting Man
31 - Firebird 2015 A.D
30 - Dracula vs Frankenstein
29 - Bride of the Monster
28 - Smokey and the Bandit Part 3
27 - Xanadu
26 - Leonard Part 6
25 - The Wild Women of Wongo
24 - Bela Lugosi Meets a Brooklyn Gorilla
23 - The Ape *
22 - Galaxy of Terror
21 - The Robot vs The Aztec Mummy
20 - Snow White (German Version)
19 - Creature From The Haunted Sea
18 - The Swinging Cheerleaders
17 - The Trial of Billy Jack
16 - Killers From Space
15 - Spider Baby *
14 - Trog
13 - The Three Stooges in Orbit
12 - The Crippled Masters * (Thank you Quanthor!)
11 - The Sorceress
10 - The Crawling Hand
9 - Bloodsucking Freaks
8 - J.D's Revenge
7 - Frankenstein Meets The Space Monster
6 - Killer Shrews *
5 - Great White
4 - Plan 9 From Outer Space *
3 - The Thing With Two Heads
2 - Eegah!
1 - The Incredibly Strange Creatures Who Stopped Living And Became Mixed Up Zombies!

Any and all donations, big or small, would be very much appreciated and there just might be some compensation for ya if you donate!

Your Sources For All The Comic Con 2009 Horror Coverage You Can Handle!


As i'm sure most of you know, the annual San Diego Comic Con began today (today being preview day) and you know what that means ; tons and tons of horror movie related coverage (news, pictures, action figures, trailers, you name it) coming our way in the next several days. There's so much of it that it's almost overwhelming and impossible to keep track of it all, so I decided to create a little guide for you containing the best sources for all things horror at Comic Con, all together in one easy to keep track of place. I unfortunately am missing out on the big event again this year and will not be able to provide any coverage from the floor myself, so this is the next best thing I can come up with for ya. Maybe next year i'll finally make it out there as it is afterall one of the things i'm dying to mark off on my bucket list. But for now, here are the only links you really need in order to get the latest up to date news pouring out of San Diego!

Firstly we have the horror websites who are running coverage all weekend. These are the three main horror news sites out there and i'm sure you all already visit them on a daily basis....

Bloody Disgusting

Dread Central


Dread Central even has live streaming video from the floor, so definetly keep an eye on that. Also keep an eye on the Freddy In Space Hit List to your right, where I will be posting some news bits throughout the next several days.

If you don't already have a Twitter account, NOW IS THE TIME TO GET ONE! All you have to do is take a few quick seconds to sign up, follow the below people, and watch the coverage roll in.

Adam Green - Director of Hatchet. He's at Comic Con and will be Tweeting his experiences.

Bloody Disgusting - BD's official Twitter.

Debi Moore - Dread Central staffer who has been posting many pictures and updates.

Dread Central - Dread Central's official Twitter page, chock full of up to the minute updates and pictures. There are literally a handful of new pictures everytime I refresh the browser. This is the best source for coverage i've found thus far.

FEARnet - FEARnet's Twitter page.

Joe Lynch - Director of Wrong Turn 2. He is on his way to Comic Con and will be Tweeting regular updates. Also check out his blog, where he promises to post many pictures and anecdotes.

Shawn C. Phillips - This is just a fan but he's on his way to the convention and will be there all weekend and posting regular updates. You may know him as Coolduder from Youtube (the DVD updates guy).

Shock Till You Drop - Shock Till You Drop's Twitter page.

If I find any other people who are at the Con and are frequently Tweeting about it, i'll update this post and let ya know about it.

Follow those folks on Twitter, keep up to date on those couple sites, and you should stay well informed on every single cool and exciting little nugget coming out of Comic Con this weekend! It's the next best thing to being there yourself!

The First Picture of Jackie Earle Haley as Freddy Krueger Is Here!


I sprung out of bed bright and early this morning, something I rarely do, because Elm Street producer Brad Fuller reported on his Twitter page that the first picture of the new Freddy would be posted to MySpace at 10am. Stupid me forgot that the times vary state by state and what was 10am over in California was 1pm here in New York! You can imagine my dissapointment. Slept off those few hours and awoke again at one and here it is, straight from MySpace, the first ever image of Freddy Krueger from the Elm Street remake, portrayed by Jackie Earle Haley!


Really can't tell much by that shot but have no fear, Fuller just Tweeted that yet another picture will be posted to IGN this afternoon! Hopefully that one will be a little more revealing, although something tells me they're gonna keep Freddy mostly in the dark until the flick hits theatres on April 16th of next year. I will update this post when the IGN picture hits the net.

In the meantime, here's a little excerpt from Bloody Disgusting's just posted Elm Street set visit preview, regarding the look of the revamped Krueger :

“I had all of the photos up, and I have such respect for his face, I really wanted to echo some of the forms,” Clement continues talking about the new look. “The thing that we did depart from was the nose. I remember hearing interviews with Kevin Yager or one of the other people who have done the makeup. They were saying they wanted to make him a male witch, which is why they went with the big nose at the time. That kind of made sense, but I just didn't really think it - you never really see Robert Englund prior to being burnt. I knew how much we were going to see Jackie, so I couldn't image making Jackie's nose big all of a sudden. Why would we do that? In the beginning I didn't really know if we were going to have to do a Robert Englund likeness make-up on Jackie. Again, this is a reboot, a fresh start if you will. While Jackie Earle Haley might not look like Robert Englund, one thing you can count on is that Freddy is still Freddy right down to the dirty black boots."

Be sure to read the full set visit preview and be on the lookout for their full full set visit report real soon.

What do you make of all this? Leave a comment and let me know!


Here's a tiny picture of a Comic Con banner promoting the Elm Street remake, courtesy of Dread Central staffer Debi Moore's Twitter. Be sure to follow her as she's been Tweeting all kinds of pictures from the Comic Con floor!


******UPDATE #2******

Here's a much better quality look at the Elm Street poster, courtesy of IGN. Not sure if this is the second Freddy picture that Fuller was referring to, but it seems like it probably is.


******UPDATE #3******

Click here for a MUCH better look at Haley's Freddy, lightened up in Photoshop, courtesy of Icons of Fright!!

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Discussion of the Week - Can't Wait!

A recent chat between my brother and I regarding the few good horror movies we've got on the horizon in the coming months has led me to this weeks discussion question....

What upcoming horror movie are you most looking forward to checking out?

There's a whole plethora of them that are set to be unleashed later this year/early next year that i'm really looking forward to ; District 9, The Final Destination, Saw 6 (fuck off), Orphan, Elm Street, Grace, Trick 'r Treat, and ya, even Halloween 2. But there's one in particular that I haven't been able to get out of my head since hearing about it what seems like years ago....




As far as i'm concerned, this man is the greatest filmmaker alive today. That's a bold claim, but i've got a lot of points to back it up. Rather than go on and on about those points, i'll sum it up in one simple word ; OLDBOY. If you're asking me, Oldboy is the best film ever made. Period. Bar none. It just doesn't get any better, more complete, more satisfying, more thought out, or more brilliant than that movie. It is a total masterpiece that deserves to be studied alongside Citizen Kane and The Godfather in film classes around the world. It is THAT DAMN GOOD. If Chan-wook were to spend the rest of his career making shit movies, i'd still consider him one of the best in the business for Oldboy alone. So when I heard that this man was making a horror film, I couldn't possibly be more excited about the idea. His brush with horror in the Three Extremes segment 'Cut' was totally genius and unique and again, the thought of a full length horror-esque flick from him is just about the most exciting thing one can ask for. Now yes, this movie is about vampires and if you're hesitant about it because you're over the whole Twilight/vampire craze thing, believe me, I am too. I quite frankly don't care to see another vampire movie for the next decade. But i'll always make an exception for anything that comes out of Park Chan-wook's sick, twisted, and brilliant mind. I CANNOT FUCKING WAIT.

By the way, here is the Thirst red band trailer, if you haven't seen it yet. Thirst opens in select theatres July 31st.

Leave a comment and let me know what horror movie on the horizon you're most looking forward to checking out!


The 50 Worst Movies Ever Made


I bought this DVD a long time ago called The 50 Worst Movies Ever Made. It's a 60 minute rundown of 50 of the worst movies of all time, along with clips and narration that provide some interesting trivia facts about each. A lot of people have bashed the DVD saying it's too short and it sucks, but i've always liked it and in fact just gave it another watch the other night. Which is where the idea sprang into my head that i'm probably gonna end up regretting.....

I am going to watch 'The 50 Worst Movies Ever Made'. All of them. And i'm dragging you along with me on this journey through the worst of the worst of bad cinema.

My plan is to track down, watch, and give my thoughts on each and every one of these poorly crafted gems for your enjoyment and at my own expense. It's just something i've gotta do. I've always had a fascination with bad movies and this is perhaps the ultimate showing of my love for them. As nice as it will be to share my feelings with you guys on each of them, it's gonna be even nicer to once and for all be able to tell people that I, in fact, have seen 'The 50 Worst Movies Ever Made'.

Being that it could take a while to watch and seek out all of these movies, this is something that's going to be an ongoing thing on here, with no set starting, watching, or ending schedule. I've included a button on the sidebar to your right so you can track my progress with ease. A good portion of these movies are from the horror genre, so this won't be too off topic and besides, I think everyone secretly loves shitty movies and will enjoy this journey!

What are the alleged '50 Worst Movies Ever Made', you ask? Well you'll just have to wait and find out! I will say that first up, coming in at #50, is Ed Wood's tranny masterpiece, Glen or Glenda, which should give you a good idea of just how bad these movies are gonna get. If any Ed Wood flick is ranked the best among 49 other movies, you can imagine the kind of stuff i'm gonna have to sit through over the next several months!

So come along with me, if you dare. The journey begins soon!

Monday, July 20, 2009

The Landlord - A New Horror Comedy


Awesome VHS style 80's throwback cover art, eh? Unfortunately, this cover art (done by the amazing Scott Jackson/Monsterman) is no reflection of the feel of the film and even more unfortunately, it's the only good thing The Landlord has going for it. Well, it does kind of have an interesting premise, but it's not well executed at all.

The basic gist of it is that this fat dude Tyler owns an apartment building that is haunted by a pair of demonic human eating creatures. Whenever he gets a new tenant in the building, the demons eat him, her, or him and her when available. Then there's some side plot about a young woman who comes to live at the building who just had an abortion or something and Tyler takes a liking to her and together, with Tyler's sister, they try and rid the building of the demons. But basically, it's demons eating people in an apartment building. Should be Troma style fun, right?

Well, it's not. I can overlook the low budget. I can overlook the horrible sound quality that varies scene by scene and even line by line. I can overlook the horrible makeup effects that consist of poorly made blood, 25 cent machine fake teeth, and those rubber severed limbs you can buy at Walmart around Halloween time. I can even overlook the bad acting and amateur first time filmmaking. But The Landlord just simply is not enjoyable or entertaining in any way. Simply put, it's a horror comedy without horror and without comedy and I couldn't help but ride the fast forward button after a while of sitting through it. In fact i'd probably say the only thing that kept me watching was a sick curiousity for what stupid shit could come next. The movie is supposed to be silly and it's supposed to be off the wall, but it just comes off as dumb.

This is another one of those indy flicks that has been getting rave reviews from horror bloggers, several of them even plastered onto the DVD cover. And therein lies the problem. So many bloggers are so desperate to get their names on the covers of these indy horror movies that they will praise and suck them off whether they truly liked them or not. This is a trend that has gotta stop. Sure you're getting some press and sure you're getting on the good sides of horror filmmakers, but all you're doing is hurting the reputation of your blog and if it's kept up, you will lose all credibility from your readers. Now i'm not saying it's impossible for any human being out there to enjoy this movie and i'm sure some of those bloggers i'm referencing truly did like it, but I hardly think the dudes who called the flick "pure comic gold" or wrote that it had "some amazing makeup and special effects" were being entirely honest....

Awesome cover art. Bad movie.

If you want to find out more about The Landlord or check it out for yourself, you can head over to the official website. I'd like to thank the director, Emil Hyde, for sending me a copy. Sorry I didn't dig it, Emil. It always pains me to bash movies that I get sent from the filmmaker, but i've gotta be honest.

True Blood Episode 2.5 - 'Never Let Me Go' - Discussion


Another solid episode but for the love of God why did they have to show that damn picture again! I'm about to start a petition! Either never show that abomination again or redo the Photoshopping on that sumbitch! I'm starting to think that this has now become a running joke even for Ball and crew....

Highlight of this episode for me was no doubt the flashback scene to Eric's Viking past and after reading some forums, it seems most agree with me on that. Such an awesome scene with a fair amount of the plasma that we need to see more of from True Blood's second season. In the beginning I kinda saw Eric as one of those pretty boy Twilight esque vampires that are crapping up the big and small screens these days, but he's become one of my favorite characters on the show of late.

Godric was totally badass and I can't wait to see more of him in the coming weeks but was anyone else kinda hoping Godric would be some big name actor or something? With all the buildup surrounding him, I was secretly hoping someone like Christopher Walken would turn out to be playing the role! But again, the dude they chose for the role was awesome. The recent issue of Fangoria had a picture of him from this episode in it and i've been wondering for weeks who that was so it's nice to get some closure on that. Closure ; something you don't often get from True Blood!

This episode was definetly a little too lovey dovey, but I didn't really mind it all that much. Seems all of the characters are finding love, and counterparts, this season. So glad Jessica didn't cheat on Hoyt with that man servant and I loved that scene of him reading his comic book to her! I will say though that I am getting a bit bored with the Sookie/Bill relationship. It's essentially the same monotonous thing week after week and the scenes with the two of them talking alone are getting rather irritating. Is it just me? Lets spice up this relationship a bit. Maybe Bill's maker coming back into the picture is gonna do just that. Let's hope so!

And give us more Lafayette, please! I don't see nearly enough of him.

Handjobs for Jesus! Jason finally gets some action from Sarah, but is it all a set up on the part of her and her husband? Starting to think so....

I find myself when I do these discussions never really touching on Sam or Tara, which is starting to tell me something. I like both of the characters, but doesn't it seem like nothing much to speak of has really been happening with them lately? That being said, I am looking forward to seeing how the shapeshifter on shapeshifter relationship works out. But why is Sam not curious at all about those giant claw marks on Daphne's back?!

The only other thing I really wanted to say about this episode is that the whole Maryann ordeal is starting to get as stale as the Bill/Sookie relationship. Again, it's the same thing week after week and i'm just hoping they resolve it all before too much longer and move on. Anyone else starting to lose interest in that character?

These few complaints aside, True Blood still continues to be an awesome show. It just kinda drags a bit at times and takes too long to get to the point, but I guess that's the case with most shows like this. You can't really expect pay offs and new storylines each and every week. I think my main problem is that i'm just not used to waiting a whole week for the continuation of a story and it drives me a little crazy. In the past when i've gotten into shows it's been through DVD at my own pace, long after the show has already completed and been off the air, so it takes some getting used to.

Feel free to leave comments and continue discussing the episode with me!


I'll end this post on a bit of a bum note, at least for me. Jen and I had tickets to go see Late Night With Jimmy Fallon this past Friday but we bailed due to various circumstances. Who ended up being on the show that night? Anna Paquin! Figures, eh?

New VHS Finds & a Few Thank You's

Hit up a few thrift stores this past weekend and made a couple interesting finds....


Phantasm 2 was found at a thrift shop inside a church, which I thought which was pretty funny. Never thought i'd be buying a horror flick from a church! For that matter I didn't think i'd ever be inside a church again, period. This VHS is actually worth something given the fact that Phantasm 2 has yet to be released on DVD. That will change on September 15th, making this tape lose its value, but it's a nice little find nonetheless. Even nicer that it only cost me 50 cents!

Toxic Avenger Part 3 : The Last Temptation of Toxie, which i've never seen, was found at another thrift shop down the road from the church for 2 bucks, still sealed in its original packaging. How a sealed copy of Toxie 3 ended up at this little thrift shop I will never know but it was too cool of a find in too oddball of a place to find it to pass up. By the way, speaking of Troma, i'm still taking care of the Tromasterpiece MySpace and handling their PR email account, but i'm sad to say my affiliation with them has kinda reached a dead end. Evan, the only dude from over there who I was in contact with and the guy who gave me all the stuff to do for them, has left Troma and is now working for Severin Films. As much of a bummer as that is for me, I certaintly wish Evan all the best.

Also wanted to mention that I picked up a pretty kickass Cabin Fever promotional sticker from Ebay the other day :


Should look nice alongside my promotional surgical mask!


Now for the thank you's....

Thanks to Zach from Why Do I Like Stupid Horror Movies? for the package he sent me this weekend, which included a copy of the newest issue of his zine (which can be purchased at his blog) amongst other goodies. The fact that our opinions on so many horror movies is so vastly different makes it a real pleasure to read your point of views, Zach!

Thanks to Jack from Scab's Friday The 13th & Horror Blog for sending me a copy of his Final Chapter fan edit, which contains added gore footage from the recent Deluxe Edition release. Being that Part 4 is my favorite of the franchise, I can't wait to check this cut out!

And finally, big thanks to Wild Eye Releasing, Severin Films, Massive Ego Productions, and Shock-O-Rama, who all loaded up my mailbox this weekend with screeners that I can't wait to delve into. Reviews of flicks the likes of Bloody Moon, The Sinful Dwarf, Perversion Story, Stone, The Bloody Ape, Blitzkrieg : Escape From Stalag 69, Goth Kill, Slime City : Grindhouse Collection, and The Landlord soon to come!

One last thing, while i'm already going all over the place with this post. You still have through tommorow to enter my Haunting In Connecticut mini poster contest over at Win Free Horror Shit! Get over there and enter now! Become a follower of Win Free Horror Shit to gain an additional entry!