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I Think I've Found This Year's Halloween Costume....


'Nuff said. Thank you, Paper Magic Group. If you head over to toy/costume site Toynk you can pick up the costume in small, medium, or large for $97.99 or you can just buy the mask for $69.99. But don't, cause it's mine. ALL MINE!!

31 Days, 31 Links - Day #28

Link #27 was brought to you by one half of Creepy Kitch, so it only makes sense that #28 is brought to you by the other half, Stac!



"I LOVE this guy. He's not strictly horror or Halloween, but he does a LOT of weird/cult stuff, and at Halloween he does some really awesome stuff like his skeleton countdown where he went through and rated a new toy skeleton in his collection every day. It was great, and he's really funny. He also wrote a love letter in the form of a blog to an old dark ride called The Phantasmagoria. It's a fascinating read and I've never been within 100 miles of this ride."

This blog is actually an off-shoot of Kirk's website Secret Fun Spot, so check that out too. Lots of cool stuff to be found on both the site and the blog, like these awesome family portrait paintings of famous movie couples/families. Thanks, Stac!

Thursday, August 27, 2009

31 Days, 31 Links - Day #27

Tonight's link is brought to you by Cins, one half (along with her best friend Stac) of Creepy Kitch!



"I stumbled on Snowblood Apple when Stac and i were looking for information on the movie Ju On. It can be pretty addicting too. Snowblood Apple is an archive site of reviews of Extreme Asian Cinema. You'll find reviews of the usual such as Ringu, Old Boy, and Ju On but it also had a TON of other movies that I never knew were out there and reviews of some American remakes. (I was surprised at their review of the American remake of Dark Water. Worth a read!). There are several reviewers who work on Snowblood Apple and each one seems to have a firm knowledge of Asian Cinema and love it as well. They write in-depth and interesting articles of the films and usually at the bottom of each review they include a desktop picture and links on where you can find more information on the movie. Most reviews do a good job at giving spoiler warnings so keep an eye out for them. Also, LOTS of screenshots too. So if you're squeamish (which I'm sure you're not considering this is a horror blog) beware! Photos of blood and puss await!"

Being that i'm a big fan of Asian extreme-ly fucked up cinema and am always on the hunt for the next extremely fucked up gem, this one's right up my alley! Thanks, Cins.

The Halloween Countdown Begins NOW!

With a marathon of Halloween, Halloween 4, and Halloween 5 currently running on AMC, Michael Myers returning to the big screen in less than 3 hours, stores beginning to stock their shelves with skeletons and pumpkins, and Halloween just over 2 months away, i'm officially balls deep in the Halloween spirit and I intend on getting you into the mood too - starting right this instant! The 2 month countdown to Halloween is always more exciting than the actual day itself and I intend on fully embracing each and every day of the season on this here blog in these next 60+ days. Got a lot of fun planned but one of the main ideas I have is as follows....

Over the next two months, I want you guys to submit to me your favorite Halloween memories - from your childhood, from last year, from whenever your favorite Halloween memory took place. This goes to any fellow horror bloggers and all you readers out there. E-mail me ( - put "Halloween Memory" as the subject) your favorite Halloween memory, along with your name, picture (if you so desire), and a link to your blog or whatever else you want to plug (if applicable), and i'll post your very own story right here on Freddy In Space within the next two months. It can be as short (a single sentence) or as long (several paragraphs) as you'd like - however many words you need to tell your story. Videos also acceptable! I'm counting on you guys to make this a success, so i'd love to see those memories pour in!

And who knows - maybe even some stars from the horror universe will pop in to share their most treasured Halloween memories. In fact, i'd count on it!

Cursed Mountain Contest Winner!

After a month and almost 200 entries, the contest for a copy of the brand spankin new horror/survival game Cursed Mountain for the Nintendo Wii has come to a close and the winner has been randomly selected! That lucky winner is....


Congratulations Jessilyn and big thanks to all who entered! If you were not the winner this time around, you can pickup your own copy of Cursed Mountain on Amazon, which was just released this past Tuesday!

Don't forget to enter my other contest that is currently running, where you can win free iTunes downloads of the Troma classics Toxic Avenger and Class of Nuke 'Em High! You still have until September 14th to get your entries in. Click here to enter now!

Stayed tuned for another great new contest real soon!

The Legends of Horror Audio Game!

Got a new game for you guys that took me the better part of a couple hours to put together, so I hope you get some enjoyment out of it! I've taken 10 second audio samples from interviews with 10 different legends in the horror community (actors/directors) and it is your job to determine who each of the 10 voices belong to. These are all from interviews, not movies, so don't think you're gonna be able to rely on recognizing any quotes! That'd just be too easy and what's the fun of an incredibly easy game? So nail on your thinking caps - it's time for the first ever Legends of Horror Audio Game!!











As always, leave a comment with your guesses!

Name That Clown!

It's time for more clownin around here on Freddy In Space! Can you name the movie this creepy clown is from? Leave a comment with your guess!!


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31 Days, 31 Links - Day #26



"Started in 2007, BuyZombie is a site for Zombie Fans. While the site started as an ever-growing database of everything Zombie related you can buy or do on the Internet it has since grown to be a hub for zombie news, media, reviews, and announcements! As time goes on we hope continue to have a complete Zombie Product database, keep you up to date on the undead happenings, as well as more features for you all to enjoy."

That about sums it up. Simply put, Buy Zombie is your one stop shop on the internet for all things zombie - movie reviews, movie news, products, you name it. I've stumbled upon a bunch of zombie only blogs in my travels across the web and Buy Zombie is the best i've come across. I've found out about countless cool undead related treats through the site and if you're a fan of those brain eating former humans, this is a site you will love to visit on a daily basis.

Discussion of the Week - Myers vs Death

I know other horror bloggers out there have already posed this question (Day of the Woman, for one) and thus it's not really an original one to ask, but I simply must ask you guys the burning question of the week this week....

Both Halloween 2 and The Final Destination hit theatres this Friday. Which one are you more excited to see?

Quite frankly i'm excited to see both and as a diehard horror fan and horror blogger (it is my duty), i'm gonna be seeing both flicks this weekend. But if I had to choose the one i'm more excited about, i'd have to go with.....


This might be a surprising choice for those who know me and know of my opinion on Zombie's Halloween remake, but i've got a few points to back it up. As i've stated before, I really didn't like Zombie's Halloween. I wanted to, believe me. I love Halloween, I love Myers, and I love Zombie and pretty much everything he does. But I just couldn't get into his version of Halloween and i've tried several times. I didn't like the explanation of the backstory of Myers (which quite frankly takes the piss outta him) and I didn't like the fact that the movie was so dark that I really couldn't even see any of what was happening - to name just a few gripes. So why am I excited about Halloween 2? Why should I expect it to be any different? Because I still have a ton of faith in Rob Zombie as a filmmaker. I loved House of 1000 Corpses and I LOVED Devil's Rejects - this dude can make a kickass horror flick, no question about it. As far as i'm concerned, i'm gonna consider Halloween a mere misstep and let it slide. I really don't think he was the right guy for the project and that's why, even though he tried his damndest, it just didn't work. So again, why do I have faith in H2? Because I think at this point the franchise has become his and this sequel is gonna be all his own - no attempts to recreate what's already been done before. Michael Myers is now totally in Rob Zombie's universe, i've accepted it, and I think he's really gonna be able to let it all hang out and run wild with this one. Maybe this is all just wishful thinking and it quite possibly could end up being the same mess that Halloween was - and if it is, i'll admit that I was wrong - but I think H2 is really gonna allow Zombie to shine once more as a kickass horror filmmaker. The establishing stuff is out the way, the pressure for Zombie to recreate stuff from the original flick and remain true to the past movies is out of the way - it's time to get down to the nitty gritty of a violent Rob Zombie flick that just so happens to have Michael Myers wielding the blade. Bring it on! And besides, as BJ-C pointed out, it's "Michael frenchin Myers". Unless a Freddy or Jason flick came out the same weekend, nothing would top my desire to see Myers on the big screen once more.

That being said, I still am excited about The Final Destination, but really only to see the insanely gory kills they've come up with this time around....

Which are you most excited about? Leave a comment and let me know!

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

31 Days, 31 Links - Day #25

This is a site i'm sure a lot of you guys already know about - it's been featured on the Halloween 25 Years of Terror DVD and is a monthly column in Horrorhound Magazine - but i'm hoping to be able to introduce it to at least a few new readers....



The mission statement of Horror's Hallowed Grounds is simple and brilliant - it's one of those ideas that you wish you had come up with yourself. Creator Sean Clark & Co. travel to the filming locations of popular horror films and take pictures of the locations as they appear today. 'Nuff said. I've long been fascinated with filming locations of my favorite movies and when I discovered this site, I was in heaven. Although the site is now located on MySpace (it was formerly a feature on Bloody Disgusting), it's still the same informative top notch goodness it has always been. With the filming locales of tons of films already under their belt and tons more to come, there are countless hours of entertainment lying within Horror's Hallowed Grounds. Now if we can just get Sean to put out a book....

Pick Up GRACE on Blu-ray TODAY!!


Just wanted to remind you guys that Grace went on sale exclusively at Best Buy today (Tuesday), in the Blu-ray format only ($19.99). It won't be until September 15th that other stores begin selling the Blu or the DVD, so don't miss out on the opportunity to see the movie a bit early. Jen picked up a copy for us on her way to work this morning and she said it was the only one on the shelf so hurry out to Best Buy ASAP before they sell out!

Only one person took me up on the pre-ordering Grace from Amazon deal and i've got another baby bottle and poster to part with so i'm gonna extend the same offer for the Best Buy Blu-ray as I did for the Amazon pre-order. The first person to purchase Grace from Best Buy and prove it to me (either by taking a picture with it or taking a picture of the receipt) will be sent a Grace promotional baby bottle and theatrical poster. Send the pictoral proof to me at and i'll get your swag out to ya!

By the way, here are the special features on the disc, courtesy of Icons of Fright :

* Audio commentary with writer/director Paul Solet, producer Adam Green and director of photography Zoran Popovic
* Audio commentary with writer/director Paul Solet and actor Jordan Ladd (Blu-ray™ exclusive)
* Grace: Conception – charting the film’s origins
* Grace: Family – an in-depth look at the cast of characters
* Her Mother’s Eyes: The Look of Grace – designing the unique visuals
* Grace: Delivered – overcoming challenges during principal photography
* Lullaby: Scoring Grace – creating the score and sound effects
* Grace at Sundance – becoming a festival sensation
* Theatrical Trailer

I must mention that the documentary featurettes, directed by my buddy Adam Barnick from Icons of Fright, are in the wrong order on this Blu-ray release. The order they should be watched in is the order they appear in above, not the order they play in on the disc!!

Inglourious Basterds - No Review Necessary


I'm gonna keep this short, i'm gonna keep this sweet, and i'm gonna keep this to the point. There really is no need for me to review Tarantino's latest flick because, quite simply, anyone who digs his shit has either already seen it or is going to go see it as soon as they possibly can - nobody needs me to tell them it's gonna be worth their hard earned dollars. Thus, as I stated in the title, a traditional review really isn't even necessary for this movie. Here's the bottom line....

As with everything Tarantino makes, this movie is a genius piece of filmmaking. If you love his stuff, you will love Basterds. If you don't like or just don't 'get' his stuff, you probably won't like it. Plain and simple, cut and dry, black and white. If sitting down to watch over two and half hours of characters spitting out Tarantino's brilliant dialogue and blowing each other to pieces isn't your cup of tea, then don't even bother seeing it. That's really all there is to it. If you're like me and love everything the man is about, you will bear witness to almost 3 hours of sheer entertainment that will still leave you begging for more. And that's saying something because I don't generally like long movies. With Tarantino, the more the better.

I guess the real question would be - Is Basterds Quentin Tarantino's masterpiece? He seems to think so and in fact even the last line of the film makes that bold claim that what we just watched was in fact his ultimate masterpiece, and I can't say I don't agree with that. I'm still kind of torn between it and the Kill Bill saga - both of which I like in equal amounts - but I certaintly could never argue against Basterds being called a masterpiece. The acting is INCREDIBLE, jews are scalping nazi's left and right, and Eli Roth aka "The Bear Jew" is beating in heads with baseball bats - can you really ask for anything more out of a movie-going experience?

True Blood Episode 2.10 - 'New World In My View' - Discussion


Click here for IMDb's full recap of everything that happened on this episode and click here for a video recap of the episode

Best episode of the season? It's definetly up there. It was a total departure from what we've seen before on True Blood and the whole thing felt like a zombie/monster invasion movie. Loved every second of it. But why was it so short? According to my calculations it clocked in at a mere 45 minutes, a good 10 minutes shorter than all other episodes. Not that i'm complaining, as we got plenty enough action and fun for one week.

Another appearance by the creepy gran picture! Ahhhhhh, make it go away!

The Jason 'smiting' Sam scene was pure gold. Guess these minions of Maryann aren't so bright, eh? But what i'm wondering is....

Are we actually ever gonna see the real Satanic being that is supposed to be coming to town? Gotta wonder what that would look like.

On a related note, I loved how Terry became king of the demons right off the bat. Finally his war experience serves him well! And his cousin Andy is becoming quite the badass sheriff himself. Lets hope he gets re-instated at the close of the season!

Sookie has discovered new powers! But what the hell are they and how can she use them to defeat Maryann? Questions, questions. For that matter, does anyone want to wager any guesses as to how Maryann will be destroyed? Place your votes!

By the way, I take back what i've said in the past about the Maryann storyline. While it was dragging on and getting a bit boring and repetitive earlier in the season, it has come full circle and i'm really liking where it has gone and where it is going. Guess I just had to be more patient.

Glad the Lafayette dealing V storyline was brought up again but are we ever gonna find out why Eric put him back in business?

Although it looked like Jessica killed Hoyt's mom, i'm not convinced she's actually gonna die. I for one sure hope she does though! Would that make Jessica's character look bad or did the possessed mom deserve it? What do you think? And how much do you think Nintendo is paying HBO to feature the Wii so heavily?

Got a lot to look forward to next week. Not only because it's the second to last episode and not only because the Bon Temps madness will continue, but also because we're gonna get Evan Rachel Wood (as the Queen who we saw Bill visiting towards the end of this week's episode) and Lafayette carrying a gun!! Check it all out below....

Click here for a video preview of episode 11, 'Frenzy', airing next Sunday night

31 Days, 31 Links - Day #24

Everybody say hello to Jeff aka The Jaded Viewer, who brings you the latest link!



"When I stumbled upon Terror Feed, it wasn't to see the latest horror trailer. It was to watch some indie grindhouse horror trailer that nobody ever heard of. And what turned out to be 3 minutes turned into an hour of watching other hard to find horror trailers. Every horror fan knows it's irritating to find other horror related videos on YouTube but TF puts the latest trailers, some more more obscure ones and some killer awesome shorts all in one place. And they also give you the opportunity to upload vids yourself. I don't think there is a video site like it. I'm glad I stumbled upon it because it's saved me a lot of time filtering horror trailers from dumb, annoying vloggers and keyboard cat play offs."

As somebody who didn't know of this site until now, I thank you for bringing it to my attention Jeff!

Monster Mania 13 Recap!


Monster Mania once again delivers the goods and does not dissapoint. Due to my consumption of alcohol this past weekend and general lack of a good memory for placing specific details, I will once again do a general categorized recap rather than a day by day one. Headed over to Cherry Hill, New Jersey on Friday morning with Jen and the parents (they love these things too, god bless 'em) and left Sunday afternoon and here's to the best of my recollection all of the fun that ensued in that three day span. Rather than cluttering up the post with pictures, i'm just gonna link to them, so click any of the links to be taken to the picture of what i'm describing. Right click and open them in a new tab or window so you don't leave the site.


In the past couple years i've kinda lost interest in the paying 20 bucks to get an autographed 8x10 from the dude who was in that horror movie, so I really don't do that so much anymore. If I have something like a figure, mask, or poster that I want to get signed by someone, i'll pay the money no problem but what I mostly do is just go over and say hi to people or ask to take a picture with them, which they're usually (but not always - more on that in a minute!) nice enough to not charge for. Beats an over-priced 8x10 that'll just sit in my drawer, I figure. Since Jen has started coming to these things with me, I usually now just snap a picture of her with whoever we want to meet and that allows me to say hi and mingle for a bit with them. I'm sure you guys would rather look at pictures of her with these guys and gals than pictures of me with them anyway, am I right? So here's the celebs we met/had encounters with this past weekend....

Derek Mears - I first met Derek at the last Monster Mania con and as everyone has pointed out already, he's probably the nicest guy on the planet. I don't know if he remembered Jen and I from the last one but he acted like he did so he either truly did or he's just so nice that he wants people to feel like he does - either option being incredibly cool. Jen took another picture with him and then later in the night at the bar, where you can usually always find Derek, I made eye contact with him and he smiled and waved hello, which was really cool. Maybe he did remember us after all. I told Jen to go up to him and ask if he wanted to do a round of shots with us - Jen was buzzed enough to ask and Derek was once again awesome enough to oblige. Jager shots with Derek Mears - the highlight of our weekend, to say the least. He then bought us the next round of drinks and we chatted for a bit before he went off to mingle with other fans. When Jen and I headed up to the room and off to bed, he was still hanging in the bar and talking to whoever wanted to talk to him and I wouldn't doubt that he remained up all night chatting with his fans. I truly believe that the man is not capable of being anything but incredibly nice and gracious. Funny that he ended up playing Jason Voorhees, eh?

Danny Steinmann - You may not recognize the name, but Steinmann directed Friday The 13th Part 5. He was one of the more miserable looking people at the convention, which is not to say he wasn't nice - he just didn't seem like he wanted to be there. We ended up sitting at the bar right next to him and I initially offered to buy him a shot but he told me he didn't like the taste of alcohol and thus, refused. A couple minutes later I noticed he wanted another mixed drink and seemed to be having a lot of trouble getting the bartender's attention so I called her over and told her to take his order and i'd pay for whatever he got. He didn't seem to want me to buy the drink for him but he was incredibly gracious and although we didn't say another word to each other until he left, he did tap me on the shoulder and thank me again before he departed. Saw him Sunday morning in the autograph room and waved but he either didn't recognize me or was just too tired and miserable because he didn't wave back. I'm just happy to say I bought the director of Friday Part 5 a drink!

James Duval - Another name you may not recognize but he played Frank The Bunny in Donnie Darko and was also in May - as the shirtless dude with dreads who ended up getting a pair of scissors lodged in his skull. Jen had picked up the Frank The Bunny Cult Classics figure at the last Monster Mania so we got that signed and she snapped a picture with him. Really cool guy who we saw later in the bar and Jen was about to go up and say hello but he vanished before she got the chance.

Travis Van Winkle - He may have played an incredible douche (Trent) in the Friday remake, but this guy is really cool and nice in real life. He snapped two photos with Jen free of charge - one happy and one serious - per his request. I really thought this guy would be a dick in real life but I guess it just goes to show how good of an actor he is!

Sid Haig - Maybe he was just tired because it was nearing the end of the day or maybe he was just unhappy about the fact that we didn't want to buy anything from him, but Haig seemed kinda grumpy. He's usually very nice so i'm sure he was just tired. Jen got another picture with him and we left with a bit of a sour taste in our mouths.

The Iron Sheik - I'm a big wrestling fan and huge Howard Stern fan so I wanted to get a picture with Sheik but as it turned out he was kind of a dickhead. Or rather, his handler was. As I mentioned earlier, i've never had a problem asking for a simple picture with somebody - they always do it free of charge. Sheik was the first and only exception to the rule. Funny that the least horror related guy there was the biggest dick, eh? He didn't even look at me or say hello to me and his handler tried to charge me $20 to take a picture with him. Quite honestly I was just amusing myself and throwing him a bone by asking to take a picture with him so I wasn't dare gonnna spend a penny to meet him. A guy behind his table offered to give me half the money if I paid the other half (I guess because he desperately wanted Sheik to feel good by having someone actually pay to meet him), but the handler quickly shot that idea down for some reason. Not that I would've done it but this guy was a real prick. I've been to a few wrestling conventions before and they're always poorly run and poorly organized and this encounter once again proved that wrestlers just don't know how to do conventions. Why was this has-been there in the first place? I also tried to get a picture with George 'The Animal' Steele later on in the day but he turned me down too because "people were waiting for him". Granted he was heading out and I can't say I really blame him but I can't imagine these guys made much money or won over any fans at this convention.

The Blue Meanie - The Blue Meanie is an old school ECW/WWF wrestler that i've always liked who is usually at these conventions - not as a celebrity, but rather just visiting as a fan. Always cool to see a guy who is a known name come to these things as just another fan. Jen didn't know who he was but she got a picture with him and I think she may be the newest member of the Meanie bandwagon.

The Toxic Avenger - Ok, so he's not the real Toxie, but that's neither here nor there. At these cons when Troma slaps a Toxie mask on a fan and hands a mop over to him, he becomes the one and only Toxie for the weekend. Jen, Gizmo in hand, took a picture with the monster hero.

Don and Murph (aka Shawn & MJ) - I guess they're stars at this point, at least in my eyes. I know some of you guys are also fans of these YouTuber's, who go under the name Coolduder, and it was honestly one of the highlights of my weekend to meet and say hello to them. Despite MJ seeming kind of like a dick in some of the videos, he's incredibly nice in person and same goes for Shawn. These guys are both very large fellas, as can be seen in the picture I took with them (i'm 6 feet tall and I look like a child!), and it was a real pleasure to finally meet them in person after all these years of watching them on YouTube. Even got MJ's signature! Check out their channel if you haven't yet and check out their video at Monster Mania to see some footage from around the hotel.


- I went a little crazy on DVD's this weekend, but they're always one of my main convention buys. Here's all the titles I picked up : Zombie Strippers Blu-ray ($5!), The Blair Witch Project, Child's Play 2, Cutting Class, Clownhouse, Parents, Coraline, Dead Snow, Monster's Inc, Don't Open Till Christmas, No Holds Barred, Weekend of Horrors 86, Hunter's Blood, Death Proof, Thriller : They Call Her One Eye, and even Puff The Magic Dragon on VHS (which we were given for free). Glad I stocked up on lots of awesome movies to keep me occupied for a while.

- Picked up a signed art print of the Fright Rags Creepshow 'The Crate' design, Hancocked by the artist - Zornow. Really nice guy.

- Boo Berry lip balm! Boo Berry is my favorite cereal of all time and since it can't be found in NY, I guess this is the next best thing. Thanks Jen!

- Silent Night, Deadly Night t-shirt. Badass!

- Got my dad Neca's Dread Pirate Roberts figure. Princess Bride is one of our favorite movies of all time. Don't care what ya say, Zac!

- My brother bought me an awesome 12" Hostel figure for Christmas a couple years back and some guy was selling a smaller version of the same figure for only 5 bucks, so I couldn't resist.

- One of my favorite purchases was this Freddy Krueger make-up kit from 1988, still sealed. I have no intentions of actually opening it and i'm sure the make-up in there is all dried up by now anyway, but it'll be a nice display piece in my room. Who knows, maybe someday i'll bust it open and turn Jen into Freddy!

- Jen picked up a glow in the dark Monster Mania 13 shirt, a very unique Freddy keychain, a few Freddy pens, a mini Frankenstein figure (which she fell in love with), a Gizmo figure, and perhaps coolest of all, an original Gremlins lunchbox complete with thermos. She collects vintage lunchboxes so that was a really cool find, and for only 10 bucks.


- While there are always tons of film screenings and discussion panels going on at Monster Mania, I rarely seem to ever actually attend any. My opinion on seeing movies i've already seen at conventions is that it's kind of a waste of time, although sometimes they have cool introductions by the stars. As for panels, I like them, i'm just usually doing something else - like drinking up in the room, eating philly cheesesteaks, people watching, or snatching up cool merchandise. I did catch the tail end of the Addams Family reunion, which was pretty interesting. Here's a picture of what John Astin, the original Gomez, looks like nowadays. 80 years old and and still kickin!


- Ate lunch next to Adam West and later in the night dinner next to Dick Miller (Gremlins/Howling)!

- Saw the Batmobile up close and personal.

- Rode in the elevators with David Naughton (American Werewolf) and PJ Soles (Halloween).

- Dread Central always has a table at Monster Mania where they give away tons of free posters and swag. Got a bunch of stuff (including a few El Superbeasto masks and Saw 6/Final Destination posters) and I handed the rest of my Grace baby bottles, postcards, and posters over to Paul/Nomad who gave them away at the table throughout the weekend. In exchange for the goods, he gave me an Inglorious Basterds bottle opener keychain and some sort of squishy anime (?) character, both which were not available at the table for free. Thanks Paul and I hope everyone that got some Grace swag enjoyed it!

- Wanna give a shoutout to Dallas and Curtis from DC World. I met these guys at a convention years back and it's always nice to see them at Monster Mania. This weekend we finally got the opporunity to hang out a bunch in the lobby, so that was cool. Looking forward to seeing ya guys next time!

- Philly Cheesesteak count : 5. Jen and I love the cheesesteaks at the hotel restaurant and it's pretty much all we eat when we're there.

- Another shoutout to Chip Jones, who I would link to but his website is down at the moment. Chip was a vendor at Monster Mania two cons ago and my parents loved and bought one of his abandoned insane asylum photos. They made a personal vow to pick up a new one each time they came to the con, but he's been absent the past two times. Jen and I ended up seeing him in the bar on Saturday night and recognizing him and we got the lowdown on where he's been and did a few shots with him. Get a dealer table in March, guy!

- The hotel is really starting to embrace Monster Mania and that's awesome to see. Specially designed menus and speciality drinks and food items are available exclusively for the convention. Makes it all feel that much more important and fun.

- Speaking of the hotel - I found out through our room service lady, who I hung out with for a bit, that the staff isn't allowed to go downstairs during the weekend of conventions, even after work hours. How much does that suck! This woman was really nice and wanted to snap a picture of the Batmobile for her son, but wasn't allowed to. She also wanted to meet Miguel Nunez (Return of the Living Dead/Friday Part 5), who she knew from some show, so I offered to go get his autograph for her if she gave me the money. Would've been cool since I would've gotten to meet him for free, not to mention it would've been nice to help her out, but she never came back to the room to give me the money so it just wasn't meant to be. I'm sure she came up later in the day and was looking for me but I wasn't gonna sit up there all day waiting. Sorry!

- Checked out a bit of the Rocky Horror event, which Monster Mania does every Saturday night. I've never actually seen that movie, believe it or not, so we didn't stay for long, although Jen loved it as she's way into the flick. They basically have a cast on stage re-enact the whole movie as it's playing and the audience shouts out lines to the screen. Here's a shot of that.

- Creepy manly Alice in Wonderland vs Michael Myers. Who will survive and what will be left of them?

- Terry Cruikshank was in the house as always with his awesome creations, which you can see on his website. I always love looking at these things but I think that's precisely the problem - people love to look and take pictures but don't want to shell out the money (upwards of $250) for them. Not saying they're not worth that price, it's just a little too much to drop in one place. Here's a couple pictures I took of some of my favorites ; Victor Crowley, American Werewolf, Tarman, and Return of the Living Dead half-chick. He also had a giant werewolf on display, which Jen got a picture with.

And that about does it. There are rumblings about some kind of Monster Mania party this Halloween hosted by Robert Englund but I haven't heard any real details on that yet. If it's a whole weekend thing i'll try to make it out there but if not i'll have to wait till next March to grace the hallowed halls of Monster Mania once more. For now, it's unfortunately back to boring monotonous life where I can't eat side by side with Batman and will be doing shots alone, without the accompaniment of Jason Voorhees. The feeling I get after Monster Mania comes to a close is akin to the feeling I used to get as a child when Christmas was over - except with a couple less tears. Big thanks to the man who makes it all happen and pulls off the best horror con i've ever been to year after year, Dave Hagan. Without you, my world would be a little bit less exciting.

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31 Days, 31 Links - Day #23

One of the best things for me about going to horror conventions is getting the chance to stock up on bootleg copies of flicks that either aren't yet available on DVD or are totally out of print on the format. While it is fairly illegal for a person to rip a VHS movie onto a DVD and then sell it, there really seems to be no rules at conventions - and that's why I love 'em. Well now, thanks to one website, you don't even have to leave the comfort of your own home and head off to a convention in order to pick up some of those lost gems (as long as you promise that you already own the movie on VHS and just want a DVD backup copy of it!)....


Anyone who reads this blog knows how much of a lover, to this day, I am of horror movies on VHS. There are a seemingly never-ending wealth of awesome old school titles only available on VHS that are just waiting to be discovered. Well these guys take those VHS exclusive movies and give them the DVD treatment they so deserve - not only making them easily and cheaply available, but you don't even have to dig your VCR out of your attic to enjoy them. Best of all, they keep the original VHS artwork in tact. You really can't ask for much more. These guys are doing a great service and anyone who shares the same passion for these relegated to dead format titles will find much enjoyment perusing their selection. I picked up a few flicks from VHSPS this past weekend at Monster Mania, but i'll save that for my recap post, which should be up tommorow!

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31 Days, 31 Links - Days #20, 21 & 22

Gonna be off at Monster Mania all day/night Friday and Saturday so I figured instead of playing catch up when I return on Sunday i'd bring you tonight's, Friday night's, and Saturday night's links all in one shot tonight. Actually it's not even me so much bringing them to you as it is a few blogger friends of mine who were kind enough to do the work for me so I can get off to bed and be well rested for the weekend. Much appreciated, guys!

Tonight's link is brought to you by Zach over at Terror Firmer...



"This site has been a bit of a hobby of mine for a couple months now. I love looking through all of the random autographed items and posters that are up on Cinema Wasteland. From old black and white horror, to the most recent things you can think of, they will have something for every horror fan to take notice. I have spent quite a few days thinking, "Boy, that would look really good in my living room. Right next to my Army of Darkness poster." They have a lot of Drive-in and Grindhouse movie memorabilia, so I know a lot of fans of Freddy In Space will find stuff they like there. They also have an expo every year that I am considering trying to attend (click here for info). So take a little time and start perusing the selection. You'll find yourself spending more time than you think you will!"

Friday night's comes courtesy of Chris & Patrick Williams, the brothers behind the zombie blog/novel Dead Meat...



"One peek at this sweet, little blog, and you’ll be thinking “this isn’t horror, this is kiddy stuff”. But stay, check it out and you’ll notice that Jay, the creator isn’t some shmuck with the knowledge of Photoshop or MS Paint. In fact, he only uses his iPod Touch. No fancy-shmancy filters, brushes or lasso tools. Just him and his iPod Touch. Apparently, Jay is a professional cartoonist for children’s shows. This is what he says about that, “I make children's cartoons for a living and it's a job I absolutely love. I try to deliver the sweetest, most fun experiences I can for children and, in doing so, almost need a way of letting those adult parts of me out.” It’s those adult parts that gave him the idea for the blog. But using the styles he knows, he brings us some great fucking artwork. His use of color and blending is fantastic and fits the style perfectly. He told me that one of his favorite things about zombies is that they were just normal, everyday people with normal, everyday, boring lives. With that mindset, Jay decided “why not tell their tale?” So for every one of his 365 zombies, each will have a name and a snippet of their life explaining who they are. And yes, I did say 365. Jay will be making one a day for the next year. So if you like zombies as much as I do, give this blog a look-see and let him know what you think."

And Saturday night's link is presented by the one and only Zac Nova, proprietor of Why Do I Like Stupid Horror Movies?...



"This German(?) site has got hundreds of horror films, animations and TV shows and taken a screenshot of each "death scene" or instance of death. It's horribly morbid but very meticulous and makes for an interesting look at whether the slashers you might watch are worth it. I know it might be a "sick" website for someone to have, but it's come in use for me on trivia quizzes, or for when I wanted a picture of a death scene to represent a film."

The 50 Worst Movies Ever Made - #50 : Glen or Glenda?

A full month after I initially announced plans for this massive undertaking of bad cinema, I have finally taken the time to sit down and watch the first of the bunch and I am happy to report that I have survived it in one piece!


He loved women so much, he dared to dress like one! Ed Wood strikes again. The true story of a man whose lust for women drove him to be as close to a woman as he could by trying to become one.


Yes and no. I say no pretty much based on the fascination factor of it alone - a fascination factor that probably has come courtesy of Tim Burton and his Wood biopic. There's just something magical about watching an Ed Wood movie for me and I have that biopic to thank for that. Seeing all the scenes with Wood and Lugosi that were re-enacted by Depp and Landau was really interesting, as it was with watching Plan 9 after I saw the Burton flick. But it's not just that kinda stuff that makes the movie so interesting. Glen or Glenda is definetly Wood's most personal work and it acts as a fascinating insight into his cross dressing mind. It takes a lot of testicular fortitude to put yourself out there in such a way, especially in regards to things society has deemed not normal, and ya gotta give Wood a lot of credit for that. He poured his heart and soul into this bad movie and it actually contains a lot of positive messages about society, acceptance, and happiness. I'm sure Wood would be sad to find that proclivities like his own are still as unaccepted by society as ever, even over 30 years after his death, but it's nice to see someone standing up for what they believe in and just being who they are. All he wanted was acceptance and so he took to what he did worst - film - to get that point across. While there are moments where you can clearly see what Wood is trying to convey, and he gets it across pretty well, there are also those where what's going on on screen really makes no conceivable sense whatsoever. It really is a pretty bad movie but it comes from a good place - directly from Wood's heart - and for that reason I can't hate on it too much. And ya just gotta love Bela Lugosi's ominous and totally out of place narration. PULL ZEEE STRINGS!!!

But Eddie, ya didn't make too pretty lookin of a gal!

Monster Mania 13 Begins Tommorow!

And i'm gonna be there for the whole bloody weekend! Monster Mania is by far and away the best horror convention i've ever attended and it's always the highlight of my year. As always, I will post a full picture loaded recap of my weekend when I return and get around to it so keep an eye out for that! In the meantime, I will be 'tweeting' my experiences from time to time this weekend on my Twitter account so if you're not already a follower, become one! If you don't care to sign up for Twitter, you can still read all my tweets by just checking up on my account but it's a lot easier to just take a few seconds to join and become a follower. DO IT NOW!

So who's gonna be appearing at this convention? We've got an American Werewolf reunion with John Landis and David Naughton, a Friday the 13th reunion with Derek Mears and members of the Part 5 and remake casts, a Sleepaway Camp reunion with members of the original cast, and even an Addams Family reunion with Cousin Itt, Gomez, and Wednesday from the original TV show. Adam West (with Batmobile), Michael Berryman, Sid Haig, Dee Wallace, and Barbara Steele are also gonna be in attendance, to name just a few. Head over to the official website to get all the details and see everyone who is attending.

Will be an awesome time as always and I can't wait to tell all you guys how it went! Anyone reading this who will be making the trip out to Jersey this weekend?

By the way, wanna give a special thanks to B-Sol from The Vault of Horror, Jack from Scab's Horror Blog, and Jeff from The Jaded Viewer, who were all cool enough to help me promote the convention by handing out postcards. Also thanks to Paul/Nomad from Dread Central who will be putting the rest of my Grace swag up for grabs at the always giving Dread Central table. Thanks guys!

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31 Days, 31 Links - Day #19

Gonna go in a bit of a different direction here tonight. Tonight's link is not a website nor is it a blog. So what is it? A YouTube Channel!



In the last couple years i've become endlessly fascinated with YouTube and the millions of people out there who take to video and talk about their lives, their hobbies, and whatever the hell else they can fill time with. But I don't really just go around watching random videos from random people - I instead am loyal to a select few users who i've stumbled upon over the years. I subscribe to their channels, watch all their videos, and for whatever reason, am just incredibly fascinated by a few of these guys out there and can't get enough. I really don't even know why but there's just some people I can listen to talk about anything, whether i'm interested in that thing or not. One of those people is Jarashut and although i've only recently added him to my clique of YouTube users that I follow, he's become one of my favorites. And it helps that he pretty much sticks to horror. Jarashut is a 22 year old Aussie bloke who absolutely loves the horror genre and is always coming out with new videos - showing his horror DVD collection, talking about his favorite horror movies, unboxing new horror DVD packages - horror and horror DVD's are pretty much his main focus, if you didn't gather that yet. He's a really cool guy and one of the coolest things about his videos is getting to see all the horror DVD's and editions that they get over there in Australia. If ya got a YouTube account and are also fascinated by random people out there babbling on to their webcam, become a subscriber and check out some of his stuff!

Discussion of the Week - Horror? What's Horror?

Before I get into this week's discussion, just wanted to follow up on last week's. I said that I would watch whichever Stephen King mini-series you guys collectively chose as the best and the winner was The Stand. I will hold true to my promise and will be sitting down to watch The Stand in full real soon! Now that that's established, let's move onto this week.....

My brother brought this incredible discussion to me earlier tonight and we spent a good half hour talking about it. It's something i've thought about from time to time and have had problems with when it comes to putting DVD's on my shelf (I seperate them by genre) and although i'm pretty sure we've finally pinpointed the correct iron clad answer to the question, I wanted to discuss it with you guys....

What constitutes a "horror" movie? In other words - What is the one common thread that a movie must have to make it a "horror movie", in your mind?

My brother first presented me with the idea that a movie must have supernatural elements to make it a horror movie. While supernatural elements in a movie usually would make it a horror movie, we quickly debunked this idea. There aint nothin supernatural about Texas Chainsaw Massacre, for example. My initial feeling was that a horror movie is a movie where someone or something is going around killing people with no motive or reason. My argument was that a movie like The Departed or No Country For Old Men has tons of gore, killing, and death, but it's all for a reason, at least in the character's minds, whereas a movie like Chainsaw or Jaws is just a dude/animal going around killing people really for no reason other than that he likes killing people. While that seems like a good definition for a horror movie at first, it opens up a whole can of worms. You can argue that Leatherface had motive (people trespassing) and a movie like Seven or even Saw pretty much debunks that myth totally. John Doe had a motive. Jigsaw had a reason. Does that make those movies cease to be horror movies? Obviously not. And what about Taxi Driver? Why is that not a horror movie? It's essentially just a dude going around killing people so shouldn't it be considered horror going by this rule I came up with? Sure you could argue that he had a motive in his own mind but we've already proven that a viable motive alone does not make a movie not a horror movie. There went that idea out the window. At this point we were totally stumped and so I regrettably turned to Wikipedia in my desperation, which turned out to provide the ultimate answer to the question :

"Horror films are movies that strive to elicit the emotions of fear, horror and terror from viewers."

In other words - any movie that is TRYING to scare you is a horror movie. It's pretty much iron clad and i'd challenge you to come up with a movie considered to be horror that is an exception to this rule. I certaintly can't come up with one and American Psycho has now been moved to the Drama shelf of my collection. Sure it's got a dude chopping up people with an axe and a chainsaw but its goal isn't really to scare, is it?

So even though i've kinda already answered this one (or Wikipedia has, rather), I still want to get your guys' opinions. Can you come up with any exceptions to this rule or do you have your own definition of what makes a movie a horror movie? Leave a comment and let me know!

DVD Review - The Last House on the Left '09 Unrated


Click here to buy Last House '09 on DVD or Blu-ray!

Before I get into my thoughts on the disc I just want to let anyone who might be looking to rent this flick from Redbox or DVDXpress know that Universal has delayed the release of the movie to those rental machines until next week or this weekend at the earliest. So if you're looking to rent the movie you'll have to get it from Netflix or your local video rental store or wait till this weekend/next week when it becomes available at those dollar machines. Just a heads up because I was very confused about this until I called both companies and got the skinny.

I've already reviewed The Last House remake theatrical cut, which you can read HERE, but this DVD boasts the unrated cut as well, which is a full four minutes longer. What's been added? Other than a couple little minor dialogue additions here and there, most of the death scenes are longer and gorier and Mari's rape scene is extended (as if we needed to see more of that), all of which make this cut of the film even more brutal and dare I say better. Hey, more gore is always for the better. I personally still find this movie to be a highly effective and incredibly disturbing remake, one of the best redux's we've ever seen.

Unfortunately this disc is severely lacking in the special features department - there's barely even a full 10 minutes of goodies to browse through - and the Blu-ray is no different. Here's all ya get on both versions :

Deleted Scenes (8:59) - Nothing really to speak of in here. Always cool to see cut footage but as is usually the case, it's all been cut for a reason. Most of this stuff is fairly boring and useless.

'A Look Inside' (2:41) - This less than 3 minute 'making of' piece basically just shows footage from the film with Wes Craven explaining the plot of the movie throughout it. Is this really the best they could do? I do however love in this how Wes openly states that Dennis Iliadis has made a classic just as good as his original, if not better. Take that, Davis Hess, and stop bashing this movie for the sole reasons that you weren't invited to be a part of it and that a new young actor has filled Krug's shoes. If you could seperate yourself and your ego from the movie, which will of course never happen, i'm sure you'd dig it. There's really no reason for anyone not to.

And that's about it. Obviously if you saw the movie in the theatre and liked it you're gonna pick it up on DVD, just don't expect much in the special features department. I would've loved to have seen more making of stuff but the movie alone is worth the purchase. And hey, at least we get four added minutes of unrated goodness, right? Although i'd say the best thing about owning this movie on DVD is not those four minutes but rather the fact that you can hit the eject button on your remote before that horrible microwave head pop scene comes on the screen! Still hate that scene and while I can kinda (maybe?) see why it was thrown in there, it's totally unnecessary and doesn't fit the tone of the previous hour and a half whatsoever. Did enough people really think that scene was a good enough idea to make the final cut?

Who Wants Some Grace Swag?!


***Update! According to this Sunday's Best Buy ad, Grace on Blu-ray only will be made available exclusively from the store starting Tuesday, August 25th. So if you wanna pick up the Blu almost a month early, head over to Best Buy!!***

So even though I myself haven't gotten the chance to see Grace yet, I want YOU to see Grace the minute it hits DVD/Blu-ray on September 15th. In other words, I want you to pre-order your copy now so that Amazon will get it in your mittens the day it comes out. That's how much faith I have in a movie that I haven't even seen yet. So i'm gonna sweeten the deal a little bit for those who might be on the fence about pre-ordering it. I have a couple pieces of Grace swag sitting in my room so here's what i'm gonna do....

The first TWO Freddy In Space readers to pre-order Grace on either DVD or Blu-ray will be personally sent, by me, not only a Grace poster promoting the limited theatrical release but a Grace baby bottle (seen here) as well. These are both very limited edition collectors items that you probably won't get a chance to get anywhere else. They were both made in very limited quantities and will NEVER be made again. All you've gotta do is pre-order the flick in your desired format and then forward the receipt Amazon sends you to me at, so that I can verify and make sure you're not bullshitting me. Hows that sound?

Click here to pre-order the DVD

Click here to pre-order the Blu-ray

The rest of my Grace swag is being given to the fine folks over at Dread Central to hand out at Monster Mania this weekend (which I will be attending) so this will be the ONLY chance you'll be able to get this stuff from me. If you already planned on buying the movie this is some pretty high incentive for ya, if I do say so myself!

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31 Days, 31 Links - Day #18

Another guest has stopped by tonight to bring you the link of the day - the one and only Uncle Lancifer from a blog that I featured in this linkfest just a few days back, Kindertrauma! Take it away, Unk!


The Haunted Closet

"I highly recommend a website called THE HAUNTED CLOSET where you can always find things that you never knew you were looking for. It's a great place for unearthing long forgotten horror artifacts from your youth and there are plenty of reviews of television programs that you may have forgotten. From a creepy voodoo episode of LEAVE IT TO BEAVER to a recent post on Halloween recipes, there is much to find at THE HAUNTED CLOSET that you could not find anywhere else. I was recently impressed by a close look at a JOE DANTE directed episode of THE (NEW) TWILIGHT ZONE called "The Shadow Man" and a massive collection of monster themed board games, many of which I had never laid eyes on before. If you are a sucker for horror nostalgia like I am, THE HAUNTED CLOSET is a gold mine!"

I like having these guest posts in this feature because I too am getting introduced to blogs and sites I never knew about before. That and i'm lazy so it's nice to have someone else do the writing for me every so often. Being that i'm a devout lover of all things Halloween (only 73 days away!) and nostalgic horror relics from the past, The Haunted Closet is a blog that i'm now a follower of and i'm gonna be keeping an eye on. Thanks, Lancifer!

Plastic Savini!

My friend Tony Carroll, who runs Benevolent Street, just sent me a picture of his custom Tom Savini action figure and I wanted to pass it along to you guys because I thought it was really awesome and unique. While Tom does have a figure out there depicting him in his Land of the Dead attire, Tony decided to make a figure of Tom as he looks in everyday life - specifically, in the attire he was wearing for the His Name Was Jason documentary. Check this bad boy out!


Now the coolest thing about this Savini figure is that the producers of His Name Was Jason saw it, loved it, and then showed it to Tom Savini himself, who also loved it and asked how he could own it! It's looking like Tony's gonna get it into his hands so that's really awesome. Congratulations Tony and once again, kickass job on the figure!

For more pictures and to see some more of Tony's custom figures, head over to Friday The 13th Films. He plans on making a whole bunch more obscure characters from the Friday series so keep an eye out for those!

Nature's Grave - A Highly Effective Remake


It wasn't until an article was published on this movie in the newest issue of Fangoria that I had even heard about it, just one day prior to its straight to DVD release, but I was immediately excited about it for several reasons. (1) It's a remake of the Aussie horror flick Long Weekend, a movie which i've always loved. (2) It was written by the same guy who wrote Long Weekend. And (3) It was directed by Jamie Blanks, who directed the recent Dimension Extreme gore-fest Storm Warning, which I also dug. Now that i've seen it, i'm happy to report that Nature's Grave, despite its shitty cover art and change of name, is a highly effective and awesome remake of Long Weekend. I haven't seen LW in a good couple years but from what I can remember, NG is a borderline scene by scene replica of it. So what's the point, you might be asking? The performances are better and perhaps more nuanced and it's a nice refreshing crisp and clean take on the old tale. Some may still say it's utterly pointless to do a scene by scene remake, and i'd agree in the case of Van Sant's Psycho, but I really dug this flick and i'm glad they decided to introduce it to today's audience - many of whom have probably never seen or even heard of Long Weekend. That being said, how can you be against a remake that the writer of the original is all for?

For those who fall into the category of never having seen Long Weekend, it and Nature's Grave are about a hate filled couple who have no respect for each other or for nature and all its inhabitants. They fuck with Mother Nature and boy does she fuck back with a vengeance. If Jaws kept you out of the water, then Nature's Grave just might prevent you from ever littering, killing animals, or disrespecting Mother Naitch again!

That concept is one the reasons i've always loved Long Weekend so much - it's totally original. The killer is not a masked psycho wielding a machete. The killer is Mother Nature herself. How cool is that? Like it states in the Fango article, these issues of environmental awareness are even more relevant than they were back in the 70's when Long Weekend came out, which is another reason i'm glad to see it get a redo. It's an important cautionary tale of sorts and I think it's awesome that a whole new generation of viewers is gonna get to see it. Believe it or not, there are people out there who refuse to watch movies from the 70's, so sometimes important movies need to be remade so folks like those will take the time to watch them. Sad but very true.

Nature's Grave, much like the original, is a slow moving flick where not much happens in the first hour or so of the movie so if you're not into that kind of slow burn horror, it might not be the movie for you. I for one love slow paced movies so I had no problem whatsoever with that. The deliberately slow pace gives you the time to get to know the characters - characters who you will at times hate and will at times be rooting for. I've read a few reviews of this movie that state it's boring and to that I can only laugh because people always complain when horror movies have no fleshed out characters and yet they also complain when horror movies take the time to flesh out those characters. Ya just can't win with some people.

Another aspect of Long Weekend that i've always really liked is that many major events of the film are never explained. You're never sure exactly what's going on and Nature's Grave does no more explaining than Long Weekend did. It makes for a very creepy little open to interpretation movie that certaintly gets ya thinking. Are the animals striking back? Is it all in the character's heads? Is there a killer out there on the loose? Is it all mere coincidence? These questions are entirely up to you to answer.

If you've seen Long Weekend then you've essentially already seen Nature's Grave but i'd still recommend you check it out, especially if you really liked the former. If you've never seen Long Weekend (click to buy) i'd suggest checking it out and if you like it, follow it up with Nature's Grave (click to buy). I will say that even if you are very familiar with Long Weekend, the ending of this flick will still shock the hell out of you and make your jaw hit the floor.

Chalk another one up for remakes!

True Blood Episode 2.9 - 'I Will Rise Up' - Discussion


Click here for IMDb's full recap of everything that happened on this episode

I'd say that was the best ending of a True Blood episode of all time, wouldn't you? While most episodes are left on a cliffhanger where you're wanting more, ending on Godric's death felt totally satisfying in a way and was the perfect end cap to the episode. Very emotional moment that left Jen in tears and even choked me up a bit. Beautiful, haunting, awesome.

Am I the only one that's not really buying all the main characters surviving that explosion with not so much as a bruise? I mean obviously they can't kill any of those characters but it just felt a little too miraculous to be true. That being said, Eric making Sookie suck silver out of his nipple was gold. I've been saying for a while now that Sookie and Bill's relationship needs to be spiced up a bit and this whole Eric being a part of her thing is just what the doctor ordered. Is Sookie gonna end up hooking up with Eric? Perhaps we'll see a battle to the death between Bill and Eric?

Another great scene of this episode was Jason and Sookie's hotel room chat. Finally those two are reunited and it was another incredibly emotional scene. While Paquin's acting was pretty awful in the beginning of this episode, i'd say she redeemeed herself with this one!

Sam turned into a Merlotte Fly! He's getting real good at this! You'd think he'd be totally free of danger now that he can transform into seemingly anything but next week's episode preview (seen below) seems to suggest that that's not the case.

We got a bunch of Lafayette ass kicking this week, which was a welcome return. Loved how even though Eggs was "possessed" and under Maryann's spell, Lafayette still kicked his ass with no problem whatsoever. I feel like we're getting more and more of the old Lafayette back with each passiong episode. But whatever happened to that dealing V storyline? Did I miss something or did they just forget all about that?

Hoyt has offically become a man! Awesome to see him finally stand up to his mom like that. As Jen pointed out, things are way too good between Hoyt/Jessica and something's probably gonna be going down soon to change that. Will Hoyt's mom kill Jessica or vice versa? Who knows, maybe they'll go on to live happily ever after.

Next week it's back to Bon Temps and it looks like the town has become a total warzone. Knew that was eventually gonna happen and I can't wait to see how it plays out. Looking like we're gonna have a lot of blood and guts on our hands these next few weeks. I'm particularly excited about the idea of an angry Jason being armed with a chainsaw and Bill battling Maryann. How will she be stopped?!

Click here for a video preview of episode 10, 'New World In My View', airing next Sunday night

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31 Days, 31 Links - Day #17

Tonight's link is brought to you by Carl Manes over at I Like Horror Movies, one of the nicest horror bloggers out there. Check out his blog if ya haven't yet. Take it away, Carl!



"Silver Shampain Novelties is one of the premiere prop replica websites I have ever visited and offers some of the highest quality masks and accessories on the web at excellent prices. Sean Clark has worked with many of the original designers (including John Carl Beuchler), and has even used some of the original molds in his reproductions. I can personally attest to the attention to exact detail he has shown in the Friday the 13th VII replica I own. No Friday the 13th fan can be without the mask from their favorite incarnation of Jason, so stop by and check out all of the different variations Sean has available through the site!"

Great pick, Carl. In addition to top of the line Jason masks, Silver Shampain Novelties, which is obviously a take on Silver Shamrock Novelties from the very underrated Halloween 3, sells a few masks the likes of which you really can't get anywhere else - 'The Conductor' from Terror Train, Dr. Decker from Nightbreed, and even the clown, witch, and skull masks from the afformentioned Halloween 3, complete with Silver Shamrock tag attached. They even have a replica of the Tiki Idol from The Brady Bunch Hawaiian special! The day I fall into a wealth of money, Silver Shampain will probably be one of my first stops!

Thunder Jackson, Theodore, & Nacho

A new bar/restaurant called Thunder Jackson's just opened up in my town a couple weeks back and I went with the family tonight to check it out. It's been a hot spot in Manhattan for a while and it just made the move out here and i'm really happy about that considering the eating options in my town are not all that exciting. This place is really cool and has got one of the most delicious burgers i've ever had but the reason i'm talking about this on a horror blog is because my brother pointed out something pretty peculiar about the menu. While I initially thought the shadowed figure on the front of the menu was some kind of hat wearing gangster, which it probably is and which fits the blacksploitation sounding name, ya can't help but notice that it looks a hell of a lot like another guy we're all pretty familiar with!


I'm pretty sure Freddy even took that same eloganted shadowed pose in one of the Elm Street flicks, although I can't seem to recall which one it was.

Cool or am I just easily amused?



Remember that short film The Morning After that I watched/reviewed a couple weeks back? Well the guys over at Infested Films just cut together the trailer for their second short, titled Theodore, and it's been posted on their website tonight. Check it out and keep an eye out for Tromaville's founding father!

I'll keep you guys posted on when the short becomes available to watch. Same goes for Morning After.



On a final note for this post, I wanna thank everyone for their well wishes in regards to my dog, Nacho. She had been pretty sick this past week and was not given too much time to live by the vet but after a few long days of taking care of her and nursing her back to health with medication and good ole love, she seems to be pulling through this thing. All is looking well, much to everyones surprise. If that's not a miracle, I don't know what is.

Some Awards & My Thoughts on District 9

The horror blogging community has been absolutely abuzz lately with all these chain-mail esque awards being doled out and I just wanted to take a minute to thank all the folks who were kind enough to give me some of them in the past couple weeks....

- Basement of Ghoulish Decadence awarded me one of the 1st annual 'Ginger Bush' awards, naturally named after Elvira's true colors, and threw some incredibly nice words on top of it :

The best of the "biggies" in my estimation. John/Mortis/Freddy(?) runs a fantastic genre blog that one can feel evolving with each passing day. There's a little something for everyone within his entries and it acts as a fantastic source for keeping up with the pulse of the more earnest layman-brand of Horror fandom. Eternally nice fellow as well, but I must admit I'm a touch sore over FiS being in the first page of Google Images' results for "horror vhs". Ya lucky bastard!

- Chuck Norris Ate My Baby gave me the honorary 'Chuck Norris Black Belt of Blogging'.

- Day of the Woman gave this blog and my other blog, Win Free Horror Shit!, both the Honest Scrap Award and the Necronomicon Award and went on to say this :

Probably one of the coolest guys out there, Johnny Squires gives a very entertaining look at all aspects of horror.

- I Like Horror Movies also gave me an Honest Scrap Award.

- The Lightning Bug's Lair awarded me yet another Honest Scrap and had these kind words to say :

Johnny Boots comes up with some great discussions that really get people thinking, and he does everyone a service with his other blog, Win Free Horror Shit. With the new Nightmare movie looming in the distance, I’m sure we can all depend on Mr. Boots to keep his finger on the pulse of the new production while still writing great posts about all facets of horror.

- Musings Across a Continuum gave me another Necromicon Award and also had some very kind words to say :

A fellow True Blood fan, Johnny Boots encourages discussion and interaction on his blog. From pick the Zombie to his latest Stephen King obsession Johnny knows his horror and writes abut it with scathing hilarity.

- The Vault of Horror gave me my third Honest Scrap Award and I still don't know what it means!

Thank you all for the kind words. My apologies if I missed anyone but leave me a comment and let me know if I did miss ya cause if I did, it's only cause I didn't know you gave me an award!

I hate to break the cycle here and not pass these awards on to other blogs like i'm supposed to, but i'm already doing this '31 Days, 31 Links' thing this month and quite frankly, I don't want to use up any of the links that i'm gonna be featuring in there! As for the 10 random facts about me thing that i'm also supposed to be doing, i'll try and get around to that at a later date. Sorry to be a party pooper!


So I saw District 9 today and in case you're wondering why I haven't given my thoughts their own post, it's cause I really don't have all that much to say about it. It's kinda impossible for a movie like this to live up to all the hype it's been getting for the past several months not to mention all the incredible praise it's gotten in the past couple weeks, but it's really not even that failure to live up to the hype that made me not dig D9 all that much. It was obviously a good movie and I would never tell anyone to not go see it, it just wasn't what I expected and quite simply wasn't the kind of movie that i'm into. That's really all there is to it. Anyone who loves action/sci-fi flicks will certaintly be hardcore into it, as they all seem to be, it's just not my cup of tea. Can't fault me for that! There were aspects of it that I really liked and scenes that were highly memorable and awesome (gory as all hell!) and it should definetly be seen by everyone, but it just plain didn't do much for me.

I realize this is a VERY unpopular opinion that will probably bring some shit my way but I can't help how I feel. Like I said, regardless of how I felt about it, go see it - especially if you're a fan of movies like it. I can definetly see why a large majority of the movie-going public has fallen head over heels in love with it and as much as i'd love to be one of those people, I sadly am not.

Sunday, August 16, 2009

31 Days, 31 Links - Day #16



In the past couple years there have been a wealth of would be horror filmmakers who have an idea in their head but have no money to execute that idea and so they take to the internet and sell walk on rules or producer credits in an effort to raise the money needed to get the movie made - essentially creating fan funded movies. I'll be honest - i'm kinda getting a little sick of this trend and ya know what? I've yet to see one of these movies actually get completed. I'm sure some 'filmmakers' out there see this is as some sort of get rich quick scheme with no intentions of actually making the movie they claim to be making, but the Indywood Project is a little bit different. Maybe it's the fact that it has the support of big names like Tom Savini, David Hess, and Lloyd Kaufman and maybe it's the fact that you're actually getting your moneys worth when you donate but whatever it is, The Indywood Project feels like the real deal. And i'm pretty certain it is. The movie that money is being raised for is a zombie flick called Invasion of the Not Quite Dead and there are several different packages available for several different prices, allowing you to not only buy producer credits but also buy yourself right into the movie, as a zombie extra. The cheapest package even nabs you a DVD or Blu-ray oopy of the film, once it's finished. So if you want to support outside of the studios indy horror and you want to get involved with a sure to be future hit zombie film, head over to The Indywood Project and spare whatever cash you can. The guys behind the movie are well aware that they're asking a lot by asking you to donate your hard earned dollars to a movie that hasn't even started filming yet but they're doing everything they can to make your money well spent.

Saturday, August 15, 2009

31 Days, 31 Links - Day #15

Tonight's blog is one that i've only just recently discovered, but it's already become a bit of an obsession of mine....



Weirdo Toys is the home for all those random toys that most people have left behind. This site is dedicated to showcasing the quirky, neat, bizarre, sometimes forgotten and downright ugly toys that I’ve stumbled upon.

Whether it’s a fleamarket, dollar store, garage sale or a toystore, they all contribute to the ever-growing population of weirdo toys.

I never really outgrew my love and fascination with toys and action figures and wouldn't ya know it, it's always been the ugly and bizarre ones that i've always been most taken by. This blog, run by a dude by the name of Justin Gammon, is the ultimate collection and resource for those, well, weirdo toys. Over the last couple days that i've been browsing the site i've already been reunited with toys from my childhood, disocvered new toys that I never knew existed (who knew bodies were made for Madballs!), and I have even finally learned a bit more about a Freddy Krueger window hanger (seen above) that I have for years remembered having as a kid (and which I now must own once more). Weirdo Toys reminds me of another site that I profiled on here, X-Entertainment, not only because it deals with relics from years past but also because you could literally spend hours browsing the vast library of awesomness the owner has compiled. It just might be my new favorite blog!

Friday, August 14, 2009

Watch 'Zombie Girl' For Free Now Through August 20th!


Although this documentary and the film it documents the making of have both been on my radar for quite some time, it wasn't until Hulu recently made it available to us all that I finally got to see it. 'Zombie Girl : The Movie' is a documentary which covers the making of 'Pathogen', a feature length low budget zombie flick - directed by a 12 year old. Yes, Emily Hagins was just 12 years old at the time she made her first movie. As i've pointed out in the past, I was still eating dirt and wetting the bed when I was 12 years old. So how does such a young girl end up making a movie - a zombie movie at that?

Hagins is a lifelong fan of movies and when she layed eyes on the Aussie zombie flick Undead, at Harry Knowles' annual Butt-Numb-A-Thon, at the age of 10, she fell in love and decided at that moment that she was going to make her own undead opus. Simple as that. And with the help of her incredibly supportive parents, her friends, and a few friendly locals, 12 year old Emily Hagins did just that. This documentary covers the whole ordeal - from the filming of the movie all the way through the world premiere. As you can imagine, it's incredibly inspiring and it's just one of those stories that has to be seen to be believed. And don't worry if you haven't yet seen Pathogen because i'd actually recommend you see this making of before you go ahead and watch the movie itself. I myself have not yet seen Pathogen but will definetly be buying a copy (which you can snag for 8 bucks HERE) and checking it out real soon. Between you and me, i'd shell out a lot more than eight bucks for the DVD not only because I really want to see it but because i'd be more than happy to help support Emily and put money in her pocket so she can complete her next project, which she's currently hard at work on. If only we all had the courage and determination to do what we wanted to do at such a young age, eh? You truly are an inspiration, Emily.


You only have through August 20th so I highly recommend you check this documentary out ASAP. It's not out on DVD yet, so this is really your only chance to see it outside of festivals for now. WATCH IT. Then go buy Pathogen. If you're all about supporting young indy genre filmmakers, this is a great chance to be able to do that.

Now lets just hope my credit card actually has eight dollars on it....

31 Days, 31 Links - Day #14



Up until last Christmas, while I browsing the net for a unique gift for my brother, I had no idea you could buy a dead preserved squid in a jar. Thanks to Dapper Cadaver I not only learned that you very well can buy such a thing but my brother is also now the proud owner of a preserved squid in a jar. Where else on the web can you find this shit?! In their own words, "Dapper Cadaver is a specialty store for the finest death related props, Halloween props, haunted house decor, and oddities." And when they say it's far beyond the typical Halloween costume shop, i'd say that's the understatement of the year. Whether you're looking for props or fake blood for your own backyard horror flicks (they've supplied gore for big name shows and movies), want to spruce up your home come Halloween time, or just want to check out some sick and twisted shit (like a preserved squid/pig/turtle/human fetus replica in a jar), it's all at your disposal at Dapper Cadaver. In addition to their website they also have an actual shop in San Fernando Valley, which makes me quite jealous of all you California folks. But whether online or in person, I can promise you sick fucks out there will get hours of enjoyment out of browsing their selection of all things twisted, bizarre, and sometimes downright shocking!