Monday, November 30, 2009

Black Friday '09 Purchases

Would you believe that I stayed up all of Thanksgiving night, headed out into the rain and violent crowds dark and early at 4 in the morning, waited in 2 plus hour lines, and yet spent only $30 - five of it going to a delicious and regular priced McDonald's breakfast? Well, believe it. I go out every year on Black Friday and never really spend much, being that i'm not one to buy shit just cause it's on sale, but this year marks the least amount of money i've ever spent on the day. Truth be told, I go out more for the experience and the tradition than I do the deals and come to think of it, I don't think i've ever bought anything aside from super cheap DVD's. My friend and I have been going every year for at least the last five years and although it's incredibly infuriating at times, it's always fun and it's a tradition I hope to not break anytime soon. Despite the fact that I only picked up a few DVD's and a game this year, I promised i'd post my purchases, so here we go.

Walmart - $2

Solid vampire flick with one of the best decapitation scenes ever committed to celluloid. Glad to finally have this in my collection so I can go back to it whenever I desire some axe to neck action.

Target - $3.99

Speaking of finally having it in my collection, this is the first time I have ever owned Gremlins, on any format, despite being a huge fan since childhood. Not sure how that happened but i'm happy it's no longer the case. Now I just gotta pick up G2.

Target - $3.99

Dug Hellboy, haven't seen this one yet. I have a feeling that the hardcore actiony look of this may be less up my alley than the more dramatic elements of the first, but I think i'll have fun with it.

Walmart - $2

I never hear anybody talking about this movie and i'd definetly have to go ahead and call it underrated and highly underappreciated. Great movie and great to see Dane Cook pull off serious. Also great performances from Kevin Costner and William Hurt.

Walmart - $2

Much like Hellboy, had fun with the first but haven't seen this yet. Figured whether the movie is good or not, two bucks is a small price to pay for Kate Beckinsale in tight spandex.

Walmart - $10

Love Grand Theft Auto but never played GTA 4 due to the high cost of buying or even renting video games these days. For only 10 bucks I am reliving the fun of running people down and blowing innocent bystanders heads off - albeit long after everyone else already beat this game. Oh well, the severe price cut was worth the wait for me and this should keep me occupied until Dead Rising 2 lands on January 1st. Walmart also had Godfather 2 on PS3 for 10 bucks and i'm quite frankly regretting not picking it up.

And that's about it. Though I snagged up some great deals, I think the highlight of the morning came from watching a group of guys attempt to load a 50 inch TV into their way too small for a 50 inch TV car - a process that went on for a good hour and a half in the pouring rain as we waited on the line at Best Buy. It was a hilariously entertaining exercise in perhaps the deadliest sin of all - greed. Ya just had to go for the 50 inch, eh guys?!

And yes, after waiting on that two hour Best Buy line, I walked out totally empty handed. Again, it's all about the experience.

Thursday, November 26, 2009

The Freddy In Space Black Friday Horror DVD Buying Guide!

No desire to get up at 2am and head into a world filled with thousands of bargain hunters who will slit your throat and gouge out your eyeballs in order to snag a new DVD player for 20 bucks? Well fuck that, you don't have to! It's the year 2009 and Black Friday shopping can now be done entirely in the comfort of your own home. And if that's not easy enough for your lazy ass, i've decided to make it even easier for you by hunting down the best horror DVD/Blu-ray deals out there and serving them up to you on a silver goddamn platter. So grab a beer, a leftover turkey leg, and your credit card and pick up some great horror flicks for dirt cheap prices, all without the risk of the last known photograph of yourself ending up on the cover of tommorow's Newsday - the latest victim of another Black Friday skull trampling. Just be sure to act quickly, these deals won't last much longer!

I compared prices all over the net and, not surprisingly, Amazon and Best Buy have gone lower than anyone else this year. Here's the best of what they have to offer.


Drag Me To Hell - $8.99

Midnight Meat Train - $5.49

My Bloody Valentine 3D - $5.49

True Blood : The Complete First Season - $19.99 (beginning Friday at 8am PST - ending at 12pm PST)

X-Files Complete Seasons - $12.49 each


Drag Me To Hell - $11.99

My Bloody Valentine 3D - $12.99


Behind The Mask : The Rise of Leslie Vernon - $3.99

Children of the Corn Special Edition - $3.99

Grace - $4.99

Halloween ('78) - $4.99

Happy Birthday To Me - $4.99

Hellbound : Hellraiser 2 - $3.99

Hellraiser 20th Anniversary Edition - $3.99

Hellraiser Box Set - $19.99

Quarantine - $6.99

Saw V - $3.99


American Psycho - $7.99

Children of the Corn - $6.99

Dawn of the Dead ('78) - $9.99

Day of the Dead ('85) - $9.99

Devil's Rejects - $7.99

Evil Dead 2 - $9.99

Halloween ('78) - $9.99

Hellraiser - $6.99

Saw - $7.99

Saw 2 - $7.99

Silence of the Lambs - $7.99

As far as in store sales go, if you're willing to head out into the madness early in the morning, Wal-mart and Best Buy are your best bets for getting your hands on some cheap DVD's. I speak from experience, being that I have a yearly tradition of heading out every Black Friday at around 4am. If I pick up any good stuff, i'll make a post on what I got when I return. To all who are joining me in shopping hell, good luck, have fun, and I hope you make it out alive!

One More Thing I'm Thankful For This Year...

HATCHET 2 follows Marybeth as she escapes from the clutches of Victor Crowley, learns the truth about his curse, and heads back into the haunted New Orleans swamp to seek revenge for her family and kill Victor Crowley once and for all...

Adam Green will write and direct. Kane Hodder, Tony Todd, and the makeup effects coordinator from the first one return. The body count is going to be doubled.

'Nuff said.

By the way, speaking of Thanksgiving, be sure to check out the Freddy In Space Hit List to your right for some choice Thanksgiving horror content from my fellow bloggers as well as to watch the Thanksgiving horror classics Home Sweet Home and ThanksKilling RIGHT THIS INSTANT! Also don't forget, the Fright Rags Limited Edition Ladies of the Evil Dead Extreme Edition T-Shirt goes on sale tommorow, Black Friday, and is available exclusively to newsletter subscribers. Click the link in the Hit List to find out all the details and make sure to sign up for the newsletter so you won't miss out!

What I'm Thankful For This Year...

...(In addition to the usual friends and family and that sorta thing)...

Is you guys. Seriously, all corniness aside, the outpouring of kind words and support in the past week or so since I made that post about my job getting me down and negatively impacting my blogging has been incredible. I completely underestimated you guys when I thought you would lose interest in the blog or stop reading entirely because I wasn't posting as much as I used to. I now realize that my loyal readers are just that, loyal, and will be coming around whether i'm posting as frequently as usual or not. That makes me very happy and makes me feel a whole lot better about the whole thing. So thank you so much to all who commented on that post and offered their support. It means a whole hell of a lot to me, more than I can express with mere words.

I'd also like to give special thanks to two readers/fellow bloggers who went out of their way to send me e-mail's with their support. One of the best things about this whole horror blogging thing is the community of it all and these e-mail's really showed me how tightly knit the community of horror blogging is, despite the fact that most of us have never actually even met in person. So this Thanksgiving, I am also very thankful to be a part of that community.

First off, I got a long and incredibly positive and uplifting e-mail from Zach S. over at Z For Zombies - probably the greatest e-mail I have ever received. I'm not gonna post the whole thing as it's kinda personal and i'm not sure he'd want me posting what he wrote personally to me on here, but I will post one of my favorite excerpts. Zach was talking about how I embrace my horror geekery and how he himself is sometimes mocked by friends and family for his love of zombies and comic books and he said, and I quote - "you seem to wield that geekdom like Conan does a broadsword." I like to think that I do, Zach! This guy rocks, so go check out his blog and become a follower - I insist! Also check out this post in particular, which announces the first ever Z For Zombies contest and Zach even shows off the winnings of a recent prize package he won from Freddy In Space!

The second e-mail I got was from Mike S. over at All Things Horror Online, and he was just as supportive and awesome. So be sure to head over to All Things Horror and become a follower of him too!

Thanks so much to both of you, you've really inspired me and made me remember why I started doing this in the first place. I hope that you guys stick to blogging about horror for many many years to come and wish you continued success. I know neither of you did it to earn cheap plugs, but since you showed your support for me, I had to show my support for you - thus, cheap plugs!

Thank you all and Happy Thanksgiving to you all!

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Win ThanksKilling on DVD!

Remember that killer turkey on the loose flick, ThanksKilling, that I was raving about the other day? Well the director of the film has just supplied Freddy In Space with a copy of the DVD and i'm giving one of you guys the opportunity to take it home this Thanksgiving! But before we get to that....

The last contest I had on here, to win the new Natural Born Killers Director's Cut DVD, ended a week or so ago and though I contacted her, the winner never replied to my e-mail with her address. So on the off chance that you're reading this right now, killbillfanatic2005, you won the DVD but I need your address or else I can't ship it out to you! Please drop me an e-mail at when you get the chance and let me know where to send this sucker. If I don't get a reply within the next week or so, i'll have to pick a different winner for the contest.

So who wants to inject a little killer turkey rape into their Thanksgiving this year? Here's all you have to do to snag your very own copy of ThanksKilling - the greatest Thanksgiving horror flick of all time! Leave a comment below with your e-mail address and the title of the horror film that you think is the most appropriate to watch on Thanksgiving. If you're feeling froggy, go ahead and tell me why you chose whatever movie you chose. Contest will run through Thanskgiving day and is open to EVERYONE. Good luck and Happy Thanksgiving to all!

By the way, if you don't want to wait and would like to watch ThanksKilling this Thanksgiving, it's available for instant watch on Netflix!

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

The Top 10 Coolest Horror Shirts of All Time!

There are surprisingly very few companies out there churning out quality horror shirts, but those few companies are more than making up for this by putting out some seriously awesome shit. Companies like Fright Rags, Zombie Liquorice, and Mini Cassette, to name just a few, are picking up the slack by creating some amazing original designs and I wanted to show you guys the best of the best. These are not just movie posters slapped onto black t-shirts, these are truly wearable works of art that will make you proud to be a horror fan and even prouder to be a slick walking billboard for your favorite horror flick. Being that it's the holidays and all, maybe this post will give you some ideas as to what to get for any horror fans you might have in your life. Or maybe you'd just like to treat yourself. Either way, here are, in my opinion, the top 10 coolest horror shirts out there! Click the links to see bigger/better images and/or to purchase any of the shirts.

10. ThinkGeek - Ash's S-Mart Uniform Shirt

Many companies have put out S-Mart related shirts through the years, but this one goes above and beyond, making the wearer look like he/she is actually donning Ash's infamous S-Mart uniform - which lets face it, is a dream come true for most of us. This shirt would be the perfect addition to any Ash Halloween costume or the perfect conversation starter/head turner all year round. Wear it loud, wear it proud, and you'll quickly find out by reaction who among you is a Bruce Campbell fan - and by default, who among you is worth getting to know.

9. Mini Cassette - 8-Bit Jason

Anyone who has ever played the incredibly frustrating Friday The 13th NES game will surely have a soft spot in their heart for this image. Anyone who has never played it will have no idea what the hell this shirt is depicting - and that's why I love it. I love insider shirts like this that only a handful of people will get and be able to relate to and in fact, this is one of the first horror shirts I ever bought. Before Mini Cassette was Mini Cassette, they went by the name Nostromo Design and Nostromo single handedly showed a young me that there was hope yet for the horror t-shirt. While everyone else out there was lazily slapping boring poster art on shirts, Nostromo dared to be different and that's something they continue to do to this day. I should note that the original Nostromo version of this shirt was in black and white, whereas this one is in color.

8. Fright Rags - Exorcist

This will mark the first of many Fright Rags appearances on this list, and rightfully so. I've always been a huge fan of their shirts and when I first laid eyes on this one at the Monster Mania convention when it debuted, I immediately fell in love and immediately snatched it up. The vibrant neon colors make this incredible piece of art stand out even more than it already would on its own and i've yet to leave the house wearing it without getting a comment or two. In fact, the same can pretty much be said for all Fright Rags designs - but hold that thought!

7. Zombie Liquorice - Defaced Hoodie

When I originally started planning this list, I envisioned it being ten shirts that were based on specific horror movies - but I had to drop that idea when I realized that such a technicality would take Zombie Liquorice out of the running, which was just plain unacceptable to me. Zombie Liquorice is a Canadian company that is fairly new on my radar and they have pretty much written the book on zombie themed shirts, as far as i'm concerned. 'Defaced' is only the beginning of their gruesome designs and trust me when I tell you, they've got some stuff coming in the near future that is going to blow your collective minds. Keep a close watch on these guys, zombie fans. I must mention that I own this hoodie and not only does it look even more badass in person, but it is comfortable as all hell to boot - much like all of Zombie Liquorice's gear.

6. Fright Rags - Killer Klowns

Killer Klowns From Outer Space is one of my favorite horror flicks of all time and this shirt manages to capture pretty much all of the reasons why I love it - from the freaky clowns, to the popcorn guns, to the cotton candy cocoons. This shirt IS Killer Klowns - albeit in a wearable cotton form - and that's what makes it so kickass.

5. Mini Cassette - Little Ash

See what I mean when I say Mini Cassette dares to be different? While all other companies are throwing pictures of Bruce Campbell on shirts and plastering the words "Evil Dead" above his head, Mini Cassette is turning Bruce into a Lego and putting it on their shirts. Maybe it's just me, but the idea of Ash as a lego is one of the coolest and most creative things i've ever seen. If you dig this shirt as much as I do, be sure to check out MC's whole line of Lego inspired tees. By the way, is it any suprise that such a marketable and iconic dude as Bruce Campbell has popped up twice on this list?

4. Trextshirts - Choptop

I just discovered this shirt on Etsy the other day and while I don't generally dig white shirts, especially when it comes to horror shirts, Choptop totally rocks it. The black image and white background with the blood being the only thing in color is what makes this shirt work so well. Trex also whipped up a really nice (and REALLY creepy) Leatherface shirt, which you can see in the Honorable Mentions section below.

3. Fright Rags - Zombie vs Shark

This is probably my favorite Fright Rags shirt of all time - that is, my favorite that is currently available. The fact that Lucio Fulci pitted a zombie and a shark against one another in his zombie epic was a total stroke of genius and the fact that Fright Rags decided to turn that memorable scene into a shirt was pretty damn genius too. I bought this shirt for a friend of mine at a convention and I can't lie - there were times on the way home from the con where I wanted to scratch the present idea and just keep it for myself! Epic scene, epic shirt.

2. Gallery 88/Alex Pardee - Trick 'r Treat

You've probably never seen this shirt before and that's because it is limited to 125 pieces worldwide and was only made available at an art exhibit in California this past October. Trick 'r Treat director Michael Doughtery worked with artist Alex Pardee to create this shirt and if you act quickly, you can pick it up in a size small or medium at the above link. Hurry though, because I can assure you it will be gone real quickly. It's no secret that I have a deep love for Sam and all things Trick 'r Treat and that combined with the awesomeness of this design make this the second coolest horror shirt i've ever laid eyes on.

And now, get ready to pick your jaw up off the floor.....

1. Fright Rags - Ladies of the Evil Dead Extreme Edition

First off, I cannot urge you enough to click the above link and see this design in all its high res 10 color glory. As cliche as it is to say, the above picture simply does it no justice.

Fright Rags has totally outdone themselves with this design and to say it earns the title of "Extreme Edition" would probably be the understatement of the year. What makes this shirt, being released this Friday, so extreme? Well, just look at it! Aside from the badass-ness of the design itself, this Extreme Edition boasts a plethora of special features, so to speak. Not only does each shirt come with a keepsake trap door collector's box, designed after the famous Evil Dead trap door that leads into the cellar, but each order also comes with an 11"x17" collectible poster signed by the three ladies of The Evil Dead and even a vial of dirt (aka Evil Dirt) dug up from the filming location of the flick! Talk about going above and beyond, eh? The shirt is limited to only 500 pieces and will be made available to newsletter subscribers only this Friday at 10am (EST), for the special price of $49.95. Non newsletter subscribers will have to wait until this Sunday, if there are even any left, and will have to fork over $79.95 - so i'd suggest you sign up for the newsletter right this instant. The stunning design and all the extra goodies make this shirt the coolest horror shirt of all time!

Honorable mentions :

Threadless - Jaws 3D, Nerdoh - Zombieland, Fright Rags - Gremlins (no longer available to buy), Fright Rags - The Gate, Mini Cassette - Mikey's Ride, Zombie Liqourice - Zombie Ice Cream, and Trextshirts - Leatherface.

At Long Last, a Clear Look at Krueger '09

Even though the official trailer hit the net a couple months back, we still haven't gotten a good clear look at Freddy's new do - that is, until now. just posted the first image of NECA's upcoming remake Freddy action figure and though it's only a plastic toy, it's the most we've seen of Haley's Krueger to date. And given NECA's track record of incredibly detailed and accurate likenesses, i'd say this is pretty damn close to seeing the real thing....

For the full image, click HERE

I have been incredibly worried of late about the look of Freddy in this redux - as seen by less than impressive small (and much too dark) glimpses in both screen grabs and the trailer - but he actually looks pretty damn cool here and if this is how he ends up looking in the actual movie, I can't say i'll be at all dissapointed. Also really digging the burnt up and charred Christmas sweater look. For now, i'd say my faith in this flick has been restored a little bit. Thanks, NECA! And a huge thanks also to reader Nathan Stout for bringing this to my attention.

Monday, November 23, 2009

ThanksKilling - Injecting a Little Fun Into Thanksgiving!

It opens with an extreme close-up shot of a veiny pilgrim tit and ends just over an hour later - but not before a wise cracking killer turkey tomahawks a shitload of people to death, rapes a chick, drives a car, and wears a dude's face. This is the heartwarming family friendly story of ThanksKilling, a rabid turkey on the loose flick that is perhaps the best rabid turkey on the loose flick of all time and dare I say even the best the Thanksgiving horror sub-genre has to offer - although it's not like it's against very stiff competition when it comes to either of these categories. ThanksKilling is an utterly ridiculous movie-watching experience but trust me, if you have an incredibly idiotic sense of humor, like I do, you will fall in love with it and i'm pretty sure you'll be popping it on every Thanksgiving.

But what about THIS Thanksgiving? Even if you order it right now on DVD (for only $11.99, mind you), you probably won't get it in time for Thanksgiving - and what fun is watching a turkey rape people after the holiday has passed? Wait, I take that back, that is ALWAYS fun. But what i'm getting at here is that you probably want to watch this movie on or before THIS Thanksgiving, am I right?


ThanksKilling is currently available to watch instantly on Netflix and thanks to the new program they have created, those with a PS3 can even watch it right on their televisions! I really can't think of a better Thanksgiving gift for us all, can you?

If Troma style flicks are your thing, if Blood Freak is a yearly watch in your household, if the promise of a turkey raping and killing human beings gets your rocks off, or if you just need some good old fashioned horror fun injected into your holidays this year, then you will gobble gobble this shit right up, motherfucker!

If you want more Thanksgiving horror, be sure to check out the afformentioned Blood Freak and Home Sweet Home. And of course, don't forget to watch Eli Roth's faux trailer, for the thousandth time!

Sunday, November 22, 2009

Two Cool Reader Submitted Tidbits...

The first comes courtesy of a reader by the name of Dustin Sain, who noticed something pretty interesting about the posters for Elm Street : Dream Warriors and Zombie 3. Don't know if anyone else has ever noticed this before, but it's the first time it's ever been called to my attention. Note the eyes on both of the posters.

Being that Dream Warriors came first, it looks like the makers of the Zombie 3 poster decided to be lazy and snatch Freddy's eyes for their own poster. Dustin says he overlayed them in Photoshop and they are in fact exactly the same, with the only difference between a slight tweaking of Fred's right eye by the Zombie 3 people. In fact it looks to me like they might have even taken Freddy's whole upper face, and not just the eyes. Either way, it's an interesting little observation.

I mentioned the other day how work is chewing up all my blogging time and this next thing I was sent by a reader who goes by the name Alistair Legrand is probably gonna be chewing up even more blogging time for me. Knowing that i'm a huge fan of horror VHS, Alistair stumbled upon and sent me perhaps the biggest horror VHS collection/collector out there, and it's all documented on YouTube. This guy's channel is full of videos of him going through his entire massive horror VHS collection, as well as showing off his horror toys and even visiting the filming locations of movies like the Friday The 13th's and The Blair Witch Project. Warning : this channel is highly addicting, especially if you're a horror VHS aficianado, so proceed with caution! This dude's passion for horror is infectious.

YouTube - KandJHorrordotcom

Thank you Dustin and thank you Alistair. If any of you guys out there ever find cool little things like these guys did, please send 'em my way!

Friday, November 20, 2009

Stan Helsing - Criminally Unfunny

It's not that I even expected there to be a single laugh amongst Stan Helsing's hour and a half runtime, it's just that I kinda felt an obligation to watch it, being a horror movie fan and blogger. I've seen enough of the current slew of spoof flicks (Date Movie, Disaster Movie, Meet The Spartans, the list goes on and on) to know that the days of Airplane and even Scary Movie are long long gone and Stan Helsing, with its childish 'spoofing' of 20 year old horror movies, is even more confirmation of this fact. How these movies keep getting made is completely beyond me but apparently someone out there with great power and money thinks they're funny, and that concerns me. With its juvenile and incredibly immature sense of humor, or lack thereof, Stan Helsing is one of the least funny movies i've seen all year - and it's a goddamn comedy! I've watched many dramatic films where i've ended up in tears (the sad kind) by the end and yet, there was always at least one or two moments of levity and humor throughout where a good chuckle came out of me. Not so with Stan Helsing. Literally every single 'joke' falls flat and I wouldn't be shocked in the least to discover that the screenwriter had his 10 year old son ghostwrite the script for him.

Now if you shackled me to a chair, rigged jumper cables to my balls, and demanded I tell you one good or funny thing about the movie, i'd probably wind up saying that Kenan Thompson is at least somewhat of a humorous guy. There, you got it out me. But it's the only positive thing whatsoever I can say about anything relating to this movie and remember, I only said it because you threatened thousands of volts of electricity to my privates.

Stan Helsing is honestly one of the stupidest movies I have ever watched and it makes me truly miss the days when Leslie Nielsen was funny and had a respectable career. You should've quit while you were ahead (aka the early 90's), Les. For that matter, the spoof movie should've quit while it was ahead, back in the early 2000's.

If you need further proof as to the stupidity and lameness of this movie, check out the pictures below of how each of the classic horror icons are depicted in the flick!


He's got a handbag on his face, instead of human skin. He's got a leather...face. Get it!? And he doesn't use a chainsaw, he uses a leaf blower! Classic!


I guess since Freddy wears a hat similar to one worn by the typical depiction of a "pimp", they decided to turn him into a gold toothed giant clock wearing gangsta? I suppose? By the way, the clock that 'Fweddy' has around his neck is a countdown to sleep time. While it is a funny concept and is humorous to picture Freddy sitting around waiting for bedtime, it's a concept they never bother to explore or suck any humor out of. I guess they thought it was funnier to show 'Fweddy' brushing his gold teeth with the toothbrush that's affixed to his glove.


He wears a hockey jersey...because of his hockey mask...genius! What an original thought! The band-aid might have been funny had it been on the side that Jason got axed in Friday Part 3, as a nice little tie in to the real films, but it's not even on the correct side, so i'm kinda wondering if the director's intention was even to spoof Jason's trademark axe wound or he just thought slapping a band-aid on the mask would be hilarious. I'm gonna go with the latter. I must also mention that 'Mason' is played by Ken Kirzinger, the same dude who portayed Jason Voorhees in Freddy vs Jason. Have you no respect for the historic role you were lucky enough to play, Mr. Kirzinger? You don't see Kane Hodder shitting on the character, do you?


Rhymes with Chucky, Ha Ha! They depicted the Chucky doll as a human midget with elf shoes and a game of Tic Tac Toe carved into his face! Brilliant!

"Michael Criers"

The whole thing about Michael Myers is that, due to his mask, he had an expressionless face at all times. In Stan Helsing, his mask expression changes depending on how he's feeling! How do they think of this stuff!!! Funny thing is, Mikey has such a small amount of screentime in the movie that I didn't even notice the changing of masks until I went back through it to pull pictures for this post. Note that he also wears a yarmulke. Because yarmulke's are funny.


Ahh, I think you guys get the point by now....

Thursday, November 19, 2009


When I first started reading up on how to be a successful blogger, over a year ago now, one of the things I always read to never do was call attention to a lack of posting. Reason being, when it comes to blogging, a lack of posting is pretty much death and to constantly be apologizing for, explaining, and calling attention to that lack of posting makes your readers lose faith in you and eventually stop coming around your neck of the woods. Well, there's been a serious lack of posting around here lately and I don't want any of you guys to think it's just laziness or me slacking off or losing interest, so i'm gonna throw that advice out the window and go ahead and call attention to it...

For the first year and three months of my days as a horror blogger, I was jobless. This blog was essentially my only obligation and even though I didn't get paid for it, it pretty much became my entire life. I poured so much time and energy into this thing to make it what it is today, updating three or four times a day (without ever going more than 2 or 3 days without a post), and it didn't even matter that I wasn't getting paid for it. I was doing it because I loved to do it, not because I wanted to turn any profits off of it. But we've all gotta have a job and start to make some money at some point and I knew in the back of my mind that the day I got a normal job, the blog would suffer. And it has. I got a job a few months back and Freddy In Space has not been the same since. I'm lucky if I update a few times a week because lets face it, getting up at 7:30 in the morning and putting in a full day of work at a shitty uninspiring job is not what gets me in the mood to come home and blog about my passions. It gets me in the mood to sleep and sulk, and that's about it. My passions have now taken a back seat to a job I hate and that really bums me out, but that's just the reality of life and this is a reality that I always knew was inevitable. It's also a reality that has just hit me harder than ever being that I was offered press passes to the opening night party of the New York City Horror Film Festival this past Wednesday, but had to turn them down because of my job. Ouch, now that one hurt. But I won't be bitter about it. I had the incredible opportunity to do this for over a year, without a job, and devote all of my time and energy to it and for that I am pretty damn thankful. So, cutting to the chase, is this the end of Freddy In Space?

ABSOLUTELY NOT. Though my hits have dwindled and my spirits have been a bit broken, I will never give up on this blog. It's the one true passion i've got going for me and i'll be damned if i'm gonna let some little minimum wage temporary job take that away from me. I'm not gonna be able to update nearly as much as I used to, but i'm damn sure gonna try my best to bring you guys the same content you've come to enjoy reading over this past year, on as frequent of a basis as I can bring it. Don't lose faith in me and be a little patient, that's all I ask.

All this being said, I can assure you that whatever I end up doing with my life, as far as a career goes, it will be based around horror movies. They're what makes me happy, they're what keeps me going, and the horror world is the world I want to live out the rest of my days in. My biggest fear has always been that my passions and dreams will be thrown by the wayside and replaced with some generic job that I get stuck in, as is the case with 90% of society, and i'm gonna do everything I can to prevent that from happening. It's just not me and i'm just not gonna settle for it. But I digress....

What I was here to say is that i'm not giving up on this blog and that I will never give up on this blog. That being established, lets get back to doing what we've been doing for the past year and a half.

Now if you'll excuse me, i'm gonna go do what I do best - pop open a cold one and get my rocks off on a fucked up horror flick. Once I sober up, maybe i'll jump on here and write up a little review. It's probably the only thing i've ever been real good at doing, so I figure I should probably stick with it.

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Recently Watched : Return To Sleepaway Camp & Deadgirl

While i've never been the hugest Sleepaway Camp fan, I do get a kick out of the movies - how can you not love the little girl with the dick and the wildly inventive kill scenes? I'm actually quite surprised that it took me this long to check out the big return of the franchise, but I think that'd have something to do with the outpouring of negativity from my fellow horror bloggers. I decided on a whim to finally pop it in this past weekend and quite frankly, it's a piece of garbage. That being established, when I look back, I can't deny that I kinda had a teeny tiny bit of fun while watching it. Granted I usually have fun with slasher flicks, no matter how bad they are, but I can't rag on Return To Sleepaway Camp all that much given that it really doesn't take itself too seriously and i'm fairly certain the filmmakers sole intention was to make a highly campy and very cheesy slasher flick that would fit right in with the earlier installments in the franchise - mission accomplished. So while Return To Sleepaway Camp is not what I would call a good horror movie, and does kinda lack in creative and gory kill scenes, it's pretty much perfect fodder for a drunken movie night with friends and ya know what? That's good enough for me. Oh, and I can't lie, I marked out for the ending, even if it was predictable.

Now this is what I call a GREAT fucking horror movie, and a completely original horror movie to boot. Two friends head out to the local abandoned insane asylum for a day of drinking and debauchery and they stumble upon a chained up girl in the basement - what ensues is perhaps the most twisted love story of all time and one of the best horror movies of the last several years. This is some seriously dark and disturbing shit that is only for the open minded and for those who can handle some seriously dark and disturbing shit - like dudes fucking dead chicks. What's so incredible about this movie is that behind all the necrophilia and dark subject matter, it truly is a love story at heart - the most perfect combination of love and horror since Let The Right One In. It's movies like Deadgirl that show that there are still people out there with boldy original takes on the genre, and that's something to take comfort in. Don't look it up on IMDb or Wikipedia and spoil anything for yourself, just go rent it and experience the movie for yourself. I can almost guarantee you'll be talking and thinking about it for days afterward.

Monday, November 16, 2009

My My, What Big Feet You Have

^ Ron Perlman, a couple weeks without a shave ^

I've long been fascinated with Bigfoot/Sasquatch/whatever you want to call him and so i've decided to make him the subject of a new research project - a project that needs your help. I'm trying to compile a list of every single Bigfoot horror movie ever made and though i'm pretty sure i've got most of them jotted down, i'm also pretty damn sure that I must be missing a few. The reason I want this list is because I plan on not only watching every BF horror movie ever made, but also writing a little article on the history of Bigfoot in the horror world, which i'm gonna send over to HorrorHound magazine - hopefully, it will get published. If not, I can always post it right here. So here's the list i've come up with so far, if any of you guys know any other Bigfoot horror movies out there that i'm missing, please leave a comment and give me your knowledge! Abominable Snowman/Yeti based horror movies also apply, being that it's basically the same creature, just covered in snow. So basically i'm looking for any movie with a large man-ape creature tearing motherfuckers up. Go!

The Legend of Boggy Creek
Shriek of the Mutilated
The Curse of Bigfoot
Night of the Demon
Sasquatch - The Capture of Bigfoot
Sasquatch Mountain
Bigfoot at Holler Creek Canyon
Sasquatch Hunters
The Search for the Beast
Clawed : The Legend of Sasquatch
Suburban Sasquatch
Sasquatch Assault
The Legend of Bigfoot
Snow Creature
Creature From Black Lake

Friday, November 13, 2009

Friday The 13th - In Memoriam

Being that today is Friday the 13th, i've decided to repost something very special that I wrote up earlier this year for Benevolent Street. It's not that i'm being lazy and don't want to come up with a new post for today, believe me, it's just that this post is one of the most meaningful things I have ever written and now that I have a few more readers than I did back when I plugged the post earlier this year, I thought it'd be nice to get it back out there for those who haven't seen it yet. The post was written hot on the heels of the Friday The 13th remake hitting theatres and the aim was to memorialize and pay tribute to all of the folks from the entire Friday franchise who are no longer with us. What made this post so special to me was that I was actually contacted by several people who were friends and family of the deceased actors, who showed their appreciation for the post and shared stories about their loved ones - which I have included within this post. 'Friday The 13th - In Memoriam' has been reposted on several sites (including Friday The 13th Films, Scab's Horror Blog, and Retro Slashers), but this is the first time it's ever been posted right here on Freddy In Space - where it belongs! So happy Friday the 13th to all and enjoy this little blast from the past - perhaps my greatest contribution to the world of horror blogging.

With the remake of Friday the 13th hitting theatres in a little over a week, I think now is the perfect time to honor the franchise alumns who are no longer with us. Without these guys and girls, the Friday universe would not be what it is today. And in fact, without them today, that universe is just a little bit smaller. However, as sad as it is, it is only natural and inevitable that in the 3 decades now that the series has been running, a few of those stars were bound to burn out. But by watching these movies over and over again and remembering these men and women, we are keeping them as immortal as Jason Voorhees himself.

We have lost a total of 12 on screen personas in the Friday the 13th franchise over the course of, ironically, 12 installments. Lets take a moment to remember those who have passed on.

Walt Gorney – Crazy Ralph – Friday The 13th

April 12th, 1912 – March 5th, 2004

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Although he is best known for his role as Crazy Ralph and was believed by many to be an actual town crazy that was cast in the film (even by some of the other cast members at the time!), Austrian born Walt Gorney was actually an accomplished stage performer. After Friday the 13th, he reprised his role as Ralph in Part 2 and even returned, post character death, in Part 7 to do the opening voice over narration. Gorney passed away at St. Vincent’s Hospital in New York City at the age of 91 as a result of natural causes.

Laurie Bartram – Brenda – Friday The 13th

May 16th, 1958 – May 25th, 2007

Prior to Friday, Bartram’s only acting credits were in a couple television shows as well as the 1974 horror film The House of Seven Corpses. Friday The 13th was her last acting role and after it, she enrolled at Liberty Baptist College where she met her husband Gregory McCauley, whom she went on to have five children with. She died of pancreatic cancer at the age of 49 in Virginia.

"Laurie Bartram was a dear friend of mine. While I still think about her at random times whenever a Friday the 13th roles around she is the first person I think of. Laurie and I became friends while we were at Liberty University our freshman year. It’s funny, at the time, I had no idea that she had been an actress in a movie or that she had a role in the soap opera, “Another World“. When someone asked me if she ever talked about her acting career, I was oblivious to it. Later when I asked her, “Why didn’t you tell me?“ Laurie said very simply, “I loved the fact that you didn’t know and that you just loved me for who I am.” And I did. Later she actually gave me the shirt she wore in the movie Friday the 13th but she didn’t want me to watch it! For Laurie those years were a past she had left behind. Years later I finally got her to agree to let me rent it. Watching her on screen made me smile because it was “so Laurie“. Her expressions and mannerisms came through in her character. Laurie was a beautiful person. I think that would have shown through in any role that she played. RIP I miss you Leej." - Jenny

Rex Everhart – Enos (Truck Driver) – Friday The 13th

June 13th, 1920 – March 13th, 2000

Rex Everhart was an accomplished stage, television, and film actor who was nominated for Broadway’s 1978 Best Actor Tony Award. He appeared in the hit films Superman and The Elephant Man and voiced Belle’s father in Beauty and the Beast before ending his acting career in 1992. In 2000, he succombed to lung cancer in Watseka, Illinois at the age of 79.

Sally Anne Golden – Sandy – Friday The 13th

July 31st, 1910 – January 29th, 1982

No stranger to horror, Golden appeared in 1976’s Alice Sweet Alice before landing a role in Friday The 13th, which was to be her last role. She died of unknown causes at the age of 71 in New York City.

Tom McBride – Mark – Friday The 13th Part 2

October 7th, 1952 – September 24th, 1995

Friday The 13th was the first acting role for Tom McBride, who went on to appear in only two more films and one television show before his death from the AIDS virus at 42. His final moments were documented in the heart wrenching 1996 documentary Life and Death on the A List. McBride was the first franchise cast member who played a camp counselor to die in real life.

"I have always thought it would be a good idea, and a warm way of remembering “Friday The 13th” actors and actresses who have passed away. Being Tom McBride’s nursing assistant, he and I became friends. He would talk about being in commercials, modeling, and movies. I was a fan of the “Friday The 13th” series, and Tom would spend lots of time talking about the interview to land the role, the setting/scenes, and working with the other actors. When I went to take Tom’s vital signs one morning, there was a machete laying on the chair beside his bed with his signiture. Tom was funny, energetic, and always made a friend. I remember him telling me that his wish before dying is for people to remember him not from AIDS, but as someone who made someone smile, laugh, and made a friend. He told me that it would be neat to be remembered as “Machete-Face”. He laughed and said he should have been the one to come back and be a horror icon like “Jason” and “Leatherface”. So when I think of my friend, I can’t help but to think of ol’ “Machete-Face”." - Gary

Steve Susskind – Harold – Friday The 13th Part 3

October 3rd, 1942 – January 21st, 2005

Part 3 was Susskind’s first acting role in a career that lasted until his death at the age of 62 in 2005 as a result of an automobile accident. He leaves behind a legacy that includes films like 1986’s House, Star Trek : The Final Frontier, Terminator 3, and Monsters Inc. as well as shows such as Married With Children, Tales From The Crypt, and Seinfeld.

David Wiley – Abel – Friday The 13th Part 3

1929 – February 5th, 2007

Before his Crazy Ralph-esque turn in Part 3, Wiley had roles on the popular shows Hogan’s Heroes and Chips. After the film, he went on to appear in countless other shows and a few more films as well as even voicing a pedestrian in Grand Theft Auto : Vice City. He lost his battle to cancer in his late 70’s.

Antony Ponzini – Vincent – Friday The 13th Part 4

June 1st, 1933 – December 30th, 2002

Antony Ponzini mostly acted in television shows over the course of his 40 year career, appearing on hit shows the likes of Hawaii Five-O, Three’s Company, All My Children, Baywatch, and Seinfeld. At 69, he passed away of unknown causes in Connecticut.

Abigail Shelton - "Woman" - Friday The 13th Part 4

May 3rd, 1932 - December 11th, 2006

Credited only as “woman” in Friday Part 4, Abigail Shelton appeared very briefly 8 1/2 minutes into the film, hugging a loved one in a hospital room off to the side as Jason is wheeled in. Here’s a screen grab :

Friday Part 4 was Shelton's second to last appearance on film. Her other credits include mostly television shows. She also sung in a cabaret act with her husband, who she remained with till the day she died.

"Very GREAT tribute! And thank you so much for including Abigail Shelton. Abigail Shelton is my Aunt. She did a lot of part work for old shows like The Fugitive, Bonanza, Perry Mason etc. She also had a small reoccurring role on Dallas in 1989. She was Married to John T. Kelly a writer until he passed away. She was in the movie he wrote called Zig Zag and she also was in Disney’s original That Darn Cat. She did tons of theatre and was very talented. Her real name was Francis Compton. She had a sister and brother (my dad) and only one son Peter. She moved out to California from Virginia when she was 20 to follow her dream of acting." - Wendy

Ric Mancini – Mayor Cobb – Friday The 13th Part 5

April 16th, 1933 – May 26th, 2006

Ric Mancini had a long career before Part 5 came along and a long career after it passed, taking on roles in the films Ghostbusters, Ready To Rumble and Ed Wood as well as small roles in the TV shows ER, The A-Team, Charlie’s Angels, and MASH. He died at the age of 73 in Woodland Hills, California at the Motion Picture Hospital of unknown causes.

Mark Venturini – Victor – Friday The 13th Part 5

January 10th, 1961 – February 14th, 1996

In the same year that he played Victor, the man essentially responsible for the return of “Jason” to the franchise, Venturini also appeared in the horror cult classic Return of the Living Dead, as the character Suicide. He career only lasted 10 years, when the 35 year old former football player died of Leukemia in Los Angeles.

Vernon Washington – George – Friday The 13th Part 5

August 10th, 1927 – June 7th, 1988

A New Beginning was the final film role for Vernon Washington, who had previously been known for his roles in the television shows The Jeffersons and Roots : The Next Generations. He died just three years after the film was released at age 50 after health problems forced him to retire from acting.


Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Coolest Cover Art Ever?

For all you UK'ers out there, you're in for quite a treat this holiday season. At long last, the Christmas horror classic 'Silent Night, Deadly Night' will be released uncut (for the first time ever in the UK) on region 2 DVD in just a couple short weeks (Nov. 23rd). Although we've had the flick uncut on DVD here in the states for several years now, I can't help but be incredibly jealous of the cover art you guys are getting. As much as I love the classic image of Santa coming out of a chimney holding an axe that's on the US DVD's (and on the shirt i'm currently wearing), this is by far one of the coolest cover arts I have ever seen. Please put this on a shirt or make a poster out of it!

I have such a love for SNDN, especially around this time of the year, that I just might have to pick this one up even though I already own the rare and out of print SNDN/SNDN Part 2 Double Feature. Being that that set sells for upwards of $60 on Amazon, it's one of my most prized DVD possessions in my entire collection. SNDN was re-released (on its own) in 2008, which also went out of print - this time before I could snatch it up. As for SNDN Part 2, it can only be gotten on DVD in the afformentioned Double Feature set, which makes the DVD all the more precious to me. If only SNDN 3, 4, and 5 would come to DVD. If only it were a perfect world....

Oh wait! That's right! They are! On December first of this year, 'Silent Night, Deadly Night' parts 3, 4, and 5 will be released in the form of a box set - which can be pre-ordered right now for a mere $14.99!

So whether you live in the UK or in the US, i'd say you have something to be excited about this Christmas!

Anyone else out there have a yearly tradition of watching the Silent Night flicks? I always watch part 1 and 2 but have never actually seen 3, 4, or 5. Needless to say, I cannot wait to have a marathon of all five next month!