Sunday, January 31, 2010

Name That Movie - The Frozen Edition!


After the blogging drama of yesterday i'm ready for some fun and what's more fun than a little movie screenshot guessing game?! Being that Adam Green's new flick FROZEN (click for theatre listings) hits the theatrical slopes next weekend, this edition of Name That Movie is a very special Frozen inspired edition - meaning the ten screenshots below are taken from horror movies with snowy settings. How many can you name? Leave a comment with your guesses!

1. Photobucket

2. Photobucket

3. Photobucket

4. Photobucket

5. Photobucket

6. Photobucket

7. Photobucket

8. Photobucket

9. Photobucket

10. Photobucket


B-Movie Becky said...

1. Orphan
3. The Thing?
7. 30 Days of Night
9. Let the Right One In
10. Cold Prey

Some of them look familiar, but I'm just not sure! These are always so fun.

C.L. Hadden said...

Wow. Difficult.
These are guesses, mind you.
1) Orphan
2) Dead Snow
3) The Thing
9) Let the right on in
10) The Last Winter??

Like I said, guesses. Except 9, I know that one for sure.

Bjornabo said...

Frozen looks AWESOME!!!

Im not quite sure about ALL the shoots, but I'll make a few guesses at least.

1. Dead Zone??
2. Shredder
3. The Thing
4. Snow Beast??
5. Dreamcatcher??
6. Misery??
7. 30 Days Of Night
8. Dead Snow (Død Snø)
9. Let The Right One In (Låt Den Retta Komma Inn)
10. Cold Prey (Fritt Villt)

kindertrauma said...

love snow horror!

2 shredder

3 the thing

10 cold prey?


BJ-C said...

9) ltroi :D

Johnny said...

Correct answers thus far :

1. Orphan

2. Shredder

3. The Thing

4. ?

5. ?

6. ?

7. 30 Days of Night

8. Dead Snow

9. Let The Right One In

10. Cold Prey

Nik Holmes said...

You know me with these little beauties, so far yet so short, so in keeping with tradition I had all of the above (you know I'd never lie) and then six is abominable. The other two (5 and 6) I'll gamble that I've never seen them...

One day you'll run one of these where I've seen the full set, till than I'll keep chipping on in.

Johnny said...

Was waiting for your reply Nik and 6 is indeed Abominable.

Number 4 may or may not have been mentioned by someone already, just in the wrong spot ;)

As for number 5, I was fairly certain nobody would get it and in fact i'd venture to say most have never seen or even heard of the movie. But i'll leave it up for grabs for another day or so before I give it away!

Nik Holmes said...

aha! Then 4 is The Last Winter I'm guessing, though honestly have not seen it yet despite LeGros being the first Mike I knew and Perlamn being, well hell, just Perlman!

Number 5 though, sheet, no idea! Must think more1

Johnny said...

Last Winter is correct, a film with such potential that ultimately fell apart.