Sunday, January 31, 2010

Killer Klowns Kontest Winner & Fright Rags One Day Sale!

Last week I held a giveaway/contest for Fright Rags' Killer Klowns From Outer Space t-shirt and the results are in! The task was to come up with a funny caption for a screengrab that I chose from the flick and if you go ahead and scroll down, you will see that screengrab as well as the winning caption and winner's name underneath it!


"To earn some extra cash, the Death Star's trash compactor monster took up a side job as a birthday clown." - Cins

Yes, if anyone's wondering, that is the same Cins from Creepy Kitch. And no, if anyone's wondering, I didn't pick her caption because we're blog pals, I picked it because it was the one I found the funniest, plain and simple. Congratulations, Cins!


Speaking of Fright Rags, you might wanna head over there right about now. For today only, they are selling five of their special edition shirts for 15% off each. This is awesome not only because the shirts are cheaper than usual, but also because these shirts were only made available for brief periods of time, mostly to newsletter subscribers only, and this is the first time you can click over to the site and pick them up. But remember, after today, the deal is over and the shirts are gone, so snatch 'em up while ya can. And stay tuned to Fright Rags next week for SEVEN new designs, which you can see sneak peeks of if you become a member of the Fright Rags Street Team. Also stay tuned to the Fright Rags Blog for an upcoming interview with none other than yours truly!

As for this here blog, a new giveaway begins next week and it's one I can't wait to unleash on you guys!


Bjornabo said...

I've just ordered my Horror Of Dracula T-shirt. It looks really cool.

I received the three shirts I orderd in Desember a couple of days ago and I was surprised that booth the fabric and the print wsa of such high quality. So thanks again for the tip :-)

Johnny said...

Bjornabo - So glad to hear that you've gotten into Fright Rags based off my recommendation. Now you see why i'm constantly plugging them!

Sarah from Scare Sarah said...

Fright Rags are great!

Cins said...

Holy crap! I actually won something?
Kick ass! Thanks Johnny!! =D

oneofthelivingdead said...

YES , thanks for the fright rags updates- i just ordered the beatlejuice and the let the right one in shirts.