Friday, February 26, 2010

The End Of The World & An Immortal Nazi

Two quick reviews of two movies I watched over the last couple weeks that i've been meaning to get around to. Coincidentally, both movies are about brothers and both movies are awesome.


I am happy to say that I thoroughly underestimated Carriers. I got it from Netflix weeks ago and it had been sitting on my shelf for almost two weeks before I decided to pick it up and pop it in. Despite some positive reviews I had read, I expected it to be a generic 'few remaining survivors walk around a plague land' flick the likes of which I had seen a million times before and that's why I never bothered to watch it. Though it was in some ways a generic apocalyptic film, it turned out to be much more than that. I love when a movie blows away my expecations and Carriers did just that. What could've easily been a totally generic movie that went the zombie route went a totally different route and instead examined the relationship between brothers and friends, and i'd say the fact that it was written and directed by two brothers is what made the story so effective and so emotional. Must also say I underestimated Chris Pine, considering him up to this point as just another pretty face (haven't seen Star Trek), as he turned in one hell of a performance. Chalk one up for PG-13 horror!


The basic premise of Blood Creek is this - a Nazi has found the key to immortality and he cannot be stopped. An immortal nazi, is that not the greatest plot ever for a horror film? I'm all about Nazi horror and Schumacher's latest horror effort is one of the best in that sub-genre. It's totally original, gory as all hell, completely off the wall, and features one of the scariest and most memorable villains in recent years - played by the continually impressive Michael Fassbender. I don't know about you, but those are all the ingredients I look for in horror flicks. There were several moments throughout this movie where I literally out loud said "wow" and that doesn't happen often for a jaded horror buff like myself. Yes there is some bad acting and some bad CGI, but one of those faulty CGI scenes is such a cool scene that could've only been pulled off with CGI, so I forgive it. In fact, I forgive any and all flaws Blood Creek may have because it is so fucking awesome and different. Joel, I think I finally forgive you for the nipple suits.


Planet of Terror said...

I had a major issue with Carriers and it was mainly this: would people have been THIS nice in a real life plague scenario? In other words, would the kids let daddy and little girl ride with them or leave them behind in the interest of self preservation? I leaned toward the latter and it was hard to get through the film once I made up my mind that that's what I would do if I were in that situation.

Blood Creek was an unexpected surprise. Two words: zombie horse!

Johnny said...

Well, different people do different things in situations, so you really can't say something like that is unrealistic just because you wouldn't do it. I probably wouldn't pick them up either but I have no problem believing that those characters did, especially with one of those characters being a woman that wants to be a mother.

I think people too often get caught up in little details like this and dislike a movie just because characters do things they wouldn't do. At the end of the day it's a horror movie and I say suspend whatever disbelief they want you to suspend and enjoy it!

But yes, zombie horse - doesn't get much better than that!

oducerproducer said...

I dug Carriers, but have yet to see Blood Creek. I don't souly blame the two Batman films on him, the writers did a piss poor job aswell.

Johnny said...

This is true, but don't forget that it was Shumacher's ultimate decision that allowed the nipple suits to make their way onto the screen!

Quanthor said...

'Carriers' was a giant hunk of poo. It offered zero chills, thrills and nothing remotely new or original to the post-apocalyptic theme. In fact, the world they live didn't seem so bad by the way it was conveyed(playing golf?). It also didn't help that the characters/actors were total plywood.

Definitely one I wont be revisting and I'm the type to give EVERYTHING a second chance.

Carl (ILHM) said...

Ive been hearing great things about CARRIERS and mixed reviews about BLOOD CREEK, but Im planning on checking them both out shortly! Thanks for the reviews man

B-Movie Becky said...

I've been meaning to get to Carriers. Maybe I'll bump it up on my list. I've also been intrigued by Blood Creek. Sounds like fun.