Saturday, February 6, 2010

Frozen - Green Delivers The Goods


There are many movies out there that have an awesome premise but never manage to live up to that premise. In the hands of the wrong writer/director, Frozen could have easily become one of those movies. Thankfully, we are in the hands of the more than capable Adam Green and the simple premise of three snowboarders/skiiers being stuck up on a chairlift has turned into one of the most tense, visceral, and emotional rides in recent horror history. Chalk another one up for Green, Frozen more than delivers the goods and I am so incredibly happy to say that because I would've HATED to have to come on here and bash the movie but believe me, if I didn't dig it, I would've had no choice but to be honest and do just that. This is not a biased opinion because of my love for Adam Green, these are my true thoughts, as all of my movie reviews are.

I interviewed Adam Green on this very blog last year and he talked about how he didn't want to be pigeonholed as "the horror guy" - the way I interpreted it, he didn't want to be known as the guy who can only make over the top gore fests like Hatchet that harken back to the flicks he loved as a youth. There's a lot more to him than that. In Green's own words from that interview, "I don't want to be anything other than just Adam Green, a guy who makes the movies he wants to make. Save the horror titles and crowns for someone else as there's plenty of horror directors out there who only want that." Adam Green is a filmmaker who is comfortable in admitting that he is more than just 'the Hatchet guy' and if he didn't prove that to you with 2007's Spiral, i'm pretty damn confident that he's going to prove it to you with his third single word titled fright flick - Frozen. This is the movie where Green proves that he's a damn good filmmaker, no matter what genre he's working in.

Yes, Frozen is at its core a horror movie and yes, there is a bit of that brutality and gore that you'd expect from an Adam Green movie, but it's got a lot more going for it than the average horror film and it sure as hell does not rely on that brutality or even on the horror of the situation. It's a thriller, a drama, a comedy (in the earlier parts), and a horror film all wrapped into one - and it works on all of these levels. As a horror flick, it's the best kind of horror flick - one that transcends the genre, one that seamlessly blends terror, edge of your seat (or chairlift) intensity, a little bit of humor, and even a sufficient dose of serious and heartbreaking drama. In fact, my favorite scene of the entire movie was not a kill scene, like it is with most horror movies. My favorite scene, and in my opinion the best scene in the entire movie, was a particularly emotional dialogue driven scene where the female character is talking about her dog. It doesn't happen often during the confines of a horror movie, but I may have even a lost a tear or two during this scene. Yes, the Hatchet dude made me cry. See what I mean? I guess what i'm trying to say is, Frozen isn't just a great horror movie, it's a great movie, period.

Frozen is the kind of movie that you really don't want to read too much about, so I really don't want to say too much more than i've already said. All you should know going into it is that three friends get stuck on a chairlift and shit goes down. Try not to read too many reviews or the boards over at IMDb, just go experience the horror event of the winter for yourself. Go laugh, go cry, go get scared shitless, go get Frozen.

And I must say, if you're holding off seeing it because you didn't like Hatchet, throw that idea right out the window. Hatchet and Frozen are NOTHING alike and i'm fairly certain Green's gonna win you former haters over this time. I'd put money on it if I had any.

In a world full of horror movies that are carbon copies of one another, it is so refreshing to see an original movie like Frozen come down the pipeline. It would truly be a damn shame if this didn't get the wide release that it deserves, so once again I urge you, now more confidently being that i've seen it, to go see Frozen. But don't go see it because i've been telling you to go see it all week, go see it because you want to support original horror. Let's be honest, this film hasn't gotten a wide release because it's not a remake, it doesn't have any big name stars, and all that kinda studio bullshit. If us true horror fans don't show our support for movies like Frozen, we're just furthering that studio belief that we won't pay to see original horror on the big screen. It's times like these that we can come off our soap boxes, stop bitching about all the unoriginal shit stinking up our local theatres, and take the future of the genre into our own hands and really make a difference. By seeing this movie, you're not just supporting Adam Green, you're supporting the horror genre as a whole and that's what it's all about.

Thank you Adam Green, not just for another awesome movie, but for a truly memorable night out with the friends and family who joined me in support. Thank you for being both an awesome filmmaker and a truly awesome guy - the latter being the main reason us horror fans rally behind you so hardcore and will continue to do so in whatever you do, whether it's making horror movies or romantic comedies. I personally felt a lot of pressure for Frozen to be good, being that it was my petitioning for the film that got people to drive 45 minutes to come see it with me, so on a selfish note, thank you for not making me eat my words.

One last thing I want to address in regards to those that didn't like the movie. Nearly every negative review i've read for Frozen asks the question, "Why didn't any of the kids have a cell phone?!". Firstly, i'd like to say stop looking for little shit to nitpick about and just enjoy a movie for once. If they had a cell phone there would be no movie, ya dolt. Secondly, I am a snowboarder and I can tell you that neither my girlfriend or I have EVER taken a cell phone up on the mountain. Especially in this day and age where most of us have cell phones that are delicate and have no front cover, bringing it up on the mountain would pretty much guarantee you ending up with a shattered phone once ya take a spill. So please, shut the fuck up about that. You can clearly tell that when Adam Green was writing this movie he said to himself "Ok, what 'why didn't they' scenarios will people nitpick and bitch about?" and he admirably addressed all of those things in the film, so stop trying to outsmart him. It aint gonna happen.


Emily said...

I'm highly impressed with your ability to write a truly interesting review without spoiling a single second of the film. I'm going to try to force myself to see it early this week (I assume it's playing somewhere in this little city called New York) because I doubt I'll be able to keep my hears to the movie world without hearing spoilers in more than five days.

Johnny said...

It's playing in many places all around New York, check for the theatre listings. Definetly see it asap, the less you know and hear about it, the better!

Adam Barnick said...

It's in four theaters in New York City, and it's in the Bronx, Brooklyn, Staten Island etc.

Saw it last night!!! Knocked me out. And to the nitpickers..twice in the movie they address where their phones are. Even if they had phones, cell reception doesn't work on 90% of the mountains you can ski on AND the battery would have died after a day.

Glad you liked it, John!

Sauceman said...

Great review of a fantastic, original film. Everyone that came out was more than pleased. I cannot wait to see more from Mr. Adam Green

B-Movie Becky said...

I agree 100% with your review. I'm glad someone else found the puppy thing just as heartbreaking as I did!!!

Brad said...

Good review my friend. I'll have to check it out. I'm also a snow boarder/snow mobiler and I get zero reception in the mountains. So there goes that nit pick.

the jaded viewer said...

The lack of cell phone wasn't a big deal to me (though my review is gonna add a twist on that) I have to say I was mixed on this. Definitely above average flick for a "What would you do..." flick.

It had a great premise but then came some WTF moments that sorta sidetracked me a little.

Definetely recommending indie horror!!!

Bjornabo said...

Just watched the movie and it was actually pretty good.

SPOILER ALERT:------------------------------------

My only problem with he movie was that I thought the wolves were a bit to aggressive, but as you say just nitpicking. It's a movie, not a science program.

bastardjackyll said...

Caught this last night and LOVED it. I hated Hatchet and had pretty much wrote Adam Green off as the fanboy flavor of the month, but he made a very suspenseful film with Frozen; Hell, I might even sit through Hatchet 2 now.

You were right on the money when you said that this film will win over the former haters. BRAVO!

Johnny said...

So glad to hear you loved it, dude! =)