Friday, February 12, 2010

Full Moon's 50% off Valentine's Weekend Sale!


***UPDATE : The sale has been extended through this Thursday, the 18th!***

I just got done watching Hellraiser on Blu-ray (seemed fitting being that it's been a pretty Hellraiser filled day for me), i'm fairly drunk, and I didn't intend on posting anything tonight, but Carl over at I Like Horror Movies just tipped me off to a crazy sale currently going on at Full Moon and I just had to make a post about it being that i'm gonna be gone for the rest of the weekend. I wouldn't want anybody to miss out on this.

For this weekend only, almost everything over at Full Moon's website is 50% off! That includes all DVD's, toys, shirts, posters, costumes, and even monster bras! The only things not included are the replicas. EVERYTHING else is not only half off, but there's FREE SHIPPING to the US and Canada! The sale ends Sunday night at midnight so act fast!

I just drunk bought Gingerdead Man 1 & 2, The Creeps, Castle Freak, and Evil Bong 1 & 2 for a mere $34.95. That'd normally be at least 70 bucks shipped, according to my calculations. I admit i've made some pretty regrettable drunk online purchases in the past, but something tells me i'm gonna wake up happy about this one tommorow morning!

Valentine's Day is normally a holiday only the women get excited about, but thanks to Full Moon, us guys can have a pretty damn happy one this year too!


ThePersonYouBenefitFromKnowing said...

I'm glad that for once, they are doing free shipping. But it was very suspicious for the fact that they blared about the sale, not giving details...I @'d them on Twitter about how they rape with hour later they announce free shipping haha...I wonder if I wasn't the only one whose said this? They had a sale a few months ago and I thought I got my Puppet Master box set at a steal for $50...but plus like $20 shipping!!!!!! Argh...they owe me!

Johnny said...

Well that's interesting. Thank you for speaking up about it, whether you were the one who got them to do the free shipping or not! If it wasn't for that, I wouldn't have cared for this sale, even at 50% off.

Matt-suzaka said...

Fuckin' a dude...I have been going through some Full Moon nostalgic moments as of late, so thanks for the heads up!

Quanthor said...

Fuckin' A!

I'm glad Carl tipped you off because as soon as I saw this bit of news here I immediately ordered the The Archive Box set. 18 Full Moon classics for $60! Is this really real?

The Film Connoisseur said...

Holy shit, Im going to go and get my copy of Doctor Mordrid and Pit and the Pendulum! Thanks a lot for this bit of info!!

Emily said...

Whoah, as a female, I'm wayyyyy more excited about this sale than the 50% off Russell Stovers tomorrow!
Also, the site says the sale has been extended to Thursday, so happy shopping all!

Johnny said...

Emily, thanks for the heads up on the extension!