Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Get FROZEN - No Matter Where You Live!

***UPDATE : It's just been reported that a couple theatres in Cleveland, Ohio are now playing Frozen. Why? Because a couple fans over there asked their theatre managers for it. Proof positive that this is really working!***

I know you've all probably heard enough about Frozen from me by now - I hyped it, I reviewed it, I hyped it some more - but Bloody Disgusting posted something very important and very exciting about the future of the movie yesterday and I need to mention it.

I've gotten a lot of messages, comments, and e-mail's from people expressing their unhappiness about not getting to see Frozen last weekend, due to the fact that it never came to a theatre near them. This sucks, but just because it didn't come near you doesn't mean it's not going to come near you - it's all in your hands at this point. You may think that going to your theatre and telling the manager to get and run prints of the flick is a futile quest, but some recent exciting news from Anchor Bay is showing otherwise. Allow Adam Green to explain....

"Thanks to everyone who supported FROZEN this past weekend. The reviews and reactions are beyond anything we could have hoped for and despite the blizzards and the Super Bowl - you guys still made it out to the theater to support something original. However, many of you did NOT get FROZEN in your favorite theater on it's opening weekend due to it's small and limited release.

Now you can change that!

In response to how amazing the early reactions and glowing reviews have been for FROZEN, Anchor Bay has now agreed to send a print of the film to any theater that requests it. The power is in YOUR hands to get FROZEN playing at a theater near you! All you have to do is speak to your theater's manager and make sure that he/she knows how much you want FROZEN playing in your favorite theater. All they need to do is request a print from Anchor Bay - and you'll be on your way to getting FROZEN. Have your theater contact "frozen@starz.com" to make the request.

Remember, the theater manager needs to make the request from Anchor Bay. If you want to write in to that email address and tell Anchor Bay that you want FROZEN, tell them what you think of their limited release strategy, or tell them why the world needs more original genre films supported in theaters - by all means - be my guest. But that won't get a print shipped to your theater. It is the theater manager that can get the print for you. Don't take NO for an answer from your theater! Did they tell you there is no room on their screens because this week's remake is taking up all of them? Don't stand for that! Tell them how you feel and make sure that they contact Anchor Bay Films for their own print of FROZEN. Don't be passive and give up. We're onto something here and it is WORKING! You complain that these original genre films always get damned to unsupported limited releases and all you get is remakes each week... well here's our chance to change the tide. Let your theaters hear your voices! Let Anchor Bay know you want this and appreciate original genre films!

The time is now. Get FROZEN in your theater! Your voices have already has made a huge difference. Keep it up and let's get this film everywhere."

I can't guarantee that your theatre manager is gonna bite but hey, it's worth a shot right? The way I see it, if you're a hardcore fan of horror, specifically original horror, you owe it to the genre to give it your best shot. Like i've said before, it's times like these where us horror fans are given the opportunity to make a difference and show the studios and theatres that we are hungry for original horror and that we will spend our hard earned dollars on it. Anchor Bay's just itchin to bring prints to your town, so seize this opportunity! And if you do have a little chat with your theatre manager, please drop me an e-mail or leave me a comment and let us know how it went.

So one more time, DEMAND FROZEN and click here for current theatre listings.


Adam Barnick said...

Several theaters in Cleveland just got it, just by asking..they didn't even have to harass their theater managers. Cool!

Johnny said...

Badass, that's what I like to hear! Glad to hear that fan demands are really making a difference with this one.