Monday, February 1, 2010

Interview With Me On Fright Rags!

The lovely Kristy Jett of Fright Rags - the gal who packages up your orders, runs the soon to be expanding street team, answers your e-mails, and serves you at conventions - determined that somebody on this planet would care to read an interview with me and while I don't necessarily agree with her, it went pretty well and you should head over to Fright Rags' blog and check it out! She pimps me hardcore and we talk about everything from the beginning of Freddy In Space to my love for Fright Rags and even my choice of Dream Warriors over Hitchcock.

Go read the full interview!

Be sure to also check out Kristy's personal blog, The Person You Benefit From Knowing, where she also posted the interview, god bless her. And as i've already mentioned several times, be on the lookout for a whopping seven new designs from Fright Rags this week. Oh who am I kidding, i'm sure i'll be posting all about it the day they land on the site.


Andy said...

great interview John. I gotta tell you, it was kind of a relief reading the "boring" Psycho comment. I've always felt sort of guilty for not digging Hitchcock more than I do. I realize the man was a master of his trade and a LOT of directors owe him a huge debt but...his movies seem so "dry" to me and I've seen a lot of 'em.

Maybe it's a generational thing but I'm glad you said it.

Johnny said...

Andy - I know a ton of people agree with me on that statement but most movie fans are just afraid to admit stuff like that. I'm a lot more entertained by movies like Dream Warriors and Cabin Fever than I am by movies like Citizen Kane or Psycho - this I am not ashamed or afraid to admit. While I have IMMENSE respect for people like Hitchcock and Welles and know exactly how important they are to the world of film, I can't help but be bored when I watch most of that old stuff. I realize that in some circles that would make less of a film fan, and even less of a horror fan, but I can only feel how I feel. Kudos to you for admitting it too!

Nik Holmes said...

That's a cool read fellah, but got to admit to being something of a Hitch fan myself. Not Psycho particularly, that one always seems more of a gimmick than a true film, a little experiment Hitchcock wanted to get out of his system after seeing how economical a TV shoot could be. However I love the sleazy feel of Frenzy, and the flashback scenes in Marnie are really quite creepy and haunting. Unfortunately i don't think he ever took the Horror genre of his time seriously enough to throw himself fully in to the genre. However once Horror started to invade the mainstream again in the Seventies and Eighties I'd like to see what he could have done, once he could really push the envelope as far as he had always wanted to.

Chris Hallock said...

"For the record I used to work at Blockbuster and I quit by placing a note stating that I quit in the drop box."

This was my favorite part! haha!
Great interview!

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