Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Join The Horror Blogger Alliance!

There are a few tools us horror bloggers have at our disposal to help bring hits and attention to our blogs. Sites like Horror Blips have proven very beneficial to those of us struggling to bring readers over to our necks of the wood, but truthfully, there are not enough tools like that to help us out. Enter Carl Manes, fellow blogger and the dude behind I Like Horror Movies. Carl had a bright idea a few weeks back and just recently took that idea to the interwebs, launching The Horror Blogger Alliance - a one stop shop for all the horror blogs around the web.


How it works is that any horror blogger looking to be a part of the alliance contacts Carl and they're added to the link list on the sidebar, no auditioning or reviewing process necessary. Anyone who wants to join can join, as long as you run a blog that mostly focuses on the world of horror. Although in its infant stages, The Horror Blogger Alliance is proving to be more than just a large link list, as Carl is making it a fun place to hang out by having blogger to blogger debates, random questions of the day, and things of that nature. The skys the limit with this thing and it's looking like it's going to become a great place for not only horror bloggers to help spread the word about their blogs and for readers to discover new blogs, but also a fun place for both bloggers and readers alike to hang out and shoot the shit. So whether you're a horror blogger or not, head on over to the site, check it out, and become a follower. And if you do have a horror blog, join the alliance!

Big props to Carl for doing this. I'm pretty tuned into the whole horror blogging world and yet i've already discovered a bunch of new blogs through the alliance that I had never heard of. Gotta also thank him for giving me an account attached to the site, which means you'll be seeing posts from me pop up from time to time over there!


Planet of Terror said...

Here here. Big props to Carl.

Carl (ILHM) said...

Im trying to disappear in the shuffle with all of this, because the props belong to all of us that work so hard for the genre we love! Everyone deserves to be read, and the HBA is proving to be a tremendous success in bringing new Horror to light! Thanks for the post and bring on the Horror Blogs Freddy in Space fans!

forestofthedead said...

Love the Horror Blogger Alliance!

Wings said...

Great props to Carl and to all who have joined!