Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Quick Thoughts on The Wolfman


- First off, I must mention that I have perhaps the best girlfriend of all time. Jen and I went on a little romantic hotel getaway this past weekend and what movie did she want to go see Saturday night? Valentine's Day? No, no. She insisted on The Wolfman. To any man who spent their weekend with Ashton Kutcher and Jessica Alba as opposed to a hairy dude ripping people's heads off, i'm sorry.

- Second, you can throw me in the category of those who liked The Wolfman. Despite a few bouts with silliness (Hopkins rips shirt off/Wolfman flys around a little too much) and a slight overabundance of CGI, I thoroughly enjoyed it. It's a fun grandiose monster movie the likes of which we haven't seen in a while and while it's not the perfect flick, the great time I had with it is good enough for me. I'll throw this one in the 'good and effective remake' category.

- If my generation's Wolfman has got anything working against it, it's the predictability of the story, being that it's such a well known one. Although we all pretty much know what lurks around every corner, and although we know where the story is headed, a few curve balls are thrown along the way that keep things fresh and different. Besides, it's such a good story that I think i'd enjoy seeing it play out even if nothing were changed.

- The story of the Wolfman should be both tragic and horrifying and should inspire both sadness and terror in the audience - this remake did both and was both. I not only fear Talbot, but I also feel for him - how often can you say that about a character? Obviously that's always been the charm of the character and the movie as a whole, but I was glad to see that the remake kept all of those elements and pulled them off well.

- Yes, i'm feeling really lazy right about now and yes, that's why this review is bullet pointed, rather than well formed and beautifully flowing.

- The transformations, done with both practical effects and CGI, were really good, as was Rick Baker's throwback makeup on Del Toro. While i'm obviously not the biggest supporter of CGI, I felt it was used as an aid and not as a crutch (except for that bear) and that's when it works the best. As for the makeup job, I loved it and i'm so glad they kept him up on two legs.

- The flick is very gory, surprisingly so, and I loved that about it. The combination of a classy large scope horror movie and a slasher style gore fest was awesome. Kudos to the filmmakers for bringing us a rated R Wolfman that goes for the jugular, the way it should.

- Bottom line is, the story of Lawrence Talbot was a great one 60 years ago and it's still a great one today. Del Toro & co. have, in my opinion, created a commendable upgrade to that story, more fitting for our time and yet still holding on to aspects of the past - one that should please Lon Chaney fans and today's crop of horror watchers all the same. In so many words, the past and the present have met up in the next gen Wolfman, and they get along quite well. Lets face it, as good as Chaney's Wolfman was (and still is) for its time, it's dated and a bit silly these days and was well due for a faithful redux that made wolfmen round the world scary again - that's what I wanted from 2010's Wolfman and that's exactly what I got. Color me satisfied.


oducerproducer said...

LOL laughed when he ripped the shirt. But i dug it for the most part, Del Toro was great as usual.

B-Movie Becky said...

Some cheesy moments for sure (ripping the shirt), but I actually was surprised how much I enjoyed it. I was impressed with how much gore there was to go around. :D

Wings said...

Can't wait to see it now. Might have to wait for DVD, but still looking forward to it.

Monkeymanbob said...

Generally I enjoyed it. Had acertain dream like quality to it, think it's one of those that will improve with age.
Two things though:
1) When Del Toro arrives by carriage he was the spit of Lon Chaney in the original

2) Do I detect a small American Werewolf in London homage with the steam bus crash?

ThePersonYouBenefitFromKnowing said...

Ok, I skipped any and all thoughts on the film because I have yet to see it. But funny enough, originally V-Day weekend, the boy and I were supposed to have a hotel getaway and go out to see The Wolfman...so if things had stayed the same you and I would've possibly had the same sextastic and horror-filled weekend hahaha. But instead we had to move ours to this weekend, and we're going to see Shutter Island instead :) I'll let you know what I think!!!

Johnny said...

Awesome, have fun tonight!

Johnny said...

Monkeyman - I was thinking American Werewolf during that scene too. I'd say that was definetly intended to be a bit of an homage.