Monday, February 22, 2010

Shutter Island - It's Great, But You Know This Already


Is it just me or are Scorsese films above reviewing? The main reason I write reviews of movies on here is so that other like minded individuals can read those opinions and determine whether or not they too should spend their time seeing that movie. The way I see it, to even wonder if Shutter Island is a good movie or to even question whether or not you should see it is quite frankly an insult to a man who has proven to us time and time again, decade after decade, that he is incapable of making anything short of a good movie. Not surprisingly, just like nearly every one of Scorsese's films, Shutter Island is not just merely good, it's a brilliant and superbly crafted piece of filmmaking on all levels - from the writing to the acting to the directing to everything in between. But you probably already knew that even if you didn't see it this weekend, am I right?

So rather than droning on about how good Shutter Island is and thereby wasting your time by stating the incredibly obvious, how bout ya just get off your ass and go see the flick tonight? I guarantee you'll be thinking about it, talking about it, and trying to wrap your head around the fact that that wasn't DeNiro all day tommorow.

Not that I ever doubted the man, but Scorsese has hit it way out of the park yet again and has once more proven that he is perhaps the greatest filmmaker alive today.

Despite the brevity of this post, I have so much to say and talk about in regards to Shutter Island (which I cannot do without serious spoilage), so if anyone who has seen it wants to talk more in depth about it, leave a comment and we can discuss it in there.


Mike Snoonian said...

Here Here!

I really hope the next gangster flick with Bobby D gets off the ground (The Irishman)

EyeloveMetal said...

Definitely a great creepy film.. though I can't help but feel a tiny bit let down when I was able to somewhat predict the twist ending at first glance of leo's first creepy dream.. I guess I've just seen too many movies about mental illnesses or something... Still really enjoyed it though cause it was very visually stunning, and had a great score..

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Ryne said...

Glad to see you liked the movie.

I actually found myself disappointed with it - it was good, and pretty stylish, but I couldn't help but feel cheated when I predicted the twist from the beginning. I guess I was just expecting what I thought was going to happen to not happen, and was let down.

Johnny said...

Everyone seems to be saying they predicted the ending long before it came but I guess I was just so into the movie that I wasn't even trying to figure out what was going to happen. I find that that's the best way to watch a movie. That being said, even if I knew everything that was coming, I still would've loved to see it play out.

Eviltwin said...

i read the book last sat afternoon and went and saw the movie THAT NIGHT! that was how stoked i was!! and i was not dissapointed... screw folks and their "i predicted the ending"!! i am soo happy you are soo psychic.. halfway through the book i had a few ideas but i try to keep away from trying to figure things out... thats just no fun.. im gald you liked it though! thanks for the positive review, have you read the book? if you wana talk about the differences, drop me a line ok? not that there were many though.. lol!

Cins said...

JUST saw this last night (going to post my review tonight)and like you, I did not see the ending coming..but everyone I saw the movie with did. *L* I was so wrapped up in the film that I didn't even try to predict the ending.

Johnny said...

Eviltwin - Na, haven't read the book yet.