Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Discussion of the Week - Troma vs Full Moon


One cannot help but make comparisons between Troma and Full Moon, the two major low budget horror production companies out there. They both make the same type of oddball cheesy flicks and they even both have an outspoken figurehead who will never let you forget that they created either a series of movies involving killer puppets or a radioactive superhero nerd. Naturally, when you compare two things, you end up asking yourself which one is better and that's exactly what I want to know from you guys this week.

Which studio do you prefer, Troma or Full Moon, and why?

While it may surprise you being that I interned for Troma last year and while I would probably rather go on a man date with Lloyd Kaufman than Charles Band, I actually favor Full Moon over Troma. Truth be told, I never was the hugest fan of Troma and I tend to not find much humor or merit in their films. Yes, I do love flicks like The Toxic Avenger and Mother's Day, but the majority of their films fall flat for me. Take for example Poultrygeist, perhaps Troma's most critically acclaimed movie in their vast library. I hated it. I didn't find it funny and I didn't find it entertaining in any way. I just found it stupid. I feel like i'm the kinda dude who should totally be into Troma's offbeat and immature sense of humor, but I kinda just don't get it, often finding it to be more on the stupid side than the funny side.

Now Full Moon on the other hand, I dig a lot of their stuff. Castle Freak is an awesome and underrated horror flick, The Gingerdead Man is one of my favorite so bad it's good horror comedies, and The Creeps is a childhood favorite that will always hold a special place in my heart. Throw on top of that the Puppet Masters and Subspecies and you've got the main reason I dig the company more than I do Troma - quite simply because I like more of their stuff. Good or bad, I always seem to have fun with Full Moon, and I can't often say the same about Troma. That's what it all boils down to in the end.

So which studio do you prefer? Leave a comment and let me know!

By the way, this topic popped into my head because of the package I received in the mail today...

(There would be a picture of the following DVD's here, but my camera is dead and I can't find the charger - Gingerdead Man, Gingerdead Man 2, Castle Freak, The Creeps, Evil Bong, Evil Bong 2)

All for only 25 bucks thanks to Full Moon's half off Valentine's weekend sale! I swear, that incredible sale didn't bias my opinion on this topic.


Emily said...

1. Thank you for alerting me to that sale! I snagged one of the big big packs and anxiously await its delivery.

2. I too vote Full Moon. There's something a little more innocent about it for me, which may indeed just be that I grew up on the Puppet Master series, whereas watching Mother's Day at a slumber party was a far more souring experience. I definitely rented many a Troma film on a regular basis (I'm sure my family accounted for half the rentals of my local video store's copy of Redneck Zombies) but with the Full Moon pictures, it always felt like the filmmakers actually cared about the product.

Except for Netherworld, which is a pile of bird poop.

Quanthor said...

I think Troma has better quality pictures at the top but Full Moon has more depth.

Humor is subjective, everybody has a different sense of what's funny to them. For instance, a lot of the new critically acclaimed comedies that hit the scene(Apatow, Kevin Smith) I've never found their films all that creative or funny because that shit is for Frat Boys and nerds who play Magic cards..but if you throw on some Fred Olen Ray films I'll laugh my ass off for hours.

With Troma's flicks(not all), I totally absorb their humor, it's satirical, subversive and down right hysterical. It appeals to my taste. Full Moon on the other hand isn't as colorful or funny as Troma's movies, however they do have a cheesy charm that is pretty endearing for a B-movie horror fan like myself.

All I gotta say is that I'm thankful for both studios, they've both help shape the man I am today.

Matt-suzaka said...

I think Full Moon's original films are superior to what Troma puts out. Only a handful of Troma films are really any good and many are just annoying in my opinion. However, as a distribution company, Troma is really great, picking up and releasing a lot of under-known, but great cult and horror titles. Movies like Mother's Day, The Stabilizer, New Gladiators, and so many more are films that might not see a release ever if not for Troma. So in the end, they are tied for me and while both deal in sleaze, each one brings something different to the table. Both companies are the backbone of horror!

Carl (ILHM) said...

Before DEMONIC TOYS 2 and POULTRYGEIST, I feared both companies had met their ends, but they are both coming back strong after a slew of unsatisfactory releases. Of the two, I have always been a Full Moon fan 100% over Troma. I enjoy some Troma releases but many leave me Tromatized. Full Moon is so deeply ingrained in my childhood and through my teens that despite the cheesiness the company will always have a special place in my heart

Simon Dedalus said...

Castle Freak was an amazingly great film. But with Jeffery Combs and Stuart Gordon how could it be anything but great? That by itself gives Full Moon the edge.

Troma's films really try too hard to be funny, instead of attempting to make interesting low budget horror. Sure Toxic Avenger works and is an enjoyable film(although I haven't seen it in a dozen years or more so it may not have aged well) but most of the movies they make are too cornball to be really good.

Full Moon treats the movies more seriously and tries to tell interesting stories. There may be humor, but the humor tends to arise naturally from the film as opposed to being the main reason the film exists.

I love The Dead Hate the Living, Trancers, Puppet Master. and so many others from Full Moon. Troma's films are just bizarre. Of course, that's not necessarily a bad thing.

Thinking about it more, They really distribute very different kinds of movies, so I'm not sure it's really fair to compare them. I should go watch a few before I come down too hard on Troma.

Love the site by the way, found it a few days ago and I'm definitely going to keep coming back

forestofthedead said...

The thing is for me I've seen a lot more Full Moon movies than Troma. And I've liked every film I've seen from both company. I have to give it to Full Moon but if I saw more Troma I might end up liking them more.

R.D. Penning said...

How did I miss that sale?!!! Ive probably seen the same amount of movies from each company, but I have to go with Full Moon. I grew up on the Puppetmaster movies, and they are partly responsible for my love of horror. Great topic of discussion though!

The Frog Queen said...

Wow, hard one....but I am just going to go for the short answer and say Full Moon (although I love both) grew up on thier films....and Radu action figure is one of the favorite things in my collection! :)

Thanks for the great and thoughtful question.


kindertrauma said...

I have to go with Full Moon myself. Besides the titles you mentioned I dig the first Witchhouse movie & even Killer eye!-Unk

oducerproducer said...

Have to go with Troma, while i don't mind Full Moon, i just prefer Troma for Class of Nuke Em High, Toxic Avenger, & Surf Nazi's Must Die.

Mike Snoonian said...

I'm giving full moon the edge based solely on the Subspecies series-one of the more underrated vampire series around.

csue said...

Troma movies are just stupid, and not even funny, although I almost enjoyed Class of Nuke 'Em High. Full moon has great actors like Jeffrey Combes and Tim Thomerson.

the jaded viewer said...

Full Moon for their period vamp movies....though Poultreygeist had damn good musical numbers that were catchy