Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Exclusive Interview - Deadgirl's Jenny Spain


It's hard to believe, but the pretty lady you see above and the one that haunted your nightmares in Deadgirl are one in the same. As the titular character in one of last year's most disturbing and critically acclaimed horror flicks, the 29 year old Jenny Spain, in her first feature film role, has already cemented herself as an icon of modern horror. In this exclusive interview, the incredibly pleasant Spain chats with Freddy In Space about the mysterious origins of the character, her paranormal experiences on set, and where we can see her next.


- As an actor, did you draw up any kind of background for 'the deadgirl' in regards to who she used to be and how she ended up undead, so to speak, and locked away in an abandoned hospital? Can you tell us any of these juicy details? Please?

We were trying to figure that out while filming. We tried like a little tattoo on the wrist as if she was a science project and then decided not to do it. Deadgirl was already such a mystery and already good that we just left it at that and didn't want to make any changes. Then later down the road possibly prequel or Deadgirl 2, which will explain her reason for being there. When it happens it will definitely be interesting :)

- Many people have called Deadgirl misogynistic. As a woman, do you see the film degrading towards women in any way and what do you say to people who have that criticism about the movie?

Deadgirl is not degrading, shocking YES! Everyone deals differently and some would rather rant about how bad the movie is, when it's not. Some don't know how to deal when they find themselves watching a movie that might hit close to home or emotions they just don't know how to deal with. Deadgirl is not about what happens to the deadgirl. People want to focus on that because it's shocking and disturbing and lose focus on the real situations between two best friends. It's about teenagers being put into situations, battles between acceptance and what's right and wrong. We all know some teenagers will do anything to be accepted especially when it comes to situations such as DEADGIRL.

- Towards the end of the film, the deadgirl escapes. What's the first thing she does as a free lady?

She is free! Probably hiding in the woods for her next victim, maybe trying to learn civilization. Or maybe she is out having a cocktail somewhere. LOL. The mystery is she came from somewhere and really she could be anything :)


- There's a vicious dog in the film that almost seems to be protecting the deadgirl. Just curious as to why she ends up killing that dog?

The dog was in her way, even though it seemed as if the dog was protecting her. Deadgirl wanted freedom and would stop at nothing.


- Deadgirl was filmed at the Linda Vista Community Hospital, which is alleged to be haunted. Did you personally experience anything paranormal while there?

Ah, Linda Vista Hospital. Yes, it is in fact haunted. We had many, many paranormal and unexplainable experiences. Jim Ojala (spfx artist) and I checked the place out and have caught creepy dark masses on my camera phone. Our sound crew picked up a little girls voice saying "HELLO". The boiler room had major cold spots, parts of the hospital you'll feel dread and a heaviness. When I was sitting through make-up, Jim and I experienced our make-up room door opening /closing on command. The door was heavy, no wind or breeze. The only ones on the floor. Creepy and cool at the same time!

- Speaking of ghosts, I understand you're into ghost hunting and have even done some hunting with the Ghost Hunters themselves. Tell us your freakiest encounter with the paranormal!

I had an awesome experience investigating at the Queen Mary with Chris Flemming and Ghosthunters Grant Wilson and Jason Hawes. Everyone can check out my videos and pictures from my investigations with them. The freakiest was a place called Ghost Trestle in Adrian, Michigan and an Indian Burial Ground in Walled Lake, Michigan. I can honestly say something not pleasant is there and it was scary as hell. I caught EVP's, mist, orbs, even demon like faces and apparitions.


(You can see all of Jenny's ghost hunting photos on her MySpace page)

- Even though you've only starred in one horror movie so far, you've already solidifed yourself as a bit of a scream queen. Is this a path you'd like to continue down?

Thank You :) I'm honored. I love horror but I am also one who likes to expand herself and loves challenges.


- Tell us a bit about your next project, Trust, and any future projects you're working on.

I play lead as Elaine Tanner. TRUST is about 12 Reality TV stars in a house together promising them another shot at fifteen minutes of fame and a huge wad of cash. It's like the TV show "Big Brother" and "Crystal Maze" meets "SAW". Lots of sex, blood and gore. One to look out for ;) I also have a couple other projects that I'm waiting on for the green light. So as soon as that happens then I can announce them. I can tell you they are thrillers/suspense and scifi.

To keep up with Jenny Spain, visit her on MySpace, Facebook, Twitter, and check out her blog, which she updates from time to time with the latest goings on in her life and career. As more news about her future projects starts to come out, you'll be the first to hear it right here on Freddy In Space!


Tlieso said...

Great Interview!! I have yet to see Deadgirl yet (lack of funds) & she makes me want to see it even more now. She seems very down to earth & into spooky stuff which is very cool.
I'm also really excited about the 2 haunted places she mentioned since they're at most an hour & half away from me. I think I need to check them out.

Johnny said...

Tlieso - You should definetly check the movie out and if you ever visit those places, please cover them on the blog!

The Frog Queen said...

When I heard you were doing this interveiw I was very curious what you were going to ask. I appreciate that you covered the misogynistic side of it, because I got some grief from some of my female friends for watching is a MOVIE people. Anyway, really appreicated your asking and the answer. Appreicate her insights and answers to some of those nagging questions.

Great interview.


Jack Veasey said...

Excellent interview. I'm curious -- did you conduct it by phone or e-mail? It sounds like a phone or in-person conversation, but the smiley face in one of her answers made me wonder.

Johnny said...

Frog Queen - It's funny because it seems like the majority of people who find the film misogynistic are men. I even had one male reader of mine boycott my blog after I gave the movie a positive review because he felt it was misogynistic and glorified rape!

Jack - It was done by e-mail. Happy to hear that it comes off like a phone or in person interview though =)

Simon Dedalus said...

Just finished watching Deadgirl. Awesome movie. I don't think the movie is misogynistic. The movie is clearly showing that what they are doing is wrong and that there are repercussions to their actions (although without giving anything away, the ending depending on how you want to interpret it, may disprove my whole point.) Either way, the guys in the movie are definitely not being portrayed as particularly admirable.

I liked that they took an idea that is extreme and went all the way with it. So many times filmmakers have an interesting idea and then get scared of the consequences. These guys didn't hold back.

The only complaint I have is that they didn't give Jenny Spain more to do. She was good, but I'd have liked her more freedom of movement earlier in the film so she could do a bit more. This is a complaint that I probably wouldn't have had without your interview. Went into it wanting to see her and there just wasn't enough of her to see. Even though you see just about everything she has to show :)

Great interview. It's actually why I went out and watched the movie.

Johnny said...

Simon - So glad to hear that this interview prompted you to see the movie and even gladder to hear that you liked it.

As far as more Jenny Spain goes, you may get your wish in that prequel or sequel that she hinted at. We can only hope!

fatb0t said...

Awesome interview John, I hope they don't fuck that movie up with a sequel though

Monster Scholar said...

Wow. Great interview Johnny. I too am looking forward to the prequel/sequel.

Anonymous said...

any film has got to be either feminist (i.e viewing women as equals) or misogynistic (viewing them as less than equals). so, frankly, i don't see how this film *isn't* misogynistic. the moralizing in the film doesn't determine that-- how it portrays women does. to a fault, all of the women in it are mindless sex objects, to be used by men.

if someone can make a case for it viewing women as equals, i'd love to hear their argument, but frankly, "it's about the boys," doesn't quite do the job. i think there's an interesting case for it being a twisted coming of age story, but only barely.

-girl trouble