Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Fright Rags' Limited Edition TARMAN Tee!

This morning at 10am, Fright Rags unveiled and put up for grabs the second shirt in their Artist Series line and i'm pretty sure there's not a horror fan in the world that doesn't recognize the familiar face on it....


Yes, it's Return of the Living Dead's Tarman, as drawn by artist William Stout - the dude who designed Mr. Braaaaaiiiinnnns way back in 1985!

The shirt is limited to only 200 pieces worldwide and unfortunately, since I was at work all day and wasn't able to make a post about it until now, i've gotta inform you that most of the men's sizes have already sold out. But smaller framed men and women of all sizes, you're in luck because men's size small and women's sizes small through extra large are all still available, at least at the time of writing this. 100 posters featuring the design were also printed up and hand signed by William Stout, but they have all already sold out. So if you want the shirt and you fit into one of the afformentioned sizes, ya better act super fast!

Click here to order your very own for $24.95!


Carl (ILHM) said...

Now thats a winner, awesome new design!!

K-Fleet said...

Yeah, I missed out too...damnit!