Saturday, March 27, 2010

Google Maps Horror Filming Locations - Deadgirl

One of the things that makes Deadgirl so damn creepy (other than the fact that it's about dudes fucking an undead chick) is that it was filmed not on a set, but in an actual abandonded hospital - something that is clearly evident when watching the movie. Let's harness the power of Google Maps once more and take a virtual tour to that location and learn a little bit about it, shall we!


Click here to virtually prowl the premises!

The majority of Deadgirl was filmed at the Linda Vista Community Hospital, located on 610-30 St. Louis street in Los Angeles, California. The hospital was shut down in 1991 and is now primarily used as a filming location - films like End of Days, Outbreak, and Pearl Harbor utilized it and 2004's Halloween horror flick 'Boo' was entirely filmed there. Many believe the hospital to be haunted by both former patients and staff and it was featured on a few ghost hunting shows over the past couple years. There's even a rumor floating around that the reason the hospital was shut down is because there were too many unexplained patient deaths. The laughter of a small child, flickering of lights, and elevators operating by themselves have all been reported. I don't know about you, but Deadgirl just got infinitely creepier for me!

By the way, the reason I have Deadgirl on the mind is because I just conducted an interview with one of the stars, which should be up sometime next week. Among other things, we will find out if this particular star encountered any paranormal activity while filming at the abandoned hospital. Stay tuned!


Jayson said...

Thanks for reminding me in a roundabout way that I still need to see Deadgirl!

Johnny said...

You sure do! It's on Netflix instant watch, if you have Netflix.

The Film Reel said...

That hospital makes the rounds in horror flicks doesn't it? I'm sure I've heard of plenty of filming going on there but I wouldn't be caught dead there.

The Frog Queen said...

Wow, did not know this. I agree the stories of the elevator running on its own scares me.

The only time I read a book that actually scared me, I had to stop reading, was in The Shinning when he is talking about the elevators opening and closing....(could be I was in a hotel on a business myself :) Anyway, since that day the thought of possessed elevators creeps me out.

Oh yes, Deadgirl is awesome!