Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Kickass Final Girl Art

One of my favorite things to do every day when I get home from work, besides take a nap, is browse through my Blogger dashboard's reading list and check out all the cool shit my fellow horror bloggers are posting - a lot of which ends up being linked to over on the Hit List on the sidebar to your right. And then there's the times where i'm compelled to make a whole post about something i've discovered. Case in point, these beautiful final girl posters/postcards created by the incredibly talented Nik Holmes from the blog Fear on Friday.




The three final gals - Laurie Strode from Halloween, Sally Hardesty from Chainsaw, and Alice Hardy from Friday The 13th - are available individually as 31cm x 41cm glossy posters (for approx 11 US dollars a piece) or can be bought as a set of three mini postcards (approx 5 US dollars). You can purchase any or all of these at Nik's online shop, DirtyApe Creative.

If you dig these, stay tuned for a second series, which Nik is considering comprising of Nancy Thompson (Elm Street), Ginny Field (Friday Part 2) and Jess Bradford (Black Christmas). Head over to Fear on Friday and tell him who you'd like to see in a future series and you just might get what you wish for!


Wings said...

Can't wait to see the 2nd set, too!

Wings said...

Those are just freaking AWESOME! Thanks for sharing, man!

B-Movie Becky said...

Love them!

Fear on Friday said...

Haaa, thanks guys, and big thanks once again to you Johnny for being such a superstar! I nearly dropped out my chair when I saw this post, you really are too cool. I just wish I had a box full of fantastic Clive Barker related merch I could send you but alas I have no such thing. theres a set of Final Girl posters with your name on however should you want them. I'll do you a special Busey one too, munching on a giant penis for the next time you meet him at a con. See if the cockmuncher responds to that.

Johnny said...

Haha i'd pay top dollar for that, Nik. And I definetly intend on picking up a couple of the Final Girl posters. Might I request one of Sarah from The Descent for a future series?