Saturday, March 27, 2010

A Killer Food Double Feature Giveaway!

A couple weeks back I made a discussion post where I pitted Troma and Full Moon against one another for low budget horror comedy supremacy. Today, we are going to unite those two companies for a super awesome double feature giveaway!


At Monster Mania, Charles Band, owner of Full Moon, gave me a free copy of Gingerdead Man 2 : The Passion of the Crust on DVD. Coincidentally enough, I had just purchased both Gingerdead 1 & 2 from Full Moon's website a few weeks prior during their amazing 50% off Valentine's weekend sale. Not to be outdone, Troma sent me a screener copy of Poultrygeist on Blu-ray, their first foray into the format, a couple weeks back and for some reason they sent another copy a few days after that. I'm not sure if they sent the second copy for me to giveaway or what, but that's exactly what i'm gonna do, with not only Poultrygeist but with my duplicate copy of Gingerdead Man 2 as well! That's right, one of you lucky motherfuckers is gonna win both Gingerdead Man 2 on DVD and the just released Poultrygeist on Blu-ray! Here's all you gotta do to enter!

Leave a comment below with your name, e-mail address, and the answer to the following hypothetical question :

- Which would you rather come face to face with, a chicken zombie or a killer gingerbread cookie, and why?

Contest is open to everyone and will run through next Sunday, April 4th, which just so happens to be Easter Sunday. Is it just me or does nothing say Easter quite like killer food?! Good luck to all!

By the way, congratulations to Ginny Brewster, who won the last giveaway. Your Lucky Sasquatch Foot is on its way!


Matthew said...

Matthew Watts - Uncoveredfilms AT

- Which would you rather come face to face with, a chicken zombie or a killer gingerbread cookie, and why?

I'd rather it be a killer cookie, because I feel like I'd have the upper hand, no matter what. If he tries to climb on me, I bake him. With a chicken, there's a little more work involved to make him edible, especially while he's presumably fighting, moaning, etc.

Daph said...

Gingerbread killer cookie!! I could run from a little old lady and a little old man, but I am sure I could dunk that Gingerbread killer in a nice vat of strong coffee. Now the zombie chicken, would peck and run!! I am not that nimble not that quick Daph would get ate by that zombie chick!!

Jayson said...

The killer gingerbread cookie because you could get it outside. In the summer you just dodge the little bastard until it starts smoking and becomes too stiff from overbaking, or catches on fire.

In the winter, you could just kick the damn thing and it would shatter. Then you could pick up it's mini-butcher knife and pick the little fucker's eyes out.

Of course, if it's either the middle of Spring or Fall you'll probably be fucked. Though a zombie chicken would destroy you regardless being so quick.

The Film Reel said...

I'm going with killer gingerbread cookie. The Gingerdead Man wasn't so bad ass in his first flick. Just grab him and eat his frosty little head. Problem solved.


oducerproducer said...

Gingerbread Man, as gross as it might be with the stale scent, i think i'd rather have ginger "guts" on me than a rabid zombie chicken. Besides The Zombie chicken can bring in more threats.


fromhell13 said...

Nathan Hamilton

I'm gonna disagree with everyone and go for the chicken. Someone said the chicken would peck and run, but so would the gingerbread man. Have you folks forgotten your nursery rhymes, you can't catch him. He has knives, so I'd rather be pecked than stabbed. Lesser of 2 evils.

Daniel Kalodner said...

I would rather comes face to face with the gingerbread man
only because I can eat him with a cold glass of milk, and the poutrygiest chicken probably taste better fried like KFC makes it might taste too crunchy I not a fan of chicken anyway!!!! Good luck to all you horror fanatics!!! I hope I win this contest because both these movie are really good funney movies in a horror/chucky kind of way!!!!!

Return mailing address:
Daniel Kalodner
204 Ontario Avenue
Egg Harbor Township,New Jersey
email address:

kalodner78 said...

I would rather come face to face with the delicious mr gingerbread cookie man and eat him with a cold glass of milk and be done with him, on the other a ckicken poultrygiest sounds really good fried like I like my chicken but might put up one hell of a fight chicken are really tough they peck and can make you bleed!!! Good luck to all who enter this cool contest you horror fanactics!!!!

email address:

Unholy Moly said...

Patrick Carney

I choose zombie chicken I just don't want to be murdered by a cookie

Daniel Kalodner said...

The gingerbread man killer cookie seems really fierce with that knife but I could eat with a cold glass of milk an that would be the end of him, and the zombie chicken would taste bad considering its already rotten!!! Good luck to all the horror fans out there in cyberspace!!!

Dawn said...

I would rather come face to face with a zombie chicken because it is small enough that I could just stomp it to death once it got close enough to attack me.
blakepardue at gmail . com

Cait said...

Caitlin Miller

Definitely a killer gingerbread cookie. It's so much easier to kill. You could bite its head off, dissolve it in liquid, set it on fire; its physical nature is too vulnerable. A chicken zombie would peck the fuck out of you and keep coming.

Tlieso said...

Definitely the the killer gingerbread cookie. While he may have knives & can run very quickly, I doubt he could swim. I could simpley jump in the canal behind my house & let the dirty water soggify him until he fell apart. Sure I'd probably catch some kind of disease from the nasty canal water but at least I wouldn't be dead.
Also chickens creep me out so I wouldn't want to deal with them at all, let alone zombified ones.

Tracy Carter AT

Geof said...

I would rather face the chicken zombie simply because it would answer the burning question I have in my life, "If I cook and eat a chicken zombie, would I in turn transform into a zombie?" I struggle with this question every day of my life. Don't judge me.

Geof (

Scoob said...

killer gingerbread man. put some milk in a squirt bottle and he is outa there!

Anonymous said...

I'd rather face a killer gingerbread cookie because I'd rather make the cookie crumble than make the chicken take a lickin'.

flashlight13114 [at] yahoo [dot] com

Quanthor said...

Hmmm... both deliciously lethal however I'm gonna go with the chicken zombie.

How does one kill a possessed a cookie? Quite simply - you can't. If you eat him he takes over your soul and body. And if you somehow manage to escape death and destroy his vessel, you know that little prick will just take over another tasty cookie and come find you.

At least with the chiken I know I can kill it and besides, if I fail, being a zombie can't be all that bad, can it?

Thanks, Johnny

Dustin Miller


Definitely a chicken zombie...I love fried chicken...I can't imagine what fried ZOMBIE chicken would taste like, but it has to be at least twice as good!

Andy said...

I'd rather face 'em both than Gary Busey. But in a pinch I'll take Zombie Chicken on. After all, I'd just cross the road...chickens can't cross roads right?

Steve said...


I always envisioned me in a cooking apron and my food running around the kitchen trying to EAT me! I'm going to have to go with Gingerdead Man! Plus, if Gary Busey is voicing the delicious yet vicious cookie treat, than I don't mind if it insults me while it tries to stick me in the oven!

Anonymous said...

I'd rather go with the chicken zombie. You can still follow the same basic concept as a regular zombie. Aim for the head.

unrealbe said...

Tim Van Thuyne

A zombie chicken of course, I know it's fattening but I just love the skin.

crystal said...

I saw Poultrygeist so i will pass on the yucky Chicken Zombies,but would love to eat the eyes of the Gingerdead Man!
cyclona66(at) aol dot com

Anonymous said...

I would rather come across a gingerdead man because I eat chicken all the time and would think about it being putrid every time I ate it, but I could give up on dessert for a while. - Max

mrodri64 (at) gmail

Carl (ILHM) said...

Dude I dont need my ass exploding like in POULTRYGEIST, Ill take a bite out of that bitch ass cookie any day!
Carl Manes

mickel5555 said...

Mike Scott II -

Carbs? Carbs? Fuck Freddy, Jason, and Chucky. A fat ass is way scarier. I'm-a wok that bitch chicken up with a little soy, ginger, and garlic and have myself a little zombie chicken stir-fry. Maybe throw in some snow peas.

F that carb nonsense. I'll leave the evil cookie man for the tubby memaws.

Now, zombie Dr. Atkins...that's some scary-ass shit...

K-Fleet said...

While Gingerdead Man may give you a yeast infection (nothing that a little ointment can't take care of), Zombie Chicken will peck your friggin eyes out and then eat you.

kaiyn said...

I'll have to go with the gingerdead man. Sure, he'd be trying to kill me, but some milk or coffee would make him fall to pieces (in theory). Or I could just bite his head off. Rotting chicken zombie doesn't sound so good. ;)

hwhiteshark at

Alex DiVincenzo said...

Alex DiVincenzo

I'd rather come face-to-face with the Gingerdead Man. All you have to do to defeat him is eat him, and that sounds delicious (even if it it is Gary Busey)! The chicken zombies, on the other hand, you can't eat or you become infected - much harder!

paul said...


The Gingerdead Man definitely. I'd snap his arms and legs off, then he'd just lay there like an evil cookie. The chicken zombies are a lot tougher, and really gross. I think snapping their legs off would just make them madder.

Jeanetta Adkins said...

Id much rather take on a killer cookie! Then *I* would be the one going all zombie on him and eating HIM alive! :)


J.T. said...

Jason Stout

Zombie Chicken most definitely and the reason why because of my secret weapon....

Lindsay freakin' Lohan

I would make her walk in front of me, flap her arms and cluck---- she is my zombie chicken decoy.

Once Zombie Chicken figures out that Lohan is only pretending it would leap on her, pecking out her eyes, pealing off her flesh and ripping out her tongue.

While this carnage was in progress I would then chop off both their heads with a fast and swift move with blood spraying, feathers flying and hair extensions matted with brain matter.

So I would be killing to chickens with one axe and saving the world from Zombie Chickens and a washed up former child star all at the same time!

I would rule the world.

amandajacklin1 said...

A killer cookie cos i would eat it!