Monday, March 22, 2010

Monster Mania 14 Recap - Fright Rags

I talk about/plug Fright Rags quite a bit, but it's not just because they make awesome shirts, it's also because the people behind the scenes are just so damn cool. Case in point - Kristy Jett, the lovely lady who packages up your shirts and who can often be found running the dealer tables at various conventions/winning over hearts.

The story behind my friendship with Kristy is kind of an interesting one. I've been a big fan of Fright Rags for many years and she started working for the company a few years back. I believe how it went was that she added me on Facebook because she had seen me at several conventions and knew me as a Fright Rags fan and then realized I was also the dude who writes Freddy In Space, a blog that she was in fact a reader of. So we ended up hitting it off and talking a lot throughout the past 6 months or so, finally meeting as friends for the first time at Monster Mania 14. As this next picture will show you, we ended up hitting it off in person too.

(Bill Adcock from Radiation Scarred Reviews on the right)

Kristy Jett is one of the coolest chicks I have ever met and i'm so glad we ended up talking with one another because she's really become an awesome friend to both Jen and myself, despite the fact that she lives a good 6 hours away from us. Kristy was unfortunately going through a pretty devastating and life changing event the weekend of Monster Mania, but she managed to pull it together and have a good time, if only on the outside. Kristy, you rock and someday real soon this will all be behind you and you'll realize it's made you an even better person - if that were even possible. I look forward to a long and wonderful friendship and I can't wait to meet the man who gets lucky enough to be with you for the long haul.

Also got to finally hang out with Ben Scrivens, the founder and owner of Fright Rags. Much like with Kristy, I had seen and met Ben several times, but this was the first time we met where we both knew who the other was. Also much like Kristy, Ben is a really awesome guy and I don't think you'll find a person that's met him that will disagree with that sentiment - including Jen, who developed a little bit of a harmless crush on him over the course of the weekend (as shown by this stalker picture - that's him on the left in the gray undershirt). Quite frankly, if my girlfriend's gonna have a crush on anyone, i'm fine with it being Ben Scrivens, because there couldn't be a cooler or nicer guy. (Truthfully, she just called him cute and it's fun to mess with her about it).

We ended up hanging out with Kristy and Ben late Saturday night and though it was brief, it was one of the highlights of my weekend and I know there's gonna be many more highlights to come with those two at future Monster Mania's. Bottom line is, the people behind Fright Rags kick as much ass as the shirts they provide for us - and that's why i'm so hardcore on their bandwagon and plug them so often.

I ended up picking up one shirt at the convention that i'd been looking to add to my collection for a while, Let The Right One In, and Ben was cool enough to give it to me for free. Kristy also tossed me a few rags from their defective pile. Again, thank you guys so much and I can't wait till we meet again!


ThePersonYouBenefitFromKnowing said...

Thank You so much for the kind Monster Mania will be even more EPIC! With no lameness, or I will have to cut someone!

ttrioxin245 said...

She won my heart at Monster Mania 13 when she sold me "They Live" and "American Werewolf in London" t-shirts!! ;)

Jeff_FOTD said...

Yeah, the people at FRIGHT RAGS are definitely great. It's awesome that they are from my hometown, as they are one of the cooler things about Rochester :-)

BTW, Kristy is the one who got me reading your blog, and I'm digging it. Great work!

Jay Amabile said...

Great post. I hope to get to the next Monster Mania, I'm sorry I missed it! Maybe I'll get to meet you there one of these days!