Monday, March 15, 2010

Monster Mania 14 Recap - Gary Busey

For every Bill Moseley at a horror convention, there's a Gary Busey - a miserable prick who leaves a bad taste in your mouth and who clearly is only there to make some quick cash. I don't like to come on here and bash people but I do believe in exposing a dickhead as such, so here goes.

And yes, I do realize that I preluded this story by saying I had a bad tasting prick in my mouth and I like to expose dickhead. It's not what it sounds like, I swear.

First off, Busey had the nerve to charge $30 per autograph - everyone else in the place was charging 20 tops. Fair enough, I wanted my Gingerdead Man DVD signed and damnit I was gonna get it no matter the cost. Now i'm fully aware of who Gary Busey is - he's a whacked out nutjob to the highest degree - and that's precisely one of the reasons I wanted to meet him. He's nutso, that's why we love him. I figured he'd say some whacky shit to me, i'd get my autograph, and i'd be on my merry way, feeling like my 30 dollars was well spent. As I approached his table, it became real clear to me real quickly that not only was I not going to get an off the wall comment, but that I wasn't going to even be acknowledged at all by the great Busey. When I first got to his table, Gary was chastising the Monster Mania staff for something or other and it took him a good minute before he even picked up his pen and started signing my DVD. And wouldn't ya know it, for 30 of my hard earned dollars, Gary Busey did not even look up at me, say a single word to me, shake my hand, or even acknowledge my presence. Instead, he let his handler do all the talking. Not only did he treat me like I wasn't even there, but when I asked his handler if I could get a picture with Busey, he told me it'd be an additional 20 dollars, on top of the 30 I already spent. That's 50 dollars to get a signature and a picture with a guy who couldn't fucking care less that you were even paying a single penny to meet his sorry horse faced ass!!! I know you're whacked out of your skull Gary but couldn't you at least show some respect for the people who care enough about you to drop their hard earned dollars to meet your crazy ass? Fuck you, sir! Truth be told, I would've much preferred Busey have been a dick to me (aka pull out my endocrine system) over the way things went down - at least it would've been a more memorable story.

Thankfully, Full Moon's Charles Band made up for this little visit with Busey later on in the night. After he did the whole Full Moon Roadshow (which I was too passed out from strong drink to attend), Band signed autographs until around 1 in the morning and I decided to get my Gingerdead DVD signed by him too, being that he directed it. When I handed him the DVD he said, "Oh, you got Busey to sign this, huh?", and I told him the whole story and he put this awesome little touch on the DVD....

Feeling bad for the fact that Busey was such a jerk to me, Band even gave me Gingerdead 2 on DVD for free. On top of that, he only charged five bucks for his autograph. That got a little bit of the sour taste out of my mouth, so thank you Charles Band.

It's not often that I have a bad encounter with a celebrity at horror conventions, in fact, most of the people I meet are incredibly gracious and kind, but there's always that one bad apple out there and it's almost always the guys who are the bigger names there who aren't so much a part of the horror community as they are actors who have done one or two horror movies in their career. Oh well, truth be told, i'm just happy to have my Gingerdead Man DVD signed. Gotta take the good with the bad.

By the way, if anyone has pictures of Busey stealing ice cream in his pajamas this past weekend, please send them my way!


Tony said...

That sucks that it went down like that. Glad to hear Band made up for it. I've heard he was great.

As for my crappy Horror Con celebrity encounter, I suppose it had to be Caroline Williams. I had heard a lot of good things about her. Yet I left with a very sour taste in my mouth. Did getting to be in H2 really swell her head up that much? I was snapping random pictures doing press for Scare Fest and she kind of gave me a sour look on the first day as if she expected to be paid for a snapshot from about 30 feet away. Then the next day we decided to just go chat with her. While she was talkative, you could tell that she really didn't want to be. I had intended on getting my TCM 2 DVD signed. But I had left it in the car and she said "go get it so I can sign it and get paid". That kind of threw me off, but I decided to let it role off and told her that I would bring it back later. I then asked if I could get a pic and she said yes. she said come back when I got that DVD and she'd sign the DVD for 20 and take a pic for 20 more. She then said "I'm here to make money". Needless to say, I never went back. I suppose it's interesting to see that she was willing to be honest, but it just doesn't do anything to make me feel that she was in the right to act that way. I know they are there to make money. But I gotta agree. At least TRY to PRETEND that you want to be there.

inSain9876 said...

I got a bad convention story for you. At Fear Fest I unfortunately shelled out cash to meet the new Leatherface Andrew Bryniarski. He was one of the people I was really excited to meet. First off, he was doing a raffle with Vinnie Paul to give away a Dimebag guitar, and all the proceeds were going to help starving children or something along those lines. Noble cause. While I was waiting for him, a father and son walked by looking at the raffle info. Andrew yelled at the guy "Whey don't you buy a ticket and put some money in that box." The father politely said "No thanks" and started to walk away. Andrew got pissed and started yelling at the guy "Wow, that's fucked up. A real man would put some money in the fucking box. Look at your son, he looks like he's well fed and has a good life. A real fucking man would donate some of his hard earned cash." Of course, this instantly made everyone around really uncomfortable and tense. As this is happening, I'm up next in line to get my autograph. He looks at me and says "So, are you gonna get a ticket and put some money in the box?" I told him all I had was the $20 in my hand and I could either put it in the box or give it to him for an autograph. He said "Well, in that case you should get an autograph." I got my autograph and picture, but he is such a fuckin hypocrite. I felt kinda dirty walking off with my Leatherface 8x10. Asshole.

Pax Romano said...

Well this is the second bad Busey story I've heard today. A guy I work with was at Monster Mania, his sole reason (he claimed) was to meet Busey - he'd been a fan since The Buddy Holly Story. He got an autograph and a few words, and no picture. All in all, he told me, that he wished he'd never gone, and that "meeting" Gary was an underwhelming experience.

Bjornabo said...

Oh well. Why was I not suprised that Gary Busey turned out to be a weirdo.. hmmm

Gary Busey might seem to be a cool dude, but I think (and i'm sorry to say this)he REALLY has some problems in his life.

But on the bright side you got your Gingerbread DVD signed, and I doubt he has signed that many of them.

The Igloo Keeper... said...

Haha! Gary Busey, gotta love him. That Leatherface story is great too. What about positive celebrity stories? Who are the nice guys?

Wings said...

People can be such freakin @$$wipes.

I am so glad I grew past the whole infatuation with celebrity. Would love to meet some of the famous people I have watched or listened to over the years, without a doubt. But knowing too much about people over the years has taken any wonder or amazement out of it, for me.

People are just people, some are just known by more of us.

Johnny said...

Igloo Keeper - The majority of people i've met at horror conventions are really cool. Derek Mears, for example, is probably the nicest guy alive. Moseley's always cool, Lance Henriksen was really nice the one time I met him. The positive encounters i've had far outway the negative, fortunately.

A lot depends on the mood a certain person is in when you meet them too, ya gotta understand that. One person will meet someone and say they're a total dick and another person will meet them a different day and say they're awesome. But with someone like Busey, I think he's just plain a dick no matter his mood.

the jaded viewer said...

Johnny - Sorry to hear about Busey...but hey it resulted in an awesome post.

So let me get this straight (these stars charge $20 for an autograph but pictures are free?) How about if you only wanted a picture taken? Did they still charge you?

Johnny said...

In most cases, if you pay for an autograph, you can take a free picture. That's pretty much protocol. Anyone who charges seperate after you pay for their autograph is quite frankly a jerkoff (*cough* Greg Valentine *cough*).

From my experiences, if you don't want to pay, don't want an autograph, and just want a picture with someone, they'll take it for free (especially if you have an attractive girl with you).

Carl (ILHM) said...

Ugh that really is the worst man, close to my encounter with Ken Foree where he just sat and chatted with Lew Temple for 30m while I was the only person in line at his table waiting for an autograph, only to have DotD scribbled on and thrown back at me. Fucker.

Garey Busey = off my list. Id rather spend $30 buying up copies of THE GINDERDEAD MAN and pissing on them.